flocculantbluesabre: right - I knew you would which is why I went bluesabre > instead of ochosi > :p00:00
flocculantwhat can I say - there are only 3 of us :p00:00
flocculantI vote for making web/debian liason/docs release team till 18.04 :D00:01
flocculant*shrug* no - not many people tested that :p00:02
Unit193I'm reading now, I wasn't before.00:02
flocculantoh rite 00:02
flocculantneed to work more on the keywords00:02
Unit193flocculant: I liked the idea of expiring at this LTS!00:06
flocculantI like the idea of expiring full stop at this juncture00:07
Unit193But, but, but...  I just upgraded another system to Xenial!  I'm trying to help! :(00:16
bluesabreUnit193: too hacky in your opinion? https://paste.ubuntu.com/15012568/00:32
flocculantbluesabre: actually working on hardware here now 00:33
bluesabreflocculant: as in, doing hardware work or running xenial in a non-vm?00:34
* bluesabre realizes he didn't test with a modified config00:35
Unit193What about  "Any shell metacharacters will be escaped, so arbitrary shell code cannot be inserted here."  ?00:36
Unit193man dh_installdeb00:36
* flocculant wonders which unasked question bluesabre refers to :)00:37
flocculantunless the 'are you brave enough'00:38
flocculantwhich I understand :D00:38
flocculanttalking to robert ancell bout my issue - which confusing me 00:39
Unit193For trusty, should in theory be able to just boot a vm and install xubuntu-default-settings_16.04.1_all.deb00:39
Unit193dpkg-query -W -f='${Conffiles}\n' | grep obso  doooon't spot the xubuntu files. >_>00:39
bluesabreboot vm, install newer version of greeter, tweak lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf, install that package00:39
Unit193However, do you want to move their config to user? :P00:40
flocculantlightrdm just completely confuses me now00:41
Unit193etc should override, soo.00:41
bluesabregood point00:41
* bluesabre spends a lot of time doing needless work00:42
bluesabrerm_conffile should be sufficient00:43
bluesabreor maybe that's not even required00:44
* flocculant feels the same way sometimes :)00:44
Unit193bluesabre: Well, unless the user edited the file. :P00:45
* bluesabre opts to not rm_conffile or mv_conffile00:45
* flocculant is still confused with lightdm00:51
flocculantdo we install stuff to /usr00:51
flocculantthen if people want to fiddle point them to making a new file in /etc00:51
Unit193flocculant: Yes.00:52
Unit193flocculant: Shipping only the bare minimum in usr/00:52
flocculantautologin does my head in 00:53
flocculantmight try and do and "this is default" "this is default no password" type affair00:54
Unit193FWIW, /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf is shipped with everything explained and commented out.00:55
Unit193And, IIRC, defaults as the values.00:55
flocculantUnit193: find autologin in there where "everything explained and commented out"00:57
bluesabreautologin is part of lightdm conf, not the greeter00:57
flocculantperhaps I can't see that because of bug 150819200:57
ubottubug 1508192 in mousepad (Ubuntu) "Mousepad search highlights hard to see" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150819200:57
flocculantbluesabre: even so - autologin should not be hidden in 370million google pages00:58
flocculantwhere the one you actually need is page 79 :)00:59
bluesabreflocculant: agreed00:59
bluesabreprobably need to document it better00:59
bluesabreon the ubuntu wiki00:59
bluesabreor something00:59
flocculantor our's 01:00
flocculantsomewhere for sure :)01:00
flocculantthat was a full on teenage shreak :D01:01
flocculantor swear 01:02
Unit193Wait, people use mousepad to edit system conf?!01:02
flocculantUnit193: only people who are lazy enough to use the shortcut they have kicking about in thunar'smenu 01:03
bluesabreI do in a vm if I am too lazy to install vim01:03
flocculantthat they copied from years back01:03
Unit193bluesabre: vi, or nano!01:03
flocculantbluesabre: wtf - does something really simple like nano not work once you can code?01:04
bluesabreI've gotten too vimmy, nano no can do01:04
Unit193...That's OK, I doubt I know how to use the GUI as well as others. :P01:04
flocculantI shall remember to not code then :p01:04
flocculantUnit193: I can do 2/3'ds :p01:04
Unit193bluesabre: There's benefits of both, Ctrl+k is something I miss in vim for example.01:04
bluesabrecode in atom or geany, configs in vim01:05
flocculantI just remember fails with vi/vim and sudoers 01:05
flocculantI do like atom - it remembers stuff01:05
flocculantI actually used it too ;)01:06
bluesabreflocculant: found a bug in my ubuntu conf for the greeter, so things will look a bit different (as they were actually intended) on the next upload01:11
flocculantbluesabre: so - clean install it - upgrade from it ? 01:12
bluesabre(thank Unit193 reminding me that the greeter had a template with examples)01:12
bluesabreflocculant: it will work fine with an upgrade01:12
flocculantbluesabre: we need perhaps a get-together on what we need to test01:13
bluesabreflocculant: alrighty01:13
bluesabreshould just be a difference in layout01:13
flocculantI can even do it with a cam so we are actaully talking :D01:13
flocculantor a phone :)01:13
flocculantAS LONG AS YOU PAY01:14
bluesabrethen you'll hear my panicked "that's not right", "crap", "that wasn't supposed to be found" ramblings01:14
flocculantor free cam :D01:14
flocculantha ha ha 01:14
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bluesabreUnit193: so, an observation I have made while working on these packages, the config files don't go away on their own without explicitly using rm_conffile, even without changes06:39
bluesabreit might actually be best to just rm_conffile and have users recustomize, particularly since there is little config and the params have changed in the last few greeter releases06:40
Unit193bluesabre: Files in /etc?  Yeah they won't get removed if you remove the package unless you purge.06:44
bluesabrewell, with rm_conffile, user-made changes will at least be backed up, so i don't see any significant downsides to it06:45
Unit193Config files, and marked as such.  You can use a hack but everyone will hate you for it. :P06:45
Unit193OK, just as long as you're aware.06:45
Unit193And, man you're up late.06:46
bluesabrelate dinner, indigestion06:46
bluesabreguzzling water and burping a lot06:46
Unit193I win, just finished Battleship now Criminal Minds.  Tata.06:47
bluesabreother than "wily" sneaking into this commit (corrected in 597), that should do it for x-d-s, and I've got the greeter package ready to go as well07:19
bluesabreI'll upload both in the morning07:19
bluesabrenight all07:21
ochosiflocculant: maybe not relevant anymore, but i don't remember printer stuff getting removed on installing gnome-software07:57
flocculantflexiondotorg: didn't really mean you - I know where to hassle you :D09:11
flocculantochosi: thanks - that's odder than bluesabre - pretty sure you were looking in a vm at the same time as I was originally09:13
ochosiflocculant: well at least i don't *09:50
ochosi*remember* ;)09:50
flocculantI'll test it all again later - I had add-apt crashing on me last night - that didn't help at all :p09:51
Unit193gnome-software just hit repos.10:26
Unit193bluesabre: Nice job!10:39
bluesabreflocculant: uploaded new lightdm-gtk-greeter and xubuntu-default-settings. To make it easier, wait until both hit the archive before upgrading and kicking the tires :)11:26
bluesabrerespectively ;)11:27
bluesabreback to bed for me, bbl11:29
slickymasterWorkbluesabre, Unit193, flocculant, resuming from suspend gives me no networking and reboot/shutdown takes me to the login screen12:35
slickymasterWorkdid any of you guys face that?12:35
slickymasterWorkin Xenial, of course12:35
knomepleia2, slickymasterWork, please look at http://wiki.xubuntu.org/website/series12:50
slickymasterWorkmorning knome :)12:51
* slickymasterWork checks the link12:51
slickymasterWorkjust one remark knome 12:52
slickymasterWorkthe final question in the media players article12:53
slickymasterWorknot sure if it's worth to have it 12:53
slickymasterWorkwhat was your idea behinfd it?12:53
slickymasterWork* behind12:53
knomeit's not useful in the sense of giving users additional information, but it draws the developers closer to the community by talking about human things12:54
knome(eg. not only ever about technology!)12:54
slickymasterWorkfair point12:54
slickymasterWorkmy fear that it can somehow escalate obfuscating the main point we'd like to be addressed12:55
slickymasterWorkbut I do see your point12:55
knomewell it says briefly12:55
knomei was thinking about a few lines at most12:55
knomewhere the rest of the article would be worth of 3-4 paragraphs (maybe)12:56
knomethough i don't know if everybody wishes to be so wordy12:56
knomebut *shrug*12:56
knomeit's very intentional there :)12:56
knomewe'll edit if flocculant goes on rambling 134534 pages long about 70's music12:57
slickymasterWorkthis article reminds me item (yet to be done) about removing the references of gmb in the documentation12:57
knomethat said, do you think there would be some other questions that we SHOULD ask?12:57
slickymasterWorkI'll take care of that one12:57
knomeor that could be useful for say, your article12:57
knomebecause i totally wrote the questions based on what i want to say12:57
knome(maybe all of them aren't even that meaningful for many here)12:58
slickymasterWorkno, I'd just add, in the first media players question, the streaming habit12:58
slickymasterWorklots of people these days just prefer to stream, instead of collecting their music in physical medias12:59
slickymasterWorkbut this of course takes with it the capacity/availability of a media player to stream content from spotify, soundcloud, etc13:01
knomeyeah, but i don't know if any app works with for example spotify13:01
knomei've led to think that the team uses a good spread of media managers13:01
knomeit might not be totally comprehensive, but then, this isn't about presenting all linux media manager13:02
slickymasterWorkand just a few used the 'official' one13:02
slickymasterWorkI for one, never come to peace with gmb13:03
knomeand ultimately, once we know what media managers will be presented and notice a popular manager is missing, we can just throw in an "other alternatives" article13:03
slickymasterWorkon a different subject knome, have you already tested xenial?13:04
knomei've installed it once on vbox13:04
bluesabreflocculant: both are in the archive now13:05
bluesabreslickymasterWork: not seen that, heading out the door though13:05
slickymasterWorklol, was about to ask you that13:05
slickymasterWorkknome, will you be aroung this afternoon?13:06
* slickymasterWork has to go lunch now13:06
knometo be or not to be13:07
knomethat's the question...13:07
knomeerm, i'll be leaving from home within an hour13:07
knomei don't know if i'll take my laptop with me13:07
slickymasterWorkwell, I'll ping you13:07
slickymasterWorkif not, tonight13:07
knomeyep, do that13:07
knomeyeah, i'll be around on the evening13:07
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flocculantknome: so I'll say "anything but country or western" then :p18:10
knomeflocculant, that works :P19:16
ochosievening all19:24
knomehello ochosi 19:30
ochosii really need to catch up on a few thinsg19:32
ochosisry i haven't been able to be around much the last week or so, lotta work @work19:32
davmor2flocculant: these are about as close to country and western as I get, do those count? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfmYCM4CS8o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRvCvsRp5ho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckom3gf57Yw19:34
knomejust sent a mail to the devel mailing list so i don't have to repeat myself too many times19:37
knomeochosi, please read :)19:37
bluesabreknome: good ideas19:53
ochosioh hey bluesabre 20:02
ochosihow come you're around at this hour?20:02
bluesabrePulled out my phone20:03
ochosiyup, good ideas knome 20:03
ochosioh i see20:03
bluesabreSo not actually around ;)20:03
ochosibluesabre, knome: hey, say, did you know about https://unsplash.com/ ? (for the wallpaper "contest")20:24
ochosithere are some really nice pics there20:25
ochosiand it's creative commons zero license https://unsplash.com/license20:25
ochosiso we should be able to use those without problems20:26
ochosithis one i like a lot: https://unsplash.com/photos/RH-17EIWprY20:26
ochosinice colors20:26
knomenot bad20:26
ochosi(note that the preview differs from the final pic, as it adds vignetting on top and bottom)20:26
ochosithere are a lot of pics with people in them, but also enough good ones without20:27
ochosiplus the resolution is sufficient (in all pics i tried)20:27
pleia2knome: heh, they haven't responded to the ticket, but dev.x.o now exists, pointing to the wrong address20:47
pleia2I'll respond20:48
bluesabreevening all22:37
bluesabrehey slickymaster, I'd check your system logs to see if there are any events that stick out22:50
slickymasterwill do bluesabre, tomorrow22:51
bluesabreslickymaster: cool22:51
slickymasterbut I do have a confirmation of it, bluesabre 22:51
bluesabreits unlikely to be light-locker or xfce4-power-manager directly causing it22:52
bluesabrebuttttt, its entirely possibly22:52
slickymasterone of the UF admins faced the same with today's image22:52
bluesabreknome: butt22:52
slickymasterwho's butt?22:52
knomepleia2, lyyyyz! sean is calling me names!22:52
slickymastermummy's baby :P22:53
knomeslickymaster, who isn't?22:54
slickymasterfair point22:54
knometime to hack with the xubuntu theme for a change a bit23:12
Unit193bluesabre: Anything I need to be helping with?23:13
knomeUnit193, put your name in the wiki with your media manager of choice so i can bother you later about writing an article23:13
knomeUnit193, no, you can't tell you love gmb so much now that you pass the stick to me.23:13
bluesabreUnit193: know of any pressing issues I should be focused on?23:14
slickymasterdon't fall for that Unit193 23:14
slickymasterit might seem like a mermeid voice, but it's a trap23:15
* slickymaster hides23:15
knomeslickymaster, yes, please add yourself there too23:15
knomeand you, bluesabre 23:15
knomeand you, pleia2 23:15
bluesabreknome: I'll think on it23:15
knome4 birds with one stone23:15
bluesabreI have a music collection, but only stream via pandora or spotify23:16
knomebluesabre, then let's write about that then23:16
Unit193Looks like I have vlc, vlc-nox, and ffmpeg installed.23:16
knome*one then23:16
Unit193And like bluesabre, I use pianobar a fair bit.23:16
knomeUnit193, we can do that too. didn't you do some mpd stuff at some point?23:16
slickymasterI'll speak aboutmy vinyl collection23:16
knomeslickymaster, you can do that briefly23:16
knomeslickymaster, and please remember, nothing about the vinyl pants!23:16
Unit193knome: Really I just tend to use players, not managers.23:17
bluesabreknome: added it, its not a media manager, but you can scoff at me later23:17
knomeUnit193, i really think that's okay too.23:17
knomebluesabre, ta23:17
bluesabremaybe I'll see where rhythmbox is currently23:17
knomeUnit193, i mean, we do want to show alternatives people can do23:17
Unit193pianobar, vlc, and I've used mpv once or twice. :P23:18
bluesabreor tomahawk23:18
knomei added the history question too if you want to talk about things you used before23:18
pleia2knome: but I use mplayer23:18
knomei have used stuff from amarok to listen to mpd before..23:18
knomepleia2, that's fine as well :)23:18
Unit193bluesabre: I like Debian's tomahawk better. :/23:18
pleia2knome: I will look like an old lady23:18
bluesabreUnit193: oh?23:18
knomebut yeah, maybe we want to group some of the "i don't use any media manager" together23:18
Unit193nightingale: Installed: 1.13a-0~13196~ubuntu15.10.123:18
knomebut still, please add yourself23:18
knomeso i can track it all23:19
Unit193!info tomahawk unstable23:19
ubottuPackage tomahawk does not exist in unstable23:19
Unit193!info python-tomahawk unstable23:19
ubottupython-tomahawk (source: tomahawk): simple ssh wrapper for executing commands into many hosts. In component main, is optional. Version 0.7.1-2 (unstable), package size 17 kB, installed size 87 kB23:19
knome(since no-one from you will want to lead this thing anyway ;()23:19
bluesabreUnit193: that... could be used to play music23:20
Unit193bluesabre: Yep!  moc baby!23:21
Unit193bluesabre: And no, I don't know of anything you should be looking into.  Unless you want to fix the PPA versions. :P23:30
bluesabreoh yeah23:31
bluesabreshould go through those23:31
* Unit193 shrugs.23:31
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slickymasterknome, do I have permissions to add a namespace to the wiki?23:51
knomegood question. try?23:52
slickymasterwill, just fixing the xubuntu-docs url, in the contacts page23:53
slickymastercurrently there it's https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-docs23:53
slickymasterthat last 's' doesn't belong23:53
* bluesabre expects knome to rename xubuntu-doc to xubuntu-docs23:54
slickymasterit isn't yet bluesabre 23:55
knomei do find it a bit weird without s too23:55
knomebut changing a team name, meh23:55
knomeand not even name, the slug that's pointed to from gazillion places23:55
bluesabre(yeah, don't)23:55
slickymasteryes I can knome 23:58
knomecan what?23:58
slickymastercreate a namespace23:58
knomeah :)23:58
slickymaster√£dded the documentation entrance23:58
knomewhen you add "====== Title ======" to namespace/start, you get to change the stupid "start" in the sitemap23:59
slickymasteryes, I know23:59
slickymasterdone that I created it23:59
slickymaster+ when23:59

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