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teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else13:12
lazyPower\o greetings PA LOCO!13:25
lazyPoweri'm back from europe, and i have to say, i have a whole new appreciation for my mundane life :D13:25
teddy-dbearI never knew you left! ;-)13:35
iceylazyPower: so true!13:36
lazyPower:D i'm pretty quiet13:36
lazyPowerbut after having been jaunting across britain and belgium, i love my little hamlet outside of teh burgh13:36
iceylazyPower: I saw you were in the UK, what were you doing there?!13:37
lazyPowericey - Picking up my girlfriend :P13:37
iceyhaha nice!13:37
lazyPowerteh whole "girlfriend in canada" thing happens to be true in my situation....13:37
lazyPowershe's not just a figment of my imagination13:38
lazyPoweror a perv from somewhere deep in the south looking to prey on my online persona *rimshot*13:38

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