m0nkey_Congrats Azelphur00:12
Azelphurty :)00:26
Azelphurdoing django/python dev \o/00:27
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m0nkey_Ah ha! I'm putting you on speed dial for that :)00:39
AzelphurHehe, I'm your guy for that ;)00:39
m0nkey_Just like I put diddledan on speed dial for regex00:40
AzelphurStill working on building myself a nice portfolio for myself, but http://ssh.azelphur.com:8050/ is a WIP project :)00:40
m0nkey_lol: You're seeing this error because you have DEBUG = True in your Django settings file.00:42
Azelphurwhat's you break :o00:42
m0nkey_The logo, points to index2.html, get a 40400:42
Azelphurhahaha, you always forget the obvious huh ;)00:42
m0nkey_Maybe you can help the #freenas guys with their GUI, that's done in Django00:43
m0nkey_And they can't do gui's very well.. lol00:43
m0nkey_I take it you play TF2? :)00:44
AzelphurHehe yea freenas is cool, sadly I don't use it at home00:45
Azelphurand I do indeed :)00:45
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diploMorning all08:18
MooDoomorning all08:18
diploWhat do you guys recommend on the Pi2 as a desktop? Bought a spare MicroSD for one of my kids to play09:07
foobarryrisc OS?09:08
davmor2Morning all09:12
davmor2diplo: lxde/xfce variety of your favourite distro that will install on it09:14
diploYeah I was gussing that, think that's what raspbian ships with.. I believe martin wimpress has got Mate running on it to09:27
diploJust wondered if anyone else had tried anything09:27
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Thursday, and happy Get Out Your Guitar Day! 😃09:49
foobarrymehhhhh bootstrap09:56
davmor2JamesTait: you argue with me over this one I will hunt you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLV4_xaYynY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9irsg1vBmq0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_lyXfQgIV009:59
JamesTaitdavmor2, no arguments from me there!10:01
davmor2JamesTait: I could add a bit of slash and santana and a bit of chuck berry and clapton, but I think those 2 are my favourite by far :)10:05
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:10
MooDoowoohoo qualsys ssl checker - a+ baby lol10:18
sebsebsebpopey: ping11:27
popeysebsebseb: hello11:27
sebsebsebpopey: morning, I been wondering about something, maybe you know the answer to :)11:27
zmoylan-piit takes everyone 3 attempts to plug in usb :-P11:28
davmor2zmoylan-pi: not with usbc11:28
sebsebsebpopey: that upcoming tablet, saw the speeches at FOSDEM about it to :), but I get the impression it may only really the convergence work with a blue tooth mouse and keyboard,  not a USB one?11:28
zmoylan-pithen you're not drunk enough11:29
sebsebsebpopey: seems all teh articles say blue tooth as well,  except the register one where it did say usb, that I have read11:29
moreatidavmor2: USB-C takes 4 attempts. 3 with the cable you have, and the 4th after a trip to Maplin for a new cable11:29
sebsebsebpopey: will it work with USB as well, any idea?  and  even USB but without a O2G device :)?11:30
sebsebsebwonders what the others are talking about, I see something USB there to, heh11:31
* sebsebseb /me that one even :d11:31
moreatiI'm struggling to connect to EFNet IRC. Anyone here using it? Which server are you connected to?11:31
popeyI have plugged USB keyboards and mice into Ubuntu touch devices11:31
sebsebsebpopey: yes it worked on the Meizu via the OTG device :),  but I am not sure if it will work with the BQ M1011:32
sebsebsebhave you been able to play around with one of those yet running UBuntu by the way ?11:32
popeyI see no reason why you wouldn't be able to use a USB OTG cable with the upcoming devices11:33
* sebsebseb plans to buy it next month, but even though cheap, wasn't so keen on buying a blue tooth mouse and keyboard as well specifically11:33
zmoylan-pibt keyboards are really cheap now11:34
sebsebsebzmoylan-pi: yeah, but I also got a load of old USB keyboards lying around and mouses to :d11:34
zmoylan-pii've seen them for <€2011:34
sebsebsebso it's like why buy a blue tooth keyboard and mouse when not that needed, when can use old usb ones :d11:34
sebsebsebwith the phones/ tablet11:34
popeybecause it's more cables11:35
popeyand less easy to charge and use OTG devices at the same time11:35
zmoylan-pimind the sub 20 note keyboard made the zx spectrum keyboard look professional11:35
popeyusing BT kb/mouse means your device can be on charge while you're typing11:35
sebsebsebah right yeah that's true I supouse, O2G takes over the charger11:35
zmoylan-pino cables to tug tablet off table accidently to floor11:35
sebsebsebuses the battery11:35
sebsebsebcan't realy charge with a o2g device connected11:36
sebsebsebzmoylan-pi: yeah cables can be annoying like that at times sure11:36
sebsebsebactually that's a good point,  can have the tablet over ther some where, and keyboard there, no cables connected  to possibly make it to go on floor11:37
popeyYou can get a hub which will charge and let you use a kb/mouse over usb too11:37
* sebsebseb woudn't want to be dropping Ubuntu tablet onto hard lamented floor, like has done with Ipad a few times, resulting in proper damage in the end, well actaully that was a titled floor to finnish things off, when changing rooms! and dogs distracting11:38
sebsebsebyeah there probably is a o2g hub for charging to11:39
sebsebsebMyrtti: ha ha do you have that word on auto high light or something :d ?11:39
zmoylan-piwhen you properly want to 'take care' of things you finnish them... :-P11:39
sebsebsebzmoylan-pi: do you?  uhmm Jolla !11:39
Myrttihammer it with a Nokia 331011:39
* sebsebseb thinks he won't get that Jolla tablet after all, but instead a re fund eventually!11:39
zmoylan-pii saw a nokia 3310 for sale recently.  was tempted. could always use a new hammer...11:40
sebsebsebsome people were really annoyed at the Jolla situation going by comments in blog11:40
sebsebsebsome people they got cheated, but no one got cheated out  of there money really11:40
sebsebsebsome people feel like above11:40
sebsebsebczajkowski: hi11:41
zmoylan-piso did czajkowski find her car?11:41
czajkowskizmoylan-pi: I did indeed11:41
sebsebsebczajkowski: uh what happended to your car?11:41
czajkowskiremembered which spot to get off the bus on and then kinda worked my way back to the car11:41
czajkowskisebsebseb: nothing, I just landed back at Gatwick11:41
popeywell, technically they did get cheated11:41
czajkowskiwasnt sure of which bay I parked in11:42
popeyThey backed a crowdfunder and were promised a tablet11:42
popeythe money was used for other things11:42
popeyand the tablets show up on chinese websites.11:42
popeyI'd be pretty annoyed too11:42
sebsebsebpopey: well the sailfish 2.0 update was part of the deal really11:42
sebsebsebpopey: it was a tablet with a software update11:42
sebsebsebmeant to be11:42
popeya tablet11:42
popeywhich they didn't get.11:42
popeymind you, some got refunds, so that's okay I guess.11:42
sebsebsebpopey: the chinese tablet was a copy one I read something about that11:43
sebsebsebpopey: something similar not Jolla11:43
sebsebsebpopey: I haven't got anything yet,  waiting still to see what happens there!11:43
popeySome were the actual tablets that had been produced in the same factory.11:43
sebsebsebpopey: no email even to say if I am going to get re funded or  get the tablet maybe11:43
popeyyeah, you have to apply for it11:44
popeyit's been all over the campaign and jolla blog11:44
sebsebsebpopey: uh  did I miss something? even though I read loads of comments from disapoinated people etc?11:44
sebsebsebI thought I read that Jolla was going to email out something before11:44
popeyhm, it does say you'll get an email11:45
popeythat was only a couple of weeks ago11:46
sebsebsebFirefox doesn't offically support phones anymore,  unofficaly can still get it on phones though.  Jolla has had tablet issues etc.  It pretty much just leaves Ubuntu now as the alternative.  Tizen is there kind of  of to, but not properly11:46
zmoylan-piblackberry still exist but seem to be moving 100% android11:46
sebsebsebzmoylan-pi: yep I saw that to11:46
sebsebseblatest phone was Anddroid with Blackberry changes11:47
zmoylan-pinokia bought alcatel so it remains to be seen what they do when they come back into the market11:47
sebsebsebRemix OS is nice for exampel, but that's based on Android, so not including that  kind of stuff as well, it basically leaves Ubuntu as the alternative now11:47
sebsebsebthe alternative to Android or iOS that is11:47
sebsebsebor Windows Phone even11:47
zmoylan-piopera looks like it's going to be sold to the chinese so that will shake up the dumbphone market which is still huge11:48
zmoylan-piwindows phone remains dead on arrival11:48
sebsebsebzmoylan-pi: Opera is based on webkit or whatever,  they  got rid of there own rendering engine11:48
sebsebsebzmoylan-pi: I guess not much point really in Opera anymore, except for loads of features that other browserse won't have here and there11:48
sebsebsebzmoylan-pi: and if people don't mind running a closed source browser.  I meant features as in graphical ones11:49
sebsebsebstill better peeople running OPera than IE or Edge though11:49
zmoylan-piopera is default browser on a lot of dumbphones and allows them to web, email, rss so it is kinda big if that goes away or is disrupted11:49
sebsebsebOpera runs webkit so that's good :)11:50
zmoylan-pinot on dumbphones it doesn't11:50
sebsebsebaltough  even IE and Edge are better these days when it comes to web standards much better, than about 10 years ago anyway11:50
sebsebsebzmoylan-pi: oh?11:50
sebsebsebczajkowski: where you been, back in Ireland or something?11:51
zmoylan-piit's a microbrowser serving compressed rendered pages from opera11:51
sebsebsebhmm this is interesting11:52
sebsebsebso I am actsaully using Ubuntu 15.10 right now, since my computer isn't quite set up yet since... UEFI stuff, other life stuff etc11:52
sebsebsebanyway so I just clicked on the link from popey  in konversation and it opended up  in11:52
sebsebsebUbuntu Web Browser ???????11:53
czajkowskisebsebseb: nope over in Stockholm at jfokus11:53
popeyYeah, I was a bit sad about FirefoxOS not being developed further for phones.11:53
sebsebsebwhat's Ubuntu Web Brower,  that seems odd,11:53
sebsebsebczajkowski: what's jfokus ?11:54
sebsebsebczajkowski: also nice your in Sweden :)  I am half Swedish so, yes I speak it :)11:54
sebsebsebwell were over11:54
sebsebsebpopey: why's that?11:55
popeyCompetition is good11:55
sebsebsebin general yeah11:55
popeyAlso, I have a FFOS phone which is now a brick11:55
sebsebseb,but could work out for Canonica's advantage that a bit realy11:55
sebsebsebsince as I put earlier,  it pretty much just leaves Ubuntu now, and Tizen sort of11:55
sebsebsebpopey: I read that some more updates would happen I think actsaully untll next year11:56
popeyI wouldn't hold my breath for FFOS updates11:57
sebsebsebpopey: I was a bit like uh, why are you showing FIrefox phones at FOSDEM at the Mozilla stand after that news?  they were like well can still get Firefox OS on phones  it's just offically Mozilla won't sell them anymore11:57
sebsebsebTizen stuff was interesting :)11:58
sebsebsebpopey: did you go there?  turns out Mark did and I actsaully ended up  meeting him :)11:58
sebsebsebpopey: I assume you have met him quite a few times, but now I have as well :).  who keeps on answering quite a few of the questions  for one of those Ubuntu talks at the back,  they sond knowledable thinking, oh it's Mark!  so seems someone else had done it to, but took the oppertunitty to briefuly chat to him after that,  and shook hands with him as well.12:00
sebsebsebpopey: how was SCALE that's a point?12:01
popeywant to go again12:01
sebsebsebwhat did you do there?12:02
sebsebseband  much bigger than FOSDEM I guess12:02
popeyno, not bigger12:04
popeydifferent style of conf though12:04
sebsebsebwhat kind of style?12:04
popeyI think there were about 3600 people there12:04
sebsebsebmore business llike?12:04
popeyno, just not quite as developer focussed12:04
popeymuch bigger expo area12:05
sebsebsebwhat  talks did you get to there than12:06
sebsebsebstands even etc12:06
popeyThere were quite a few stands. We had one of course, gnome, kde, elementary, kodi, facebook12:07
popeylots :)12:07
sebsebsebfacebook had one oh?12:10
sebsebsebwhat's that got to do with Linux not much I Guess, except for the server running it12:10
sebsebseband they open sourceed someting I think12:11
popeyThey had loads of hardware12:12
popeyOpenCompute stuff. Was very interesting and cool12:12
sebsebsebWhat's OpenCompute?12:12
sebsebseboh ok12:13
sebsebsebpopey: uh that link to, can you tell me what Ubuntu Web Browser is?  I thought they would just up in FIrefox from Konversation, but nopep12:14
popeyIt's the browser we use on the phone12:15
popeyalso works on the desktop12:15
sebsebsebpopey: oh but why would my links here on the lap top be loading up in it from Konversation?12:16
sebsebseband diddnt know there was that in here to12:16
popeyno idea, I'm sure you can set default browser somehow12:17
sebsebsebpopey: so Ubuntu web browser is bundled into 15.10 by default?12:17
sebsebsebyeah I guess its just set up to use the wrong one from konversation12:18
popeynot sure, I'm on 14.0412:18
brobostigonpackages.ubuntu.com to the rescue.12:28
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sebsebsebpopey: uh how come you use 14.04 ?12:53
popeyI like stability12:53
sebsebsebpopey: yeah 15.04 and 15.10 did both seem like mostly updating for the sake of updateing releases12:53
sebsebsebreleasees because there is meant to be a release12:54
foobarrywhats the best thing to check my <div>s in a page are matched up?12:54
foobarryvim doesn't do it12:54
zmoylan-piand intern with ocd? :-P12:54
sebsebsebpopey: plus  both have been a bit buggy here and there it seems.  an issue with Kubuntu and  system error message or whatever12:54
awilkinsfoobarry, Are you aiming for proper XHTML?12:55
foobarryi have a gnarly page with loads of divs12:55
* sebsebseb should actaully bother and re set up this computer, and more properly next time round! but haven't yet. re install Windows 8.1 upgrade it back to 10. put on Linux distros after that and :)12:55
foobarrytabulation may not be exactly correct12:55
sebsebsebend up with a nice multi boot :)12:55
awilkinssebsebseb, You can install 10 straihgt12:55
sebsebsebawilkins: well I12:56
foobarryso i want to check the parent div to an /dov12:56
foobarrya /div12:56
awilkinssebsebseb, If you have a Win7 or Win8 key it will accept it as valid12:56
sebsebsebawilkins: lap top came pre installed with Windows 8.112:56
sebsebsebawilkins: I upgraded it to 1012:56
awilkinssebsebseb, I think it may have written your validation key to the BIOS then12:56
awilkinsYou should be able to install it fresh12:57
sebsebsebawilkins: I did something a bit silly for Windows,  used a program from net that may not have been the offical one it turns out.  maybe got malware in my install I don't knjow.  so to be safe I want to do a proper clean install.  yes could have mad using the recovery partion possibly, but no want to do a full re instal a proper one.  so  actasully I bought a HP re recovery USB for that purpouse12:57
sebsebsebawilkins: and a two years subscriptoin to Macafee so I would get it quicker12:57
sebsebsebfor a little more12:57
sebsebsebyes Macafee sucks I know12:57
foobarryawilkins: tidy looks handy, ta12:58
sebsebsebawilkins: but not used it yet, since other things! I am just not as interested anymore in genreal in installing OS's12:58
sebsebsebsetting up a computer etc12:58
sebsebsebas well so12:58
sebsebsebawilkins: apparantly I can re install from 8.1 as many times as I want that USB, and should be able to always be able to upgrade it up to 10 as well12:59
sebsebsebbut when I do that properly, that Windows install is the one that is meant to stay on the lap top untill the hardware breaks etc12:59
popeyseen elsewhere12:59
sebsebsebawilkins: then Linux distro fun time :).  multi booting,  especially now that I know how to actsaully get Grub 2 loading up on here first as well :),  I had missed the UEFI bios opton before since it was a bit hidden away etc13:00
sebsebsebpopey: you mean the price is amazing?13:01
sebsebsebpopey: for 128GB?13:03
popeyand the size13:06
popeyhmm, irssi is sometimes not scrolling for me13:07
popeyif I bodge the text size with CTRL+ and CTRL- it updates13:08
sebsebsebpopey: there was a offer to get a 128GB  Flash drive with uh forgot name now,  office suite based on Open Office sophos or something.  but  I didn't really have cash then.  plus I had got it given free to me eyars ago I think,  or an upgrade was a 32GB flash drive13:08
popeybut it sits there with -more- in the status bar but wont autoscroll13:08
sebsebsebI have been thinking at times for quite a while now though, to maybe buy a 128GB at some stage13:08
popeyThe 128GB would be handy in my laptop, i dont use the USB 3 port much13:08
popeynice to have an extra 128GB storage13:08
sebsebseboh actually for sotrage yeah indeed13:09
sebsebsebsame I don't use USB ports much in lap top13:09
sebsebsebI do have two external hard disks, but that's more for storage etc proper storage or will be, and those are still bigger13:09
sebsebseborder today get tommorow apaprantly free delivery in uk13:10
sebsebsebwell I hope so then, gbecause I don't have Amazon prime13:10
sebsebsebpopey: heh it's nice suddenly I got money again, that I can  spend a bit on tings like 128GB USB drives if I want to :)13:10
sebsebsebawilkins: yes that's what HP said,  that the key is in hardwARE OR WHATEVER13:11
sebsebsebawilkins: they woudn't just send me one for Windows 10,  nope it's the what came on lap top stuff13:12
sebsebsebpopey: I need to update my Mum's lap top really.  there's certain stuff on it to really that should go on some kind of external media.  128GB USB would be useful for that partly13:13
sebsebseband my own lap top for back up. would be useful13:16
popeyreminds me, need to replace my mums computer13:19
popeygetting a bit old now13:19
sebsebsebreplace why?13:19
sebsebsebpopey: My Mum's is getting a bit old for sure now to, but as long as there's still 32bit Linux should be ok for quite a few years to come it seems13:19
popeynot if you use chrome / chromium13:20
sebsebsebit's from like 2003 or 2005 or somethng llike that13:20
popeyno more 32-bit builds for you13:20
sebsebsebyep I have read that13:20
sebsebseb,but she usees Firefox so :)13:20
popeywhich my mum uses13:20
sebsebsebI never like Chrome/Chrmium that much13:20
sebsebseband it was Firefox that changed the brower market, made IE go more standards compliant etc13:20
sebsebsebpopey: so you think that 128GB USB on amazon is the like best deal for that at the moment?13:22
popeyno idea13:22
sebsebsebsounded like it earlier :)13:22
popeyI just pasted a link from another channel13:24
popeyit looked like a good price, but I haven't looked around13:24
sebsebsebpopey: I just found a cheaper one in red, but then it's kind of like what make is that really:  http://www.mymemory.co.uk/USB-Flash-Drives/MyMemory/MyMemory-128GB-USB-3.0-Flash-Drive---Red13:25
popeyI was more interested in one that was slimline13:26
popeycould stay in the laptop and wouldn't get knocked out13:26
sebsebsebpopey: what is slimline?13:27
* awilkins has HMRC confirm that he doesn't owe them ten grand 13:28
awilkins \O/13:28
zmoylan-piit's 20,000... :-P13:28
awilkinsHappily not13:28
awilkinsSomething about how their systems process payments is broke13:28
sebsebsebawilkins: why did they think you owe them such a large sum?13:29
pwaringHMRC sometimes get data late13:29
awilkinsSomehow their computer was convinced that they'd actually given me a £4,000 refund instead of paying them £6,000 over three months13:29
pwaringe.g. they thought I owed them £2k a few years ago because they hadn't received confirmation that my loan had been paid of13:29
popeysebsebseb: small13:29
awilkinsI usually go to Scan for most of my needs... flash included13:30
awilkins128GB in a port-sized device : https://www.scan.co.uk/products/128gb-samsung-fit-pendrive-usb-30-ultra-slim-compact-design-read-130mb-s-write-45mb-s13:31
popeyrefuse to buy from scan13:31
popeyits amazing they can fit stuff inside a usb stick13:31
awilkinsHave Scan done the dirty on you in the past?13:32
awilkinsThere are advantages to living within driving distance and knowing the owner...13:32
popeyThey sold stolen hard drive to a friend.13:33
popeyIt broke, he contacted manufacturer who said "No warranty for you! That drive fell off a lorry"13:33
awilkinsThat sucks.13:37
awilkinsTo be fair, having worked there, I can believe it.13:37
awilkins(over 15 years ago now I think)13:37
sebsebsebpopey: why don't you like scan?13:43
sebsebsebawilkins: yeah you kind of wonder with some of these compajies who are htey etc, but my memory for example is probably ok13:44
sebsebsebAmazon is ok usaully for stuff, but that's giving money to a massive company who uh13:44
popeylook up13:51
sebsebsebheh I am not so sure about this my memory now13:52
sebsebsebwhere's your about company page?13:52
sebsebseband I get linked to trust pillot13:52
mapps3hrs of blackjack yesterday how un exciting14:10
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DJonesMooDoo: Do you still work for heart internet?15:07
MooDooDJones: no thank fully15:13
MooDooDJones: they are having issues at the moment15:13
DJonesYeah, that was made ask, just saw it on the register15:13
MooDooDJones: looks like a power cut, problem is when a whole DC goes down, it's not just a simple task to put everything back on, as you're probably more than aware15:14
DJonesI can believe that, would think there's so many fall back settings/tests that have to be done that it'll take ages15:16
MooDoodefinately, sql corruptions, kvms not coming back on line blimey i bet the list is endless, i've not been there nearly 2 years15:17
davmor2MooDoo: just long enough for them to of forgotten you and the trojan you put in to overload their power grid right ;)15:30
MooDoodavmor2: yea that's the one lol15:31
MooDooif date > 100216 then overload power; else reboot.15:32
davmor2MooDoo: fool you missed if date > 100216 then overload power; rm -rf /mount/backup/*; else reboot15:35
MooDoobugger, no wonder i'm getting the wrong tweets15:37
davmor2MooDoo: logged into the wrong account by any chance?15:38
MooDoodavmor2: at one stage i did briefly think it was me, just paid for a domain and click accepts then it all went tits up15:39
davmor2MooDoo: oh so the full script was  if date > 100216 and login == MooDoo then rm -rf /media/backup/*; overload power; else reboot15:41
davmor2man you are more evil than I thought ;)15:41
MooDooha ha ha ha ha :)15:42
mappsas expected my eyesight has got worse17:14
mappsgetting older sucks:)17:14
zmoylan-pilook on the bright side as you decline you'll forget what good eyesight was like17:15
mappsi only went as i broke my glasses..hadnt had an eye test for 4/5yrs17:18
diddledanyou know the keyboard shortcuts screen that shows when you first install ubuntu? well why does it have an X icon in the top-left suggesting you can click to close the screen when it doesn’t do anything?17:24
popeyknown bug17:36
popeybug 131359717:36
lubotu3`bug 1313597 in Unity 7.2 "Shortcut overlay cannot be closed by clicking the close button in 14.04" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131359717:36
diddledanthat says it’s fixed17:37
diddledanit lies17:37
diddledanthis is a brand-new install of 15.10 and it’s still not working17:38
diddledanyet it says fix released which suggests to me that there’s a fix which has been release17:38
* diddledan goes to find a soap box to stand on and moan :-p17:39
popeyyou probably wont see it because you installed from an iso that didn't have the fix17:49
popeyonly a new user would see it on an up to date install17:49
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diddledanthe iso I downloaded at 17:20 today before installing at 17:30 and then complaining at 17:4018:31
diddledanand.. considering the fix was supposedly released in 2014 then I would expect both 15.04 and 15.10 (but at a minimum 15.10) to have the fix18:32
diddledan(times may be fudged for effect)18:33
diddledanthe point being that I downloaded the iso brand-new today and installed a brand-new system today18:34
popeythe fix was released in may 201520:07
popeyso should have been in 15.10, but not 15.0420:07
diddledandoesn’t seem to have made it to the 15.10 iso currently available :-(20:13
diddledanhopefully 16.04 will get it as that’s an LTS so we want it to be as correct as possible out of the gate20:14
popeyfeel free to leave a comment on the bug20:30
diddledanevening, daftykins21:04
daftykinshiya, how goes it?21:04
diddledangood good21:05
daftykinshello chap, how do?21:39
mapps1hr left of the lobster and man its weird21:39
mappsim good , yourself?21:40
daftykinsyeah not bad ta! itching to keep busy but i'm at the mercy of much delayed deliveries right now21:43
daftykinsdownsides to island life :)21:43
mappswhatcha waiting for21:48
daftykinsi found a brilliant intel i5 haswell (4th generation) desktop from Dell's outlet for £211 delivered21:49
daftykinsan extra £60 will double the RAM to 8GB and add a 240GB SSD :)21:51
diddledanmy macbook pro’s internal batter is swollen22:08
diddledanaccording to the internets it could cost me 170£ to get apple to replace :-(22:09
daftykinsmmhmm, i wouldn't recommend cheap ones though, a mate had one that only lasted 10 charges22:11
daftykinsi take it you've removed it if it's possible - and/or aren't using the machine it's in anymore?22:12
diddledanit’s internal so much more difficult to replace yourself than the old style removable cartridge22:12
daftykinsyou're not using it right? they're a danger in that state22:13
diddledanyeah, I've shut down now and disconnected from the mains22:16
daftykinsi'd put it in a fireproof spot too :/22:17
daftykinsi'd probably want to get to a store ASAP were it me22:17
daftykinshmm this makes me rethink the idea of sealed battery machines22:17
diddledanyeah it would be nice if I could replace it with an off-the-shelf (but official) replacement22:18
diddledanI guess I need to get a genius to look at it22:18
diddledanthey need pre-booked appointments tho :-(22:19
daftykinsyeah :/22:19
m0nkey_diddledan, for batteries, i think you can walk straight into the store23:13
diddledanit's a complex job to replace them23:13
daftykinscan't be, i've had a few generations apart23:14
daftykinsis it an MBP with the single alu plate underneath with a bunch of screws?23:14
diddledanearly 201323:14
daftykinshmm a clients mid 2010 was a few screws then couple more on the battery and job done23:14
diddledanthese battery packs (6 of them) are glued-in23:15
daftykinsif i were you i'd call up the support line, UK if it's 24hr or US if not - then ask if they do them in-house23:15
daftykinsthen you'll know whether you need an appointment or not :D23:15
daftykinsmeh, only enough adhesive to hold i'm sure23:15

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