Kilosmorning inetpro dlPhreak_ anton_may thatgraemeguy unlaudable superfly aquarat and other lurkers05:44
Kiloslo nuvolari 05:44
superflyMorning Kilos 05:45
anton_maywazzup kilos05:45
unlaudablemorning, anyone at Suse expert days today?05:49
dlPhreak_Morning Kilos 07:08
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dlPhreakHi Cryterion 07:14
Kiloshi Cryterion 07:18
Kilosuh oh07:57
inetprowho robbed my bits again?08:15
Kiloswb inetpro 08:15
Kilosi was expecting hibana to show up08:15
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chesedoafternoon all11:01
Kiloshi chesedo 11:06
inetproMaaz: e11:30
Kiloslol yeah but what is the point of giving that answer11:47
Kilosto an e11:47
superflyI haven't a clue11:55
superflyMaaz: a11:55
Maazsuperfly: What?11:55
superflyMaaz: i11:55
Maazsuperfly: I do not know11:55
superflyMaaz: o11:55
Maazsuperfly: Sorry...11:55
superflyMaaz: u11:55
Maazsuperfly: Huh?11:55
superflyMaaz: a is <reply>,11:56
Maazsuperfly: If you say so11:56
superflyMaaz: a11:56
SquirmHello :)12:17
SquirmMaaz: Squirm12:18
MaazSquirm: Excuse me?12:18
SquirmMaaz: Squirm is <reply>Squirm12:18
MaazSquirm: If you say so12:18
SquirmMaaz: Squirm12:18
SquirmMaaz: Squirm is <reply>Squirm is the most awesome person12:18
MaazSquirm: I already know stuff about Squirm12:18
SquirmMaaz: Squirm12:19
SquirmDamn :/12:19
SquirmMaaz: help12:19
MaazSquirm: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.12:19
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.12:19
SquirmMaaz: help me with conversations12:19
MaazSquirm: I use the following features for conversions: base, base64, currency, dvorak, morse, rot13, timezone, translate, unicode and units12:19
MaazAsk me "how do I use ..." for more details.12:19
SquirmMaaz: how do I use reply12:19
MaazSquirm: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.12:19
SquirmMaaz: What can you do?12:20
MaazSquirm: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.12:20
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.12:20
SquirmMaaz: Squirm is no12:20
MaazSquirm: I already know stuff about Squirm12:20
SquirmMaaz: Squirm is not12:20
MaazSquirm: I already know stuff about Squirm12:20
SquirmI messed that one up12:21
chesedoMaaz: how do i use factoid12:25
Maazchesedo: Factoids are arbitrary pieces of information stored by a key. Factoids beginning with a command such as "<action>" or "<reply>" will supress the "name verb value" output. Search and replace functions won't use real regexs unless appended with the 'r' flag.12:25
MaazYou can use it like this:12:25
Maaz  search [for] [<limit>] [(facts|values) [containing]] (<pattern>|/<pattern>/[r]) [from <start>]12:25
Maaz  literal <name> [( #<from number> | /<pattern>/[r] )]12:25
Maaz  forget <name> [( #<number> | /<pattern>/[r] )]12:25
Maaz  <name> is the same as <other name>12:25
Maaz  <name> [( #<number> | /<pattern>/[r] )] += <suffix>12:25
Maaz  <name> [( #<number> | /<pattern>/[r] )] ~= ( s/<regex>/<replacement>/[g][i][r] | y/<source>/<dest>/ )12:25
Maaz  <factoid> [( #<number> | /<pattern>/[r] )]12:25
Maaz  <name> (<verb>|=<verb>=) [also] <value>12:25
Maaz  last set factoid12:25
chesedoSquirm: ^^12:25
Squirmchesedo: THanks12:52
SquirmMaaz: forget Squirm12:52
MaazSquirm: Sure12:52
SquirmMaaz: Squirm is Squirm is awesome!12:53
MaazSquirm: One learns a new thing every day12:53
SquirmMaaz: Squirm12:53
MaazSquirm: Squirm is Squirm is awesome!12:53
SquirmMaaz: forget Squirm12:53
MaazSquirm: Alrighty12:53
SquirmMaaz: Squirm is <reply>Squirm is awesome!12:53
MaazSquirm: One learns a new thing every day12:53
SquirmMaaz: Squirm12:53
MaazSquirm is awesome!12:53
SquirmMaaz: Squirm!12:53
MaazSquirm is awesome!12:53
SquirmChat later then12:59
qwebirc36309Help please13:03
chesedohi qwebirc36309 welcome to the channel... how may we help?13:03
qwebirc36309Hi, I am a "new" user of Ubuntu, in that I have not used it much. I upgraded from 14.04 to 15.10 last night and when I checked my laptop, it had a The error message is: E: Error: BrokenCount > orun-parts: /etc/update-motd.d/90-updates-available exited with return code 255 To run a command as administrator (user "root"), use " sudo <command>". See "man sudo_root" for details. Below that is a list of errors messages –t13:08
qwebirc36309Sorry I am trying to type using my tablet and its very difficult13:08
chesedolol okay, someone that may have faced this in the past will reply in a bit... just have to be patient13:10
chesedoKilos: who may know ^^13:10
qwebirc36309At the moment, my laptop has iqbal@iqbal-lenovo-G580:~$13:10
chesedoqwebirc36309: after booting?13:11
qwebirc36309OK, I've switched it off and on. It now reads: Ubuntu 15.10 iqbal-lenovo-G580 tty1 and on next line, iqbal-lenovo-G580 login: . my name is Iqbal and I have a lenovo g580 laptop13:15
qwebirc36309I have logged in and screen reads: To run a command as administrator (user "root"), use " sudo <command>". See " man sudo_too" for details.13:21
qwebirc36309What do I type in to get my system started?. Thanks13:22
qwebirc36309Sorry, the details above should be "man sudo_root"13:24
Kiloshi qwebirc36309 13:24
Kiloslemme catch up13:25
Kilosi was sleeping sorry13:25
qwebirc36309OK :)13:25
Kiloswhew lets see what we can do13:26
Kilosits booting into command prompt right13:27
chesedoKilos: tty... yes13:27
Kilosok so gui is missing13:27
chesedoand error after upgrade13:28
Kilostype in sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop13:28
Kilosthen tell me what its doing13:28
Kiloswaking slow, unhappy head today13:29
Kiloschesedo tel me if i miss something13:29
chesedoKilos: was thinking more around 'dpkg reconfigure' but have no experience with this13:30
qwebirc36309Following came up: Reading package lists...done. Building dependency tree. Reading state information... Done13:31
Kilossomething is missing so bad upgrade imo. well work through it13:31
Kilossudo apt-get update13:31
qwebirc36309You might want to run 'apt-get -f install to correct these:13:32
Kilosthen sudo dpkg --configure -a13:32
Kilosok sudo apt-get -f install13:33
qwebirc36309Should I continue typing all that came up?13:33
Kilosdo sudo apt-get -f install13:34
Kilosthen tell us what it says13:34
chesedono need to list them13:34
qwebirc36309Is there a number I can call?13:35
qwebirc36309My whole screen is full13:35
Kilosis it doing something?13:36
Kilosthe prompt should be at the bottom13:37
qwebirc36309It asked me if I want to continue, I entered yes. It's busy doing something now13:37
Kilosjust be patient13:37
qwebirc36309OK. Thanks13:37
Kilosi wont go back to sleep again13:38
qwebirc36309It's still busy13:39
Kilosyou cant upgrade from 14.04 to 15.10 im sure13:39
Kilosit has to  follow releases13:39
Kilosonly lts can upgrade to next lts13:40
Kilosbut we can work our way through this13:40
qwebirc36309I used the update manager, it said there was an update available and if I wanted to update? So I accepted the update13:41
Kilosoh my13:41
Kilosnm well sort it with some luck13:41
Kiloswe can always ping the big guns if we get stuck13:42
Kilosinetpro superfly just follow this fix and comment when you have a chance please13:43
qwebirc36309It has stopped and last 2 lines read: The default action is to keep your current version. *** cups-browsed.conf (Y/I/N/O/D/Z)13:44
superflypress enter13:44
qwebirc36309Pressed enter13:45
Kilosyes choose default13:45
qwebirc36309It's busy13:46
Kiloscups stuff if for printers13:46
qwebirc36309It's still busy and I have to go run some errands. Can I leave it? Does it need Internet connection?13:49
Kilosmost likely13:49
Kilosill be here13:49
Kiloslet me know when you are back13:49
chesedoit is installing so not anymore13:50
qwebirc36309Thanks, much appreciated13:50
chesedo...unless there is a flash update13:50
Kilosoh yes packages are already downloaded but one never knows if it wants something extra13:50
Kilosnp qwebirc36309 thats why we are here13:51
qwebirc5523Errors were encountered while processing: resolvconf14:05
qwebirc5523Below, more error messages14:06
Kilosis it back at prompt?14:08
qwebirc5523Last line: [3000.569800] usb 1-1.4: firmware: fw-0489_e032.hcd will not be loaded14:08
Kilosas long as its still running just wait14:09
qwebirc5523Flashing _14:09
Kiloslets see end message14:09
Kilosflasing means its still busy14:09
qwebirc5523I pressed enter. It came up with my name and laptop name, followed by ~$14:11
Kilosok 14:11
Kilosthats your prompt14:11
Kiloslets try again14:11
Kilosyou have internet connection?14:12
Kilostype in sudo apt-get install aptitude14:12
qwebirc5523I don't know if the laptop is connected14:12
Kilosit will tell you if it isnt14:13
Kiloswil say failed to fetch14:13
qwebirc5523It came up with some stuff asked me to continue. I said y14:15
qwebirc5523I got some failed to fetch messages14:15
Kilosthen no internet yet14:16
Kiloswhat connection have you got?14:16
Kilosoh qwebirc5523 you can change your nickname14:16
qwebirc5523I am using my phone as a WiFi hotspot14:17
qwebirc5523How do I change it?14:17
Kilosso most likely it wants the gui so network manager is active14:17
Kilostype in /nick newnick14:18
qwebirc5523No such file or directory14:19
Kilosnono on you cell here14:19
Kilosnot on the laptop14:20
qwebirc5523Sorry I don't understand?14:20
Kiloshow are you connected to us here now14:20
qwebirc5523From my tablet. Which is using my phone hotspot14:21
Kilosok on the tablet where you are chatting to me type in /nick newnick14:22
superflyqwebirc5523: how do you connect your computer to the Internet?14:22
qwebirc5523Via phone WiFi hotspot14:23
=== qwebirc5523 is now known as Iqbal
Kiloshi Iqbal 14:25
Kiloslets continue14:26
Kilossudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop14:26
Kilosif it says its the latest version add --reinstall14:26
IqbalOK it's busy14:28
IqbalResolving error comes up14:28
superflyKilos: his PC is not on the internet14:28
Kilosyip superfly im hoping it has already downloaded the package14:29
superflyKilos: unlikely14:29
Kilosoh my superfly 14:29
superflyIqbal: run "ifconfig" and then look down the left hand side. there should be some names like "eth0" and "wlan0". Can you give us those names?14:30
IqbalGot to go now, will try later. Thanks14:30
Kiloshi qwebirc82492 16:22
qwebirc82492When I typed ifconfig, I got: lo Link encap:local loopback. Just address: Mask:
qwebirc82492Followed by a few more lines of stuff16:26
Kilosno wwan0 or wlan0 or something like that?16:26
Kiloswe need to wait for one of the clever guys to get your internet sorted from cli16:28
Kilosbut we can keep trying with whats downloaded already16:28
qwebirc82492OK. Thanks again16:28
Kilosdid you run dpkg --configure -a16:28
Kilossudo in front16:29
Kilosok try sudo dpkg --configure -a16:29
Kilostell me what it says16:29
qwebirc82492Setting up resolvconf (1.77ubuntu1) ...16:31
qwebirc82492Processing triggers for resolvconf 16:32
Kilossomewhere something is conflicting16:32
Kiloslets hope it sorts it16:32
qwebirc82492Resolvconf: Error: /run/resolvconf/interfaceeither does not exist or is not a directory16:33
Kiloshi kodez 16:34
qwebirc82492Dpkg: error processing package resolvconf (--configure):16:34
kodezhi oom kilos16:34
kodezhello everyone16:35
Kiloskodez do you know how to get wifi working from cli?16:35
qwebirc82492Subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 116:35
qwebirc82492Errors were encountered while processing: resolvconf16:36
=== qwebirc82492 is now known as Iqbal
Kiloswb Iqbal 16:37
Kilosyou learn fast16:38
kodeznope. I haven't invested time to study wifi management16:38
IqbalI wish I was an Ubuntu guru16:39
Kilosty kodez well wait for superfly 16:39
Kilosyou can learn Iqbal 16:39
Kilosjust be here all the time and you learn quick16:39
Kilosis it still running?16:39
IqbalI started using Ubuntu a few years ago but hardly had much to do with the guru stuff16:40
Kilosall i know i learned here16:41
IqbalIt's not doing anything, only the command prompt is there16:41
Kiloslearning to use the cli is half the fun of learning16:41
Kilosok lets try that sudo apt-get -f install16:42
IqbalCli = command line interface?16:42
Kilosi get frustrated when things battle like that16:44
Kiloshow did you install 14.04 Iqbal 16:44
IqbalE: sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)16:45
Kilosif you still have that dvd or boot drive we can try booting from that16:45
IqbalI have to go and scratch16:45
Kilosscratch while waiting16:46
Kilosat least from the live disk one can get the internet working16:49
Kilosoh my17:29
Kilosstate of the nation circus17:30
chesedowhere you watching?17:34
Kilosits settled down some now17:34
chesedooh, what happened?17:38
chesedotv2... the old days...17:38
Kilosalready been threats of having peeps removed from the chamber17:39
Kiloswhew too tiring to watch that17:49
inetprogood morning everyone 18:11
inetproanything interesting on the table tonight? 18:11
Kilosmorning inetpro 18:11
inetprooops, I mean this morning 18:12
Kiloswaiting for iqbal to return so you can repair his broken lappy18:12
Kilosdunno what happened to him now18:12
Kilosdunno how his update manager managed to update from 14.04 to 15.1018:13
Kilosbut it broke everything18:14
superflyKilos: by the looks of things he just needs to type "sudo mkdir -p /run/resolveconf/interfaces" and then "sudo dpkg --configure -a" again18:19
superflyKilos: 14.04 directly to 15.10?18:19
Kilosty superfly ill inform him if he returns18:19
Kilosyes i think thats what he said18:19
superflyno wonder18:20
superflyyou can't do that, it WILL break your system18:20
KilosHi, I am a "new" user of Ubuntu, in that I have not used it much. I upgraded from 14.04 to 15.10 last night and when I checked my laptop18:20
Kilosyes but the thng is he used update manager18:21
Kilosthat shouldnt even give the option to jump like that18:21
KilosMaaz tell iqbal on freenode by the looks of things he just needs to type "sudo mkdir -p /run/resolveconf/interfaces" and then "sudo dpkg --configure -a" again18:25
MaazKilos: Righto, I'll tell Iqbal on freenode18:25
qwebirc8519I think I've stuffed up18:39
=== qwebirc8519 is now known as Iqbal
IqbalNow when I restart my laptop, the Ubuntu icon starts, the little buttons move a few times and then I end up with a blank screen18:44
MaazIqbal: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell iqbal by the looks of things he just needs to type "sudo mkdir -p /run/resolveconf/interfaces" and then "sudo dpkg --configure -a" again" 19 minutes and 43 seconds ago18:44
IqbalI don't have the command prompt anymore18:45
Kilosoh my18:46
chesedoIqbal: <ctrl> + <alt> + f118:46
Kiloswhat do you have now18:46
chesedoto get to tty118:46
IqbalOK. On login now18:48
KilosIqbal keep us informed as to whats happening18:52
Kilosand even when its fixed you have to visit here18:53
Kilosthen one of us could have warned you that such a big release jumps is unwise18:53
superflyIqbal: hi18:54
IqbalHi, sorry had to run quickly19:13
magespawngood evening19:13
Kiloshi magespawn 19:13
KilosIqbal np19:14
IqbalOK, I have command prompt19:14
Kilossudo mkdir -p /run/resolveconf/interfaces19:14
Kilosexactly like that19:15
IqbalDone. 19:16
Kilossudo dpkg --configure -a19:16
Kilosand hold thumbs19:16
Kilosare you sure that upgrade was from 14.04 to 15.1019:17
Kilosnot 14.1019:17
IqbalSetting up resolvconf (1.77ubuntu1) ... Followed by: processing triggers for resolvconf (1.77ubuntu1) ...19:18
chesedowhoo oo!!!19:20
IqbalTop of my screen reads: Ubuntu 15.1019:20
chesedoto restart sudo systemctl reboot19:20
IqbalReboot done19:22
Kilosis it fixed?19:22
IqbalUbuntu logo comes up with small buttons changing colors and then I have a blank screen19:23
Kilosdid you find your install disk?19:24
IqbalI am not sure if it's the right one but I can try19:26
Kiloswithout internet we will battle to fix that, boot from install disk and choose try ubuntu19:27
IqbalWhen I go into boot menu, I only have 2 options: 1. Ata hdd. 2. PCI lan19:29
chesedonight all... and good luck with the fix19:30
Kilosthen you need to press fi or delete when booting and set bios to boot from whatever iso you have19:30
Kilosis it dvd or iso on flash disk?19:30
Kilosnight chesedo 19:30
Kilosright in bios you set boot option to boot from dvd first19:31
Kilosthen hdd19:31
IqbalOK, when I booted up, I got a screen that I have never seen before. It said something like Ubuntu, with advanced options that I had to select within a few seconds. Which I did.19:35
Kilosyes thats recovery modes i think19:35
Kilosthats from the drive not the dvd19:35
Kilosdoes it give a recover option19:36
IqbalIt came up with a list of Ubuntu, with Linux 3.13.0-77-generic. Followed by the same whereafter in brackets it reads upstart.next line same, in brackets recovery mode19:37
Kiloschoose an earlier recovery not the top one19:38
Kiloshopefully we can recover 14.0419:38
IqbalOK it's busy19:39
IqbalRecovery menu came up19:39
IqbalResume. Clean. Dpkg. FailsafeX. Fsck. Grub. Network. Root. System summary19:41
IqbalThose are the options19:41
Kilosfsck is file system check19:41
Kilosit offers options at times to fix things i think19:42
Kilosthern when it goes back there choose the dpkg one 19:43
Kilosbut i think that might want internet, dont remember everything unless i see them19:44
IqbalIt done some stuff and failed to do something. Said to press enter somewhere in the middle of the screen. I entered. Back to recovery menu19:44
Kilosdid you do the dpkg one too?19:45
IqbalCan not upgrade. An upgrade from 'wily' to 'trusty' is not supported with this tool. Finished, please press enter19:46
IqbalBack to recovery menu19:47
Kiloswhats the top one19:47
IqbalOn network option, it says Enable networking. Should I try it?19:48
Kilossee what that does19:48
IqbalYes, top is resume19:48
Kilosok then resume19:48
Kilosand hope it boots clean19:49
IqbalTrying to start network manager19:49
IqbalOnly flashing prompt. Should I wait?19:50
Kiloshit enter and see19:50
Kilosif it still flashes its working on something19:51
IqbalNothing. Last option is system summary. Should I check what it says?19:51
Kiloslets see if the internet connection works19:52
IqbalOK will wait a bit19:52
IqbalShould I resume first?19:53
Kiloslets see19:53
IqbalBlank screen19:55
Kiloslets see if you have internnet19:55
Kilossudo apt-get update19:56
Kilosok so that leaves us with booting from dvd19:58
Kilosyou need to make sure bios boots from dvd first19:58
IqbalOK, will try19:59
Kiloswas there anything in there that you dont want to lose?20:02
IqbalI don't mind losing any information20:02
Kilosthen maybe it would be quicker to reinstall20:03
Kilostell me a bit about it first20:04
IqbalI still don't see any other boot options and if I try to get into the settings, it want a password, which I don't know20:04
Kilosis it a dual boot with windows 20:04
Kilosdid you try enter without a password20:05
IqbalNo, I made it without windows20:05
Kiloswho put a password in bios20:06
IqbalTried without password, still require password20:07
IqbalI usually don't. I think I might have20:07
Kiloswhat lappy is it20:08
IqbalSorry for all the hassle, I appreciate your help20:08
IqbalLenovo g580 laptop20:08
Kilosim learning with you20:08
IqbalIntel core i320:08
Kilosdo you know where the bios battery is20:09
IqbalLol, no20:09
Kilosyou can broswe hey20:09
IqbalIt's late, do you want to quit? Try tomorrow?20:10
Kiloswe can go a bit more20:10
IqbalOK, will try20:12
Kilosif you want to sleep thats fine too20:12
Kilosim here every day20:13
Kilosone other idea quick20:13
Kiloshave you a windows c or dvd20:13
Kilossometimes things boot from them20:13
Kilosthen you just format the drive and then boot from the ubuntu dvd20:16
IqbalOK, removed the battery. Will connect tomorrow. Thanks20:18
Kiloscothe cmos battery??20:18
Kilosthats a small round flat one 20:19
Kilosi think you have to half strip a lappy to find it20:19
Kilosanyway ill be here tomorrow20:19
IqbalYes, I removed the battery20:23
Kilosthen tomorrow we set it all up20:24
Kilossleep tight lad20:24
IqbalYes, thanks again for your help. Much appreciated20:24
Kilosyoure welcome20:24
magespawnhey back20:31
Kiloswb magespawn 20:31
magespawnbios password used to be rather simple20:31
Kilosjust in time to say night20:31
magespawnmaybe there is a default20:31
Kilospulling cmos battery is easiest for me to remember20:32
magespawnmight be difficult to get to in a laptop20:33
Kilosi havent tried on a lappy before20:33
Kilosanyway well see tomorrow20:33
magespawni will try to be around20:33
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:34
magespawngood night20:34
magespawnthat is me off too, good night all20:34
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