Guillaume2will try the xscreensaver00:04
Guillaume2will come back if something00:04
flocculantGuillaume2: ack00:05
BouncerHey folks, Trying to mount a hard drive but I have to do it in read only mode due to the machine it came out of not shuting down correctly.01:14
BouncerCan anyone help me out with that.01:14
flocculantBouncer: so you have a drive that's locked itself from some sort of password thing?01:18
geniiBouncer: Ideally, you make sure it's entirely unmounted. Then run fsck on it. Then try mounting it again01:18
BouncerThe pc it came out of is dead01:19
geniiIf it was encrypted, thats another ball of wax of a different aroma01:19
BouncerIt isnt encrypted01:19
BouncerIt just didnt get to shut down so im being moaned at about a hibernation state.01:19
geniiThen unmount, fsck, mount01:19
BouncerIt won't mount at all so I can't unmount it?01:22
genii"Trying to mount a hard drive I have to do it in read only mode" I guess is what made me think it might be mounted01:23
BouncerWhen I try, I Get a nice big warning tell about hibernation mode and how it should be mounted in read only.01:23
BouncerHowever im an idiot and can't quite get teh command right.01:24
geniiDo you know what /dev/sdX it is?01:25
geniiSo you're trying to boot it??01:26
genii( seein as sda is the default boot drive )01:27
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BouncerIm xubuntu live, I just want to mount the drive and move any important files to another drive.01:28
geniiThen as I said earlier01:31
genii(sudo) fsck /dev/sda2   ..in this case, if it's actually not mounted01:31
Bouncerreturns @fsck from util-linux 2.26.201:32
geniiPlease clarify01:35
Bouncersudo fsck /dev/sda201:36
Bouncerthe next line then says01:36
Bouncerfsck from util-linux 2.26.201:36
geniiSo if it has not yet returned you to the command prompt, wait until it does so01:37
Bouncersudo fsck /dev/sda2/ gives me some info01:37
geniiNo trailing slash after sda201:37
BouncerThat is all it gives01:38
BouncerIt then returns me to command promt01:38
BouncerWith the slash I get this01:38
Bouncerfsck from util-linux 2.26.2 e2fsck 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014) fsck.ext2: Not a directory while trying to open /dev/sda2/  The superblock could not be read or does not describe a valid ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem.  If the device is valid and it really contains an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock:     e2fsck -b 8101:38
geniiJust: sudo fsck /dev/sda201:38
geniiNOT sudo fsck /dev/sda2/01:38
BouncerI tried that.01:41
BouncerIt gives me this01:41
Bouncerfsck from util-linux 2.26.201:41
Bouncerthen returns to prompt./01:41
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geniiBouncer: Then try to mount it and see what it says01:43
BouncerError mounting /dev/sda2 at /media/xubuntu/2EF43117F430E2AF: Command-line `mount -t "ntfs" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=999,gid=999" "/dev/sda2" "/media/xubuntu/2EF43117F430E2AF"' exited with non-zero exit status 14: Windows is hibernated, refused to mount. Failed to mount '/dev/sda2': Operation not permitted The NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown Windows fully (no hibernation or fast restarti01:43
geniiAh, ntfs01:44
geniiBouncer: sudo ntfsfix -d /dev/sda2                  ...then see if you can mount it after that01:45
geniiMight need to install the package which contains it01:46
BouncerMounting volume... Windows is hibernated, refused to mount. FAILED Attempting to correct errors...  Processing $MFT and $MFTMirr... Reading $MFT... OK Reading $MFTMirr... OK Comparing $MFTMirr to $MFT... OK Processing of $MFT and $MFTMirr completed successfully. Setting required flags on partition... OK Going to empty the journal ($LogFile)... OK Windows is hibernated, refused to mount. Remount failed: Operation not permitted01:46
flocculantso a windows drive problem?01:50
geniiIf you just want to pull files off, try with readonly option. eg: sudo mount -o ro /dev/sda2 /media/xubuntu/2EF43117F430E2AF01:51
Bouncerntfs-3g-mount: failed to access mountpoint /media/xubuntu/2EF43117F430E2AF: No such file or directory01:53
geniiThen: mkdir mnt && sudo mount -o ro /dev/sda2 ~/mnt01:55
flocculantmaybe umount first01:55
geniiBouncer: Just in case it's already mounted, as flocculant suggests: sudo umount /dev/sda201:56
BouncerWe have a winnder01:57
geniiGreat, now I can go grab beer01:57
BouncerWait till I Tell him I Now have to mount another drive but I Need to be able to righ to it.01:58
Bouncerto move the stuff to.01:58
geniiHopefully they didn't hibernate the other one.01:58
flocculantanother issue - moving on ...01:59
Bouncerrror mounting /dev/sdb1 at /media/xubuntu/Storage: Command-line `mount -t "ntfs" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=999,gid=999" "/dev/sdb1" "/media/xubuntu/Storage"' exited with non-zero exit status 14: The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0). Metadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount. Failed to mount '/dev/sdb1': Operation not permitted The NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown Windows01:59
geniiBouncer: Put the drive back in the system it came from, have them shut it all the way off and not into hibernate or suspend02:00
geniiThen it will be mountable read/write02:00
BouncerThing is there is no OS on the drive.02:00
BouncerIt is just media files.02:00
flocculantBouncer: back  it all up - to ext4 - come back afterwards02:01
geniiYou could try the force option, but it's dangerous02:01
BouncerI have no where to back it up to.02:01
flocculantwhen the backup fails02:01
flocculantBouncer: yes you do - we all do - we just don't see them02:02
BouncerIts 1TB02:02
BouncerI Don't have any drives anywhere near that size.02:02
flocculantwe can't help in #xubuntu, try #ubuntu - they are not DE agnostic02:03
flocculantthanks man02:03
geniiBouncer: If it never was bootable anyhow, I'd try: mkdir mnt2 && sudo mount -o force,rw /dev/sdb2 ~/mnt2   ... and then delete the file on the drive called hiberfil.sys  ...then sudo umount /dev/sdb2   ... then try normal mount02:04
BouncerIt used to be an OS Drive.02:05
BouncerIt was wiped but not formated.02:05
Bouncerso there must be some trace of an OS still left on it02:05
geniiSeems so02:05
xubuntu200hello all. i recently made a mistake partitioning and made a /usr/local partition, while installing kali on another partition. i wanted the /usr/local partition to be my shared, data storage partition for music and such but i misunderstood the meaning of /usr/local. can i simply put the files in this partition into my root / partition (kali)? what mount option (/, /usr/ etc) should i have used in this case?02:08
BouncerWell I've got access, THats a start, I will try throw the stuff I Need up to mega.02:08
BouncerThanks for being pateint.02:08
geniiBouncer: At any rate, I'm headed out but will be around tomorrow 9:30am-ish to 6pm-ish EDT02:09
genii( if no solution before then)02:09
BouncerIts fine, I'll back it up to the clound, Then download it to the media drive via windows.02:10
geniiThere ya go then02:10
xubuntu200can anyone help me with my partitions?02:15
pencilandpaperWhat kind of help do you need xubuntu200 ?02:32
xubuntu200i messed up my partitions02:33
xubuntu200i recently made a mistake partitioning and made a /usr/local partition, while installing kali on another partition. i wanted the /usr/local partition to be my shared, data storage partition for music and such but i misunderstood the meaning of /usr/local. can i simply put the files in this partition into my root / partition (kali)? what mount option (/, /usr/ etc) should i have used in this case?02:33
pencilandpaperYou want to move the files that are in your /usr/local partition to your / partition right?02:38
pencilandpaperHow many installs do you have on that hdd?02:38
xubuntu200i have windows 8 , xubuntu and kali02:40
xubuntu200i want my sda 6 to be a shared partition for my linux systems02:41
xubuntu200i just didn't do enough research before partitioning and now i have a massive partition set as /usr/local with files in it from the kali install ( i'm assuming). i want to know where to move those files, in order to free up that partition.02:43
pencilandpaperThe files that are in the /usr/local partition, are they system files, or private files xubuntu200 ?02:44
pencilandpaperDo you happen to know?02:44
xubuntu200i think they are system files02:44
xubuntu200from the kali install02:44
xubuntu200bin /etc / lib / share / src there are more02:45
pencilandpaperOk, yeah they are..so what OS are you using right now xubuntu200 ?02:46
xubuntu200i am in xubuntu02:47
pencilandpaperOk nice, now can I ask you something? Are you able to just reinstall kali?02:48
xubuntu200yeah sure lol i guess thats the easiest solution02:48
pencilandpaperAlthough not the ONLY solution. lol02:48
pencilandpaperHow large is the kali partition man?02:49
xubuntu200i just want to know more about the mount defenitions and what usr/local really means and what those files are anyways02:49
pencilandpaperI am assuming that they are the files that are outside of root.02:49
xubuntu200xubuntu and kali are on 25gb partitions and i have a shared partition that is 40002:49
xubuntu200see i dont even know what that means02:50
pencilandpaperYou probably have your root partition, and then the / fileysystem in that /usr/local partition..right?02:50
xubuntu200no, i dont believe so02:50
pencilandpaperThe 400gb is /usr/local?02:51
xubuntu200i installed kali on a seperate partition sda 4 and set 4 to /02:51
xubuntu200the 400 gb is my local lol02:51
pencilandpaperThe 400gb partition is your /usr/local?02:51
pencilandpaperOk cool, and its labeled as what please?02:52
xubuntu200421gb volume02:52
xubuntu200ill just reinstall and learn more about mount and partition stuff thanks for the help02:54
pencilandpaperI mean as sda what?02:54
pencilandpaperWait, I may be able to help you not have to do that.02:54
pencilandpaperOpen gparted and tell me when its opened please xubuntu200 .02:55
xubuntu200dev sda802:57
pencilandpaperNice, and you want to move what is on sda8 to what partition xubuntu200 ?03:01
xubuntu200somewhere, so that i can use that large partition for media storage03:02
pencilandpaperNo, I mean what is the name of the partition that kali is on?03:03
xubuntu200ok so i guess i understand what happened03:10
pencilandpaperI am actually dumbfounded. I would just reinstall kali man.03:13
xubuntu200lol thanks03:14
xubuntu200what started to mess me up in the first place is this whole uefi thing. im new to it all and i was sick of windows 10 so i started going razy with linux but ive forgotten so much but ill get it back03:15
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xubuntu67wQuick question - when I go to the desktop settings panel to change my wallpaper, the default backgrounds don't show up03:41
xubuntu67wI have the folder set to "backgrounds"03:41
xubuntu67wTrying to set to the default 15.10 wallpaper03:48
xubuntu67wAlso another question, is "OpenJDK Java 8 Policy Tool" necessary software? I don't know if this was installed by defeault or if it is a remnant of software I've uninstalled03:59
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pragomer_1Hi. A new user in xubuntu is asked if he wants to set the default panel or an empty one. where can I disable this question and always set the default panel?07:05
jdwwattsim using xubuntu 15.10 on my toshiba sattellite laptop i downloaded linux mint formatted a kingston 8 gig usb disc to fat 32 opened unet boot in and it loaded 70% and stopped what now ?07:54
jdwwattsoh here it goes07:55
pjotterHello everybody. Does anybody know when Xubuntu 14.04.4 will be released?09:39
krytarikpjotter: Plan is on 18th Feb.09:45
flocculantpjotter: we'll start testing weekend/early next week - perhaps you could join in - certainly if I don't see sufficient testing for it I will not be marking it for release and we won't actually get a point release09:47
pjotterHow does this testing work? Just try it out and report what problems you encounter?10:06
xubuntu066bonjour, après install xubuntu 14.04 LTS sur asus eeepc 1000H redémarrage écran noir! cg :12:25
knome!fr | xubuntu06612:25
ubottuxubuntu066: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:25
xubuntu066bonjour, après install xubuntu 14.04 LTS sur asus eeepc 1000H redémarrage écran noir! cg : ,12:26
knomexubuntu066, please don't repeat; this channel is english only12:27
pjotterXubuntu and Eee is not agood mix. O have two Eee-Pc's and both have problems running (X)ubuntu. Among them random screenblanking and such.12:28
pjotterWhat -might- help in the case that the Eee is stuck on a blank screen is: Remove battery's reboot the computer on regular power , then insert batteries again and reboot. With me, this helps sometimes.12:30
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xubuntu01wCan someone remind me how to mount a NTFS drive in RO mode,13:41
xubuntu01wI've tried this13:47
xubuntu01wsudo mount -o ro /dev/sdb2 /media/storage13:47
xubuntu01wI get failed to mount no such file or directory exsists13:48
xubuntu01w#join channel13:52
xubuntu01w#joinchannel test13:53
xubuntu01wAny suggestions at all.13:58
`qqxubuntu01w: you're mounting a local device onto /media/storage which doesn't exist14:04
xubuntu01w'qq What should I do then?14:04
`qqoh sorry NTFS ... i read NFS14:04
xubuntu01wI had it mounted last night but I forgot the command14:04
`qqxubuntu01w: yes sorry. does /media/storage exist?14:05
xubuntu01wstorage was just a shoft name I used14:06
xubuntu01wthe actual error is a long sting on numbers and text14:07
`qqif /media/storage exist can you see /dev/sdb2? you can try lsblk see if you spot it14:09
xubuntu01wError mounted /dev/sdb2 at /media/alan/2EF43117F430E2AF: Command-line 'mount -t "ntfs" -o "uhelper=udisk2,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1000" "dev/sdb2" "/media/alan/2EF43117F430E2AF" exited with a non-zero exit status 14: Windows is hibernated, refused to mount. Failed to mount 'dev/sdb2': Operation not permitted The NTFS partition is in an unsafe stage. PlEASE RESUME AND SHUTDOWN wINDOWS FULL (NO HIBERNATION OR FAST RESTARTING) O14:11
xubuntu01wy with the ro mount ption14:12
xubuntu01wsdb2 is indeed the drive I am trying to mount14:13
xubuntu01wi can see in in lsblk14:14
`qqare you missing a / ?14:14
`qqfrom Failed to mount "dev/sdb2"14:14
`qqshould be "/dev/sdb2"14:14
xubuntu01wI typed it error manually#14:15
xubuntu01wSo might just be a typing error14:15
xubuntu01wthe xubuntu machine doesn't have access currently14:15
xubuntu01winternet access14:15
xubuntu01wor I would just copy and paste14:15
`qqdid you boot into windows and not shutdown properly?14:16
xubuntu01wThe PC died suddenly so there was no shutdown.14:17
`qqsee here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/462381/cant-mount-ntfs-drive-the-disk-contains-an-unclean-file-system14:17
`qqyou can try sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdb214:17
`qqxubuntu01w: basically your ntfs partition is in limbo right now.14:18
`qqeither try the ntfsfix, or reboot into it if you can14:18
xubuntu01wI can't reboot into it.14:18
`qqok, sudo ntfsfix then14:18
xubuntu01wIts from a completely different system.14:18
xubuntu01wSomeone gave me a command to get it mounted last night and I started backing it up, But I went to bed.14:19
xubuntu01wI forgot to take note of the comand.14:19
`qqdo a man ntfsfix14:19
`qqthe command you had is the right one14:19
xubuntu01wsudo ntfsfix?14:20
`qqread the man page first14:20
xubuntu01wDoes work.14:20
xubuntu01wI remeber this last night#14:20
`qqso you're good!?14:20
xubuntu01wDoesnt work14:21
xubuntu01wWindows is hibernating, refuserd to mount. FAILED14:21
`qqthat's the result of the ntfsfix?14:21
xubuntu01wThats the first part of it14:21
`qqtry sudo ntfsfix -dn /dev/sdb214:22
`qqthe d clears the vol dirty flag14:23
`qqthe n means don't do anything. just show me what would have been done14:23
xubuntu01wit says Mounting Volume... okay14:24
xubuntu01wtells me that the NTFS was processed successfully14:25
`qqok you could give it a go14:25
`qqbut i just found this:14:25
`qqso the drive is hibernated i think14:25
xubuntu01wso sudo ntfsfix -d /dev/sdb214:25
`qqok try14:26
`qqok /me think need to remove hibernation file14:26
xubuntu01wthere is no hibernation file on the hdd14:26
`qqit's a mount option14:27
xubuntu01wTried to remove it last night.14:27
`qqsudo mount -o remove_hiberfile /dev/sdb214:27
`qqdid you do it through mount option?14:27
`qqoh the remove_hiberfile no longer works :(14:29
`qqsorry! all out of ideas14:29
`qqmaybe ask on a channel more connected with ntfs14:29
xubuntu01wI don't even know where to go.14:30
`qqthere is an #ntfs channel14:32
`qqxubuntu01w: still here?14:33
`qqfound something14:33
`qqaccording to the arch wiki you can try using the UUID instead of device name14:33
xubuntu01wWhen I click on the drive to mount it14:36
xubuntu01wIt says error mounting /dev/sba2 at /media/alan/2EF43117F430E2AF14:37
xubuntu01wThat sting is actually the UUID14:38
`qq confirm it by doing lsblk --output NAME,SIZE,MOUNTPOINT,LABEL,UUID14:41
`qqand then do sudo mount UUID=<your UUID> /mountdir14:42
`qqi gotta go. good luck!!14:42
xubuntu01wgenii did you help me with a hard drive last night?14:47
xubuntu01wgenii please tell me it was you.14:48
geniixubuntu01w: If it was the two NTFS drives where they were shut down in Hibernate instead of a full off, then yes14:51
xubuntu01wI need you once again.14:52
geniixubuntu01w: So long as you can put up with long periods where I have to be away from the computer because I'm at work, I'm at your disposal14:53
xubuntu01wI've spent the last hour dealing with people telling me I can't mount the drive.14:53
xubuntu01wEven thought you got it up last night.,14:53
xubuntu01wSame drive.14:53
xubuntu01wI just need to get it mounted again.14:54
xubuntu01wSo I can finish backing it up.14:54
xubuntu01wI just cannot remeber the command you gave me to get it mounted.14:55
xubuntu01wI tried sudo mount -o ro /dev/sdb2 /media/alan/2EF43117F430E2AF14:55
geniixubuntu01w: You have the drives in there now and on livecd?15:00
xubuntu01wI now have xubuntu installed on 1 drive15:01
xubuntu01wand the 2nd drive is the one that was mounted last night.15:01
xubuntu01wThe drive I need acces to is /dev/sdb215:02
geniixubuntu01w: So then:sudo umount /dev/sdb2 && mkdir mnt && sudo mount -o ro /dev/sdb2 ~/mnt15:19
geniiSorry on lag, had a delivery come in, then Bell techs walkaround to decide wiring routes15:19
GridCubecan someone give me a hand with some pdf shanenigans?15:21
geniixubuntu01w: This is just the drive you need read-only access to, yes?15:22
ToeTagI'm on Xubuntu 14.04LTS - when I hit alt + f2 and the application finder comes up, I cannot figure out how to open the terminal (I think it should be xfce4-term). Does anyone know why it's unlisted?15:22
GridCubeim using a software that creates labels for my books, if i open the pdf on linux it looks awesome but if i send to print from evince all the text ends crammed on a single letterbox, if i open the pdf on windows the spacing between the letters is all wrong, if i open the pdf using evince on windows each letter has a box around it and prints like that15:23
xubuntu01wI must have made an error somewhere15:24
xubuntu01wunmount command not  found15:24
knomeGridCube, if the software offers an option to save text as paths, that should at least fix your issue15:24
knomeGridCube, of course, the files aren't copy-pasteable after that, but it's likely not a problem since you are "only" printing them anyway15:25
GridCubeyes, that sounds good, but i don't understand the php code can i show you?15:25
geniixubuntu01w: umount, NOT unmount15:26
geniixubuntu01w: No "n" after the u15:26
xubuntu01w /dev/sdb2: not mounted15:26
GridCubei wonder if a different pdf on linux has a different printer15:27
geniixubuntu01w: Thats fine. Just doing it as a precaution in case it actually was already mounted15:27
GridCubebut probably not15:27
knomeGridCube, i likely don't have time to look at it now (and i'm not too familiar with pdf creating with php (even if that interests me for several reasons)), but you can definitely link me to it and i might have a look later :)15:30
geniixubuntu01w: If all went well, should be able to see the files now in the /home/your-username/mnt directory15:30
xubuntu01wDrive isnt mounted15:31
xubuntu01wCan't even access that directory15:32
geniixubuntu01w: Try then just the next two commands that were given after that.So: mkdir mnt && sudo mount -o ro /dev/sdb2 ~/mnt15:32
geniixubuntu01w: I should have put ; instead of && after the first command, my error15:33
xubuntu01wcannot creat directot mnt file exists15:34
xubuntu01wCannot create directory 'mnt' : file exists15:34
geniixubuntu01w: So then go to the last command: sudo mount -o ro /dev/sdb2 ~/mnt15:35
geniiAny error message there, or just back to prompt?15:35
xubuntu01wI owe you a beer.15:35
geniixubuntu01w: I assume you can see files in there now :)15:36
xubuntu01wGreatly apprecated15:37
geniixubuntu01w: Glad to assist15:37
* genii wanders off for a smoke15:37
xubuntu01wI have photos from my engagement party on there I though I had lost years ago, Only to find them on there last night.15:37
xubuntu01wSo I was a tad annoyed I couldn't get it mounted this morning.15:37
geniixubuntu01w: If you want to actually make it so the system can automount it properly, we can do that too if you like.15:41
xubuntu01wThere not much on it that I actually need.15:41
xubuntu01wI was only looking at it to see if I could wipe it, Then found those pictures15:41
geniixubuntu01w: So in that case just better to yank off the important suff, repartition and format15:41
xubuntu01wOnce I get them off it will be reformated.15:41
xubuntu01wYea thats the plan.15:42
xubuntu01wI really like xubuntu15:42
xubuntu01wIt is stupidly lightweight.15:42
geniixubuntu01w: If you format to a linux filesystem make sure you change the partition type also15:42
genii( otherwise automounting doesn't work)15:42
xubuntu01wYea I've used linux on and off for a over the past 10 years, the whole windows didnt shut down properly is something I have never managed to sort.15:43
xubuntu01wI alway have issues with linux.15:43
xubuntu01wMy NIC MAC Address is apprently 11:22:33:44:55:66 which means I can't get online.15:46
xubuntu01wAnd my wireless card isn't even deteched atm.15:46
geniiThat MAC looks like something you might see in a bonded connection15:50
genii( or something a supposed MAC spoofer might produce)15:51
xubuntu01wYea its a driver issue last time anyway,.15:51
xubuntu01wIm sure it was.15:51
xubuntu01wIf I manually set my MAC address then all is good.15:52
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adrian_1908Hello. Does anyone here use the paint program Krita? It freezes on my Desktop in a way that I cannot seem to recover from (aside from switching to different tty and rebooting). Any suggestions welcome.16:16
xubuntu79dHow do I install ipcop?16:34
Akxwi-daveipcop has its own iso,,  http://www.ipcop.org/16:55
Akxwi-davetake a look there for the download and install info.16:56
Akxwi-daveits a distro of its own16:56
xubuntu58wI wonder if any of you guys have run Xubuntu live and tried the toram option at boot. if it worked for you and If you found any problem making it happen18:29
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xubuntu16wHello, i installed xubuntu and all its ok... but... on some apps like vlc, spotify... the language of the app shows all in squares...21:00
xubuntu16wtryed all i can from the settings but i cannot fix it... help please21:01
xanguaxubuntu16w: what language? What xubuntu release?21:02
xubuntu16wlatest stable... 14.04 i guess21:03
xubuntu16wi have the default language as portuguese21:03
xubuntu16wyes the xubuntu is the 14.04.3 LTS21:11
xubuntu16wprobably its better to use the forums, any way thank you xangua21:15
xubuntu16wcya you around21:15
xubuntu02wanybody there?21:22
knomeif you have a support question, just ask21:23
xubuntu02wI am asking about Xubuntu Core iso21:23
xubuntu02wis there a plan to release a core iso of xubuntu which is stripped down and does not contain any extras21:24
xubuntu02wdont refer me to https://unit193.net/xubuntu/core/21:24
xubuntu02wso I can start building my own21:25
xubuntu02won top of the core21:25
xubuntu02wI need an offical iso21:25
knomehttp://xubuntu.org/news/introducing-xubuntu-core/ is the original, official announcement21:26
knomethere is no official ISOs yet21:26
knomealso, if you are planning to build on top of xubuntu (even core), please read http://xubuntu.org/dev/derivatives/21:26
xubuntu02wif I download the minimal iso, and download on top the core21:27
xubuntu02whow can I backup the distro ?21:27
xubuntu02was to create my own iso version of my currnt system21:28
knomexubuntu02w, this is not completely trivial, and i suggest you get familiar with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization21:28
xubuntu02wsaw it. its difficult and hard to follow21:29
knomethere is no shortcut.21:29
xubuntu02wI need to buil my own remix xubuntu21:29
knomethen you need to learn what's on the page21:29
xubuntu02ware you a buntu developer?21:30
knomei'm involved with xubuntu, yes.21:30
xubuntu02wI found a tool called pinguy http://pinguyos.com/2015/09/pinguy-builder-an-app-to-backupremix-buntu/21:31
xubuntu02wto build a remix buntu21:31
xubuntu02wI heard that Xubuntu is planing to release a Core version?21:32
knomeif you actually paid attention to what i said/pasted before, you'd know all the details there is published about it.21:32
xubuntu02wI already read and know what you pasted to me21:33
knomethen you know the answer to your own question.21:33
xubuntu02wwhat is the time where you are?21:34
knomei don't know how that is relevant21:35
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