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dholbachgood morning06:45
davidcalledholbach: Morning o/ if you want to catch up with the deployment: https://portal.admin.canonical.com/8836808:46
dholbachit's resolved?08:48
dholbachand good morning :)08:48
davidcalledholbach: no, but the fix could now be a simple case of fixing the connection to the db. Let's say I have high hopes for today.08:53
dholbachok... I was just wondering because the ticket said: Resolved: 1 week after opening / 1 day ago (Wed Feb 10 06:57 2016)08:54
dholbachdavidcalle, I just added automatically generating a .md snapcraft reference: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/318/files :-)13:16
dholbachit'd be the first customer for letting the md importer run a command after checking out the branch13:17
davidcalledholbach: it parses plugins for doc?13:21
dholbachit runs 'snapcraft help plugins', 'snapcraft help nodejs', etc13:23
davidcalledholbach: nice :D13:23
dholbachright now I'm thinking I should probably just write out one file, reference.md or something instead of one per topic13:24
davidcalledholbach: it depends, if a plugin is heavily documented, it will look weird if they are all on the same page. On the other hand, having multiple pages makes linking easier and less confusing. BTW, yesterday I've built the juju doc, to see how it's done, it's nice and could probably be turned into a django app :)13:30
dholbachdavidcalle, there's one markdown file with 96 lines, the others are almost all in the range of 15-20 lines13:32
dholbachdavidcalle, which technologies do they use?13:32
davidcalledholbach: md -> html, minimalist python server, static menu they update manually when a new doc is available, versions auto-generated by checking different git branches.13:36
davidcalledholbach: we should steal their UI at some point :)13:39
dholbachyes, very much so13:39
dholbachI talked to didrocks yesterday and we came to a similar conclusion13:39
davidcallesame :D13:40
dholbachalmost sounds like a decision ;-)13:42
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