shantorngood evening01:23
shantorngood evening folks03:09
valoriehi shantorn03:53
shantornwell hi there, how was your day?03:54
valoriepretty good03:54
valoriejust got done watching an amazing documetary, Alive Inside03:54
valorieabout the power of music for older folks, esp. those with Alzheimers03:55
shantornthats great, this group is a small one, is the lug or the wa ubuntu users group very large?03:55
shantornthat does sound interesting, did they explain  aproccess that would help them not deteriorate like so many older people do?03:55
valorieshantorn: it used to be pretty big, when it was Ubuntu PNW03:56
valoriethen Ubuntu decided that it had to be state by state03:56
valoriewe've never really gotten it off the ground since it was split03:57
valorieSalt tried for awhile, Linda tried, I tried....03:57
valorieI'm really active with Kubuntu and KDE and gave up being the person trying to drive this03:57
valorieI will go to meetings, but I will no longer set 'em up03:58
valoriemy own dad is in a nursing home, and I visit him every other night03:58
shantornthats to bad it was split03:58
valorieand that sort of sucks up my time and energy now03:58
shantornthats so much more important!03:58
shantornits an effort well spent i would have to say03:58
valorieyea, we try to still stay involved with Portland folks03:59
valoriethey usually come up for LFNW03:59
shantorni live in longview, about 50 miles from portlandd03:59
valorieand some of us try to go to OSCON03:59
valoriemy son-in-law is from Longview/Kelso03:59
shantorni sued to attend oscon but 1200 bucks or more is hard to come up with now that i am disabled04:00
valorieI only went to staff the table04:00
valorieno way will I pay that money04:00
shantornand now just the vendor hall is 50 bucks, thats just rude to charge for people to advertise their stuff to me04:01
valorieI've not gone for a few years04:01
valorietoo corporate04:01
valorielfnw is still awesome though04:01
valorieSeaGL was pretty good too04:01
valorieScarlett came up for that, and we shared a table04:02
shantorni would love to attend that, i listened to LAS telling aobut it, sounds wonderful04:02
shantornLFNW that is04:02
shantornwell thanks for chiming in for a few valoq04:06
shantornvalorie, *04:06
valorieI'll see you at LFNW I hope!04:07
shantornsure would be neat04:09

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