N`importe_quiNa3iL: duuuuuuude.00:30
Na3iLhey N`importe_qui00:31
N`importe_quiNa3iL: what are you oing00:57
N`importe_qui* doing00:57
Na3iLReading a book, hopefully I finished it01:00
N`importe_quiwhat book01:03
Na3iLAbout System administration01:05
Na3iLI mean ebook01:05
Na3iLnot a real book :P01:05
N`importe_quiNa3iL: are you employed as a sys admin ?01:08
Na3iLNo, I still studying01:10
Na3iLI am*01:10
N`importe_quiNa3iL: but that's boring01:26
Na3iLfor you maybe it seems boring, for me not :p01:26
N`importe_quiNa3iL: meh.01:30
Na3iLotherwise, what are u doing?01:31
N`importe_quiBrowsing the internet randomly, too bored to concentrate and code something01:31
* N`importe_qui pats Na3iL 01:55
Na3iLNa3iL, pats N`importe_qui back02:06
N`importe_quiNa3iL: nope02:07
N`importe_quiNa3iL: and what are you studying ?02:08
Na3iLIT in ISET charguia02:10
N`importe_quiNa3iL: you're still there? i'm in the university next to it :v02:13
N`importe_quiyep :v02:16
N`importe_quithere is a wall betwewen us02:16
N`importe_quiyou know it right? !v02:16
N`importe_qui* :v02:16
N`importe_quiimma get some chocolate02:17
Na3iLxD hahaha that's cool let us meet then02:18
N`importe_quiokey, when :p02:19
Na3iLTomorrow for example?02:19
N`importe_quiwhy not the day after tomorrow02:20
N`importe_quii don't go anymore to the university because i mostly finished my studies, but i'm still registered as a student there02:20
N`importe_quiso how about the day after tomorrow?02:21
N`importe_quibecause i live far from Tunis02:21
N`importe_quiand since i haven't slept till now, tomorrow would not be some good idea02:21
Na3iLokay :D then the day after tomorrow02:23
N`importe_quiwhat time02:23
Na3iLwa9t élli t7éb :D02:24
N`importe_quiwill you be there for the whole morning session?02:25
N`importe_quior the evening one02:25
Na3iLfor the 2, ama mafaméch 9raya02:26
N`importe_quiyou mean from the morning to 2pm ?02:27
N`importe_quiaren't there studies for the whole week or what?02:28
N`importe_quiyou just said that there are not studies or somehting02:29
Na3iLyep for the whole week02:30
N`importe_quiyeah screw studies02:30
N`importe_quiokey then , friday, under the ISET-charguia's 'tinda'02:31
Na3iLlool deal02:32
N`importe_quii might reach the iset_charguia around the noon :/02:33
N`importe_quidecribe yourselg, i mean length, glasses or not, etc02:33
N`importe_qui*yourself *02:33
Na3iLno glasses, green eyes and black jacket :p02:35
N`importe_quihow tall are you02:36
Na3iL1,7 i guess02:37
N`importe_quiokey, i'll be some 1.92-cm tall brown man02:37
N`importe_quiwith sunglasses, otherwise regular ones02:38
N`importe_quiis it the same thing in the enicar next to the iset? no studies there ?02:38
Na3iLi think so yep02:40
N`importe_quiare they full of people these days? :o02:40
N`importe_quii haven't gone there in a while02:40
Na3iLI think it full of peeps but no studies there as I think02:41
N`importe_quiyeah whatever02:42
N`importe_quiNa3iL: black jacket and what else on your lower half ?02:52
N`importe_quii might not find you under the tent02:53
Na3iL7atta serwel djin black :P02:54
N`importe_quilike the guys i the matrix02:54
N`importe_qui*in the *02:54
Na3iLhaha kind of :p02:56
N`importe_quiwhat book are you reading Na3iL02:57
N`importe_quiah okey02:58
N`importe_quiwhat pagee have you reached Na3iL02:58
N`importe_qui*page *02:58
Helmoonynizarus, ahla nizar17:17
nizarussalam Helmoony17:17
Helmoonychnowwa a7welik ?17:17
elachecheHelmoony & elacheche forever alone on #wikimedia-tn17:19
nizarushamdoullah et toi; quoi de 9 ?17:19
Helmoonyhamdoullah heni kammalt li9raya wirja3t niktib 3al wikipedia17:19
Helmoonyen attendant nil9a 5idma17:20
nizaruselacheche: la communauté wikimedia.tn préfère failbook et $kype :/17:20
nizarusbon courage Helmoony :)17:20
nizarustu es diplômé en quoi finalement ?17:20
elachecheHelmoony, try you chance here https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Work_with_us#Wikimedia_Careers17:20
Helmoonywhy not!17:22
elacheche<nizarus> tu es diplômé en quoi finalement ?17:23
HelmoonyNizar billehi fil mailing list mta3 wikimedia tn taw til9a illi kallamt jma3a mil association tunisienne mta3 il rondonneurs.17:24
Helmoonybillehi nizarus tijjimch totlobhom par telephone pour organiser un workshop17:24
Helmoonynizarus, ismou Fahd  616 30317:25
nizarusHelmoony: moi je ne peux pas organiser ce workshop17:27
nizarusc'est à la communauté wikemedia de le faire17:27
nizarusje ne veux pas m'engager à leur place17:27
Helmoonynizarus, tu n'es pas membre ? ok taw nkallim mounir mela17:27
nizarusHelmoony: je suis membre mais pas animateur de workshop :/17:28
nizarusj'ai déjà suffisamment de mal pour faire bouger CLibre alors s'occuper en plus d'une autre communauté qui dort, non merci :/17:34
Helmoony_nizarus, haw kallamt mounir, b3athtlou email17:34
* N`importe_qui pats anis.18:53

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