giacomo1992hello, is it possible to install ubuntu touch on a huawei smartphone ?00:03
zhuoweiThe new BQ Aquaris 10 tablet uses a 64-bit chip; are the changes required to use a 64-bit Android BSP publically available?00:16
zhuoweiI'm interested in porting Ubuntu Touch to the Nexus 6P, which is 64-bit; I saw that in September there were discussions on supporting 64-bit devices; has that been added yet?01:23
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Faryshtahi, has anyone installed ubuntu phone on xperia z1?03:00
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Hipe9What devices is it possible to install ubuntu touch on?05:44
lotuspsychje!devices | Hipe905:45
ubot5`Hipe9: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices05:45
lotuspsychjeHipe9: you can buy devices with ubuntu touch on also, like BQ05:46
Hipe9noticed lenovo is impossible05:46
Hipe9O well.05:47
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JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Thursday, and happy Get Out Your Guitar Day! 😃09:49
k1l_but… i dont have a guitar :/09:52
MCMiick1l_: You must have missed the Buy a Guitar Day09:54
MikaelaJamesTait: you forgot check your fire alarm day09:55
* JamesTait chuckles at MCMiic 09:55
JamesTaitMikaela, I have someone who does that for me (it's a monitored system, so if I do it myself I get the fire brigade at my house).09:56
JamesTaitWhich all sounds terribly fancy, but it's because my wife has epilepsy.09:57
EdwardMorbiushello, is there any documentation out there about Snappy concepts for future Snappy Desktop?10:14
anmol_anyone here ?10:33
anmol_i have nexus 4 which ubuntu touch version should i install to test convergence ?10:33
anmol_anyone ?10:34
anmol_there ?10:34
MCMiicpatient guy10:35
SmurphyHey you, help me. Now. NOW !10:39
SmurphyOh, you don't want to ? I leave. Bye10:39
EdwardMorbiusI am still waiting patiently though >:D10:43
ogra_EdwardMorbius, not really, apart from "it will be a wonderful and bright future" :)10:46
EdwardMorbiusogra_ oh :( I hoped to write an article about Snappy on a local Linux portal, even if it is only conceptual, I know a few things that were said before about it but not enough for an article.10:47
EdwardMorbiusbut I hope for that bright future :D10:47
ogra_snappy is a completely new type of distro setup (beyond being a packaging tool, a config tool for packages and an install variant) ... it still didnt realloy grow into the graphical area yet10:47
MCMiicWhat is Snappy?10:48
ogra_snappy is a completely new type of distro setup (beyond being a packaging tool, a config tool for packages and an install variant) ... it still didnt realloy grow into the graphical area yet10:48
EdwardMorbiusI am guessing phones will get to Snappy faster than desktop right10:48
MCMiicI’m a bit sad that ubuntu phone store is not based on apt btw10:49
ogra_EdwardMorbius, most likely you will see support for snap packages on the phone soon (smply because all developer manpower goes into snappy and "click" is rather in maintenance mode) ... waether you will see a full snappy install soon really depends on the progress10:49
ogra_for now snappy focuses on headless systems (servers, IoT, robots etc) ... there are initial moves to get Mir to work and allow you to run single graphical apps in kiosk mode under Mir10:51
EdwardMorbiusogra_ will that also mean that when snaps come to the phones that also means snap versions of x apps for convergence?10:51
ogra_with 16.04 the base system will be in a more final state ... then higher level work will start10:51
ogra_any app you can imagine ;)10:52
EdwardMorbiusogra_ great :D which also means we will be able to start an x application on phones in the future? via xmir, I seen demos of people doing it now, but no "gui" way for it.10:53
ogra_you are able to do that today10:53
EdwardMorbiusI know but currently there is no "user friendly" way to do it10:53
ogra_the converged tablet that will come out soon even has libreoffice, firefox, xchat and gedit preinstalled afaik10:53
ogra_EdwardMorbius, btw ... there is #snappy too10:54
EdwardMorbiusogra_ yes I will check it out, one last question :) will x apps in form of snaps eventually find their way in the ubuntu store for phones?10:57
ogra_EdwardMorbius, snappy apps already are in the same store :) it is just that the phone doesnt consume them ... https://uappexplorer.com/apps?type=snappy10:58
jjardonHi, what ubuntu-touch uses; NetworkManager or connman? Ofono or ModemManager?10:58
ogra_also for more info about snappy (and the current state) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybuwdpnEbZU is a good watch10:58
ogra_jjardon, NM and ofono10:58
SmurphyHmmm. So I wrote script that converts m3u files into playlist for the Music app ...10:58
EdwardMorbiusogra_ yes I saw those, what I meant will firefox and stuff like that end up in the store. thanks I will check the video :)10:59
SmurphyAnd it actually works. Only m3u files are a b*tch, especially when created for vfat/Windows based systems *shrug*10:59
jjardonogra_: Do you know if there is a doc somewhere that document that decision?10:59
ogra_EdwardMorbius, if someone packages them ;) .... snap packages are like PPAs ... so i would expect you even to find ten firefoxes and ten libreoffices at some point ;)10:59
ogra_jjardon, while i think that exists, i wouldnt know where11:00
ogra_jjardon, modemmanager cant easily interact with rild though ... so there was no way to use it11:00
EdwardMorbiusogra_ thanks :)11:01
ogra_jjardon, and NM i guess simply because of convergence ...11:01
jjardonah, thanks for the ridl pooint; thats the android interface, rigth?11:02
ogra_the only way to talk to the modem11:02
ogra_(and while standardized, every vendor adds his own hacks to it to make life harder ;) )11:03
dakerhello, something really wired happened to my phone, it was seating off for months now that i have switch it on, i can't unlock it, the lockscreen says i need to wait 24125939 minutes :D11:33
jibeldaker, the RTC probably reset to the epoch. IIRC it has been fixed, do you remember which version it was running?11:44
dakerjibel: i don't, i was able to unlock yesterday and start the system settings app, and it did show me like a 300mo update11:49
dakerah i see you are right11:52
jibeldaker, if you can login (ssh or adt) you can sudo hwclock <some options> to set the hw date and also ntpdate -b ntp.ubuntu.com to fix the system clock, it should be fine on reboot if the rtc is not reset again11:55
ogra_jibel, there seems to be a bug in the initrd's fixrtc script though ... someone shoudl check it11:57
jibelogra_, definitely. For the same reason setting the date manually doesn't stick. I filed a bug a while ago, but it's been overlooked apparently.11:59
jibelogra_, do you know where I can find the source of this script?11:59
ogra_jibel, initramfs-tools package source12:00
jibelogra_, from what I remember it was either fixrtc or the kernel12:00
ogra_well, fixrtc should always force it regardless12:00
ogra_(you even have the script installed in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/local-premount/fixrtc ;) )12:01
dakeri can't seems to access adb shell or ssh into the phone with my password12:13
daker$ adb shell12:14
dakererror: closed12:14
ogra_daker, screen unlocked ?12:15
dakerno i can't unlock the screen, i am facing the epoch bug12:15
jibelogra_, he cannot12:15
dakerogra_: does the clock impact the ssh server ?12:16
jibeldaker, what is the device?12:16
ogra_reboot to recovery, touch /userdata/.adb_onlock (or was it /data ? )12:16
dakerjibel: Nexus412:16
ogra_then reboot again and adb should let you in12:16
jibeldaker, has ogra_ said, boot into recovery12:16
dakerogra_: i am in recovert now, how do i touch /userdata/.adb_onlock ?12:18
ogra_its years that i did that last ... (well, more than one year at least) ... iirc you need to mount /data if it isnt mounted (or /userdata, i really cant remember) ... and then just touch12:19
ogra_(using the touch command :) )12:19
popeyit's /data12:21
popeyor did you change it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/android-tools/+bug/141428812:21
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1414288 in android-tools (Ubuntu) "adbd falsely looks for /data/.adb_onlock to override the screen lock check" [Critical,Fix released]12:21
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jibelogra_, I don't have the fixrtc script on mako and arale12:26
jibelogra_, Ive fixrtc.hooks.diverted and fixrtc.local.premount.diverted in /usr/share/initramfs-tools12:27
jibeland that's all12:27
ogra_popey, it depends how in-sync the fstabs are ... iirc /userdata is /data on some devices in recovery while it is /userdata on the actual system12:29
jibelogra_, that would explain why the script doesn't do its job if it is not there12:30
ogra_jibel, yeah12:30
jibelif I copy the job to the expected location, set the hwclock to something completely wrong, it should be correct on reboot12:31
jibelogra_, I suppose I need the hook to in the hooks/ directory?12:34
dakerogra_: i am lost, how do i mount the /data ?12:36
ogra_jibel, yeah12:36
ogra_daker, "mount /data" in the recvovery adb console (if it isnt mounted yet)12:36
dakerogra_: nice got it12:39
dakerjibel: hmm  2 Jan 16:14:15 ntpdate[3858]: no server suitable for synchronization found12:43
dakermaybe the ntp packets are being blocked by the firewall12:46
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becku I get no import contacts in telegram.  can anybody help me12:51
dakerogra_ jibel fixed :D thanks!12:58
dakerjibel: it's r32713:00
matv1becku there is an option in the telegram menu -> Contacts. Then hit + in the contact page menu. you will be prompted to select from local Contacts app or enter details manualy13:04
matv1becku do you not have that?13:05
beckumatv1:   I got it now , took a long time to import13:06
matv1becku np. glad it worked :)13:07
becku but it has no rotation telegram13:07
becku because even you can not use whatsapp ?13:07
matv1becku not sure what you mean ?13:07
beckuwhatsapp not in ubuntu?13:08
beckusorry for my bad english13:08
matv1correct. there is no whatsapp on Ubuntu13:09
matv1haha no problem13:09
k1l_becku: you need to ask whatsapp to support ubuntu13:09
matv1becku also you could add your vote on: https://uappexplorer.com/wishlist13:10
beckui go13:10
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popeydaker: about your date/time issue - be thankful you're not on iOS :) https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/comments/458ao3/discussion_changing_time_date_settings_to_jan_1/13:35
popey(change date/time on ios to 1970 will brick the device)13:35
dakerpopey: oh14:04
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mterrypitti, read your responses to the pam langpack-o-matic thing.  I would have expected the seeds to be in the usual place14:14
pittimterry: well, except that they aren't -- not at https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-seeds14:15
pittimterry: or 15.04 RTM is using the vivid seed14:15
pittibut that seems fairly old to be plausible14:15
pittiand if it's really that old, we can just symlink pkglist-touch-15.04 to pkglist-touch-vivid14:16
mterrypitti, it's not lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.vivid ?14:16
pittimterry: that's the one which hasn't been changed in 10 months14:16
pittimterry: I don't know, perhaps it is14:17
mterrypitti, ah.  Well that might be plausible14:17
pittisomeone here ought to know14:17
mterrypitti, how often do we seed new things?  (vs depending)14:17
pittiI suppose not that often, but I'm not a touch developer14:17
mterrypitti, I have to leave for a dentist appt, but can pick this up later14:17
mterrypitti, I'd say 10 months is plausible14:17
pittimterry: so, the other question is why pam isn't in the germinate list, this needs some debugging14:18
pittimterry: argh dentist, good luck!14:18
mterrypitti, yeah thanks, I can try to dig into that when I get back -- didn't even consider that the maps were generated, which is dumb of me when it comes to seed packages.  Everything is generated!  :)14:18
pittiat least it's much easier to maintain that way14:19
mariogripmhall119_: ping14:31
mhall119_mariogrip: pong14:36
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mariogripmhall119_: did you install the stable version?14:36
mhall119rev 2?14:37
mhall119yeah, it wouldn't booth, maliit-server and unity8-dash kept crashing and re-spawning over and over14:38
mhall119between that and apport trying to do something with the crash, it hangs and drains the battery14:38
mariogripdid something appear on the screen?14:38
mhall119system-image-dbus was using a lot fo CPU too14:38
mhall119mariogrip: the boot splash14:38
mariogripok, i'll push a new version, I was just checking if the stable version has support for 5.114:40
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bshahsil2100: hi16:20
sil2100bshah: hey16:29
bshahsil2100: umm, patch you gave me in query is give 40416:29
sil2100Oh, maybe because I pushed a new version16:29
sil2100Anyway, here's the MP (not finalized, missing 2 tests)16:30
bshahokay.. will test tomorrow morning16:31
sil2100Thanks :)16:31
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mhall119mariogrip: I think there's still something wrong with starting lightdm, I've managed to get into unity8 once by running your lightdm stop/chmod/start script at just the right time, but otherwise it just gets stuck trying to launch dbus-daemons18:33
mariogripmhall119: Yeah, I don't think it installed correctly from system image, can you do "cat /etc/system-image/channel.ini "18:38
mhall119nope, that file doesn't exist18:39
mariogripmhall119: ah, it didn't install at all18:39
mhall119well, u-d-f thought it did18:39
mariogripmhall119: it is probably running the version that was already installed.18:40
mhall119that would explain some things18:41
mhall119mariogrip: ok, so how do I force it to install the latest images?18:42
mariogripmhall119: anyway, download this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56653875/ubuntu/fp2/70-FP2.rules and adb shell then mount -o rw,remount / then exit then adb push 70-FP2.rules /usr/lib/lxc-android-config18:42
mariogripthen adb reboot :)18:43
mhall119what does that do?18:43
mariogripmhall119: fix permissions18:43
mhall119for lightdm?18:44
mhall119ok, gotta wait for it to charge up a bit again before it'll reboot18:45
mhall119mariogrip: ok, it booted up fine this time, now I need to update it to the latest images, can I just u-d-f again, or do I need to do something different?18:52
mariogripmhall119: you need to update it using recovery, I have an new version ready soon18:52
* mhall119 will be back in a few minutes, going to run out and pickup some lunch18:53
mhall119mariogrip: let me know when it's ready and how to install it18:53
mariogripmhall119: ack18:53
CheeryLeeHello everyone! Tell me please: iniramfs in the kernel are the same on all devices?19:09
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mariogripmhall119: here: /home/mariogrip/Dropbox/Public/ubuntu/fp2/system.img.tar.xz20:32
mariogripops: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56653875/ubuntu/fp2/system.img.tar.xz20:32
mariogripwait, this one: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56653875/ubuntu/fp2/android.img.tar.xz20:32
mariogripand this https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56653875/ubuntu/fp2/boot.img20:33
mariogripso, reboot to recovery20:33
mariogripadb shell "mount /data"20:33
mariogripadb push android.img /data20:33
mariogripon recovery ui: choose "Ubuntu actions" -> "replace system.img" -> Choose android.img20:34
mariogripthen reboot to fastboot and flash boot.img20:34
MujisiroHello guys, did anyone succesfully install ubuntu touch on an lg g2?22:44
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