ikoniayou repeat the same problems over and over and over and over, despite having this explained to you, over and over and over00:00
easyOnMeback then I had few info and back then I was not aware that #ubuntu existed and so does freenode irc chat channel00:00
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easyOnMeso good I am here learning a lot using google and stackoverflow00:00
ikoniaeasyOnMe: you've been in here for months - so you "must" have known the channel existed, as you've been here for months repeating the same problems/mistakes over and over00:01
easyOnMeikonia: sorry I only presented this issue today only man00:01
easyOnMeI never reinstalled anything new00:01
ikoniawhat ?00:01
easyOnMeif I did I could have quit long time ago00:01
ikoniayou're not making sense00:02
easyOnMemaybe it was someone else man00:02
ikoniais English your first language ?00:02
easyOnMewhat are you talking about man00:02
easyOnMeI just presented this problem only today00:02
ikoniayou've been in here many times00:02
ikoniafor months00:02
easyOnMeikonia: yes00:03
easyOnMeI agree but this issue about versions I only discussed it today00:03
ikoniaeasyOnMe: no-one is disputing that00:03
easyOnMeprevious my questions were about basic ubuntu stuff, terminal commands and all00:03
easyOnMeikonia: anyway thanks man00:03
ikoniaI'm stating you come in this channel having the same problems over and over again, have them explained to you and you repeat the same mistakes00:03
easyOnMek1l: thanks so much00:04
easyOnMeikonia: like I said this mistake about the server version only happened once00:04
easyOnMeif you have a database record of all my chats here you can see that for your self00:04
easyOnMethanks man00:05
nedstarki don't remember him, but i have this metal plate in my head00:05
ZythyrCan someone help me please. I get stuck at modprobe usbip command in this guide: https://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-set-up-a-usb-over-ip-server-and-client-with-ubuntu-10.0400:10
ikoniaZythyr: whats the issue ?00:11
ikonia(that whole guide looks bad)00:11
Zythyr modprobe: FATAL: Module usbip not found.00:11
ikoniawhere is the module coming from00:11
ikoniaok - so the module doesn't exist00:11
Zythyrwhen i do usbipd -D, I get error: usbipd: error: please load usbip-core.ko and usbip-host.ko!00:12
Zythyrsorry thats that wrong error00:12
ikoniaright, and then you try to modprobe it, I see that00:12
ZythyrI get error usbip_common_mod.ko and usbkip.ko must be loaded00:13
ikoniaok, so modprobe them00:13
ZythyrI can't00:13
Zythyrbecause it says usbip module doens't exisist00:13
ikoniawhy ?00:13
ikoniaZythyr: ok - so where do they come from ?00:13
ikoniaI'm not asking for a URL00:14
ikoniaI'm asking where do those modules come from00:14
ZythyrI installed them00:14
ikoniathe guide you are reading is for ubuntu 10.0400:14
Zythyrapt-get install usbip00:14
OerHeks"Since Linux-3.17 the package 'usbip' is obsolete and does not work. If used, usbip will not function. Solution: Finally remove the package usbip, it is absolutely missleading."00:14
ikoniais that guide still relevent to 14.04 ?00:14
ikoniaOerHeks: thank you00:14
ddssAfuxk ubont00:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1541855 in usbip (Ubuntu) "usbip in 16.04 broken" [Undecided,New]00:14
ikoniaddssA: don't swear00:15
ZythyrSo is there an alternate method where I can assigned an IP address to a USB device?00:15
ikoniaUSB over IP is not something I'd say is a good stable technology00:16
ikonia(others may disagree)00:16
netameta__what does "cat /dev/input/mouse0" (c, 13, 32) means ?00:16
ikonianetameta__: it's the device file for your mouse00:17
netameta__what does cat means00:17
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netameta__when i type the above in terminal i get an error ikonia00:17
ikonianetameta__: why are you typing it if you don't know what it does00:18
netameta__bash: syntax error near unexpected token `c,'00:18
ikonianetameta__: thats not what I asked00:18
netameta__ikonia, i am readying up input/output00:18
ikonianetameta__: so whats any of this got to do with the #ubuntu channel ?00:19
netameta__ikonia, It doesnt ?00:19
k1lnetameta__: the one in " is the command. the one behind not00:19
netameta__k1l, Ah00:19
netameta__k1l, the one after doesnt specify which lines to read ?00:20
k1lnetameta__: no00:20
netameta__i see, thanks k1l00:20
k1lwell, not for the cat command. maybe to your manual reading of the output. but i dont know the context00:21
netameta__k1l, You were right00:23
netameta__its just to read the mouse input00:23
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ZythyrIf I am running a Live CD of Ubunut (trial), how can I install new packages? When I do "apt-get install xyz", it doesn't find the location of package00:25
k1lZythyr: enable universe repo00:29
Bashing-omZythyr: Likely, enable the universe repo . ( changes in a live environment will not persist reboot ) .00:30
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jimmy51v_i have incoming .csr files, send them to a cert signing group, and get a cert back.  is there a utility i can use to verify the cert that was returned matches the .csr file?00:45
jimmy51v_i've found this website but would like to run something local rather than paste that stuff on a website00:47
easyOnMek1l: I got this reply from a support staff in Digital Ocean: The repos for Utopic have been deprecated and are no longer available. Another note, we highly recommend migrating to a new droplet instead of performing the distribution upgrade within the droplet. The reason for this is the newer images use self-managed kernels instead of the externally managed kernels. So if you have a 14.10 droplet upgraded to 15.x you will most likely see issues with kernel00:54
easyOnMek1l: my question is what is the difference with those self - managed kernels and externally managed kernels00:55
k1lask the digitalocean support about their specifics00:56
OerHeksthey all do their own tweaks, aws, digital ocean ..00:57
easyOnMek1l: I already did00:58
freeone3000I'm currently ssh'd into a machine. How can I tell how it's getting its IP?01:31
freeone3000There's no eth0 line in /etc/network/interfaces, only lo, which strikes me as odd because I'm ssh'd into it *somehow*.01:32
freeone3000My issue is that it's somehow getting incorrect DNS or gateway settings, so I need to check them to fix them.01:34
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sulfasalplayed a dvd mith mpv and it barfed midway but I can't kill it. I run top but which process is it?01:45
* sulfasal turn that m uside down01:46
cfhowlettsulfasal, ps -x | grep mpv01:46
sulfasalcfhowlett: goin in...01:47
sulfasalcfhowlett: poof! thx man!01:49
cfhowlettsulfasal, happy2help!01:49
rrrhow do i display the last line of a logfile continually?01:54
freeone3000rrr: tail -f01:55
Ev0luti0n_hey guys..01:59
Ev0luti0n_as anybody used a device like this: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Phonetone-LTE-1700MHz-3G-1700MHz-Cell-Phone-Repeater-Booster-Amplifier-Antenna-/131704970323?hash=item1eaa3a5c53:g:hvwAAOSwZG9Whcyo01:59
somsipEv0luti0n_: this is the ubuntu support channel, and the question seems to have nothing to do with ubuntu01:59
cfhowlettEv0luti0n_, hardware questions go to 3hardware01:59
Madhumper69why not send a message to the seller and im sure they will have the right answer?02:00
Ev0luti0n_i'm sorry. Will do, Thanks.02:00
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barnito_anyone around??02:35
barnito_I have a server running on linux, I can get to it from any PC in the house except the one it is running on, do I have to add a loopback?02:36
roboto4....are you trying to ssh into it?02:37
roboto4then yeah I think you do02:37
barnito_web interface02:38
barnito_and znc from a IRC client02:38
ubuntu681can someone help me with updating samba?  the latest update on 15.10 wont allow me to access from any of my windows machines02:40
geetarTrouble recovering from boot problem.  I put a live CD in but have permissions problems getting into the folders.  Just trying to put a few files back into /boot from a /home directory but can't get to it due to permission problems.02:41
geetarAny ideas?02:41
ubuntu681is there somewhere I can download a precompiled deb file of the latest samba?02:41
cfhowlettubuntu681, apt-get download samba02:42
cfhowlettmight be apt-get -download ...02:42
nicomachusit's apt-get download <package>02:43
ubuntu681im saying, the latest samba packages in the ubuntu repositories is broken02:43
nicomachushow so?02:43
nicomachusand what version?02:44
ubuntu681[21:40] <ubuntu681> can someone help me with updating samba?  the latest update on 15.10 wont allow me to access from any of my windows machines02:44
nicomachus...what version? and what do you me it won't allow you to access them? does it give an error?02:44
nicomachus(samba -version)02:45
ubuntu681chris@MEDIASERVER:/mnt/SuperCoolMedia$ smbd -V Version 4.1.17-Ubuntu02:45
nicomachussame version I have, works here. Are you getting any error messages?02:45
ubuntu681yes.  access is denied to everything.  Ive tried every setting imaginable.  I've read that this version is borked, and an updated version fgixes it02:45
nicomachuswhere did you read that?02:46
ubuntu681hell, i dont know02:47
ubuntu681I just know that after three weeks, multiple installs, nothing else has worked02:47
ubuntu681Install 12.04, works fine.  Install 14.04, works fine, until updated.  Same on 15.1002:48
frustr8d_apu_bluLiveDVD of gnome 15.10 OK, next broken on hp pavil g6 with amd a6 apu... help end my blues with some clues pls?..02:50
cfhowlett!details | frustr8d_apu_blu,02:51
ubottufrustr8d_apu_blu,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:51
squintygeetar:  http://www.webupd8.org/2014/01/how-to-fix-non-bootable-ubuntu-system.html   basically one would use  chroot  with the livecd02:53
ubuntu681any idea on how to update samba?02:53
davido_Is the speed reported by Network Manager | Connection Information | Active Network Connections accurate? I'm seeing 6Mb/s (megabits) reported in that window. But I've got a file transfer going at 2.8 MB/s (megabytes), and the router is reporting a pretty high link rate.02:55
frustr8d_apu_bluIm not able to have working installation of gnome ubuntu 15.10 though everythings fine on the Live-mode. After reboot, the screen errors, staying gray until reset power, or simply doesnt load. I suspect its an issue with EUFI which is in legacy mode, or if drivers related to my A-6 APU (amd) is to blame. How can I resolve?02:56
davido_seems like the network manager reported number is off considerably.02:56
geetarsquinty: thanks for the link -- looking into it.02:58
SuperLagif you're trying to log in to Unity, is there a way to log in to the UI with a user that's not listed there?02:59
SuperLagif so, how?02:59
cfhowlettSuperLag, turn off the user display option.02:59
Faryshtahi, can I install ubuntu phone on xperia z1?02:59
davido_I guess the manifestation is consistent with the behavior described in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/47721202:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 477212 in Linux "kernel reports incorrect wireless rate of 1Mb/s for 54Mb/s capable zd1211rw based card" [Undecided,New]02:59
davido_but that's a really old bug.02:59
cfhowlett!touch | Faryshta02:59
ubottuFaryshta: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch02:59
Faryshtacfhowlett: thanks, checking it.03:01
SuperLagcfhowlett: thank you03:08
cfhowlettSuperLag, happy@help!03:08
angelinehalo there03:12
cfhowlettsampah this is ubuntu support.  ask your questions03:16
ubuntu108ok, here it is:   https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1164703:18
ubottubugzilla.samba.org bug 11647 in File services "Access denied if the share path is "/"" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]03:18
ubuntu108bug was fixed in samba on 1-7-201603:18
ubuntu108so, how to i download a version past 4.2.8?03:18
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ubuntu108anyone have any ideas?03:22
cfhowlettubuntu108, download from the site?? https://www.samba.org/03:23
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tronixi need some help trying to find my compiz  setting04:02
tronixis any one here04:03
cfhowlett!patience | tronix04:03
ubottutronix: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:03
tronixsory  i was just kinda new to ubuntu i was trying to find my compiz settings   in my iso04:05
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squintytronix,  not sure but iirc, ccsm is not installed by default.  might have to install the compizconfig-settings-manager package04:09
tronixi did04:10
tinyalphahows the ubuntu operating system going for all you folks04:16
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tinyalphai like att unix04:16
tinyalphajust havnt figured out how to work it yet04:16
cfhowletttinyalpha, this is ubuntu support.  what is your support question04:17
cfhowletttinyalpha, UBUNTU support.  chit-chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.  thank you.04:17
tinyalphaokay well i do have a ubuntu question, where can i find a shell server program for it04:18
cfhowletttinyalpha, have you installed ubuntu?04:18
tinyalphayes ubuntu is installed04:19
tinyalphai was going to try the pakage manager in ubuntu i want shell server so i can give shell access to people whats it called04:20
tinyalphaokay i get that one then04:21
ytanyone who love ubuntu studio?04:41
ytI've been using it for nearly 5 yrs04:41
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InventorTechieHas anyone come across, a web based (SaaS) server management panel solution? Basically, one, that allows you to manage bare metal systems all from 1 panel / end-point?05:35
lotuspsychjeInventorTechie: sounds more like a ##networking question05:36
InventorTechiety ty , jumping over there - cya05:37
in_deep_thoughthow can I empty the trash on ubuntu? I go to the trash, select everything, press empty trash, and everything is still there?05:44
in_deep_thoughtseems like it should be straightforwards05:44
lotuspsychjein_deep_thought: right mouse the trash/empty should work05:46
lotuspsychjein_deep_thought: and in nautilus settings you can choose to bypass the trash, and delete right away05:47
in_deep_thoughtyeah i try that. It brings up the trash with everything highlighted and I press empty and everything is still there05:47
in_deep_thoughtcan I do it ffrom the command line?05:47
lotuspsychjein_deep_thought: maybe like this: rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/*05:48
in_deep_thoughtyep that works05:49
lotuspsychje!info trashcli | in_deep_thought also handy05:49
ubottuin_deep_thought also handy: Package trashcli does not exist in wily05:49
lotuspsychje!info trash-cli | in_deep_thought05:50
ubottuin_deep_thought: trash-cli (source: trash-cli): command line trashcan utility. In component universe, is extra. Version (wily), package size 21 kB, installed size 120 kB05:50
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lotuspsychjecan photorec recover data from diskettes also?05:59
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lotuspsychje!fr | reichenbach_06:12
ubottureichenbach_: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.06:12
lotuspsychjeGegsite: welcome, what can we do for you06:16
GegsiteHeekscad says now after I updated from 15.04 to 15.10 : geg@GeriPC:~$ heekscad06:16
GegsiteFatal Error: Mismatch between the program and library build versions detected.06:16
GegsiteThe library used 2.8 (no debug,Unicode,compiler with C++ ABI 1009,wx containers,compatible with 2.6),06:16
Gegsiteand your program used 2.8 (no debug,Unicode,compiler with C++ ABI 1002,wx containers,compatible with 2.6).06:16
lotuspsychjeGegsite: 15.04 is eol, install 15.10 fresh instead06:17
Gegsitethats why I did a dist update06:17
lotuspsychjeGegsite: not very recommended to upgrade from an eol version06:18
Gegsitelotuspsychje, do you have 15.10 ?06:25
lotuspsychjeGegsite: no im on 14.04.306:25
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Gegsiteoh... I wanted to ask you to install heekscad from apt-get and check if its working lotuspsychje06:27
lotuspsychjeGegsite: where did you get that package from06:27
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Gegsitelotuspsychje, it was on wily I think06:37
lotuspsychje!info heekscad06:38
ubottuPackage heekscad does not exist in wily06:38
lotuspsychje!info heekscad vivid06:38
ubottuPackage heekscad does not exist in vivid06:38
Gegsitehmmm they wait a sec06:38
Gegsiteit was runing fine in 15.0406:39
barnito_is there a channel for just wine?06:40
lotuspsychjeGegsite: we dont support ppa's mate, ask the maintainer06:40
lotuspsychje!wine | barnito_06:40
ubottubarnito_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu06:40
Gegsiteohmm I did, no answer yet.06:41
GegsiteCan somebody do a package then to main?06:42
DrManhattanI'm running vsftpd on ubuntu 14.04. When I upload a file to a directory that I own (not ~) using scp it gives me 644 perms but when I do it via ftp it gives me 600. Can anyone help me remedy this behavior? I'd prefer the same behavior seen on scp06:43
barnito_I know what wine is, thanks anyway, I am having a network issue06:43
somsipDrManhattan: looks like specific umasks are in vsftpd.conf http://serverfault.com/questions/571289/vsftpd-default-uploaded-file-permissions-on-ubuntu-not-working06:44
DrManhattansomsip, thank you very much06:44
DrManhattansomsip, worked like a charm, thanks06:48
somsipDrManhattan: np06:50
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Sonuhi wht is setsid in this command.  exec('bash -c "exec nohup setsid your_command > /dev/null 2>&1 &"'); is it will return Process id  ?06:52
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Triffid_HunterSonu: setsid creates a new process group so if you close the terminal, the command won't receive a signal or anything07:00
Sonuok  is it will return Process id  ?07:01
geirhaNo, it doesn't affect the pid in any way07:01
oskieI've had two servers with "black screen" after boot last two days. Both had latest kernel 3.13.0-77. Coincidence?07:11
lotuspsychjeoskie: did you try booting previous kernel?07:14
oskielotuspsychje: yeah, it fixed it (in both cases)07:15
lotuspsychjeoskie: you might wanna file a bug07:16
oskieit seems some servers survive the reboot to the -77 kernel, so it must be something specific to these...07:16
OneM_IndustriesHow would I take the output of a command and add it to a file?07:32
OneM_IndustriesI have tried cat (command) > test.txt, but that just created a blank file.07:32
Triffid_HunterOneM_Industries: command >> file. > is truncate and write, >> is append07:33
OneM_IndustriesOooh, ok. Thank you!07:33
OneM_IndustriesThank you, now I can actually read the output of smartctl!07:34
Triffid_HunterOneM_Industries: why not just smartctl | less?07:34
Triffid_Hunterno need to put it in a file just to have it paginated07:35
OneM_Industries..because I did not know that existed. Thank you again!07:35
Triffid_HunterOneM_Industries: the perils of XY problems :P07:35
Triffid_HunterOneM_Industries: http://xyproblem.info/ ;)07:35
OneM_IndustriesHeh, I have a feeling that a lot of what I do can be classified as that...07:36
OneM_IndustriesAh well, all part of learning I suppose!07:36
Triffid_HunterOneM_Industries: yep! XY problems are especially problematic while learning about linux, because basically it's the lego of the OS ecosystem and you can do a zillion things in a zillion different ways07:38
davido_I wonder if anyone else here has tried an Asus MB169B+ (15.1" USB3.0 DisplayLink portable monitor)07:38
OneM_IndustriesHeh, thank you. Now to figure out how to get screen to take up the entire command terminal window.07:38
davido_I've got one and mostly like it.07:38
Triffid_HunterOneM_Industries: ctrl+a, shift+F07:38
OneM_IndustriesTriffid_Hunter: That is very true.07:38
OneM_IndustriesNope, still just the upper lefthand corner of the screen.07:39
davido_there are a few quirks. Probably the most annoying is that if my dual DVI monitors go into sleep mode, the mouse cursor will spawn a zombie.07:40
davido_but as soon as I detach the USB3 monitor that zombie pointer goes away.07:40
davido_But aside from that it's a nice little monitor.07:41
davido_great for laptop use.07:41
Triffid_HunterOneM_Industries: hm, works for me07:41
OneM_IndustriesAh drat, the attack of the gibberish is back.07:41
OneM_IndustriesTime to reboot the server I guess.07:42
Triffid_HunterOneM_Industries: although my screen sessions auto-resize unless they have multiple clients attached.. maybe something else is going on07:42
davido_Lol, for a moment I thought OneM was directing that comment at me.07:42
Triffid_HunterOneM_Industries: gibberish? if your terminal gets messed up from you catting binary files or something, just type reset<enter>. read manpage first if you're (rightly) nervous about such a command ;)07:43
OneM_IndustriesI dunno. This server is a bit wibbly, but I guess that comes with being a repurposed desktop.07:43
OneM_IndustriesNo, it happens whenever I exit and reenter screen.07:43
OneM_IndustriesI get a ton of this: "m�e)�N�;��y�=���'�c���9�����%�1�m�m����ko��m�e)�N�;���=�������9����07:44
davido_Oh, that's just Perl.07:44
OneM_IndustriesOh, hey. Turning the server off and on again and restarting screen fixed the resolution issue.07:45
Tin_mani've a question what directory does my Python-3.5.1 need to be in for the gcc compiler to be in the path to compile it?07:46
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
davido_wow, i wouldn't have guessed that it matters.07:47
blipzLol at Perl07:47
emitattuoI'm seemingly having trouble with my DNS settings on 15.10/wily x64 desktop.  I've isolated the problem to the specific computer (the network connection is fine on other computers on the same network) I can ping IP addresses directly, but attempting to do the same with a domain name results in: ping: unknown host.  Similar results appear regardless of program used.07:54
emitattuoI've attempted to change the DNS settings to either the ISP's DNS or public DNS servers using the Network Connections editor (nm-connection-editor) and then restarting the computer but domain names remain unresolvable.  Thanks for any suggestions on what to try next.07:54
Ben64emitattuo: try "nslookup google.com"07:58
emitattuoBen64, It times out; "no servers can be reached".07:59
Ben64emitattuo: try "nslookup google.com"07:59
emitattuoBen64, that returns a non-authoritative answer with Google's IP.08:00
Ben64well thats good, you just need to set some working dns servers then08:00
emitattuoBen64, How would I go about doing that?  I've tried the network connection editor, seemingly to no avail.08:02
Ben64emitattuo: what did you put in there for dns server08:03
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emitattuoBen64, I've tried, Comodo's, and a couple others.  I just tried nslookup with the ones in there now and it returned the same result as
Ben64emitattuo: so that means (to me) that you're not using the connection you configured there08:07
emitattuoBen64, whatever is handling my network connections is disregarding the information I put in the GUI, either because it's not properly being saved or it's being overwritten by something else.08:09
emitattuoBen64, right?08:09
Ben64emitattuo: can't really tell, maybe you're editing the wrong connection?08:10
emitattuoBen64, I don't appear to be.08:10
Ben64when you click on the nm icon, does it show the connection you edited as being connected?08:11
emitattuoBen64, I forgot to add that this occurs regardless of interface - wired or wireless gives the same DNS issue.  Yes, it does show it as connected.08:11
Ben64emitattuo: ls -l /etc/resolv.conf08:13
ubotturesolvconf is a set of scripts that's used to manage /etc/resolv.conf in 12.04 and later, for more information please see: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html#name-resolution08:14
emitattuoBen64, -rw-r--r-- 1 root root08:14
Ben64emitattuo: uh...08:15
user_____how do I add radeon.ko into initramfs and make it load on boot? monitor does not show anything at all before X start08:15
Ben64user_____: you don't08:16
slappymcfryuser_____: Add radeon to Modules="" in mkinitcpio.conf and rerun mkinitcpio. This will enable early KMS08:17
emitattuoBen64, in the system Network Settings manager GUI the field for DNS Servers is empty.  Is that to be expected?08:20
Ben64emitattuo: you never finished pasting the ls -l line08:20
emitattuoBen64, Oh, sorry.  30 12 3 12:39 /etc/resolv.conf08:21
Ben64looks like you've messed with that file08:21
emitattuoBen64, the contents of it are only "# Generated by NetworkManager"08:22
Ben64are you actually running ubuntu?08:23
user_____slappymcfry, "find /etc -name mkinitcpio.conf" shows nothing08:23
emitattuoBen64, Yes, I am.  15.10 Wily.08:23
Ben64like real actually called ubuntu, not mint, not johnbuntu, not debian, arch, redhat, suse08:24
emitattuoBen64, As far as I remember, I installed standard Ubuntu.  I did do some customization to the DE, but I believe the base is still stock Ubuntu.08:26
Ben64well /etc/resolv.conf is supposed to be a symlink to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf08:27
Ben64something you did changed that, so i'm not sure what that was or what to suggest for you08:27
emitattuoBen64, I do see that /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf exists and inside it under the comments is namesetver
naminمن منكم يتكلم العربي08:29
Ben64you can try "sudo rm /etc/resolv.conf; sudo ln -s /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf"08:29
Ben64no guarantees08:29
emitattuoBen64, thanks.  I'll give it a try.08:32
emitattuoBen64, that seemed to do the job!  Thanks again!08:35
Ben64!yay | emitattuo08:35
ubottuemitattuo: Glad you made it! :-)08:35
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slappymcfryuser_____: I mistook the channel for #archlinux. mkinitcpio is not a debian tool. You'll want to look at /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and update-initramfs. plenty of info in the man pages08:40
CoolGamrSmsanyone knowledgeable about networking that would want to help me out?08:41
Ben64CoolGamrSms: ask your question and find out08:41
CoolGamrSmsfair enough. I have an ubuntu server running an openSSH server and an openVPN client, but I'd like ssh connections to go 'around' the VPN instead of trying (and failing) to go through it08:43
abolfazl1231hi.I have a program.for run it i should run a "./exm.sh" file in terminal.Is it possible add a icon for it in luncher?08:48
=== aeonchil1 is now known as aeonchild
slappymcfryabolfazl1231: you can use a menu editor like menulibre. I'm sure there are other methods, apart from writing a .desktop file yourself.08:51
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CoolGamrSmsI've read that my problem can be solved by adding a static route in the kernel but none of the answers i've found were very clear on how to do that08:54
slappymcfryCoolGamrSms: do you have additional network interfaces on the machine?08:58
CoolGamrSmsjust eth0 and tun0 which is being created by openvpn08:59
CoolGamrSmsI think the problem is the ssh traffic is going through tun0 and I don't know how to change it :p08:59
slappymcfryCoolGamrSms: It's a bit out of my league, I think the term you're looking for is "split tunnelling".09:03
bramgnCoolGamrSms: all your traffic is being routed through the tunnel?09:05
bramgnCoolGamrSms: you could have a look at the output of 'ip r s' which will show you the routing table09:06
CoolGamrSmsthe routing table is 2 entries, but becomes a lot more complicated when I start the vpn client09:06
=== zenlot1 is now known as zenlot
bramgnCoolGamrSms: does it say that 'default' is going through the VPN interface?09:07
abolfazl1231slappymcfry,Is it possible I install that like windows?09:08
bramgnCoolGamrSms: in any case, you could add a static route using 'ip r add' and have the endpoint routed through the eth* interface, rather than the VPN interface09:08
CoolGamrSmshmm. are the entries in the routing table ordered by anything in particular?09:10
abolfazl1231slappymcfry,Is it possible I install that like windows?09:12
slappymcfryabolfazl1231: I don't understand. Install what like windows?09:15
abolfazl1231the package09:16
slappymcfryabolfazl1231: I can be more helpful if I knew which package you're referring to. Is it just a shell script?09:18
abolfazl1231yes.its a shell script in a package.09:19
CoolGamrSmsbramgn: I'm still not sure what params I use to create the route09:19
abolfazl1231it's android-studio.I download that and i run that with the script09:19
qqqqqis their anything you can use besides grep09:19
blablaqqqqq: awk09:20
slappymcfryabolfazl1231: All installation should be done via the package manager. In the case of Ubuntu, it's dpkg (apt-get). Packages are distributed in the form of .deb files or preferrable hosted repositories.09:20
abolfazl1231can I compile that?09:20
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abolfazl1231to .deb?09:20
blabla!checkinstall | abolfazl123109:21
ubottuabolfazl1231: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!09:21
slappymcfryblabla: nifty!09:21
Dynetrekk1hi, I f*ed up and made xfce my display manager (kubuntu). How do I get the kde thingy back?09:21
Dynetrekk1or KDM or QT or whatever, sorry for not remembering the correct acronym09:21
cfhowlettDynetrekk1, kubuntu uses KDM09:22
qqqqqIf the driver for your hardware is only in RPM is it possible to compile using source09:22
abolfazl1231thanks of All.I try that now:)09:22
Dynetrekk1cfhowlett: how do I make it my display manager then? 14.04 kubuntu09:22
slappymcfryabolfazl1231: Keep in mind, this would not create a launcher for you. You still need a .desktop file created. These are placed system-wide in /usr/share/applications or per-user in ~/.local/share/applications09:23
cfhowlettDynetrekk1, sudo apt-get install --reinstall kdm09:23
Dynetrekk1cfhowlett: thanks09:23
Dynetrekk1cfhowlett: looks great so far, rebooting!09:24
cfhowlettDynetrekk1, log out,  choose kde session, login09:24
bramgnCoolGamrSms: sorry i was afk for a bit09:25
bramgnCoolGamrSms: the output lines of 'ip r s' will be valid as input for 'ip r add' so you can adjust to your situation09:26
slappymcfryCould someone give me some insight on how system services are managed for the ubuntu container images? The wily release has systemd as PID1 but dbus isn't included, so systemctl doesn't work.09:27
bramgnCoolGamrSms: then give it a lower metric value in order for the kernel to decide to use that route for that particular host09:27
CoolGamrSmsbramgn: mind if I pastebin the before and after routing table so you can help a bit more specifically?09:28
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rillehSo I just rebooted my server and it took about 30 minutes to respond again09:28
rillehdmesg does not reveal anything suspicious09:29
rillehWhere else can I look?09:29
rillehA reboot usually takes under five minutes, I thought I'd lost it09:29
slappymcfryrilleh: which version of Ubuntu?09:29
rillehI figured maybe it did a fsck on my btrfs raid but it seems that is not the case either09:30
slappymcfryrilleh: try `systemd-analyze blame`09:31
rillehThanks, nothing suspicious there either09:31
slappymcfryrilleh: do you know if it was the shutdown that took long and not the boot?09:32
rillehslappymcfry: After `sudo reboot` it threw me out of my ssh session immediately09:33
rillehBut sure, that could be the case I guess09:33
slappymcfryrilleh: if it happens again, maybe this could be useful: https://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/Debugging/#shutdowncompleteseventually09:34
CoolGamrSmsbramgn: I sent you the pastebin09:35
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rillehslappymcfry: Thank you very much09:36
wardenclyffehello, how do i stop ubuntu-gnome from going to sleep screen when i am watching a video?09:37
slappymcfrywardenclyffe: There is a utility called caffiene09:38
k1l_wardenclyffe: the player should do that automatically. i guess you are using flash?09:39
StatelessCaton a Xubuntu 15.04, i have unfortunatly done a 'apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop^'. How i can revert this and remove all installed packages and get back ?09:40
wardenclyffei am using flash, mostly (though sometimes other players)09:40
blablaStatelessCat: get the list of packages from /var/log/apt/history.log and unless them09:40
hateballStatelessCat: 15.04 is EOL, move to 15.10. As for removing.. ^09:40
wardenclyffeshouldn't that be a feature for everyone? who doesn't watch a video from time to time?09:41
wardenclyffealso, that extension is global - meaning if i stop watching something, the standby will not work, unless i actively disable the extension.09:42
k1l_wardenclyffe: as i said. a proper player does this, like totem, vlc, ..... but the flash webplayers cant do that09:42
=== s1aden is now known as sladen
wardenclyffek1l_: yea. I think on windows flash player does do that..09:43
StatelessCatblabla | StatelessCat: get the list of packages from /var/log/apt/history.log and unless them --> is it save to apt-get remove all of them ?09:44
k1l_wardenclyffe: and honestly: flash is a that big mess of a security issue you dont want that to have rights to do anything on your system.09:44
slappymcfrywardenclyffe: https://xkcd.com/619/ Honestly, just remove flash. It's not worth the trouble.09:45
Triffid_Hunterwardenclyffe: all the good video sites use html5 video these days, don't need flash for that09:45
wardenclyffek1l_: yea, but when i disable it I get some JWPlayer in several places - I don't know how to turn that off since it is not in the FF plugins.09:45
slappymcfrywardenclyffe: JWPlayer is an html5 player.09:46
Triffid_Hunterwardenclyffe: jwplayer is a html5 wrapper, not a plugin09:46
blablaStatelessCat: i guess so, does it mention only what it added or everything?09:46
k1l_wardenclyffe: so you can only temporarily disable the screen shutdown09:46
wardenclyffeTriffld_Hunter: so that means it is just regular HTML5 and is safe?09:46
slappymcfrywardenclyffe: much, much, much safer than flash.09:47
wardenclyffeunfortunately i need flash for some work/study videos.09:47
Triffid_Hunterwardenclyffe: it's as safe as your browser's sandbox, most of which are pretty watertight these days09:48
Triffid_Hunterwardenclyffe: you can often get the raw mp4 if you view source or inspect the DOM tree with firebug or similar09:48
Triffid_HunterI have a shell script that strips the url for raw video from sites like youtube, it's pretty handy09:48
wardenclyffeokay, so another question is this: when i cancelled flash i got the html5 option by default. but when i set flash to "ask me" then i don't get the html5 option at all.09:49
wardenclyfferaw mp4 would be best09:50
Triffid_Hunterwardenclyffe: sounds like a great time to have multiple browsers, one with flash plugin disabled that you use for regular browsing, and another with it enabled specifically for whatever sites you're using that haven't realised that flash is dead yet09:51
wardenclyffesound excellent, maybe i should give chrome a chance anyway, just for this :) also heard their flash is better or something..09:52
Triffid_Hunterwardenclyffe: chrome javascript is super fast but chrome is a colossal memory hog compared to FF09:52
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wardenclyffemy xchat-gnome is terribly laggy for some reason in reading what i type today..09:53
Triffid_Hunterlast time I cleaned my tabs in FF I had 1150, chrome takes the same amount of memory with like 15 tabs :/09:53
wardenclyffethough rest of the desktop works quickly09:53
cfhowlettwardenclyffe, xchat is abandonware.  hexchat is the recommended fork09:54
Triffid_Hunterwardenclyffe: xchat is abandoned, no? hexchat is a newer fork, but I much prefer kvirc09:54
wardenclyffeah thanks!09:54
Gibbs`TafI've one problem with bluetooth on Ubuntu Gnome 15.1009:54
Gibbs`TafI can't enable the blueetoth09:55
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wardenclyffeback on hexchat now09:56
wardenclyffecant find the "dark" setting for hexchat right now.09:57
cfhowlettwardenclyffe, yeah, color themes are very weakly supported.  download the theme, add it to your .config exit and restart09:58
Gibbs`TafHow I can enable bluetooth please ?09:58
Ccdc_DuckZhello, anybody knows what package I need to install in order to have the ffmpeg command in ubuntu 14.04?09:59
cfhowlettCcdc_DuckZ, use avconv instead.  ffmpeg is available after 14.0409:59
Ccdc_DuckZcfhowlett: ok thanks10:00
=== ivo is now known as Guest75792
wardenclyffei have a .hct file, but i dont know where is my .config folder.10:01
homahi my friends10:01
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: check `rfkill list`10:01
Ccdc_DuckZcfhowlett: is that the package name? because I can't find that with apt-cache search10:01
cfhowlettwardenclyffe, .confg/hexchat10:01
cfhowlettCcdc_DuckZ, libav-tools10:01
StatelessCatblabla | StatelessCat: i guess so, does it mention only what it added or everything? --> that's where i'm not sure.10:01
StatelessCatAristide: what the hell are you doing here ?10:02
Ccdc_DuckZcfhowlett: ok found it now10:02
StatelessCatwhen i'm doing ' apt-get --simulate remove ubuntu-gnome-desktop^ ' it's just flooding... Very freaky.10:03
Gibbs`Tafslappymcfry, -> asus-bluetooth: Bluetoot -> No and No10:03
StatelessCati need autoremove ?10:03
Gibbs`Tafslappymcfry, https://gist.github.com/Selmac/9cbc826b702b02748ebd10:03
wardenclyffei pasted the file into the config folder10:03
wardenclyffehow do i actually choose it as the theme?10:04
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: what are you using to connect?10:04
wardenclyffe(i copied an .hct file go .config/hexchat10:04
cfhowlettwardenclyffe, logout/login to hexchat10:05
cfhowlettwardenclyffe, sorry.  close / restart10:05
wardenclyffeokay thanks.10:07
Gibbs`Tafslappymcfry, -> I haven't understood your question10:08
=== qassim_ is now known as qassim
cfhowlettwardenclyffe, I was wrong.  as I said, *weakly* supported themes.   extract colors.conf from the hct file and place it in .conf/hexchat10:10
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: How are you trying to connect to devices?10:11
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: Which utility?10:11
Gibbs`TafI would like connect my headphones10:12
Gibbs`Taffor listen music10:12
artisanIndiaI want a virtual ubuntu machine with GUI10:13
artisanIndiais there any such hosting provider who does that10:14
k1l_artisanIndia: use virtualbox?10:14
Ben64or install vnc10:14
artisanIndiado you know baout etherape10:14
Gibbs`TafI've a Beats Studio Wireless and I would like try to connect with the bluetooth on my laptop10:14
g105bartisanIndia such a badly named product10:15
Triffid_HunterartisanIndia: you can do that on any VPS host you like, don't need a video card in the machine for various incarnations of remote desktop10:15
k1l_artisanIndia: etherape is a total different thing10:15
Ben64artisanIndia: might help if you explained your actual goals10:15
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: what about it is not working?10:16
artisanIndiaI want to monitor torrent traffic while downloading the movie/series10:17
k1l_artisanIndia: the torrent client should provide such a thing10:17
artisanIndiabut if I want to make sure that the list of ips connected to my computer are for that particular movie/series I have run one torrent at a time10:17
Gibbs`TafI can't enable bluetooth, I can't detect devices10:17
Gibbs`Tafand connect my headphone10:18
cfhowlett!patience | gibbs10:18
ubottugibbs: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:18
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: You could try using Blueman instead http://askubuntu.com/a/259417/2807110:19
wardenclyffecouldn't find the mp4 using firebug :)10:20
wardenclyffebut i did uninstall my flash10:21
Gibbs`Tafslappymcfry, -> Ok, I try10:22
wardenclyffethe strange thing was that earlier when i clicked the same link, i got an mp4 stream.10:23
wardenclyffe(before i had any flash on computer)10:23
wardenclyffebut now i get the JWPlayer thing.10:23
abolfazl1231how I can set tor for androidstudio(I know here not for androidstudio but I dont find any answer for that in the android-studio channel).see thishttp://uupload.ir/files/nvvj_screenshot_from_2016-02-11_11-43-31.png10:24
wardenclyffeis gnome 3.18 coming to ubuntu?10:28
k1l_wardenclyffe: some day, yes10:29
wardenclyffebut currently, 3.16 is the supported gnome right?10:29
k1l_depends on the release you are using10:30
cfhowlettwardenclyffe, I generally don't stream video.  the firefox plugin "video download helper" grabs video from most sites for viewing on demand10:30
wardenclyffei have the non stable last one.10:30
k1l_wardenclyffe: "lsb_release -d"10:32
wardenclyffemy gnome is 3.16.410:33
Zulu_TooHey guys a tech tip here. Comcast blocks port 25   Use Port 587 for smtp.comcast.net10:36
k1l_wardenclyffe: see this PPA https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/ubuntu/gnome3-staging?field.series_filter=wily10:39
Zulu_TooK1l nice to see you again. How are you today?10:40
Gibbs`Tafslappymcfry, -> No adapter found10:41
Gibbs`Tafwith blueman10:42
StatelessCathere is my logs of what i have installed with ' apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop^ ' : http://ix.io/oju , when doing ' apt-get --simulate remove ubuntu-gnome-desktop^ ' this is just removing too many packages :/10:43
StatelessCatis it safe to juste remove the list of installed packages ?10:43
cfhowlettstateless what is your goal??10:44
Zulu_TooHey Guys have you tried this for a gag.    apt-get moo       <------------------------<10:44
cfhowlettZulu_Too, stop.10:44
StatelessCator cfhowlett my goal is to "undo" a  ' apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop^ ' on my xubuntu 15.04 :/10:44
Zulu_TooStop what?10:44
StatelessCatcfhowlett: i don't know how to do it without breaking everything10:44
bazhangZulu_Too, take the chit chat elsewhere10:45
cfhowlettStatelessCat, got it.  sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-gnome-desktop && sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop10:45
razor_would anyone mind assisting me i want to uninstall megasync and i didnt install it through the software center10:45
Zulu_TooIt is an Ubuntu Easter Egg.10:45
cfhowlettZulu_Too, didn't ask.  don't care.  it's off-topic in this channel. thank you.10:45
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: what is the adapter. your rfkill mentions asus, but what is the chipset? is it integrated with your wifi?10:45
bazhanghow was it installed razor_10:45
Zulu_TooI didn't know that you were elevating yourselves above others. I must be in the wrong channel then.10:46
StatelessCatcfhowlett: do you take in consideration that I have stupidly do ' apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop^ ' and NOT ' apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop ' (note the ^ at last) ? :/ sorry for beaing a noob with apt :/10:46
razor_not sure exactly i cant remember whether i installed it with apt-get or through their website10:46
bazhangrazor_, look for their removal/uninstall guide10:47
Gibbs`Tafslappymcfry, -> It's a Mediatec MT7630e, it's integrated with wifi10:47
cfhowlettStatelessCat, ahhh.  (resists the urge to ask why). so >>> sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-gnome-desktop^ && sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop10:47
razor_okay thanks and is there a chat channel for writing code and challenges and such?10:47
bazhang##programming perhaps razor_10:48
StatelessCatcfhowlett: i'm afraid that the semantic of the ^ after ubuntu-gnome-desktop is different between apt-get install and apt-get remove or purge :/10:48
razor_thanks bazhang10:48
cfhowlettStatelessCat, worst case, you render yourself unbootable.  that is why you have already backed up everything and have an ubuntu boot USB nearby.  should this go sideways, boot the USB, chroot to your system and sudo apt-get install --reinstall xubuntu-desktop10:49
StatelessCatcfhowlett: ok, when doing ' apt-get --simulate purge ubuntu-gnome-desktop^ ' i got http://ix.io/ojy and the shell does not returning... is it a normal behavior ?10:50
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: https://github.com/neurobin/MT7630E DON'T do the chmod & install stuff. FIRST try the last command (dkms)10:50
StatelessCatcfhowlett: i'm worried about apt-get will do some installs when doing ' apt-get purge ubuntu-gnome-desktop^ ' , do you think it's ok ?10:51
StatelessCatcfhowlett: ok I will back myself with an USB key10:52
Gibbs`Tafslappymcfry, -> done10:52
cfhowlettStatelessCat, do remove instead of purge.  you'll still have to autoremove to clean things up10:52
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: now `lsmod | grep mt76x0`10:53
StatelessCatcfhowlett: the remove seems just crazy (8MB of output) :/10:53
StatelessCat ' apt-get --simulate remove ubuntu-gnome-desktop^ ' *10:53
StatelessCathe is removing xserver-xorg-video stuff :/10:54
Gibbs`Tafslappymcfry, -> nop10:54
cfhowlettas I understand it, so long as you have the terminal open from the removal/purge, you can immediately chain the installation thus && sudo apt-get install --reinstall xubuntu-desktop10:55
cfhowlettwe had a similar question last night IIRC10:55
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: then `modprobe mt76x0` I don't know if .bin'10:55
slappymcfry...is needed.10:56
StatelessCatcfhowlett: ok thakns a lot for your time10:56
cfhowletthappy2help! StatelessCat10:56
StatelessCatcfhowlett: really sorry, I will be MORE carefull while installing/removing stuff (using --simulate everytime)10:57
Gibbs`Tafslappymcfry, -> 2 proposition for mt76 : mt7601u or mt76xx10:57
StatelessCatso the 15.04 is end of life, no more security fixes ?10:57
cfhowlettStatelessCat, I understand :)         15.04 is DEAD, Jim!10:57
StatelessCati'll ask my IT team to install a more recent one or 14.04LTS10:57
cfhowlettLTS for the win!  comfort them with this: next LTS comes out in April10:58
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: try the xx. If unsure, just reboot.10:58
Gibbs`TafI try reboot11:00
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: looking at the dkms.conf. mt76xx is for bluetooth.11:00
UNIm95Hi 2 all.  I have small problem. I try to install ubuntu on computer with some old HDD(SMART is OK). Ubuntu 14.04 desktop see this HDD but netinstall and server disk not. WHat schould i do11:01
cfhowlettUNIm95, try lubuntu ... optimized for legacy hardware11:01
UNIm95cfhowlett: this "older hdd" is Hitachi SATA from 2008.11:02
Gibbs`Tafokay, for the modprobe mt76dxx11:02
UNIm95cfhowlett: this "older hdd" is Hitachi SATA from 2008.11:03
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest24422
Gibbs`Tafslappymcfry, -> after the modprobe ?11:04
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: now that driver is loaded, adapter should appear.11:05
Gibbs`Tafor not11:06
=== bogdan_ is now known as Bogdar
Gibbs`Tafslappymcfry, nop11:09
=== bq_ is now known as rrr
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: check your dmesg11:11
slappymcfrydid you reboot?11:11
Gibbs`Tafbefore or after modprobe?11:11
Gibbs`Tafbefore : yes, after : now11:12
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: modprobe is not permanent. modules are loaded automatically on boot. reboot and go through your dmesg11:12
homai want leave here11:16
k1l_homa: /part11:17
homagood bye my friends11:19
Gibbs`Tafslappymcfry, -> https://gist.github.com/Selmac/c16062283a953309626611:20
=== metalcamp_ is now known as metalcamp
=== christel_ is now known as Guest8623
slappymcfryGibbs`Taf: I don't have time to sift through your entire dmesg output. I do notice a bunch of call traces. Something is seriously wrong.11:32
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=== nullbyte__ is now known as nullbyte_
homahi my friends11:39
=== hillbicks_ is now known as hillbicks
LibertyWeNeedHow do I route all traffic and I mean absolutely EVERY single packet of data through a proxy such as HTTP/HTTPS with basic authentication?? Because My colledge uses a HTTP proxy for logins and surveillance, and Ubuntu is useless at colledge if I can't get a solution to fix this.11:45
LibertyWeNeedI want to be able to use the terminal11:45
LibertyWeNeedthrough a proxy11:45
LibertyWeNeedOr even through TOR11:45
tfisherCanonical needs to replace grep with ack11:48
=== gyaresu is now known as gareth_
homagood bye my friends11:48
wardclyffeI get a TPM error or something when I boot Ubuntu Gnome 15.1011:51
wardclyffeIs it something to worry about?11:51
wardclyffeTPM error occurred attempting to read a pcr value.11:52
tfisherDo you have to compile from source every time you install software in Ubuntu?11:57
cfhowletttfisher, what?  install from the repos ...11:58
tony__where am i?11:59
cfhowlett!topic | tony__11:59
ubottutony__: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic11:59
k1l_tfisher: no. ubuntu offers the service of shipping precompiled  packages in the official repos. just use the packagemanagement.12:00
Seminarian My ubuntu just froze (sound kept playing), virutal terminals inaccesible12:05
Seminarianis there a way to detect what caused it so I can fix it?12:05
BluesKajHiyas all12:05
baizonSeminarian: check logs?12:06
Seminarianbaizon: any log in specific? I assume that's /var/log12:06
SeminarianI was running a program in Play on linux12:06
baizonSeminarian: check X log and messages12:07
Seminarianbaizon: don't really see something in Xorg.0.log , where to check the x messages?12:10
baizonSeminarian: syslog12:10
dadicalubuntu ruined my life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRWrmT0ovPE12:14
cfhowlettdadical, please don't spam random videos here12:15
dadicalcfhowlett: please don't spam don't spam random video messages12:16
cfhowlettdadical, this is ubuntu support.  for chitchat, go to #ubuntu-offtopic. also ...12:17
cfhowlett!behelpful | dadical12:17
ubottudadical: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.12:17
dadicalcfhowlett: please stay on topic12:17
swenzelwhile installing printer drivers, the installation process froze... how can I find out what went wrong?12:17
VoidWhispererthis vm with ubuntu server in it really doesn't like owncloud.. it's installing at 25.2 kb/s on a 300 + mbps connection12:18
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momomohow do I install this: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ffmpeg12:38
cfhowlettmomomo, what version of ubuntu?12:39
OerHekssudo apt-get install ffmpeg, unless you are on 14.04 lts12:39
cfhowlettmomomo, use avconv instead.  install libav-tools12:40
momomodoesnt work12:40
momomoi am getting E: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/f/ffmpeg/libavdevice-ffmpeg56_2.7.5-0ubuntu0.15.10.1_amd64.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]12:40
OerHeksmake sure you have universe repo enabled12:40
Nalauriendid an apt-get update first?12:40
momomocfhowlett, why avconv instead?12:41
popeyalso "sudo apt update" first12:41
momomoi think i have the repository enabled already12:42
cfhowlett" I think ..."12:42
cfhowlettmore /etc/apt/sources.list < momomo12:42
SeminarianDo you really have to boot from live-cd to increase system partition size?12:42
cfhowlettSeminarian, YES12:42
kknighti want to iunistall particcular software form my system how to do that12:43
cfhowlettmucking about with partitions while the system is booted and live will kit it.12:43
cfhowlettkknight, fewer details?  so we can make a totally wild guess, right?12:43
Seminariancfhowlett: thanks , see ya rebooting to live =)12:43
momomocfhowlett, http://pastebin.com/5kNp6M3E12:44
nitesh`I installed a .deb package using sudo dpkg -i abc.deb , how do I cross check if it has got installed successfully or not12:44
Nalaurienwould it make sense to change the properties of the disk youre currently running from?12:44
cfhowlettmomomo, yep, you have universe12:45
cfhowlettnitesh`, dpkg -l | grep package name12:45
popeymomomo: you only need to "sudo apt update" - your package list is outdated,12:46
k1l_momomo: please put into a pastebin "apt-cache policy ffmpeg"12:46
popeymomomo: ffmpeg 2.7.5 has been replaced by 2.7.612:46
popeyabout a week ago.12:46
OerHeks!info ffmpeg12:46
ubottuffmpeg (source: ffmpeg): Tools for transcoding, streaming and playing of multimedia files. In component universe, is optional. Version 7:2.7.6-0ubuntu0.15.10.1 (wily), package size 1198 kB, installed size 1814 kB12:46
k1l_momomo: yes, popey is right. you need to run sudo apt update to get a fresh list of what packages are used now on the repo servers12:46
momomoyes, worked to install now after12:46
popeymomomo: excellent.12:47
ph88how can i know when this package was updated? http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/lemon12:49
k1l_ph88: click on the "ubuntu changelog" on the right side of that website12:50
ph88ok thx12:50
kknighti  want to uninstall ruby12:56
kknighthow to do that12:57
kknighti  want to uninstall ruby12:59
kknighti  ahver typed sudo apt-get remove ruby1.9.112:59
Nalaurientry just sudo apt-get remove ruby12:59
kknightstill when i  type ruby -v it says12:59
Nalauriendont specify the version12:59
Nalauriensee if that works12:59
Nalaurienalso look at the purge flags12:59
Nalauriensee if thats what you need12:59
kknightwhat is purge flags?13:00
rillehapt-get remove --purge13:00
StatelessCat20160211-11:58:12 cfhowlet+| LTS for the win!  comfort them with this: next LTS comes out in April --> so installing a 14.04 LTS now is not a very good idea ?13:01
Nalauriendunno, dpenends on what you need to do13:02
k1l_StatelessCat: sure. you can upgrade from 14.04 to the 16.04 when the 16.04.1 is released13:02
cfhowlettStatelessCat, I only do LTS so yeah, I'd say 14.04.3 > 16.04.1 sounds like a plan.13:03
cfhowlettno reason not to install LTS now if that works for you.  or go with 15.10 > 16.04.  your choice.  I avoid bloody edge releases13:04
=== mathisen is now known as Mathisen
k1l_StatelessCat: people tend to not think about upgrades. and on a non-LTS you need to upgrade after 9 months after release. that gives you a timeframe of 3 months to do the upgrade. on lts you have a timeframe of 3 years to do the upgrade.13:05
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Nalaurien@cfhowlett << this13:08
Nalaurienthe problem is upgrading and doing all the work to move over to a newer version to find out you need to do it again in a day13:08
killtheclockguys when i zoom a picture in ubuntu its always a bit blurry but when iam using windows is very sharp13:10
killtheclockwhy is that heppend13:10
cfhowlettkilltheclock, check the drivers on your GPU13:11
killtheclockiam using the latest nvidia drivers13:11
killtheclockthe colors from the interface of ubuntu are perfect13:11
killtheclockor in the browser13:12
cfhowlettkilltheclock, so "pictures" are viewed where?13:12
killtheclockok w813:12
killtheclockiam using the default image viewer13:13
dannymichelmy ssh user seems to output weird characters like '^[[A’ when i press up to go to history of commands and also starts at just $ rather than a username like dmichel@s:~$13:16
Nalaurienthat means the console is not done processing the last request13:21
Nalaurienit does that when its expecting responses13:22
Nalaurienyoru up arrow means a different thing then13:22
Seminarianhey guys, I'm currently on a live-dvd doing some partition resizes with Gparted13:22
Nalaurienwhen its done, it will return to normal input13:22
Seminarian50 GB shrink of sda1 (ntfs) then adding it to sda2 (swap) and then finally adding the50 GB to SDA3.. Any idea how long it will take? hours?13:23
SeminarianSDA3 is my ubuntu system partition so I assume I'll best chroot after gparted is finished and reinstall grub2?13:23
SeminarianIt's an UEFI dualboot system winh windows13:23
cfhowlettSeminarian, resizing partitions ... depending on ram and processing speed, could be hours13:24
AzisPlaning dual booting with windows?13:24
dannymichelNalaurien: happens no matter how long i wast or reboot13:25
dannymichelonly for one particular user it happens Nalaurien13:25
Seminariancfhowlett, fuck.. really :o13:26
cfhowlettno need for such language and not allowed at all ever13:26
cfhowlettand it totally puts the lie to your nick13:26
Seminariancfhowlett, :-)13:27
Seminariancfhowlett, do you think i'll have to reinstall grub2 on my system partition?13:27
cfhowlettupdate grub almost certainly ...13:28
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Seminarianokay thanks13:29
NYTimesdid someone here ever flashed ubuntu on a samsung galaxy tab s t800 ?13:33
cfhowlett!touch | NYTimes wrong channel13:34
ubottuNYTimes wrong channel: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:34
NYTimescfhowlett: nope13:34
k1l_NYTimes: you mean the regular desktop?13:35
NYTimesk1l_: the whole os13:36
NYTimesfull install13:36
k1l_NYTimes: ok. installing a OS onto a ARM tablet is not like putting a CD into a PC and having all working. you need to grab drivers, make it bootable, etc etc. and then you have a non-touch desktop running on a touch only hardware.13:37
k1l_NYTimes: tl;dr  look at xda forums if there is a working port and what are the experiences with that.13:38
cfhowlett!arm  | or this?13:39
ubottuor this?: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.13:39
NYTimesk1l_: thank you13:39
noneyaSo, im having an issue where I my samba share is showing empty in windows13:41
=== nils_____ is now known as nils_
tfisherWhen ever I enter sudo dnf install firefox into the terminal it won't install firefox13:45
MonkeyDustnoneya  what ubuntu vesion? what windows version? did it work before? more details...13:45
cfhowletttfisher, do this:  cat /etc/issue | nc termbin.com 999913:45
MonkeyDusttfisher  try sudo apt install13:45
schang_I just did a do-release-upgrade -d and now I am stuck with errors like "this depends on that however...."13:46
schang_I ahve tried a series of dpkg-reconfigure and apt-get -f install but that did not help13:46
k1l_schang_: you know what the "-d" is for?13:46
MonkeyDustschang_  -d means development ... what are you tryiong to do?13:46
noneyaSorry, I gotta run.  I'll try to come back later and figure this out.  Thanks13:46
schang_well initially I was on ubuntu 14.something and tried do-release-upgrade13:47
schang_that didnt work13:47
cfhowlettschang_, you upgrade ... to an *alpha* release.  don't know why, but support for that is only in #ubuntu+113:47
MonkeyDustschang_  14.04 or 14.10 ? 14.10 is dead13:47
cfhowlettand thank you for volunteering to beta test!13:47
schang_it said there was no available upgrade... after googling and trying probably a little too fast what I found (using -d)13:47
k1l_schang_: you rae running a wrong command. that might have messed your whole system.13:47
schang_k1l_ and guess there si no going back, right ?13:48
gagaliciousfor partman, d-i settings, how do i specify inode settings for the drives to be formatted? is this a valid question here? i'm asking about the preseed.cfg but cant find an example online13:48
k1l_schang_: 14.10 is dead since july last year. so you are late for the regular upgrade. you would have needed an !EOL upgrade.13:48
cfhowlettschang_, no roll back.  reinstall 14.04.3 or 15.1013:48
k1l_schang_: what is "lsb_release -d" now?13:48
schang_k1l_ Description:Ubuntu Xenial Xerus (development branch)13:49
BluesKajk1l_, that would be 16.0413:49
MonkeyDustschang_  16.04 is not ready13:49
k1l_schang_: ok, your system is now on 16.04 which is in alpha state. i dont think there is an easy fix.13:49
schang_still does that mean (because it is a develomment branch) that it should no work at all ?13:50
cfhowlettschang_,  it's still being built.13:50
BluesKajschang_, 16.04 support in #ubuntu+113:50
k1l_schang_: you jumped over the 15.04 and 15.10 installs on the upgrade. that had some deep changes like introducing systemd etc.13:50
schang_cfhowlett: right but there has got to be people using it and those are probably not stuck the way I am13:50
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k1l_schang_: i am running a 16.04 right now. but your issue is the wrong upgrade. that broke your system13:51
MonkeyDustschang_  type  /j #ubuntu+113:51
cfhowlettschang_, alpha release.  not even a beta release.  you are trying to drive across country and we're still installing the tires and electrical system13:51
BluesKajlots of 15.10 users and they're dealing with systemd quite successfully13:51
BluesKajcfhowlett,  i disagree withtat analogy :-)  more like no gps  or roadmaps only some directions13:53
schang_alright: so I have no choice but to reinstall, right ? can I just no try to grab the stuff (i.e., this depends on that however...) it is requesting from other repositories13:53
cfhowlettschang_, if you accept that you are using a PRE-release product and adjust your expectations, go for it.  otherwise, 14.04 or 15.10 are our only choices.13:53
cfhowlettBluesKaj, ... fair point13:53
=== Guest60166 is now known as Alinochka
xubuntu01wCan someone help me mount a NTFS drive in RO mode.13:54
k1l_schang_: you could look at the exact errors and see what the cause is. and try to fix it. but that could be a lot of effort and in the end there is no guarantee for success at all.13:55
c343hello everyone13:55
=== osx is now known as Dantey
xubuntu01wCan anyone help me mount this old windows drive?13:59
SeminarianMy usb mouse and keyboard don't work anymore (usb ports work) I'm trying the apt-get install --reinstal xserver-xorg-input-all command but I get these errors http://pastebin.com/3wjsvNgU what's the fix?13:59
g105bIn Unity Tweak Tools, I can configure the launcher to be opaque, but how do I make the search panel background opaque?14:00
g105bThis is for a slow computer that doesn't like unity. Removing background blur on the search panel helps loads, but it makes it quite difficult to read against text behind it.14:01
MonkeyDustg105b  also in unity tweak: launcher > search > blur14:01
g105bMonkeyDust: I don't see any option for opacity: http://i.imgur.com/BKfeS7L.png14:02
MonkeyDustg105b  blur on/of14:03
g105bMonkeyDust: still no option for opacity with blur on : http://i.imgur.com/uE1qVaa.png14:03
MonkeyDustg105b  blur is the closest you'll get14:04
g105bclosest to what? opacity?14:04
MonkeyDustg105b  yah, switching it on/off ... just looked in dconf-editor ... no way to change opacity for the search tool either14:07
nitesh`ON installing a .deb package, I see many dependency issues, do I need to install all the dependencies one by one? is there any way to install all the dependencies that the package needs before the actual package installation starts14:12
hateballnitesh`: why are you using random deb files instead of downloading from the package manager14:12
cfhowlettnitesh`, installing by deb is to be avoided.  install via software center or package manager14:12
OerHeksnitesh`, normally when you encounter dependencie issues, apt-get install -f would solve these in a 2nd run14:12
OerHekssome do like the risky side of installing a deb from *somewhere*14:13
nitesh`cfhowlett, : No GUI so no software center..14:13
rillehnitesh`: apt-get build-dep14:13
cfhowlettnitesh`, package manager includes apt14:14
nitesh`OerHeks, : that worked , cool. THnx14:15
nitesh`cfhowlett: oh ok, thnx :-)14:15
cfhowletthappy2help! nitesh`14:16
zombieguy85goodbye windows 10 hello linux peoples14:21
MackDomsHey.. Bad new.. My ubuntu won't boot (system partition on dev/sda) .. My windows will boot (/dev/sdb located) and I can't read my D: in windows which is located on dev/sda.. I did a partition resize today on /dev/sda with gparted from live-dvd.. Is there anyway to save repair my hard disk?14:28
ikoniaMackDoms: so that makes no sense14:28
MackDomsikonia, how so?14:29
ikoniahow can your windows D:\ be the same disk as your linux root14:29
ikoniaunless you are missing partition information in the description14:29
MackDomssda1 is my ntfs14:29
dragonbiteso you used gparted to resize disk #1 which has Linux and D:?14:29
MackDomssda3 is my ubuntu system14:29
MackDomsyes sdb is my SSD disk14:29
MackDomssda is a 1TB hard disk14:30
BluesKajMackDoms, BIOS or UEFI ?14:30
ikoniaMackDoms: so what happens when you boot ?14:30
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI14:31
dragonbiteinteresting partition scheme... I guess14:31
MackDomsLast time I tried to boot ikonia it just gave purple screen (still from bootloader I guess)14:31
dragonbiteso disk #1 (sda) is not accessible anymore and the ony thing you chagned was resizing the disk14:31
ikoniaI don't think the purple screen is a boot loader14:31
MackDomsThe time before it said something about can't load /boot/efi14:31
xubuntu01wCan someone help me mount a NTFS from an old windows machine14:31
ikoniasounds like your disks partitions are all over the place14:32
dragonbitewhere is grub (sdb?)14:32
MackDomsIs there a tool to check and repair the hard disk?14:32
MackDomsI'd assume grub is on sdb since there is my ESP14:32
BluesKajMackDoms,  your grub isn't installed to the uefi partition most likely14:32
BluesKajboot partition14:33
* BluesKaj despises the uefi14:33
MackDomsWhat should I do?14:33
dragonbiteyou could try booting up to a live USB and see if you can access sda14:34
dragonbiteit could be gparted messed up your partition tables14:34
MackDomsIt sure looks like it14:34
dragonbiteand that is not good (not the end of the world, but not good for sleeping at night) ;)14:34
MackDomsSince "Minitool partition wizard" in windows still detects the 3 partitions on the hard disk14:34
MackDomsSo what should I do when I can or can't access from live dvd?14:35
robb_nlMackDoms, I'd make a priority of creating a backup of all the data using a live cd....14:35
dragonbiteI just am not sure how to access the data on a bad-partitioned hard drive for taking the disk off and rebuilding the drive but I am sure there is a way14:35
django_hey all14:35
django_i downloaded ubuntu on this laptop like 2 years ago how do i go about updating it14:36
MackDomsrobb_nl, ok if i can access it from the live dvd14:36
hateballdjango_: What version are you running?14:36
cfhowlettdjango_, first: open a terminal14:36
cfhowlettcat /etc/issue14:36
Nalauriendragonbite> the usual practice is to clone the drive byte per byte, get the drive fixed, or throw it out then do forensics14:36
django_ubuntu `1.0414:37
django_12.04 **14:37
MackDomsThere isn't a tool that can analyse and repair the partion table?14:37
dragonbiteI wish14:37
cfhowlettdjango_, still supported.  first do sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade14:37
cfhowlettdjango_, after that sudo do-release-upgrade14:38
django_ok so my main issue is that i have a dual graphics card with this laptop14:38
Nalaurienthere are a few programs and tools out there for forensics, but on a bad drive you risk having it brick while you do stuff14:38
django_so it over heats :/14:38
django_maybe i can remove the graphics card?14:38
Nalaurienthough it depends on wether or not its a hardware or info problem14:38
MackDomsNalaurien, is there a way I can discover the issue exactly?14:39
NalaurienWhat is it youre experiencing14:39
xubuntu01wI have a NTFS drive that came from a dead Windows 7 machine, I am trying to mount, The drive is flagged as unsafe state.14:39
Nalaurientrying to mount to linux?14:39
django_its sudo apt-get full upgrade right?14:40
cfhowlettdjango_, that's the other method.  apt is replacing apt-get14:40
django_it says apt not found14:40
Nalauriendo you have the exact output?14:40
django_sudo apt full upgrade14:41
django_sudo: apt: command not found14:41
cfhowlettdjango_, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade14:41
hateballcfhowlett: apt isnt available in 12.04 iirc14:41
hateball14.04 and on14:41
cfhowlett!  right!  that14:41
xubuntu01wNalaurien me?14:41
cfhowlettdjango_, sorry.  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:41
cfhowlettthanks hateball14:41
dragonbitejust about to mention "apt-get"14:42
geetarQuestion:  I bricked my system by accidentally moving a necessary file from /boot.  I put it on an encrypted home directory and need to put it back.  How do I get access to my encrypted /home directory.  I have the password.14:42
hateballcfhowlett: :)14:42
* Nalaurien xubuntu01w14:42
geetarI have the computer booted to the liveCD14:42
xubuntu01wnalaurien the machine doesnt have access to the internet so I will have to manually type it out14:44
xubuntu01wIt might take a while14:44
xubuntu01wDoesnt detect my wifi adapter atm.14:44
Nalaurienput it this way, if you plug it in and it does nothing, then you try stuff and it yells at you14:44
Nalaurienyou may have hardware issues14:44
Nalaurienin which case i would stop doing anything14:44
Nalaurienand get a drive cloner14:45
xubuntu01wI can see it on the desktop14:45
django_i have a lenovo ideapad y470 with two graphics cards14:45
Nalaurienand only connect it to do that14:45
django_is there any way ubuntu can handle that>14:45
Nalaurienso it mounts ok?14:45
xubuntu01wThe drive is fine condition wise.14:45
django_it runs the graphics as if i were gaming14:45
xubuntu01wUbuntu doenst like the fact that windows was on it and it didnt shut down last.14:45
xubuntu01wSomone helped me mount it last night, but I forgot the command.14:45
xubuntu01wSo im trying agian.14:45
xubuntu01wSadly they are offline.14:45
Nalaurienthat shouldnt matter14:45
Nalaurienlinux doesnt care if windows is sad14:46
Nalaurienin fact i think it makes linux happy14:46
xubuntu01wWell the error is basically saying windows is hibernated refused to mount.14:46
xubuntu01wnon zero exist status 14.14:46
xubuntu01wmount with read only options.14:46
cfhowlettxubuntu01w, precisely. reboot windows.  do a normal shutdown.  return to ubuntu14:47
barry_Hello word14:47
cfhowlettNalaurien, no need or place for such language here14:47
dragonbitebest bet is going to be to get into the bad drive, copy the files off to a network drive or something so if the ":) hits the fan" the worst case is wipe and recreate the drive14:47
Nalaurienmy bad14:48
dragonbiteI wish I could remember what I did when I had this issue with Windows... darn memory (and I don't mean RAM)!!!14:48
barry_What initramfs really do?14:48
xubuntu01wcfhowlett I cannot do that as it is from a old machine that died and has been binned.14:48
cfhowlettxubuntu01w, then you may probably can't do anything from the ubuntu side.14:49
xubuntu01wSomeone helped me access it last night in read only mode to take things off it.14:49
xubuntu01wSo I know I can access it14:49
Nalaurienif i tell you to grep the device designation do you know how to do that?14:49
xubuntu01wI just can't rember the commands -.-14:49
xubuntu01wdoesnt it look like this?14:50
xubuntu01wgrep |14:50
Nalaurien--# ls /dev/ | grep sd14:50
Nalaurienwhat is there?14:50
xubuntu01wsda sda1 sda2 sda5 sdb sdb1 sdb214:51
Nalauriendo you only have two drives connected? the original and the secondary(windows one)?14:52
dragonbitexubuntu01w: what about disconnecting sdb and running a Windows repair disk to try and put everything "back in line"?  Then reconnect sdb and if the system doesn't boot to that disk use a LIVE sesson to re-configure grub?14:52
Nalaurien--# cat /media/14:52
Nalaurienerr no14:52
Nalaurien--# ls /media14:53
xubuntu01wComeplete different machine, I doubt it would run14:53
dragonbitesorry... I mean Nalaurien14:53
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:53
NalaurienDragonbite> he would need another windows machine, or to disconnect the primary drive connect the second and hope it works somehow and doesnt scream at him for hardware changes14:53
MonkeyDustdjango_  anyone what? start with a question14:54
cfhowlettdjango_, restate your issue at 20 minute intervals14:55
django_i have an ndivida graphics card on my lenovo ideapad y470 i want to know if ubuntu can handle them now14:55
barry_What initramfs really do? Can I load entire OS on that14:55
django_when i had installed on this laptop originally there was no soln14:55
django_and it would over heart14:55
Nalaurienxubuntu01w: did you try that one?14:56
xubuntu01wNalaurien, The guy that helped me last night has just came online, He should be able to give me the command no issue.14:56
Nalaurienok haha14:56
Nalaurienno problem14:56
xubuntu01wIt was a 1 line command and then the drive was accesable.14:56
xubuntu01wI will inform you of the command when I get it,.14:56
django_i found this: https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/bbswitch/tree/hack-lenovo14:57
Nalaurieni just didnt wanna give you a command without knowing anything about the drive otherwise i might not have helped you14:57
Nalaurienand could have done damage14:57
OerHeksdjango_, bumblebee is old, nvidia-prime is current, did you look at the additional driver tool ?14:57
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:57
=== dostumai_ is now known as DosTuMai
likehello anybody know how install rosegarden 15-12 on ubuntu 15-1014:59
MonkeyDust!info rosegarden15:01
ubotturosegarden (source: rosegarden): music editor and MIDI/audio sequencer. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:14.12-1build1 (wily), package size 8132 kB, installed size 15227 kB15:01
OerHekslike,  buld it yourself, i find no PPA, and 15-12 will be in the Next LTS 16.04 > https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rosegarden15:01
MonkeyDustlike  wily has version 14.12, if you want something newer, you need a ppa or so, but that's not supported here15:01
likeok some tutorial searching15:02
MonkeyDustlike  or what OerHeks says, wait until 16.04 xenial is released15:02
OerHekstheir page is out of date, i noticed http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/getting/15:03
likethe problem with this version is they have a bug in multi track recorder15:04
azizLIGHTWill 16.04 get htop 2?15:05
likeand devel has problems to build https://sourceforge.net/p/rosegarden/mailman/message/10433001/15:05
=== wahyu is now known as Gaptek
MonkeyDustlike  there's also #ubuntustudio15:06
OerHekslike LOlz... message from 2002 ?15:06
OerHekshard to believe that message is still valid.15:07
MonkeyDustlike  date:  2002-06-15 12:23:2615:07
MonkeyDustthat pre-dates ubuntu15:08
likei instaled subversion and tired http://pastebin.com/mVCWqvRC15:12
django_cfhowlett, hey it finished the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:12
cfhowlettdjango_, no.  this ain't windows, son115:12
=== ryan is now known as Guest74565
bottazziniI need to upgrade kernel from 4.2 to 4.4.1. I am using ubuntu 14.04 LTS...15:14
bottazziniDoes anyone know an easy way to do this ?15:14
cfhowlettbottazzini, sudo apt full-upgrade will grab new kernels from the repos15:14
OerHeksbottazzini, you could use the mainline kernel, but only for testing, no support15:14
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds15:14
=== rick is now known as Guest20043
* OerHeks wonders if 4.4.1 is already there 15:15
MonkeyDust3.19 in my 14.0415:15
bottazziniOerHeks, nice thanks15:16
baizonOerHeks: ubuntu 16.04 has them, else only in he mainline15:16
bottazziniMonkeyDust, if you want to upgrade try installing Wily15:16
bottazzini OerHeks I saw it here -> http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/15:16
bottazzinii tried installing it manually but it didn't work15:17
juancrihello every body15:17
MonkeyDustbottazzini  nah, i'll stick to LTS... have 16.04 as a vm15:18
bottazziniMonkeyDust, you can upgrade your LTS Kernel. Thats what I was trying to say...15:18
=== bishakh is now known as bishakh_
=== bishakh is now known as bishakh_
bottazziniis it possible to upgrade 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS ?15:30
=== bishakh_ is now known as bishakh
tewardbottazzini: yes, but i would not - 16.04 is not actually released yet15:30
teward!ubuntu+1 | bottazzini15:30
ubottubottazzini: Xenial Xerus is the codename for Ubuntu 16.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+115:30
cfhowlettbottazzini, yep.  of course, that would mean "upgrading " to an OS that is not even developed to BETA testing yet15:30
tewardbottazzini: I would NOT do that at this time15:30
baizonbottazzini: yes, it will be15:30
bottazzinii see, I was looking at goole and I found this command: do-release-upgrade -d15:31
bottazzinithanks guys, does anyone know when will it be released ?15:32
baizonbottazzini: yes it will install the latest (also unstable) version, don't recommend it if you don't want to test stuff and get crashes15:32
baizonbottazzini: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseSchedule15:32
bottazzinibaizon, Alright... I will wait then to make this upgrade15:32
cfhowlettusing the old wordmark/brandmark??15:33
xubuntu01wNalaurien you still here?15:36
Nalaurieni am but only for a minute15:36
xubuntu01wI needed this "sudo mount -o ro /dev/sdb2 ~/mnt"15:37
Nalaurienlooks about right15:37
Nalaurienif you only want that partition that is15:37
Nalauriengiven its win7 its probably the only important one15:37
Nalaurienso youre good to go then?15:37
=== BOHverkill is now known as BOHverkill___
NoiseEeehey there, i have a gigantic kern.log and syslog on my ubuntu 14.04 desktop that i installed about 10 days ago15:38
Nalauriengood stuff m8 glad you got it sorted :)15:38
NoiseEeelike my syslog is 2.4G and my kern.log is 17GB15:39
NoiseEeecomputer seems to be running fine, whats the deal / how can i investigate / wtf15:39
MonkeyDustNoiseEee  careful with your language15:40
NoiseEeelooking at lines of the logs, they just seem super-verbose, no error messages15:41
PrinceAMDHi guys, i've just installed elasticsearch and i'm having a very hard time getting it to start using  "sudo service elasticsearch start"15:41
PrinceAMDi've done some googling... but nothing... anyone had a similar issue?15:41
OerHeksyou can watch what is happening live, tail -f /var/log/syslog.log15:41
Nalaurien^^ this15:41
PrinceAMDOerHeks, sad part is there is no log :(15:42
Nalaurientail it and see whats going on15:42
giljewill ubuntu minimal on ssd be much faster than normal ubuntu install?15:42
Nalaurienwhatever you do DO NOT delete the logs and touch them15:42
PrinceAMDno error :/15:42
kknighti  want to uninstall rvm from my system rvm implode doen't work what to do?15:42
Nalaurienif you want to clear them do so in the file15:42
MonkeyDust!find elasticsearch15:42
ubottuFound: elasticsearch, elasticsearch-curator, libelasticsearch1.6-java, php-horde-elasticsearch, python-elasticsearch, python-elasticsearch-curator, python-elasticsearch-curator-doc, python-elasticsearch-doc, python3-elasticsearch, python3-elasticsearch-curator (and 5 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=elasticsearch&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all15:42
Nalaurienjust fyi youll prolly crash if you touch a deleted log that writes to that log15:42
NoiseEeehmm okay Nalaurien... most of my kern.log stuff seems to be VM related (vbox stuff)15:43
NoiseEeei wonder if there's somewhere to limit that logging15:43
Nalaurienthey still shouldnt be that huge15:43
Nalaurienwatch tail for a bit and check it every so often, see if you can pinpoint where most of the data comes from15:44
NoiseEeeoh i can see15:44
NoiseEeei left my computer on all night15:44
Nalaurienthat still doesnt produce a 17G log file15:44
Nalaurienunless something is checking every millisecond for something else and it verbose logs it15:44
MonkeyDusti have cron job, switching my laptop off at 4am, in case i forgot15:45
Nalaurienif you dont wanna search through them for a the problem id clear em and watch it from then on15:45
Nalauriensee if there are any more spiked15:45
NoiseEeeNalaurien: i think i found it.  crash in compiz/xorg fills the logs since 6:30pm last night https://gist.github.com/NoiseEee/bd2bf37fbdc2b4c3af6515:46
Nalaurienoh damn15:46
NoiseEeeNalaurien: those lines basically repeat for GB!15:46
Nalaurienthatll do it15:46
NoiseEeeNalaurien: when i came in this morning my screen was fubared and had to reset15:46
NoiseEeeokay thanks for the tips15:46
NoiseEeecan i just truncate the log / how to kill its size right now?15:46
Nalaurienyou can clear the text in the file, just dont delet it15:47
NoiseEeei can just 'touch' it then?15:47
Nalaurienif you delete the logs and then touch15:47
Nalaurienthey may try to log that15:47
Nalaurienin which case youll crash15:47
Nalaurienand then everything is fucked15:48
NoiseEeetruncate -s 0 /path/to/log?15:48
Nalaurienis messed up15:48
PHroGmanwhen installing software via the ppa and command line whats the best way to uninstall it Synaptic or command line?15:49
NoiseEeemany thanks Nalaurien15:49
OerHeks!ppapurge | PHroGman15:49
ubottuPHroGman: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html15:49
homahi my friends15:49
PHroGmancan you remove the reposatories via gui instead?15:50
OerHeksPHroGman, i think you can only disable it in softwarecenter > sources. but that does not reverse packages.15:51
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pritamneed to install chrome ?16:07
lotuspsychjepritam: try chromium-browser instead16:07
OerHeksdownload the deb from the google site, it installs the repo & key & installscript16:07
MrElendigpritam: there is no reason to use chrome16:08
pritamwanna use a light browser!!16:09
g105bDon't start a fanboy war16:10
NoiseEeeMrElendig: wat16:12
=== Bray9082_ is now known as bray90820_
cortexmanin Terminal hyperlinks are recognized but nothing happens when I click16:15
=== bleepy_ is now known as bleepy
=== rory is now known as guest
MonkeyDuststone_  it works, we see you16:23
abetusk_I'm having trouble with my Ubuntu box.  I don't know what I did but now when it boots, the window manager doesn't start and I'm stuck in a terminal (tty1).16:24
abetusk_I did a 'apt-get upgrade' and 'apt-get dist-upgrade'.  I'm on trustry 14.10.16:24
MonkeyDustabetusk_  14.10 is dead, you're working with a corpse16:25
cfhowlettabetusk_, nope.  14.10 is dead and you cannot dist-upgrade there..16:25
=== infmush is now known as Alinochka
abetusk_ok, how do I upgrade to a newer version?16:25
cfhowlettabetusk_, download .iso, make a bootable usb and clean install16:25
abetusk_will doing that wipe out my existing data?16:26
MonkeyDustabetusk_  backup first16:26
cfhowlett*should not* but of course you have your backup.  right?  RIGHT?16:26
MonkeyDustabetusk_   and during install, create a separate /home partition16:26
abetusk_ok, thanks everybody16:28
abetusk_wait, 14.10 is dead?  I should be installing 14.04?16:29
MonkeyDustabetusk_  yes, 14.04 is fine16:29
naccabetusk_: non-LTS only are supported for 6 months16:29
Pici9 months16:30
adrian_1908hello, I have a problem with the painting program "Krita" on Xubuntu. It freezes the Desktop so that the mouse works but I cannot click on anything (or if i can, it doesn't have any effect). I know this is specifically Ubuntu support, but I thought I'd ask if there's a general recommendation on how to recover in that situation without rebooting.16:30
naccPici: err, right, sorry!16:31
kc4lznnickserv identify tmchambone16:31
Fuchskc4lzn: /msg  in front of it16:31
MonkeyDustkc4lzn   change your password16:32
Fuchskc4lzn: and now you want  /msg nickserv help set password16:32
cfhowlettadrian_1908, ONLY with krita??16:32
abem2Hello, I know this is probably not the best place to ask. But do you know about a good channel related to statistic/datamining. I tried with those words but I was all alone16:32
adrian_1908cfhowlett: yes, and I can't say I recall ever running into this problem before.16:32
=== bishakh is now known as bishakh_
MonkeyDustabem2  type  /msg alis list blahblah   (keyword)16:33
cfhowlettadrian_1908, start krita from the terminal and note any errors it kicks out.  might ask #krita or krita forums as well16:33
=== bishakh is now known as bishakh_
adrian_1908cfhowlett: I asked in their IRC, but they don't seem to be familiar with this problem (pertaining to Krita itself). Maybe I should ask in the forums then, but I fear I'll just get forwarded from one person to the next.16:34
cfhowlettadrian_1908, krita forums sounds like a reasonable start.  as this ONLY happens with krita , sounds like a krita issue. but ...16:35
cfhowlettare you actually having mouse issues? not drawing pad issue?16:35
cfhowletttried other drawing programs?  gimp?  mypaint?  pencil?16:36
kc4lznMonkeyDust Thanks.16:37
kc4lznFuchs Thanks and I did change my password.16:37
Fuchsgood :)16:37
Fuchskc4lzn: also you want to set up http://freenode.net/sasl/ instead16:37
adrian_1908cfhowlett: It also crashes without a graphic tablet connected, if that's what you're asking :)16:37
cfhowlettadrian_1908, indeed.  other programs do this as well?16:37
MonkeyDustwhoever had the krito issue ... Pinta is also handy16:37
kc4lznFuchs I'll pull it up. It was registered, just flubbed up identifying...16:38
adrian_1908cfhowlett: Never happened to me elsewhere, and in Krita it only happens when I interact with the UI. Painting itself never crashes. I somehow suspect the KDE/Qt libraries are at fault.16:39
abem2thank you MonkeyDust16:39
adrian_1908MonkeyDust: I'll take a look at Pinta. Krita seems super nice though, I'm really impressed with it.16:39
cfhowlettalso a strong possibility.  additional data would help.  check logs and error messages16:40
adrian_1908where these logs are found would be application specific, not Ubuntu wide, correct?16:41
=== james is now known as Guest56690
MonkeyDustadrian_1908  isnt krita kde specific?16:41
mkdirhi all ;)16:41
wk-workhey, the ubuntu documentation is saying that while installing the root file system is found on /target/, so if i were to do echo "test" > /target/root/test - this would place a file with that contents in the root folder?16:42
adrian_1908MonkeyDust: you mean where the logs are would be driven by that, yes? (It is KDE based)16:42
cfhowlettadrian_1908, hopefully it would refer to the app but you might need to do a bit of searching.  dmesg might be a good start16:42
=== jtrucks is now known as [_]7
=== [_]7 is now known as clonemaster
adrian_1908ah yes, I've used dmesg a few times before, I'll see if that gives me information. thanks.16:43
cfhowlettadrian_1908, I think you can do dmesg | grep kde*   or similar wildcard search16:43
adrian_1908I'll do some more trial and error then and see if i can locate the application logs. If I'm suddenly gone, it crashed again ;o16:45
kknightwhy when entering right password everytime it gives xyz is not in th sudorere file. This incident will be reported16:48
cfhowlettkknight, because user xyz is not in the sudoer file.  i.e. doesn't have permission to use sudo commands16:49
MonkeyDustkknight  make sure the user is part of the sudo group16:49
kknightMonkeyDust  how to do that16:50
MonkeyDustkknight  is it you, or some new user you created?16:50
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=== clonemaster is now known as cloneslaver
mcm_what is the meaning of triple dash on grub command lines?16:53
marc__hey guys16:57
kknightMonkeyDust:  dunno but help me to fix it16:57
cfhowlettkknight, are YOU user xyz??16:57
kknighthow to know whether i  have created new user or not if yes then i  want to delete it16:57
MonkeyDustkknight  we have to know if you yourself can use sudo16:57
cfhowlettkknight, and is this your computer?16:58
MoziMis there a command that will let me explore a package's contents before installing it?17:00
MonkeyDustMoziM  you can download it, without installing17:01
llutzMoziM: dpkg -c package_file.deb17:01
cfhowlettMoziM, you can view package contents at packages.ubuntu.com17:01
kknightMonkeyDust:  yes17:01
kknighti  can use sudo17:01
MonkeyDustMoziM  and there's   apt-cache show <package>17:01
MoziMMonkeyDust, ok thanks! Also I'm using the universe and when i search for libopencv4tegra i'm seeing 4 different versions...I'm wondering what the difference between *-dev and *-repo are if any17:03
kknightMonkeyDust:  yes i  can use sudo but wan to delete unecessay acces17:05
kknightmeans only system password and one user xyz password17:05
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
choheis there a repo where I can fetch a newer version of ActiveMQ?17:07
wk-workhey, the ubuntu documentation is saying that while installing the root file system is found on /target/, so if i were to do echo "test" > /target/root/test - this would place a file with that contents in the root folder? trying to do some post install kickstart scripting17:09
bramgnwk-work: it would place a file in the folder /root/, not the root folder17:10
django_i updated to 14.04 and my mouse pointer is flickering17:10
wk-workbramgn: yeah thats what i mean, in /root/ - my bad.17:10
wk-workI tried this and it doesn't work.17:10
wk-workI'm trying to echo some stuff into /etc/network/interfaces but it doesn't seem to work.17:11
Seveaswhy are you trying to echo into it instead of providing the proper parameters to kickstart or d-i?17:12
kknightIS THERE any way to restore system only for last 24 hrs?17:12
wk-workSeveas: because the installer gets butthurt when i configure an interface and it cant reach the gateway, this is intentional because there is some post-configuration happening with the virtual machine. the installation is halted if it can't reach the gateway17:13
guestkknight: Only if you have a backup17:13
guestkknight: Do you have a backup?17:13
kknightto do that resotore process17:14
guestkknight: It depends what you want to restore. What do you want to restore? Your settings?17:14
kknightyes i  have backup17:14
=== cloneslaver is now known as jtrucker
=== jtrucker is now known as kittyclone
guestkknight: In your home directory (/home/username) there are a number of files and directories which start with a dot (.)17:14
kknightsome unnecessary chages were done in last 24 hrs that i  want to eleiminate17:15
=== kittyclone is now known as IamLegion
guestkknight: Those are hidden files and if you copy them all from your backup to your home directory, overwriting the current ones, then your configs will be as they were when you took the backup17:15
guestkknight: what sort of changes?17:15
kknightsome rvm path problem17:16
guestRuby on rails17:16
guestkknight: Let's fix your actual issue then17:16
guestkknight: What problem are you having with the path?17:17
guestthe file you might want to restore from backup is .bash_profile17:17
cfhowlettmidhun, ask your ubuntu support question?17:17
midhunanyone knws tcos monitor17:18
guestmaybe. ask your next question (your real question) and find out17:18
midhunneed help to configure t17:18
MonkeyDust!find tcos17:18
ubottuFound: initramfs-tools-tcos, tcos, tcos-configurator, tcos-core, tcos-standalone17:18
midhunTCos Monitor17:18
midhunam a newbie n ubuntu17:19
midhunneed help to configure t17:19
guestmidhun: What is this software? How did you install it?17:19
=== IamLegion is now known as jtrucks
midhunubuntu s/w centre17:19
MonkeyDustmidhun  familiar with other distros?17:20
MonkeyDustmidhun  if you're new, why do you start with tcos?17:20
midhunneeded a s/w to monitor all computers connected to n/w17:20
guestWhat sort of monitoring?17:20
midhunand also newrk usage17:20
guestThat's pretty heavy stuff for a beginner17:21
guestAnd even for an expert17:21
MonkeyDustmidhun  sounds complex, what are you doing, what brings you here17:21
midhunam srry ,but can u guide me to do t?17:21
guesttcos monitor seems to monitor specific thin clients17:21
guestare you using that sort of thin client?17:21
midhunam running n ubuuntu 12.04.1 LTS17:21
guestBecause if you're not, tcos monitor won't do what you want17:21
guestWhat are you expecting from it?17:21
MonkeyDust!manual | midhun this is for beginners17:22
ubottumidhun this is for beginners: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/17:22
midhuni want to monitor all systems connected n my network and n/w usage individually17:22
midhuni know to surb web ad music stuffs like tht17:22
cfhowlett!network | midhun sounds like something the network channel might know of17:22
ubottumidhun sounds like something the network channel might know of: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:22
MonkeyDustmidhun  start with the beginning, not with network monitoring ... come back when you're familiar with ubuntu17:22
midhuni have a server hre17:23
cfhowlettmidhun, so ... go to the SERVER channel?17:23
midhunwanna monitor all static ips connecetd ad its n/w usage17:23
guestmidhun: what exactly do you mean by "monitor"17:23
guestmidhun: Sounds like something your router should be doing17:23
cfhowlett!server | midhun17:23
ubottumidhun: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server17:23
MonkeyDustmidhun  that's not for beginners17:23
midhunmonitor -view there n/w activities.like websites they go to17:24
kknightguest:  i  have installed latestest version of ror but beacuse of path i think it shows older version17:24
midhunlik tht17:24
guestkknight: what is the output of this command: echo $PATH17:24
gagaliciouscan anyone point me to how i can add my customized local repo to my pxe automated installation of server?17:24
guestmidhun: What you are describing is called a "man in the middle attack"17:25
midhunexactly ,u may call by tht17:25
midhunbut pls help me17:25
cfhowlettare you the system adminstrator?17:26
cfhowlettmidhun, good~!  ask your senior to teach you how to monitor your users.17:26
midhunjunior system admin  n windows.bt n my new office i have linux too17:26
midhuni didnt login hre to hear tht17:27
midhunam srry17:27
llutzmidhun: your keyboard is broken17:27
midhunwell,fix t up17:27
cfhowlettgagalicious, you mean a customized local mirror??17:28
kknightguest:   /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games:/home/ankit/.rvm/bin:/home/ankit/.app/capnproto/bin:/home/ankit/.app/java/bin:/home/ankit/.app/ant/bin:/home/ankit/.app/jruby/bin:/home/ankit/.rvm/bin:/home/ankit/h_rank/Sublime\ Text\ 217:28
OerHeksmidhun, tcos monitor, it is part of the "thin Client Operating System ", not a monitor tool as naigos and such17:28
midhunohh kk17:29
midhunthnks fr tht17:29
midhuncould u tel me which one wil help to do t?i mean what s/w17:29
ubottuShortened English is difficult for some non-native English speakers to read. Please use full words instead. Thanks!17:30
midhungot it ,will keep in mind now on17:30
midhunno one knows it?or no one wants to help?17:31
cfhowlett!patience | midhun17:31
ubottumidhun: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:31
bramgnno one wants to help17:31
cfhowlettbramgn, stop please17:32
midhunam frm india ,still in my office looking for this solution17:32
jophishI've just rebooted and my mouse is scrolling about 10 times faster17:32
bramgncfhowlett: sorry17:32
midhunneed to know how I can monitor all pc's in my network17:33
kknightguest:?  i  have missed your previous post17:33
kknightplease reneter it17:33
OerHekshttps://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/nagios.html & http://askubuntu.com/questions/9107/what-tools-do-you-use-to-monitor-a-web-server17:33
llutz!info ntop > midhun17:33
OerHeksmidhun, you might want to reask in #ubuntu-server too.17:34
django_cfhowlett, hey you around?17:34
cfhowlettdjango_, yep.17:34
midhuni want to view all pcs by its IP add and its data usage individually17:34
midhuncan anyone tell me17:34
cfhowlettmidhun, ask in #ubuntu-server <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<17:34
django_cfhowlett, so i updated to 14.04 and i wanna use the nvidia drivers, i go to "software and updates" and in additional drivers there are many drivers17:34
django_im not sure what to chose17:34
llutzmidhun: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ntop17:35
cfhowlettyou have Nvida, right django_ ?17:35
C_minusHere's my output to lsblk http://paste.ubuntu.com/15017584/. Wishing to restore from backup on external hard drive sdc. Just wanted to run my proposed command by a human before I destroy something! sudo dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sda bs=512 conv=noerror,sync17:35
django_also im pretty sure this ubuntu is buggy because my moucse cursor keeps on flickering17:35
midhun_how to view all ps's connected to my network and view its bandwidth17:36
kryptowhy we need too logs one in /var/log/upstart/service.log and /var/log/service.log17:36
cfhowlettdjango_, OK, you should have at least one "proprietary" driver.  that is probably the recommended choice17:36
kryptothose are not symlinks17:36
gagaliciousnoatime... will it disable last modified time? why do people need atime by the way?17:37
wyrehi guys! could I use that info to decrypt a swap partition on Ubuntu 14.04?17:37
bramgngagalicious: when you need to know when a file or directory was last accessed17:38
django_cfhowlett, these are the options: https://imgur.com/EL2IaUK17:39
gadgaghjhello humans.17:39
pierohi all17:39
pierosomeone know where to find a good dark theme for ubuntu/mint17:39
gadgaghjseeking  anonimity.17:40
cfhowlett!mint | piero,17:40
ubottupiero,: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:40
cfhowlettdjango_, I run the proprietary tested driver.17:40
gadgaghjending ignition sequence.17:40
django_cfhowlett, yeah but there are many options17:40
gagaliciousbramgn: is there any use case for that?17:40
gagaliciousif i do noatime, will nodiratime also be used?17:40
cfhowlettdjango_, you have two proprietary choices.  choose one17:40
django_cfhowlett, (propietary, tested) ?17:41
cfhowlettah, i see the issue.  OK, the biggest number will be the newest driver.  that's the one17:41
lotuspsychjegagalicious: are you on an ssd?17:41
gagaliciousi am extreme user of hdd17:42
bramgngagalicious: for example when you need to know whether a config file was read at all17:43
iko_to all17:43
cfhowlettiko_, ubuntu support here.  ask your question17:43
gagaliciousthat's all?17:44
gagaliciousthat means i can disable it guess. what about noacl.17:44
lotuspsychjegagalicious: did you try tweak swappiness and install preload17:46
gagaliciouspreload uses memory17:46
gagaliciousi did tweak swappiness17:46
gagaliciousnoacl... advisable?17:46
lotuspsychjegagalicious: it all helps the extreme use17:46
gagaliciousyes but i need to know what i'm disabling17:47
=== arseny is now known as nemeci
lotuspsychjegagalicious: not sure for regular hd, for ssd best desktop use is relatime17:47
gagaliciouscant seem to find much information on noacl and nousr_xattr17:48
lotuspsychjegagalicious: maybe the ##linux and ##hardware guys might know more of this17:49
django_ok so i did sudo prime-select intel, and i did prime-select query and i get intel but i still hear my nvidia graphics card running :(17:50
lotuspsychjedjango_: you mean nvidia-prime?17:52
django_lotuspsychje, i dont want nvidia to run17:52
lotuspsychjedjango_: did you disable performance mode in nvidia-settings?17:52
django_i want it off17:52
django_only the intel graphics card17:52
NikLPright I've got some NAS drives and they're set up with fstab partitions. But if they're off when I boot the pc, they're not visible. How do I "rerun" fstab to get these drives mounted?17:52
lotuspsychjedjango_: did you install nvidia-prime like i asked last time?17:53
MonkeyDustNikLP  by "off", you mean switched off, or unmounted?17:54
MonkeyDustNikLP  mount everything in fstab with   sudo mount -a17:54
NikLPthe NAS' were off, the pc was on. Having exhausted my searching, I finally just found "mount -a"17:55
NikLPyeah thanks MonkeyDust :)17:55
MonkeyDustNikLP  NAS users help each other17:55
NikLPMonkeyDust: it did give me a device busy error tho - because a device was "already mounted" perhaps?17:55
NikLPMonkeyDust: what do you have? (I have two crappy old units, one is failing (2TB :( ))17:55
django_lotuspsychje, idk what that is, ive been trying to work with the nvidia drivers17:56
django_my goal is just to turn it off i wanna program not game17:56
django_and it heats it for no reason17:56
lotuspsychjedjango_: if your card is optimus, you need to install nvidia-prime17:56
django_i have nvidia geforce17:56
lotuspsychjedjango_: only then you can turn it off...17:56
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-prime | django_17:57
ubottudjango_: nvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.1 (wily), package size 10 kB, installed size 114 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)17:57
django_lotuspsychje, do i need to uninstall the drivers?17:57
MonkeyDustNikLP  same here, ancient Netgear Readynas Duo17:57
lotuspsychjedjango_: no, you need an nvidia-number driver + nvidia-prime package then turn off performance mode in nvidia-settings17:58
NikLPMonkeyDust: ah well! still a great thing to have :)17:58
django_is there a guide for this?17:58
django_havent found anything in google17:58
lotuspsychjedjango_: i just explained you...17:58
django_how do i know if I have the nvidia-number driver installed?17:59
lotuspsychjedjango_: look in your additional drivers section17:59
django_oh ok i do17:59
lotuspsychjedjango_: the hardware icon17:59
lotuspsychjedjango_: then sudo apt-get install nvidia-prime17:59
django_how do i know if i have amd64 or ix8618:00
django_ohh ihave 64 bit18:01
lotuspsychjedjango_: apt-get automatic chooses the right architecture for your packages18:01
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
django_lotuspsychje, ok so i actually have nvidia prime installed lol18:02
lotuspsychjedjango_: ok now open nvidia-settings18:02
django_yeah its open18:02
lotuspsychjedjango_: then disable performance mode18:03
django_there is only application profiles or nvidia-settings config18:03
django_trying to follow that guide but i dont have "PRIME Profiles"18:04
wk-workis there any way to make the installer skip checking network configuration when using a kickstart file? we are configuring a network connection which will only be valid *after* the virtual machine is setup, the installation halts when it cant reach the default gameway...18:04
django_going to restart brb18:05
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
django_ok back18:07
django_lotuspsychje left18:08
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=== hp61 is now known as lokoh
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
WinterGuardianHi anyone can help ? I installed Ubuntu on my lenovo N585 and the built-in speakers are not working18:25
popeyWinterGuardian: i sometimes find using alsamixer is a good way to unmute devices18:29
wk-workis there any way to make the installer skip checking network configuration when using a kickstart file? we are configuring a network connection which will only be valid *after* the virtual machine is setup, the installation halts when it cant reach the default gameway18:30
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=== Turnip_Green1 is now known as Turnip_Green
nikithawhat does i386 means ?18:43
genii32 bit18:43
nikithamine is 64bit, what should i choose virtualbox-5 pr virtualbox-5:i386  ?18:44
geniinikitha: The first one18:45
django_ubuntu is working fine now ty all!!18:47
nikithajust for doubt,  does choosing gives any backward compatible with older or 32bit ?18:47
WinterGuardianpopey, it's not just a mute problem18:48
WinterGuardianthanks though18:48
ash_workzwhat's a good channel to ask about the dig command?18:48
ash_workzany recommendations?18:48
MonkeyDustash_workz  ask here18:48
ash_workzwhat's with the @ sign?18:49
pbxash_workz, what are you trying to do and what have you read (e.g. manpage)18:49
ash_workzI kinda get that it means "search from here" but I don't quite understand the dynamics of what dig does to really get that18:49
MonkeyDustash_workz  what brings you here, in one line, so you can easily repeat18:49
ash_workzpbx: I've read some of the man, looked at an example on youtube; this person uses it in code that now I am dealing with18:50
=== isReKT2000 is now known as Guest88791
ash_workzthe purpose of the script which it is used in is to update geo data (inevitably; that may not be the goal here; though it looks pretty integral to the purpose)18:51
Piciash_workz: it specifies that you want to ask a specific dns server for their response18:52
ash_workzdig (apparently) fetches some data that is then parsed for a db update.18:52
sveinseHi. Just installed ubuntu 15.10 and I am running gnome shell. How can I disable that the screen does not go black (not blank) after some inactivity?18:52
ash_workz(php script) the format is `dig @ $var.ext TXT`18:53
ash_workzPici: so asking specifically itself?18:54
Piciash_workz: that is asking the server at what TXT records it has for $var.ext18:54
Piciash_workz: assuming you have a dns server running locally, yes.18:54
ash_workz"it has for $var.ext" -- meaning the record will be named that way?18:54
Piciash_workz: thats some php thing, I can't speak to what is in that variable.18:55
wk-workis there any way to configure an network network interface with kickstart with additional routes? just specifying the ip, netmask and gateway is not enough to get network access18:55
squintysveinse,  try System Settings -> Brightness and Lock18:55
Piciwk-work: you may want to ask in #ubuntu-server as well18:55
ash_workzPici: disregard the variable name, I am more interested in the meaning of the syntax and the placement of these words18:55
wk-workPici: thanks18:55
Piciash_workz: $var.ext is where I would expect the dns name of whatever you're querying about to be.18:56
funkenstrahlen_hey, anyone here with some knowledge about running ejabberd server?18:57
Piciash_workz: i.e. dig @ ubuntu.com AAAA  would ask the DNS server what AAAA records it has for ubuntu.com18:57
funkenstrahlen_I struggle setting up anonymous login18:57
ash_workzI see18:57
ash_workzwhen I dig google.com TXT, it gives google.com.3599INTXT"v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com ~all" ... would the equivalent be like dig @google.com google.com TXT ?18:58
ash_workzseems to hang if I do that18:59
ash_workzthis is where my confusion comes in with the @ sign18:59
tewardash_workz: @ denotes the nameserver to query18:59
tewardash_workz: 'google.com' is not a direct nameserver, iirc18:59
Piciash_workz: google.com doesn't host a nameserver (over port 53)19:00
tewardash_workz: therefore, if you want to query the Google DNS servers, use @
ash_workzcan you glob with dig? dig @ns*.google.com google.com TXT ?19:01
ash_workzguess not19:02
sparks_Did anyone actually get TRIM functions to work ubuntu ubuntu 12.04 on mdadm soft raid + ext4 with kernel 3.2.0-77?19:04
ash_workzI think I should jump in #networking19:04
rootrihey, can anyone recommend a wifi card for a laptop? my intel 7260 is garbage19:04
k1l_rootri: what kernel are you on?19:05
william1978quick question and I hope I'm not in the wrong channel for it, if I am could someone tell me where I should ask this question.  Is there a GUI sudo file manager?19:06
rootriand yes i did try disabling N connectivity ha19:06
k1l_rootri: what ubuntu release is that?19:06
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)19:06
pavloswilliam1978, you could try sudo nautilus19:07
rootritried a 16.04 live cd and it didn't seem any better19:07
MonkeyDustpavlos  ubottu just said to not use sudo with graphical applicacations19:08
k1l_rootri: try "sudo apt install linux-generic-lts-wily"  that will bring you the 4.2 kernel from 15.10. check if that is better.19:08
pavloswilliam1978, better yet, try gksudo19:08
k1l_i cant find the page right now that said from which kernel on that card is working properly19:08
pavlosMonkeyDust, just saw it19:08
kylebalkissoonwhats a good tool to fill in pdf forms and save them?19:08
bazhang!info pdftk19:09
ubottupdftk (source: pdftk): tool for manipulating PDF documents. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.02-3 (wily), package size 677 kB, installed size 2899 kB19:09
william1978pavlos, I think I know what to do with my desktop icon now.  Thank you, didn't think of that.  Going to try to change the launch command of the icon.19:09
rootrik1l_ there's a chance it'll work better on 4.2 than on 4.4?19:09
kylebalkissoonthanks bazhang i'll get it a shot19:09
k1l_rootri: 16.04 is still in the development stage. i would not count that try.19:10
rootriwill try that, thanks19:11
bazhang#kali-linux for kali Cl4y19:11
pubuntkernel 3.19 won't upgrade to 4.219:11
kylebalkissoonE: Unable to locate package pdftk19:11
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
k1l_pubunt: what ubuntu are you on? can you show the output of "lsb_release -d"?19:12
bazhangkylebalkissoon, what version of ubuntu are you on19:12
bazhangkylebalkissoon, new install?19:12
kylebalkissoon14.04 and no19:12
pubuntran software updater to upgrade 15.04 to 15.1019:13
k1l_<k1l_> pubunt: what ubuntu are you on? can you show the output of "lsb_release -d"?19:13
bazhang!info pdftk trusty19:13
ubottupdftk (source: pdftk): tool for manipulating PDF documents. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.01-1 (trusty), package size 985 kB, installed size 2904 kB19:13
kylebalkissoon14.04.33 LTS specifically, I can try building from source19:13
pubuntDescription:Ubuntu 15.1019:13
bazhangapt-cache search pdf    kylebalkissoon19:13
k1l_pubunt: make sure the package "linux-generic" is installed19:13
kylebalkissoonbazhang: not on the list19:14
bazhangkylebalkissoon, you are either not up to date, or missing a repo19:15
pubuntk1l_, it's installed19:15
haidarhello , I would like to create a cisco router on ubuntu server after I download dynamips and dynagen and during the procedure need to create a dynagen configration file I already have the configration but How can I create thats file also where should put the file to run the Dynagen any Idea please??19:15
pubuntlinux-generic is installed19:15
k1l_pubunt: please run a "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" and put all the output into paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here.19:16
kylebalkissoonbazhang checking19:16
pubuntk1l_, okay19:16
kylebalkissoonim up to date as I'm on 14.04.3 which is the msot recent LTS19:17
bazhangkylebalkissoon, try tab completing the package  sudo apt-get install pdf<tabkey>19:18
vianneyhow install adobe flash player on a raspy?^^19:19
OerHekskylebalkissoon, make sure you have universe repo enabled.19:19
OerHekskylebalkissoon, >> <bazhang> kylebalkissoon, you are either not up to date, or missing a repo19:19
bazhangvianney, running raspbian?19:19
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
kylebalkissoonuniverse is foss right?19:20
xanguavianney: you don't19:20
vianneyerf, okay19:20
k1l_pubunt: now please a "apt-cache policy linux-generic"19:20
kylebalkissoonadded universe and it works19:21
kylebalkissoonthanks guys19:21
vianneyit's possible on raspbian?19:21
Cl4y /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Cl4y aawwmzdrajfn19:21
sparks_anyone have any ideas about my previous question?19:21
k1l_pubunt: what is "uname -a"?19:22
xanguavianney: no19:22
vianneyxangua: ok, thanks19:23
Cl4y /server irc.chatnet.org19:23
k1l_Cl4y: you got a space in front of the / so it doesnt execute the command19:23
pubuntuname -a?19:23
k1l_pubunt: put a "uname -a" in terminal and show the line here19:24
pubuntuname -a19:24
pubuntLinux asusbox 3.19.0-22-generic #22-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 16 17:15:15 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:24
k1l_pubunt: did you reboot after the upgrade?19:24
pubuntupgrade didn't finish....it crashed on grub-pc19:25
k1l_pubunt: ok. that info would have been good to here some minutes before19:25
pubuntoh, sorry19:25
k1l_pubunt: run a "sudo update-grub"19:25
pubuntI ran software updates when I rebooted19:25
william1978_I wasn't sure how to phrase this in google or I would have asked there, how do I access directories from an external hard drive in linux?  I checked out where they mount from in the terminal in /dev but I don't know how to figure out which TTY I need or how to access it as a file structure from the terminal.19:26
pubuntk1l_, okay, done19:26
geniiwilliam1978_: The device names they make in /dev are only raw device names and not directly accessible. The name there ( for example /dev/sdb1) needs to be spliced into the existing filesystem19:27
k1l_pubunt: can you pastebin the output in the paste.ubuntu.com again?19:27
william1978_OK is that hard to do?  I'd say I am adept with a terminal but still just a young padawan!  LOL  :D19:28
geniiwilliam1978_: The automounter should want to try and do this normally somewhere like /media/yourusername/external-volume-label19:28
william1978_Oh, ok.  Thank you.19:28
pavloswilliam1978, when the ext drive is mounted, do you see the files in /media/<user>/<hex>?19:29
william1978_looking now19:29
delti'm trying to forward ports from my gateway machine, but connections just hang there...19:30
k1l_pubunt: reboot. it founb the 4.2 kernel19:30
deltcan someone tell me what is wrong with these iptables commands? --->19:30
delt  iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING  -p tcp -m tcp -d $wan_addr --dport $srcport -j DNAT --to-destination $desthost:$destport19:30
delt  iptables -A FORWARD -m state -p tcp -d $desthost --dport $destport --state NEW,ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT19:30
delt  iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -p tcp -m tcp -s $desthost --sport $destport -j SNAT --to-source $wan_addr19:30
william1978_Last question.  And yes, it's there.  How would I type Seagate \Expansion \Drive so that it dosen't bash me?19:31
k1l_william1978_: you need to escape the spaces with a \ in front19:31
pubuntokay, thanks19:31
Uttytejust move the backslashes in front of the spaces19:31
pubuntwill reboot now19:31
UttyteWilliam: from the CLI you can also just type the first couple chars and hit TAB19:33
Uttyteit should complete for you19:33
=== Kek is now known as Guest51585
pubunt$ uname -r19:34
pubuntdidn't work19:34
UttyteCan anyone help with virtual terminal unicode question?19:35
pubuntit 'sees' kernel 4.2 , how do I make it use it?19:37
k1l_pubunt: is it the ubuntu grub? or is it the debian grub?19:40
k1l_pubunt: no19:40
django_which command tells you memory usage?19:40
k1l_3.19-22 is the second last kernel. there is a newer 3.19 kernel and it doesnt see it.19:41
pauljwdjango_, free19:41
k1l_so either you install the grub from ubuntu again, or you boot to debian and run the grub from there.19:41
Cl4y /server irc.redechat.com.br19:44
william1978_I'm trying to run a script from the external hd I asked about earlier.  I need to change the permissions to executeable.  I've tried chmod +x, gksudo chmod +x, and sudo chmod +x.  I am getting annoyed and tempted to run the terminal superuser.  Does anyone know why I may not be able to change the permissions?19:49
blablawilliam1978_: type mount in a terminal and paste it19:49
blablamight be mounted with noexec19:50
pubuntk1l_, it worked19:50
pubuntbut now I think I have video driver problem?  lol   letters disappear19:50
william1978_/dev/sda2 on /media/william1978/Seagate Expansion Drive type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,default_permissions,blksize=4096)19:51
pubuntletters are missing in the menu19:51
k1l_pubunt: if you dont use debian that ofte you should think about installing the ubuntu grub.19:51
pubuntand when I type here......19:51
pubuntI thought it was the ubuntu grub?  I updated it in my other Ubuntu partition19:51
k1l_other ubuntu partition?19:51
pubuntI run 2 Ubuntu OS and 1 Debian19:52
pubuntand Windoze19:52
william1978_I didn't see noexec .  :(19:52
william1978_And I didn't paste everything because I didn't want to flood the channel with txt.19:53
pubuntis the letters disappearing a video driver problem?19:53
pubuntI can't see what I type lol19:53
pavloswilliam1978, can you check if the perms are 755 for that file?19:53
k1l_pubunt: could be19:53
pubuntmaybe the change in kernel...resulted in this issue?19:54
llutzwilliam1978_: its ntfs, you cannot use chmod/chown on non-unix filesystems19:54
pubuntany typos is not my fault lol19:54
Hyrulehow would you go about installing ubuntu as a VM on a USB thumbdrive? I didn't find a portable VirtualBox or VMWare version. any clues?19:54
k1l_pubunt: what video card and how is the driver installed?19:54
pubuntnvidia gtx 745019:54
pubuntgtx 75019:54
pubuntusually, I add from additional drivers but I have installed from nvidia site b4 too19:55
william1978_pavlos SOAB, I don't have a 3TB internal to transfer the data to.  Thanks for all the help19:55
k1l_pubunt: dont mix the drivers.19:55
pubuntif I want to use the latest drivers, I google how to install latest19:55
william1978_Hmm, had an idea.  What is the best partitioning tool for Xubuntu?19:56
pubuntwhat do you mean by mix?19:56
blablawilliam1978_: actually you can use chown and chmod on ntfs, it just wont stick to the next mount19:56
william1978_It's Fat3219:56
blablawilliam1978_: what's the file you're trying to chmod +x ?19:56
blablafat32 as well19:56
pubuntI don't have to remove the FOSS ones right?19:56
blablatype ls -l /path/to/file after doing a chmod +x on it19:56
pubuntjust have to choose between ubuntu provided or latest ones from nvidia site?19:57
pubuntchoices are 352 (ubuntu) or 358/36119:57
pubuntanyone else try to use nouveau drivers in 15.10?19:58
k1l_pubunt: if you install from the nvidia site there are issues after a new kernel is updated and there will be no updates for the drivers19:58
=== Jonas___ is now known as Jonas____
k1l_pubunt: so if you use the website driver you need to take care of that yourself.19:58
pubuntk1l_, that sounds familiar , okay19:58
pubuntI'll just use 352 for now ,then19:58
william1978_blabla Did the list -rw------- 1 william1978 william1978 2301497781 Feb 11 11:08 gog_baldur_s_gate_2_enhanced_edition_2.0.0.4.sh19:59
pubuntbut, I am not sure if I have to worry about a black screen when I reboot19:59
Hyrulefound portable virtualbox, lol. thanks anyway.19:59
pubuntmaybe that is with nvidia's latest drivers?19:59
k1l_pubunt: "dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia"20:00
pubuntnothing returned20:00
pavloswilliam1978, the script is 2.3 TB ???20:00
william1978_And sorry for all the stupid questions, it's been a few years since I've ran linux.20:00
william1978_No, the Hard drive is, why I asked about the best partitioning tool.20:00
k1l_pubunt: make sure there are no typos20:01
pubuntI don't think so20:01
pubuntbut, like I said, letters 'disappear'20:01
=== Guest75766 is now known as someone
pavloswilliam1978, I use gparted20:01
pubuntthis is really annoying20:01
pubuntI need to install a driver20:01
gear4why doesn't clang work20:01
william1978_Because I could just partition the hard drive in half, move my stuff, then delete the fat32 partition, and thanks pavlos20:01
=== Guest92736 is now known as jero-
blablawilliam1978_: you can mount it with set permissions if you want or format as you said20:04
Ormuhi, this bug has both "invalid" and "triaged" status, is it still OK to comment it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gvfs/+bug/128430820:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1284308 in gvfs (Ubuntu) "Can't copy files from a bluetooth device: Another operation in progress" [Medium,Triaged]20:16
Ormuor should I actually report/comment it on the main gvfs bugtracker (where it is?) as I'm not using ubuntu?20:17
Ormui can confirm it on linux mint debian edition, and i have a workaround too20:18
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
Ormuhm ok found it on gnome bugtracker...20:20
=== saba is now known as Guest64610
MonkeyDustOrmu  glad i could help20:20
optimistic7how to pass exit code of child process to any other process (other than parent process) ?20:21
ruslan_good evening! I was looking for a distance (skype) Python teacher?20:21
ruslan_Where should i address?20:21
ruslan_thank you20:21
Ormuruslan: #python is a good place for python help20:22
MonkeyDustruslan_  type    /j #python20:22
LinuxianaCiao a tutti20:33
pubuntI can see why ppl switch from ubuntu to something else20:34
pubuntevery time you upgrade, something doesn't work20:34
optimistic7how to pass exit code of child process to any other process (other than parent process) ?20:35
k1l_pubunt: that is not true. your several OS setup and your mix on nvidia drivers caused your issues. so blaming ubuntu for that doesnt make you look smarter20:35
pubuntit is true20:36
pubuntmy other partition, it's up to date but still some videos doesn't work20:36
pubuntsince I upgraded to 15.10 in this one, flash doesn't work20:36
pubuntand had to run through hoops to fix things20:36
k1l_flash does work.20:36
pubuntwhy would have multiple OS cause these issues?20:37
pubuntno, it doesn't ...20:37
k1l_if you fix issues with "i just load stuff from the web and install that" there is no doubt that things are not going like the automated testings ubuntu does with its packages.20:38
k1l_pubunt: the issues with grub and the kernel used.20:38
pubunt15.10 is buggy20:38
papodaca_Anyone here know anything about kvm on 14.04?20:38
k1l_pubunt: you make it buggy. dont blame others for you messing with the system20:38
pubuntit shows flash plug in installed but nothing works20:39
pubuntI've seen this before... when ubuntu was buggy, I switched to debian and mint and even tried fedora20:39
pubunt15.10 is crap20:39
k1l_pubunt: please keep this channel for real support issues and not for your rantings. you are free to use other distributions and leave this channel. thanks20:40
emitattuoCould the release just not be configured properly out-of-the-box for your particular system configuration, pubunt?20:40
pubuntit's working in chrome but an older version20:40
pubuntyou're just saying there's a bug20:41
pubuntemitattuo, I dunno...but, flashplugin installer is the main package for flash and flash doesn't work in firefox20:41
pubuntemitattuo, I just think it's pretty bad when you have to run through hoops to get it to work20:42
pubuntif it would even work...some sites don't work20:42
OerHekssounds more like 'some sites' than an Ubuntu issue20:42
k1l_there we go20:43
emitattuopubunt, did Firefox do something on their end?  Or is the old version of Flash that's available for Linux just isn't compatible with those sites?20:43
emitattuoAs far as I know, it's been years since Flash got more than a security fix on Linux.20:43
OerHeksflash is dead,indeed20:44
pubuntoh, I know... stuck at ver. 11.220:44
OerHekspapodaca_, maybe you find your answer https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM20:45
papodaca_OerHeks, I tried all the steps there. Everything *should* be ok but I cannot spawn vms getting "Call to virDomainDefineXML failed: unknown OS type hvm"20:45
pubuntbtw, there's a lot of negative reviews in the software center20:45
pubuntwhich shows my experience is not unique20:46
emitattuopubunt, part of that could be the general dislike for Flash over open-source options.20:46
pubuntI dislike flash too but20:47
Ben64so use chrome, or use pepperflash for firefox, if you want to blame someone, blame adobe20:47
squintypubunt, pepperflash (in repo) plus add the PPA for freshplayerplugin   http://askubuntu.com/questions/671242/adobe-flashplugin-works-for-chromium-but-doesnt-work-for-firefox20:47
loculinuxcomo funciona20:49
optimistic7good night ;)20:51
OerHekspapodaca_, maybe this answer applies to you too? https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/qemu-discuss/2014-10/msg00018.html20:51
BluesKaj!es | loculinux20:52
ubottuloculinux: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:52
dersquisherhm, I am trying to install gcc-4.6 on a wily but building the pkg from 14.04 gives me an error: msgfmt doesn't like the older libstdc++ of gcc-4.620:52
OerHekspapodaca_, and the next answer, maybe virtualisation is not enabled in bios > https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/qemu-discuss/2014-10/msg00019.html20:52
dersquisherhttp://pastie.org/10718478 , does anyone have an idea or workaround?20:52
loculinuxcontrol ciber?20:52
papodaca_OerHeks, hm I guess that isn't out of the realm of possibility. the thing is that these vms were working last week20:55
papodaca_I'll try to see if I can figure out what these vms are being launched as20:55
OerHeks!info gcc wily20:57
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.144ubuntu1)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:5.2.1-3ubuntu1 (wily), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB20:57
OerHeksdersquisher, wily comes with gcc 5+... why such old version?20:57
dersquisherOerHeks, research. Old software and bugs require old gcc versions.20:58
OerHeksdersquisher, install older ubuntu then, 12.04lts/14.04lts ?20:58
ioriadersquisher, or take a look here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/amd64/gcc-4.6/4.6.4-6ubuntu320:58
OerHeksStatus: Deleted20:59
ioriayep, not working21:04
maumhow can I remove specific private key? I inserted the private key by using the command [cat p_key >> ex_bundle]21:06
dersquisherioria, interesting, thanks!21:06
ioriadersquisher,  try the source the .deb not working21:06
daftykinsmaum: that sounds very obviously to be part of a non-standard process, so you might want to explain what you're actually doing to the channel21:07
dersquisherI'm currently building the vivid packaging, if that doesn't work I'll build the one you sent me.21:07
ioriadersquisher,  good luck21:07
daftykinsi understand the lower relevance, but vivid is EOL21:07
maumdaftykins: there is some ssl like key21:08
dersquisherdaftykins, I don't think that's relevant here, but thanks ;-)21:08
maumdaftykins: I like to remove some specific key in certificate file.21:08
papodaca_OerHeks, best I can tell as per the libvirt docs hvm should be supported: http://libvirt.org/formatdomain.html#elementsOSBIOS21:08
daftykinsdersquisher: ok, but if that releases' packages are old - it'd be unwise is all21:08
pavlosmaum, seems you appended (>>) the pkey to exbundle. Edit the exbundle and remove the pkey21:08
dersquisherdaftykins, you realize I'm going there particularly to find old versions, right?21:09
daftykinsnope i only just joined so i have no idea what you're talking about - sorry :)21:09
maumpavlos: I did that but the key is not working. so I think I have to use different way to remove the private key.21:09
papodaca_OerHeks, `virsh capabilities` does not report any os types as supported @_@21:10
pavlosmaum, if exbundle is not a text file, there must be some pgm to modify contents.21:10
maumpavlos: pgm?21:11
pavlosmaum, program21:11
maumpavlos: specific program?21:11
pavlosmaum, I just suggested something. If exbundle is text, you can edit and remove the key. If not, dont know ...21:13
maumpavlos: ok, thanks21:14
daftykinsrun "file exbundle" perhaps21:14
daftykinsyes it's a command that tells you what a file is21:15
maumbut there are several keys in exbundle so I like to remove some specific key.21:15
daftykinsi think we're speaking a different language :)21:16
maumextracerts.bundle: ASCII text, with CRLF, LF line terminators21:16
maumit is ASCII text21:16
daftykinsso then it is editable21:17
maumok, I will do it21:17
ross`Excuse me, I tried to do an apt-get update on a 12.4 LTS (precise) w/ universe and it is giving me checksum errors21:26
ross`can someone please tell me what's going on here?21:26
=== RandomTime is now known as RansomTime
squintyross`,  try using the following command which will delete your old lists and then update them again.  if still having problems, then try another server to see if problem goes away21:29
squintyross`,  sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/ && sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/apt/lists/partial && sudo apt-get update21:30
rewfdsross`: change servers21:30
rewfdssquinty: say what are you21:30
squintyrewfds,  ???21:31
Frank_LeachI am running Ubuntu 15.10 on a Dell Chromebook and I must say, it is seriously impressive...21:31
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
C_minusi started a restore from usb disk with dd. Screen went blank. Now the external drive is not detected inlsblk. I'm sure I didn't get the if and of mixed up. I can read from the usb drive on other laptops.21:43
=== alphaseg is now known as huetime
daftykinsare you the one that was unwisely trying to use full disk cloning as a method of backup?21:44
C_minusBut I need it to appear as a device so i can perform the restore, which was interrupted half wy through.21:44
C_minusyeah it was my only option since clonezilla wasn't working for me at the time.21:44
=== huetime is now known as alphaseg
daftykinswhat were you booted into to run the operation?21:45
C_minusubuntu live usb environment21:46
daftykinsi take it you've done a full power off / swapped the USB flash drive / hard disk into another port to try?21:46
C_minusI rebooted back into the live environment. I'm using all the usb ports; 1 for the live environment, 1 for the ethernet adapter, 1 for the external usb drive.21:47
C_minusi ought to swap them around?21:47
daftykinsyou don't need to be online to boot a live session and run dd.21:47
C_minusbut to talk to you...21:48
C_minusi'll try swapping them around then.21:48
krastavaccan i pass resolution via grub loader console?21:48
daftykinsis it really a flash drive or a hard disk?21:48
daftykinskrastavac: for TTYs or the splash screen i think, but i don't think it affects the desktop21:48
C_minusmy live environment is booted from a flash drive. the external hard drive is a magnetic disc.21:48
krastavacasking for live distro in vbox from iso21:49
daftykinsdisk... ok.21:49
C_minusThis is the output from lsblk now: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15019425/21:49
daftykinskrastavac: sorry i don't understand that sentence21:50
C_minusBefore the failed dd operation it had my external drive under /dev/sdc with size ~1TB21:50
daftykinsC_minus: run "sudo parted -l" and throw it in a paste too21:51
krastavacto change resolution in vbox guest you need to install guest additions and reboot, which is useless if you want to boot live iso21:51
daftykinskrastavac: have you got 3D acceleration enabled on the display options of the VM? i've seen that help VMs, though i might be thinking of vmware... anyway, really a proper install should be used to see it at its' best.21:52
daftykinsyou can also just install a driver in a live session via apt, then restart X21:53
ross`squinty: thanks, that worked.21:53
squintyross`, good to hear :-)21:53
krastavacis there way to pass resolution via boot loader console? as i remember there was something like that in androids boot loader21:55
daftykinsplease don't ask in two places at once21:55
daftykinsoh sorry, you didn't - i just pressed the wrong number XD21:56
* daftykins caught with the cold fingers21:56
daftykinsanyway what i've mentioned already should help to some extent21:56
al2o3-crdaftykins: don't practice being daft ffs :)21:57
daftykinsal2o3-cr: please don't use even obfuscated rudeness in here21:58
al2o3-crdaftykins: obfuscated it is not21:58
krastavacGRUB_GFXMODE=640x480 this is resolution just for splash screen?21:58
daftykinsyes it is...21:58
al2o3-crdaftykins: not at all21:59
daftykinsal2o3-cr: it is in acronym form, now stop arguing the factual.21:59
daftykinskrastavac: i honestly think you're going about this the wrong way21:59
al2o3-crdaftykins: clueless21:59
daftykinsal2o3-cr: perhaps you are unaware of the definition or don't speak English as your mother tongue - regardless, just accept the fact to be polite in here and move on, thanks :)22:00
krastavacis it true that google doesnt index instagram photos?22:00
daftykinsthat's not relevant to #ubuntu support22:00
OerHekskrastavac, ask the google guys?22:01
al2o3-crdaftykins: what definition are you speaking about?22:01
OerHeksal2o3-cr, please stop it, thanks.22:01
al2o3-crOerHeks: i wan't to know what daftykins think is factual22:02
al2o3-crand the definition22:03
al2o3-crapparently daftykins doesn't know what obfuscation is22:04
Picilets move on22:05
=== alphaseg is now known as huetime
C_minusdaftykins, after swapping usb ports I can now see my external drive again, thanks for the advice.22:07
CoolRabbithaving trouble with my wifi ... can anyone help me?22:07
daftykinsCoolRabbit: details help, plus the chipset used if you know it.22:07
=== huetime is now known as alphaseg
CoolRabbitdaftykins, it seems to try to connect and asks for the password ... then asks for it again ... and again22:08
C_minusI read that source and destination should be unmounted - is that right? my destination (laptop internal drive) is not mounted but the external drive has 2 filesystems mounted at sdc2 and sdc5. http://paste.ubuntu.com/15019542/22:08
nimbioticsHello everyone. Using Ubuntu 14.04 server; I have the headless dropbox softwareinstalled for a sudoer. Is it possible to make this driver start ass a daemon, even if that sudoer is NOT logged in? If so, please point me in the right direction. TIA!22:08
=== gareth_ is now known as gareth__
dersquishernimbiotics, sure, you need to write an init script for it, or just google if there is one already22:09
C_minusAm I using "umount correctly here" I can't unmount the filesystem on sdc5? http://paste.ubuntu.com/15019552/22:09
dersquisherC_minus, in general, yes. Can you paste the output of "mount"?22:10
daftykinsor just run it against the /dev name to reduce typing/error potential22:10
C_minusdersquinsher certainly thanks http://paste.ubuntu.com/15019569/ daftykins I used copy paste22:11
CoolRabbitdaftykins, here is my card as of inxi22:11
CoolRabbit Card-2: Broadcom BCM4321 802.11a/b/g/n driver: wl22:11
CoolRabbit           IF: wlan0 state: dormant mac: 00:22:41:f7:63:d522:11
razor_hey guys any cool theme suggestions for my ubuntu?22:11
ubuntu-gnome_hello, anyone run gnome 3.18 here? Ctrl Alt T is not opening the terminal there...22:12
daftykins!broadcom | CoolRabbit have a read here22:12
ubottuCoolRabbit have a read here: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:12
daftykinsCoolRabbit: if you've ever tried using "sudo startx" or similar though, you could have /home/username/ ownership issues22:12
dersquisherC_minus, hm, the 'uhelper=udisks2' is interesting. I'd try running it without sudo22:12
C_minusdersquished running umount without sudo?22:13
C_minusdersquisher that worked thanks22:13
C_minusdoes anybody have any recommendations of a nice command to pipe dd through pv (in order to display progress stats)?22:14
C_minusi've seen the use of pv with a "-ptreb" parameter, but I don't know what this does exactly22:15
=== ubuntu-gnome_ is now known as wardenclyffe1
nimbioticsdersquisher: I found an init script template (https://github.com/fhd/init-script-template/blob/master/template), but there are a couple of things I don't fully understand. First of all, should I just edit it and put it on /etc/initd? Also, I need to provide the user name, do I also need to provide a pssword somewhere?22:15
dersquishernimbiotics, that's a sysv init script, not entirely sure that'll work, depends on your ubuntu version.22:16
dersquishergenerally, yes, and no, you don't need the password in there anywhere22:16
nimbioticsdersquisher: Using ubuntu 14.04, thats systemd, right?22:18
C_minusoh i get it, it's a combination of several parameters concatenaated together....22:18
geniinimbiotics: If it's a sys v init script, just put it /etc/init.d/  and make sure it's executable22:18
dersquishernimbiotics, I'm not really keeping track, sorry. If you can run the command 'systemctl', then I think so. And systemd supports those scripts, so that'd work22:19
geniiIf it's an upstart script, put it in /etc/init/22:19
geniiEither way it will get run22:19
daftykinsC_minus: dd can report progress with its' PID being sent a "kill -USR1"22:19
daftykinsi don't know if that'll work given the command you've been using though22:19
CoolRabbitdaftykins, or use the pd pipe22:20
C_minusdaftykins why is that? can you suggest something better? it's straight drive to drive restore: sdc -> sda22:20
nimbioticsdersquisher: I can't run systemctl22:20
rww14.04 uses upstart22:20
nimbioticsrww; thanks a lot!22:21
C_minusCoolRabbit yeah?22:21
nimbioticsdersquisher, genii, rww: Thanks a lot!22:21
rww(14.10 has systemd but not default, 15.04 replaces upstart with systemd by default)22:21
=== misalias is now known as prosody
CoolRabbitC_minus, I can make a pv pipe with dd ... its like: dd if= lalala | pv --ptreb | dd of=lalalaa22:21
nimbioticsrww; thanks again22:22
nimbioticsrww: thanks again22:22
C_minusCoolRabbit thanks. Where can I specify block sizes for the dd part? Do I need to /  could I specify a block size for the pv part?22:23
CoolRabbitthe first part ... dd bs=4M if = lalaal | pv -c | dd of=lalal22:24
CoolRabbitC_minus, if you know roughly the size of your file you can use the -cS 2Gb flag on pv ...22:25
daftykinsC_minus: i don't agree with your entire task approach so no, i can't/won't help modify it22:26
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
ikoniaC_minus: I thought we'd spoke about hos this was a bad idea before ?22:26
ikoniayou appear to be still doing the same thing22:26
ikoniaand you wanted to change it22:26
daftykinsthe guy refuses to hear it, yeah22:27
C_minusikonia it's the only backup I have. I tried "fixing" that gpt/mbr error according to clonezilla's support page and it bricked my laptop. so thank god I had a dd backup lying around!22:28
ikoniaC_minus: there is no way changing the partition table on an empty disk you're not using will "brick" your laptop22:28
=== entropyz is now known as vir17
ikoniathe reason you had problems last time was you of=the/wrong/device22:29
ikoniawhich is another reason you should not be doing this as a method22:29
C_minusikonia when? what should my of have been?22:29
=== entropyz is now known as vir17
ikoniaC_minus: the blank disk22:29
ikoniaC_minus: you did it to the usb disk you where booted from22:29
C_minusikonia no i didn't, I'm using that usb disk right now.22:30
ikoniaC_minus: I can only go by what you told me - you told me you had done it to the 2gb disk22:30
ikoniaand to be honest - there is no way to "brick" your latop unless you use the wrong device22:30
C_minusikonia dd didn't have anything to do with "bricking" my device. it was the solution proposed here: http://drbl.org/faq/fine-print.php?path=./2_System/116_unmatched_partition_table.faq22:32
C_minusmy laptop just had a blinking cursor after the initial "dell" logo22:32
ikoniaC_minus: and I told you exactly how to fix the partition table problem22:32
ikoniaI went into detaul22:32
C_minusikonia you did? i must have missed that, i'd be very grateful if you could tell me again.22:33
ikoniaC_minus: you didn't miss it - as we worked it through and you told me you had done it to the wrong device (2GB device that was your usb stick)22:33
ikoniaat that point you left22:33
ikoniatook a good 45 minutes of talking and explaining it22:33
C_minusikonia i think you might be mistaken, or i gave you bad info at the time. because the usb stick is golden i'm using it to run a live environment and talk to you right now.22:34
C_minuswhat you told me to do, if i remember, was to overwrite an external drive with /dev/zero22:34
ikoniaC_minus: no doubt, but that doesn't change the fact that I walked you through it22:35
ikoniaC_minus: write zeros to the drive, or blank the partition table, which is what we did22:35
C_minuswe did that to an external hard drive (not the same one by dd backup is on.) the gpt/mbr problem is on my laptop's internal hard drive.22:35
ikoniaI'm not sure why that is a problem ?22:36
C_minusbecause it caused clonezilla to throw an error instead of making me a backup medium.22:36
ikoniaI can image my gpt based systems just fine22:36
ikoniaI'd suggest working it through with the clonezilla support guys if in doubt22:37
ikoniacarrying on as you are doing will lead to failure22:37
C_minustherefore i was forced to pursue other means (i.e. dd) to make a backup (since the procedure for fixing the gpt/mbr mismatch error contained multiple warnings about deleting data)22:37
ikoniaand to be honest - I'd question if you should be depending on an "image" as a regular backup option22:37
C_minusikonia isn't that the simplest way to restore a dual boot configuration? without messing around with lots of  different images for different partitions?22:37
ikoniamuch much not22:38
ikoniaand again - I'd question if you should be using "images" as a core option22:38
ikoniabut we covered this before22:38
C_minusduely noted22:38
daftykinsC_minus: don't take this the wrong way - but it's clear you've just grabbed a bunch of commands and throw them at your system without a full understanding, which has, is and will continue to cause issues22:40
C_minusi don't take offense to that at all. i'm here to learn.22:41
daftykinsright... and using tools like dd is tough because a single typo can hose everything in one go22:42
ouroumovAnyone know why a garbled splash screen resulting from a previous failed FDE install would survive a clean reinstall with root partition formated and how to fix it?22:43
Frank_Leachstrangest thing...i just powered up my chromebook, first time in a week, did an update and dist upgrade in terminal, rebooted to finish update...rebooted and my cursor from my mouse is gone! Can anyone help?22:43
C_minusright now, given that my laptop is in hard-drive-purgatory and all i have is a full drive backup made with dd, I need to get it restored. I'm more than willing to take advice about how I should do this and that, but right now none of that is very useful to me.22:43
daftykinsC_minus: i understand that, however it's at this moment - when you've broken it - that the warning needs to be repeated to highlight it22:44
daftykinsso what exactly is the problem? all you need do is repeat what you've done before to restore to the internal drive presumably.22:44
C_minusdaftykins i used dd to restore it. i can't remember the exact command someone here helped me formulate it.22:45
C_minuspiped through pv to produce eta, progress bar etc.22:45
daftykinsright but you said it got interrupted, so just do it again22:45
daftykinsi mean you had the disappearing internal disk thing before, but i asked for a "sudo parted -l" - not seen it yet.22:46
C_minusdaftykins, thats because your proposal of swapping usb ports seemed to work ;) !22:47
Frank_Leachcan anyone help me restore my mouse function?22:47
daftykinsC_minus: err i'm not sure how that applies to either thing i said22:47
C_minusthe drive was acknowledged. here it is if you're still interested: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15019865/22:48
daftykinsyeah so i see all 3, so where's the problem?22:49
daftykinsrun your restore with the appropriate source disk as if= and target as of= and let it run22:49
Frank_LeachAnyone free to help?22:53
daftykinssomeone will reply if they can, more detail on one line might help22:53
Frank_Leachrecent update/dust upgrade from terminal has diabled my touchpad/mouse22:53
EriC^^Frank_Leach: try an older kernel as a temp fix22:54
C_minusdaftykins, ikonia thanks for the help, I do genuinely appreciate it.22:54
daftykinsno problem, but do heed our warnings22:55
daftykinsi'll totally "i told you so" next time you wipe the wrong thing :)22:55
C_minusi look forward to it.22:55
Frank_Leacheric, i always do a full clean after a kernel update, i dont have the older kernel on my machine. It is a chromebook, not much space22:56
daftykinsoh chromebook - real install or chrubuntu or some such?22:56
Frank_Leachhow would I restore the previous kernel if I did a full clean?22:57
deniz946hello all, how i can unrar .rar files? i've tried with unrar but it don't let me22:57
Frank_Leachreal install, ubuntu 15.10,22:57
EriC^^Frank_Leach: type uname -r for a sec22:57
daftykinsdeniz946: with unrar22:57
Frank_Leachuname -r22:57
xanguaA full clean? If you mean autoremove, it should keep at least two previous kernels Frank_Leach22:57
deniz946daftykins, i've tried22:57
Frank_Leachautoremove, yes..22:57
EriC^^Frank_Leach: in a terminal22:57
daftykinsdeniz946: tried what specifically - and what happened? the tool may need to be installed.22:57
rww!info unrar-nonfree22:57
ubottuPackage unrar-nonfree does not exist in wily22:57
rwwoh rite the free one is -free22:57
deniz946pi@raspberrypi /media/2TB/Programacion/Video-Cursos comprados/Taller CSS avanzado (hondilla) $ sudo unrar Clase\ 01.rar22:58
daftykinsdeniz946: is that even ubuntu, or debian? it matters.22:58
Frank_Leach4.2.0.29 generic22:58
Frank_Leach4.2.0-29 generic22:58
VelusUniverseSyshello all im not to sure if this is the best place to ask but where can i get a bit of software to stream playlists to an icecast server? does anyone know any good bits of software?22:59
EriC^^Frank_Leach: as xangua said if you did autoremove then just switch to the previous22:59
Frank_Leachhow do i revert to previous kernel?22:59
EriC^^Frank_Leach: type dpkg -l linux-image*22:59
Frank_LeachHow Eric?22:59
EriC^^does it mention old ones with a "ii" at the beginning of the line?23:00
deniz946im geting, this error message "-bash: /usr/local/bin/unrar: cannot execute binary file"23:00
FdoFromChilecomo se usa esto???.... help please!!!23:00
pouet12345is there a way to have a grub shell from inside a running linux23:00
k1l_!es | FdoFromChile23:01
ubottuFdoFromChile: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:01
rwwdeniz946: did you install the `unrar` package from apt or something else? are you using Ubuntu or something else?23:01
k1l_pouet12345: what are you trying to do?23:01
deniz946rww i did sudo apt-get install unrar-free, im using ubuntu23:02
rwwtry enabling multiverse and installing unrar (not -free)23:02
rwwbut it confuses me that it's seeing /usr/local/bin/unrar and not /usr/bin/unrar23:03
rwwwhich leads me to suspect there is something other than APT package going on here23:03
pouet12345k1l_, first, can I do it or not ?23:03
daftykinsi'd be willing to bet there's something other than ubuntu going on there, too23:03
deniz946rww what is multiverse?23:03
k1l_pouet12345: no.23:03
pouet12345k1l_, ok23:04
Frank_Leachok Eric, i got a list of kernels I think from dpkg -l linux-image*23:04
pouet12345k1l_, I need to get the list of partitions names, the way that grub see them at boot23:04
Frank_Leachnot sure how to proceed23:04
EriC^^Frank_Leach: is there a kernel other than the one uname -r returned?23:04
Frank_Leachthere are 423:04
pouet12345k1l_, I can reboot and see them, but I would prefer not reboot yet23:05
EriC^^Frank_Leach: does it say "ii" at the beginning of the lines?23:05
k1l_pouet12345: like what names?23:05
pouet12345k1l_, like the device names23:05
EriC^^pouet12345: are you writing a custom grub entry?23:05
pouet12345/dev/mapper/something but with grub naming23:05
=== Deltanic_ is now known as Deltanic
Frank_Leachone previous one, yes23:06
EriC^^Frank_Leach: ok, restart the pc, hold shift when it boots to get grub, then go to advanced > choose the older kernel23:06
Frank_Leachno grub on chromecook...using the john lewis seabios thingy23:06
k1l_pouet12345: grub uses (hd0,0). do you mean this?23:07
Frank_Leachis there any way on terminal to do it?23:07
XantosJOIN boggle23:07
pouet12345k1l_, yes, but I want that for lvm partitions. wich is like (lvm/something)23:07
pouet12345I guess mkconfig can guess it, so there should be a way23:08
EriC^^Frank_Leach: maybe john lewis seabios boots grub?23:08
Frank_Leachnope, it doesn't sadly..23:09
Deltanichi, i have a small python script (running on a server, using putty) that expects some input before it continues after which it will run for a few hours. now, i kinda want to sleep, is there any way in ubuntu that lets me move that process to the background after the input, which lets me safely close the terminal?23:09
EriC^^Frank_Leach: ok, you can remove the new kernel, and you'd be left with the old one23:09
Frank_Leachsounds good.23:10
Bashing-ompouet12345: Maube : ' cat /proc/partitions ' ?23:10
pouet12345Bashing-om, it would be like that but from grub perspective23:10
pouet12345and not linux perspective23:11
Frank_LeachHow do i do that?23:11
EriC^^Frank_Leach: sudo apt-get remove linux-image-4.2.0-29-generic23:12
Frank_Leachcool...i will then reboot and see what happens, I will let you know23:13
EriC^^Deltanic: if you press ctrl+z, then type "bg" , then type "disown" you can close the terminal and it should keep running23:14
DeltanicEriC^^, i see, thanks!23:15
Frank_LeachThanks Eric, that worked fine23:17
Frank_Leachmouse is perfect again23:17
EriC^^Frank_Leach: great, no problem23:17
pouet12345ok I will just reboot then ^^23:18
pouet12345or maybe if I boot a live cd in a vm, I can reach what I23:18
pouet12345mmm no, I won't since I would not mount lvm in the vm23:18
daftykinssure you could23:18
EriC^^pouet12345: what are you trying to achieve?23:19
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pouet12345EriC^^, I am trying to fix my "multiboot  (lvm/volume/logic)/boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img"23:21
pouet12345i will simply reboot, since I can't guess the right name from linux23:21
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EriC^^pouet12345: update-grub isn't getting it right?23:21
gear4"g++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)"23:23
gear4Good Game Well Played, Ubuntu 15.1023:23
pouet12345EriC^^, I don't use update grub to do a multiboot with lvm. I have to load core.img since you can't embed grub inside a lvm partition23:25
pouet12345EriC^^, I found the right syntax in the #grub channel23:26
pouet12345menuentry "load hcpc-linux_trusty 14.04 trusty" {23:26
pouet12345        multiboot (lvm/hcpc-linux_trusty)/boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img23:26
gear4so can anyone explain to me why only Ubuntu 15.10 fails with gcc 5.3 ?23:26
EriC^^pouet12345: isn't grub in the mbr?23:26
gear4it works perfect on 12.04 so23:26
pouet12345EriC^^, some parts of grub are in the mbr, the other parts are on a regular file system, and you can chainload grub and kernels23:27
EriC^^pouet12345: you're not using a separate /boot?23:28
pouet12345EriC^^, you have a part in the mbr, a part can be in a small grub boot partition, and the rest is in /boot/grub/i386-pc23:28
pouet12345EriC^^, not really. grub2 can find the linux kernel directly on lvm partition23:29
pouet12345EriC^^, so I have a fake /boot partition that contains only /grub/  then from there i use "multiboot (lvm/hcpc-linux_trusty)/boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img"23:30
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pouet12345multiboot (lvm/hcpc-linux_warewolf)/boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img23:30
pouet12345this is the way to multiboot easily with LVM23:30
EriC^^oh ok23:33
jwynn6anyone have any reason that i cannot get an ssh socks tunnel to attach to a 12.04 install23:36
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ouroumovjwynn6, did you sudo apt-get install ssh?23:37
daftykinspretty sure openssh-server being there is not jwynn6's issue ;)23:38
jwynn6yeah, it might be. ive got a server that has no public access but i can ssh into it23:39
jwynn6im trying to update it and figured thats the best way to tunnel access out23:39
k1l_jwynn6: can you explain the "not public but you can ssh" a bit more?23:40
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jwynn6its in a corp network. firewalled in a dmz, with the exception of ssh23:40
daftykinsupdate what?23:41
jwynn6i can get that from my portion of the corp net, and i can get out to do updates.  trying to tunnel out so i can run apt-get update/upgrade23:41
jwynn6maybe theres a better way to do this. im open to ideas23:43
daftykinsi don't really know what you're trying to achieve23:45
ouroumovMe neither23:45
ouroumovWhy would you need to tunnel out to run apt-get update if you say you can get out to do updates?23:45
jwynn6oh, sorry. my laptop can, but the server cant.23:46
k1l_he wants to tunnel traffic (to run system updates) form a firewalled system over ssh to a workplace machine that can connect outside.23:46
jwynn6yup. correct.23:46
ouroumovUh, okay23:46
k1l_i would ask the admin if he can open ports for that task for that machine23:46
jwynn6it took them a month to approve the ssh port for me to access the server i own.23:48
daftykinsthat sounds like a bad provider23:48
jwynn6oh yeah. not a happy camper about it. but its what the bossman paid for and he wants to get his money's worth23:49
k1l_i dont fully understand that network setup and the purpose of that.23:49
tgm4883k1l_: nobody does. that's how it's so secure, it's impossible to hack what can't be understood23:50
lorenzohi! how can I add this ppa? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-msp43023:50
tgm4883lorenzo: that's not a PPA23:50
lorenzooh it's already in the repos :-) thank23:51
k1l_lorenzo: that packages are in universe23:51
user_can anyone help me out? having a really hard time installing a dual boot on my mac23:52
jwynn6haha yup. useful waste of money isnt it.23:52
user_trying to make the switch over to ubuntu23:52
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages23:53
daftykinssometimes other model pages help23:53
Bashing-om!mac | user_ Have you seen :23:53
ubottuuser_ Have you seen :: please see above23:53
user_i've done all that23:53
user_i burned a good disk.... do the install23:53
user_but my imac doesn't boot it23:54
Jordan_Uuser_: What iso did you burn from? How did you burn it?23:54
user_i downloaded the file from the ubuntu webite. burned the iso image. have run it as a live boot successfully23:55
user_i may be having trouble with telling it where to install or where to find it, i'm not sure23:56
Jordan_Uuser_: What is the name of the .iso file? I assume you burned it to a DVD? (Sometimes people incorrectly call writing to a USB drive "burning")23:56
user_burned to dvd23:56
Jordan_Uuser_: What happens when you boot with the DVD in the Mac's drive and while holding the 'c' key?23:57
user_i'm not sure... i have done it holding alt because I'm using a windows keyboard and it will pull up the install cd... then i do the whole install... it finishes. restarts computer as i'm holding alt after ejecting dvd and nothing happens.23:58
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user_disk utility shows the memory being used but doesn't show the drive existing after the install so i have just been deleting it again23:58
Jordan_U!bootinfo | user_23:59
ubottuuser_: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.23:59
easyOnMeikonia: are you around23:59

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