ovidiu-florinahoneybun: it did15:46
clivejoovidiu-florin: http://doodle.com/poll/e3mxbfpdexdcbbck15:47
clivejoanything there suits you?15:47
ovidiu-florinclivejo: done15:57
clivejoovidiu-florin: thanks :)15:58
clivejoyofel: thankyou18:56
clivejowho else do I need?18:57
clivejois there only 5 KCC members?18:58
clivejovalorie: ping21:41
valorieI think there are six of us -- check on launchpad21:43
valoriebut we only need three for a meeting I believe21:44
valoriethe rest can vote by mail21:44
clivejogot 5 - http://doodle.com/poll/e3mxbfpdexdcbbck21:44
valorieso pick a time and day, announce it, and I can put it on the wiki page on community.kde.org/Kubuntu21:45
valoriethose are locked down except for superadmins, which I am since I was deleting spam after the attack21:45
clivejoseems to be only one timeslot okay for all five21:48
clivejoTues 16 at 21:00 UTC21:48
valoriesounds good22:00

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