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sakrecoer_so, the call for votes is out in the ether :)11:35
sakrecoer_great jobb on that vote set-up cfhowlett :)11:36
sakrecoer_75 entires!!!!11:36
cfhowlettyeah.  I can't twitter or GPlus it though.  Please send it through your channels.11:36
sakrecoer_you mean you don't have any?11:38
sakrecoer_good on you if it is the case :D11:38
cfhowlettI tried to use the US twitter but couldn't log in.11:38
sakrecoer_ah, its there already11:39
sakrecoer_g-, twatter, facebuck, and diaspora :)11:39
cfhowlettJust confirmed - it is already on GPlus11:39
sakrecoer_oh, the ubuntu forums maybe :)12:02
cfhowlettdoh!  yeah!  you got that covered?12:02
sakrecoer_*blush* i completly forgot to announce the contest there.... :facepalmingmyself: but maybe its ok anyways... :/12:03
sakrecoer_grrr... silly me, generously ranting about mainstream socialmedia, and then i forget the forum :'(12:04
cfhowlettjust posted to Ubuntu Studio forums12:07
sakrecoer_awsome, i'm struggling to get in...12:09
sakrecoer_i don't know how but i've ended up with 2 accounts..12:10
sakrecoer_one with the gmail that is only active on the forum...12:10
sakrecoer_well.. "how" i know: i registered twice obviously...12:11
cfhowlett"Hotwheel" at fullscreen = awesome!12:12
sakrecoer_one of my favourite is yours cfhowlett :) i didn't notice before12:19
zequencecfhowlett: sakrecoer_: Just to clarify one thing. The vote for wallpapers is just for which wallpapers are included in the install, right?15:17
cfhowlettzequence, correct.  15:17
zequenceAh, great.15:17
cfhowlettthe remainder can be packaged for an optional "community wallpapers" package later15:17
zequenceThat's a good idea15:19
cfhowlettone way to leverage community interest15:20
knomezequence, sakrecoer_: any news about the theme testing? :)15:20
zequenceWhen it comes to artwork, it's hard to make that a democratic procedure.15:21
zequenceAt the very least, the people making the choices need to have some form of competence and experience15:21
cfhowlettyeah, I'm watching the voting results.  they are ... surprising.  BUT the Art Team can choose which ever image they deem appropriate for the default wallpaper15:21
zequenceFor things like the default wallpaper, desktop theming, etc15:21
zequenceknome: I haven't touched it since we were in contact the last time.15:22
knomeyou probably should, i've landed this and that15:22
zequenceknome: You fixed the image problem, right?15:23
zequenceAnd, there's a sidebar now. Let me update it15:23
knomezequence, the image problem was never there ;)15:24
knome(or you did something wrong)15:24
knomeor maybe some inline css came in from somewhere15:24
zequenceknome: Oh, great. It has all the stuff we need now15:30
zequenceOk, I don't still understand the problem with one of the images. But the same image in two different posts is handled differently15:31
zequenceThe first one is smaller to begin with15:31
zequenceThe images don't shrink15:31
zequence..when you make the browser window smaller15:31
knomeremind me of the url you are having problms at15:32
zequenceThird image15:32
knomeoh wow, wordpress seems to add some srcset="" now15:33
knomedon't know if that's what is messing up with it15:33
cfhowlettthe deprecated word/brandmark?15:33
zequencecfhowlett: No, just images posted in a WP post15:34
zequenceWhen you make the browser window smaller, it would be nice if the images in that post shrunk to the width of the browser window15:34
zequenceLike, when you use a browser in your phone15:35
zequenceI like how the menu is created on the right side, and the logo ends up on the left side in a small window15:36
knomethe containing div has a specified size15:36
knomezequence, do you use firefox and stylish?15:38
zequenceknome: Yep15:38
zequencefor both15:38
knomethis should fix it15:38
knomeactually you likely don't even need the !important15:39
knomeyep, that's trye15:39
knome*true too15:39
zequenceYes, that worked.15:40
knomegreat, i'll add that to the theme15:40
knomeand done15:41
zequenceThat pretty much concludes doing all the functional stuff that I personally would need15:41
zequenceI like it!15:41
knomegoodie :)15:42
knomewhat about the visual side then?15:42
knomeand are you still wanting a slideshow on the front page?15:42
zequenceNo, I don't think we need that.15:42
zequenceBut, we'll need to work on the colors a bit15:42
knomei would put it like this:15:43
zequenceThink what I want to do is make the grey a bit darker. That's pretty much it for me.15:43
knomesince you are the main target for the dark theme, let's just make the dark variant work for you15:43
knomeand i'm sure other people who want a dark theme will be happy15:43
knomeoh, one question:15:43
knomewhen using the dark theme, do you think the dark dropdown menus are preferred, or would you actually prefer to keep the dropdowns light as they are regularly?15:44
zequenceknome: I like having them as is15:45
knomedark, that is?15:45
knomeor light?15:45
knomeyou confused me now...15:45
zequenceThe menus is the same color as the top bar, in our case blue. I like keeping it that way15:46
knomeadd a submenu item for a menu item15:46
knomeand make sure you don't get the mobile menu15:46
knomeso... this is now dark on dark15:46
knomeis that good, or would you prefer to have it light?15:46
knomeor do you think it's something that will tear people apart, and that it would be good to offer both alternatives?15:47
zequenceNo, I think I prefer having the same color on the menu as the top bar15:47
zequenceIt looks really good in blue for us15:47
knomei think you are still missing the point :D15:48
zequenceRight, not mobile menus15:48
zequenceLet me check15:48
knomewell in mobile menu too; the submenu items are shown in dark/light15:48
knomebut the regular view gives you a better idea what i'm talking about15:49
zequenceThink I would like them in the same color as the top bar, though, but I need to check15:49
zequenceknome: I don't have a strong opinion right now. It looks ok.15:52
zequenceI need to think about it15:53
knomezequence, sure. and if the colors feel off, we can modify them too15:54
zequenceknome: No. I do prefer them dark. I was also thinking about perhaps making the have the same color as the top bar15:54
zequenceSo, either dark, or in our case bliue15:54
knomezequence, the border for the submenu bubble is a bit weird imo15:55
zequenceknome: Yes, I noticed that too15:55
knomei'll likely revisit that when i'm home tonight or some other day in the next few days15:55
knomebut feel free to suggest something else in between15:56
knomeas i said before, all the dark style related stuff is in css/style-dark.css15:56
knomeso not too much digging to do if you want to play around with it15:56
zequenceIf the menu would have the same color as the top bar, which I think could look nice, there needs to be some horisontal positioning difference in the mobile menu, or something that shows which items are submenus15:57
knomei don't think i'd want to change the submenu bg for the mobile style menu15:58
zequenceCould be a difference in the font too. Bold, vs normal15:58
knomeand i don't think the header color would work too well with the regular view15:58
zequenceI would like to try that, anyway. But, I'll wait until after FF15:59
knomethe same with the font stuff, then the regular view should have bold/medium for the main items too i think15:59
knome(though that's doable imo)15:59
zequenceAlright. Need to jump in the shower16:00
knomehave fun, but don't get too wet!16:00
sakrecoer_knome: great improvements in mobile size! looks very good!16:11
knomethanks, and happy you like them16:12
sakrecoer_the submenu works in grey.. color scheme is delicate. i like how the darker blue on a:active interacts with it...16:14
knomeit's actually the same blue, you're just seeing weird stuff16:15
sakrecoer_right:D my briwser highlughts with green on tap 16:16
sakrecoer_browser highlights*16:16
sakrecoer_transparent green that is, making it darker.16:18
sakrecoer_ok, i'll take some notes and try some stuff! read you later16:18
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