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argesbdmurray: I know this is much later, but just accepted that package.04:37
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chilukhey infinity, or really any other release folks, can we get https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ceph/0.80.11-0ubuntu1.14.04.1  pushed to -proposed?  It failed to build earlier due to memory constraints on arm64, but it's building now.05:11
chilukrather is built now.05:11
chilukwgrant since you are up do you mind pushing the above package to -proposed?05:12
wgrantchiluk: I'm not on the SRU team. You'd be best to wait for a member of that team.05:14
slangasekchiluk: not sure what you mean; it's built /in/ -proposed.  Do you mean pushed to updates?05:18
slangasekit also looks a bit like the binaries for the archs were built once but have been removed from trusty; hrm05:19
slangasekwgrant: this may be a question for you after all, I have no idea what happened here to the binary packages ;)05:20
wgrantslangasek: They were removed by pitti as NBS a couple of weeks ago.05:20
wgrantI guess the source was too, then it was revived.05:20
wgrantI think?05:20
slangasekso why was the source revived05:20
wgrantslangasek: It FTBFS on arm64 until today.05:21
wgrantI don't know what fixed it.05:21
slangasekso the build caused the source to autorevivify?05:21
wgrantHm, the source was never deleted.05:22
wgrantThen why were the binaries deleted as NBS?05:22
slangasekgood question05:22
wgranthttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ceph/0.80.11-0ubuntu1.14.04.1/+publishinghistory vs https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/amd64/ceph05:22
slangasekis there a magic wand to re-publish those, or should I ask for a fresh build?05:22
wgrantA normal copy-package should work to revive them.05:23
wgrantcopy-package --from=ubuntu --to=ubuntu --from-suite=trusty-proposed --to-suite=trusty-proposed ceph -b --force-same-destination05:23
slangasekwgrant: the only binaries that shows me for non-arm64 are the arch: all ones05:25
slangasekchiluk: ok, so I see there's a ceph/0.80.11-0ubuntu1.14.04.2 in the queue. is that the one you're actually after?05:25
wgrantslangasek: I think that's a lie and it will actually work.05:26
slangasekwgrant: really? because it shows me *only* arm64 binaries being copied, and I'm used to that output being correct05:26
slangasekI'm used to trusting that output, anyway05:26
wgrantDo you often deal with reviving deletions?05:27
slangasekI've done it more than once, and the output looked correct to me then :)05:27
wgrantThere are some inconsistencies with copy-package's output.05:27
wgrantAnyway, copying too little isn't a fatal problem.05:28
wgrantSo I'd do it anyway and see what it copies :)05:28
slangasekok, let's see what happens05:28
slangasekoh srsly05:30
slangasekalias copy-package='copy-package --auto-approve && rm -rf'05:30
wgrantIt lives.05:31
wgrantSo indeed, copy-package lied.05:31
slangasekheh, alrighty05:31
slangasekchiluk: so... turns out we don't need that second upload? :)05:31
chilukslangasek ... man you know about as much as me... apparently a ram upgrade on the builders revived the failing arm64 builds.05:31
chilukI see arm64 made it to -proposed.05:31
chilukbut the rest seem to be awol..05:32
wgrantIt'll all be publishing to -proposed in the next run.05:32
slangasekchiluk: right, was that a ram upgrade called 'scalingstack'?05:32
slangasekor something else05:32
wgrantWe upped scalingstack arm64 and ppc64el RAM from 4GiB to 8GiB a few hours ago.05:32
chilukslangasek: i have no idea.. cjwatson just mentioned that some of the arm builders got memory upgrades, and the failure looks like a OOM killer gone awry05:33
slangasekis amd64 the same?05:33
wgrantThe mustangs have enough RAM, but I guess the ceph build landed on a scalingstack pretending to be non-virt.05:33
wgrantslangasek: We may need to get the amd64 compute nodes upgraded a bit, so it's still 4GiB for the moment.05:33
chilukwgrant this ceph build failed a few weeks ago iiuc.. I just started needing it today, so that's when I started looking at it.05:34
wgrantchiluk: Right, first failed two weeks ago.05:34
wgrantAnd we only upgraded the RAM a handful of hours ago05:34
chiluksnazzy.. to a whole 8gb.. oh my what are we going to do with all those bits!05:34
slangasekexpand to fill them, duh05:34
chiluksometimes my sarcasm doesn't come accross fully on irc.05:35
slangasekme, I'm doing my part by running livefs builds over and over again05:35
wgrantslangasek: My poor loopback devices.05:35
slangasekwgrant: the archive is fixed, so any hosts that are out of loop devices (like kishi12 was) just need a firm kick05:35
wgrantAh good.05:35
slangasekmind you, as I say this I realize that the livecd-rootfs hook scripts do not have any sort of cleanup handler that copes if I have a script that exits non-zero ;)05:36
slangasekso I'll try to do that less05:36
chilukwgrant the arm64 build finished a good 5 hours ago, and is in -proposed.. are you sure the rest are going to be pulled in with out some sort of kick?05:37
wgrantchiluk: See above, slangasek kicked them.05:37
slangasekchiluk: yes, that was the side discussion between me and wgrant05:37
wgrantThey were deleted, probably because the arm64 build failed, and we just undeleted them.05:37
slangasekI ran 'launchpad cp foo foo -f' and counterintuitively, this works05:38
chilukI'm assuming that was the copy-package command I now notice in backscroll05:38
chilukalright thanks guys.. our collective paychecks thank you..05:38
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tseliotcan an admin approve nvidia-graphics-drivers-361 and nvidia-graphics-drivers-361-updates in xenial NEW, please?10:23
tseliotarges: ^^10:43
cjwatsonchiluk,slangasek,wgrant: what actually happened was that the retry happened just before we did the RAM upgrade on scalingstack, and was lucky enough to land on a mustang.  then I complained because it would have been a nice test case for scalingstack. :-)11:09
wgrantAh heh11:10
dokoold binaries left on powerpc: lldb (from 0.33ubuntu1)13:15
dokobut it is already removed?13:16
cjwatsonNBS in -proposed, needs manual handling.  I'll clean it up13:18
dokollvm-defaults (0.33 to 0.33ubuntu2)14:33
dokoInvalidated by dependency14:33
dokoNot considered14:33
dokoDepends: llvm-defaults llvm-toolchain-snapshot (not considered)14:33
dokocan we override this? these binaries are now built by llvm-toolchain-3.8. or just remove it?14:34
cjwatsonthat never needs to be overridden, I expect something is subtly wrong14:34
cjwatsondoko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15016381/ - clang-modernize depends on clang-modernize-3.8, only built by -snapshot14:43
dokook, looking14:44
doko  * clang-modernize has been removed. Long live to clang-tidy, its14:45
doko    replacement14:45
cjwatsonok, so the metapackage should be removed then?14:47
dokoyes, and building clang-tidy, merging from experimental14:48
cjwatsonit builds clang-tidy already14:49
dokohmm, then no merging needed14:51
coreycbhello, can an archive admin please promote python3-glanceclient to main? this will help get some of our openstack packages out of dependency waits.15:45
dokocoreycb, done15:54
coreycbdoko, thanks15:54
coreycbcan an archive admin please promote python3-cinderclient to main?  this is needed to get some openstack packages out of dependency waits.17:06
wxlflocculant: i filled out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseTaskSignup to make it clear what the Official Release Teamâ„¢ is responsible for so that community members don't go clamoring to try to help, but i thought i might remind you that it's not clear who is supporting you on Beta 118:03
flocculantyea I know that - no rush - trusty first :p18:05
wxlright right18:05
wxljust don't want any surprises for you, buddy XD18:05
flocculantI'll find out in enough time to get them to stop builds :)18:08
bdmurrayShould vivid still be on the sru-report?18:08
dannfarges: would you mind rejecting the go-md2man trusty sru from 2016-02-05? my build-dep versioning didn't take into account epochs, and i've uploaded a fix just now18:24
argesdannf: sure18:25
dannfarges: thx!18:25
argesdannf: done18:26
dannfarges: sorry, i meant the other one :( can you reject that one, and i'll wait to upload till after18:29
argesdannf: ok18:30
dannfarges: ta!18:31
cyphermoxbdmurray: arges: could one of you please review multipath-tools in trusty queue? it would fix a regression that was found in one of the patches. where loopmounted image files don't get the loopback nodes removed when the map is deleted.18:44
bdmurraycyphermox: I'll have a look.18:51
slangasekcyphermox: should the new multipath-tools SRU require full reverification, or just regression testing?19:06
cyphermoxjust regression testing19:06
cyphermoxit won't affect anything else than kpartx -d in the issue we've noticed earlier on s390x, for instance.19:07
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bdmurrayjamespage: you want your ceph upload to trusty rejected?19:22
jamespagebdmurray, yes please19:45
jamespagebdmurray, please could the neutron in the trusty unapproved queue be rejected as well; we have another fix to go in alongside that one.19:50
bdmurrayjamespage: I don't see that in the queue19:51
jamespagebdmurray, maybe someone already rejected it for coreycb19:52
bdmurrayno problem19:52
coreycbbdmurray, jamespage, arges already rejected neutron19:53
jamespagecoreycb, ack - I just uploaded a revised version with my extra cherry pick19:58
jamespagecoreycb, we'll need to pick the fix for kilo UCA as well - raised tasks on https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-archive/+bug/146016419:58
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1460164 in neutron (Ubuntu Wily) "restart of openvswitch-switch causes instance network down when l2population enabled" [High,In progress]19:58
jamespagecoreycb, ^^ that one :-)19:59
coreycbjamespage, ack thanks!20:00
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