ScottKclivejo: quassel is updated in Debian, so someone can look at sync or merge.00:00
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clivejohi ScottK, are you on the launchpad project?00:01
ScottKFor quassel?00:04
ScottKBTW, if you find stuff in the Ubuntu package we ought to have in Debian (i.e. you merge not sync), then please file bugs in Debian.00:05
ScottKThat doesn't actually do anything.00:06
clivejoare you Scott Kitterman?00:06
ScottKI am.00:06
ScottKAt one point we were considering using LP for upstream quassel translations.00:07
ScottKNote that the most recent branch is years old.00:07
clivejoI see00:07
ScottKThanks for the pointer though.  It's one more little piece of LP cruft to clean up to quit that.00:08
totof-at-workhi all, is there a date for having plasma 5.5.4 in wily backport ppa ?09:52
valoriewhen it's done09:55
valorietotof-at-work: you can test, if you are a knowledgeable user09:55
valorie1. install ppa-purge09:56
totof-at-workthks for this answer ... I only see that packages in backport-landing don't evolve since one week :) 09:56
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html09:56
valoriethen add the backports-landing PPA09:56
valorietest, then remove that PPA09:57
valorieonly purge it if you are having serious problems09:57
valorieif you decide to test, please come here and report your problems09:57
valorietotof-at-work: we don't have enough people doing packaging to get things done quickly these days09:58
valorieif you are interested in helping, please stick around09:58
totof-at-workI opened the bug 358359 that was fixed but it seems that the fix wasn't not included in 5.5.4 packages ? Anyone can confirm ?09:58
ubottubug 358359 in Russian Ubuntu Projects forum "Доработать новую структуру форума" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35835909:59
BluesKajHiyas all11:47
clivejohi BluesKaj11:47
soeehiho BluesKaj11:47
BluesKajHey clivejo, soee, what's happening today?11:48
clivejosoee and BluesKaj would you guys testify for me?11:48
BluesKajtestify ?11:48
clivejotell the world how great I am :P11:48
clivejoIm applying for Kubuntu membership11:49
soeeclivejo: "I am ashamed to say, I was a Windoze user and was involved in beta testing Vista"11:49
clivejoand if you do, please use @SIG@ to sign it11:49
soeenothing to be ashamed - i say it is a big +11:49
clivejoI know, so very ashamed!11:50
soeevalorie: ping11:50
clivejoActually the first time I installed Linux I blew up my monitor :/11:51
clivejoId got a Mandrake box set somewhere11:51
clivejolate 1990's11:51
soeeclivejo: whole wiki page looks good :)11:53
clivejosomehow jacked the refresh rate up and monitor couldnt handle it11:53
soeedo not worry i saw article today that changing some date in ios (iphone) leads to phone destruction :D11:54
soeewhere do i define environment variables ?11:57
clivejoenvironment variables ?11:58
clivejofor what?12:00
soeeok i found something: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables12:00
soeeclivejo: there is a bug in latest Nvidia driver and as a workaround (till next release) they suggesto to set one env variable12:00
soeeso we have /etc/environment for a system wide variables12:01
clivejositter: whats up with KCI, there are 15 jobs stuck for about an hour and a half now14:10
sgclarkit usually get stuck at launchpad being  unresposive. may want to look at the logs14:15
sgclarkmm publication checks. maybe not14:21
clivejohi sgclark14:25
sitterclivejo: launchpad slow to build I'd say14:25
sgclarkthe ones I looked at got past builds are fine, publication check14:26
sgclarkis where they sit14:26
clivejostuck in the mud, Ill get the tractor the tow them out14:26
sitterslow to publish actually14:27
sgclarkahh. 14:27
sitterbuilt an hour ago, still not published14:27
* clivejo kicks LP14:27
sgclarkgot it, so yeah aunchpad is to blame14:27
sitteryou might want to check in with wgrant though. an hour too publish is not normal14:28
mgolden_What is the testing plan for 16.04 ISOs?15:09
BluesKajthe plan is install and run it , then report any bugs :-)15:11
BluesKajmgolden_, a lot depends on your hardware and their drivers and what packages you like to use and this is the release schedule,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseSchedule15:17
mgolden_Right, when do I get to do that?15:18
mgolden_Just a question of planning my time...15:18
mgolden_I hadn't seen the schedule before.15:19
BluesKajmgolden_, the best method id to install the daily build, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/15:20
mgolden_Is kubuntu going to have a beta on 2/25?15:20
BluesKajmgolden_, if that's what the schedule says then yes 15:21
mgolden_Well, the schedule says "for opt-in flavors" which is the same thing it says for the Alphas, but there haven't been any alphas this time (to my knowledge)15:23
BluesKajopt in flavors includes kubuntu if that's what you mean15:24
alleemgolden_: Hi Mitch, did you solve your 30 sec login problem?15:25
mgolden_allee_: Removing akonadi had no effect the first couple of times, but now it seems fast15:27
mgolden_BluesKaj: OK, I look forward to testing it.  I know there used to be alphas so I wasn't sure how it was going to go this time.15:28
BluesKajthe daily build is your best bet , that method brings alona all the latest fixes and packages, mgolden_15:30
BluesKajgawd  my spelling is awful today 15:31
mgolden_BluesKaj: Will do.15:32
sgclarkwgrant: we seem to have a bottleneck with publications on launchpad, mind taking a look?15:43
sgclarkclivejo: the packages with epoch remove and rename need the changelog entry to match what debian did and you will need to rename the source tarball to match. it is so the two versions can coexist.15:48
sgclarknot sure how we can handle the rename in our scripts though, yofel perhaps can do some magic there.15:49
clivejosgclark: could we go through one together?15:50
sgclarkI am here if you have questions15:50
clivejoI need to do it and see it, my brain works strangely15:52
clivejosgclark: also would you testify for my kubuntu application if you get a few minutes? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/~clivejo15:53
sgclarkyou bet15:53
clivejoaparently you sign it with  @SIG@15:54
clivejoif you have any tips on something to add or remove, please do let me know15:55
clivejosgclark: what happens if debian changed the name a couple versions ago and we have released one in the mean time under the old name and epoch?16:09
sgclarkrename is happening in debian merge. I would think it is fine. perhaps confirmation from yofel16:11
sgclarkrename should make the epoch irrelevant..16:11
sgclarklibkf5kdcraw successfully built which is the one I did16:13
sgclarkstill not publishing of course..16:13
sgclarkanyway, I am moving forward, the farther we stray from debian the more unnecessary work for us.16:15
clivejoI done this one - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications/+build/898488716:17
clivejobuilds ok, but not showing on QA16:17
sgclarkclivejo: ah the packageset needs to be updated for that16:19
clivejoin KA?16:19
sgclarksadly I get denied when trying to commit to kubuntu-automation so yofel will have to I guess unless you have access..16:19
clivejoI should have access :/16:20
clivejohavent tried it recently16:20
clivejoshall I try?16:20
sgclarkI don't but whatever16:20
clivejoedit applications-xenial?16:22
sgclarkcan you edit libkf5kdcraw while in there clivejo?16:22
sgclarkwell it was libkdcraw16:22
clivejoIve just done libkf5kdcraw and libkf5sane16:25
clivejosee how qa reacts16:25
clivejowill debian rename the git too?16:26
clivejoqa is set on a cron sync every 10 mins isnt it?16:26
sgclarkno clue on git, probably not if they have not done so already. 10 mins sounds about right.16:27
clivejosgclark: are you pulling the KA from LP git?16:27
sgclarkyeah I think so, is there another?16:28
clivejothey moved from bzr to git16:28
sgclarkyeah I had access to bzr, but get denied on git16:28
sgclarkI have the repo.. but get denied with git16:29
clivejosgclark: http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/build_status_15.12.1_xenial.html16:32
clivejolibkf5sane is now showing, but not libkf5kdcraw16:33
clivejoah, its not published and there is no previous version so its blank16:35
clivejodoesnt display16:36
sgclarkyeah launchpad seems to be broken.16:36
sgclarkGonna go wear my KDE hat for awhile.16:36
clivejoKCI seems to be broken too!16:37
clivejoif its not debian git being slow, its launchpad!16:40
clivejocant seem to catch a break!16:40
sgclarkKCI is not broken, it is waiting on launchpad16:40
yofelsgclark, clivejo: yes, keep debian renames even if the rename version doesn't match17:31
yofelsgclark: and there's a source package name <=> upstream name map in the automation tools. And I think the watch files can also handle name mismatches17:32
yofelseveral maps actually, be careful there17:32
sgclarkyofel: ok, but I cannot commit to automation git. access denied17:46
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clivejosgclark: there are a few packages which you uploaded for 15.12.1, but are showing as red on qa, do you want me to leave them for you to fix?19:04
sgclarkif I had to guess it is pim19:04
clivejoah gwenview seems to be deps19:05
sgclarkif you want to fix them , I am totally ok with that19:05
sgclarkyeah we still have a bunch of libs to be done19:05
clivejoI think thats the problem19:05
sgclarkdistracted by KDE stuff atm though19:05
clivejoand KF5KDcraw19:05
sgclarkmm that sould be ther19:06
clivejopublisher is still playing up!19:06
sgclarkwell when kipi is  done it will need a rebuild19:06
clivejoI think Ill leave it until the publisher starts playing ball again19:08
clivejoits rather annoying19:08
sgclarkI saw KCI stuff going by, should be good19:08
clivejolibkf5kdcraw started 3 hours ago and finished after 2mins, 34.6 seconds and its still not published!19:10
sgclarkoh goodness19:11
sgclarkguess that deems it still broken19:11
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sgclarkall of the failures are due to launchpad publishing taking 3+ hours... not actual build fails19:30
sgclarkbut then we are poor maintainers so meh19:31
valoriesorry for the late response, soee, but pong21:16
clivejohi valorie21:21
valoriehi clive, how's it going21:21
clivejogreat bar an S2 going crazy21:22
valorieyou are IRCing fron a bar?21:22
valoriethen I don't understand "great bar an S2 going crazy"21:23
clivejotrying to fix a Samsung Galaxy S2 that decided to go crazy21:23
rwws/bar/except for/21:23
rwwdoes that help :321:23
sgclarkan S2 that is old?!?!21:27
clivejoI put CM13 on it and gave it to my mother21:27
clivejotwo nights ago it had some kind of mental breakdown21:27
valorieah, I give phone stuff to my "linux son" Thomas21:29
clivejothats a bit of a mouth full21:36
clivejoI think Id go for just Tom :P21:37
valoriehe was Tommy growing up, and wanted to go by Thomas when he got older21:48
valorieso I sort of go between the two21:48
valoriein general, I call people what they want to be called21:48
clivejothis phone has been through a format and a wipe21:50
clivejoyet it still have thumbs of peoples faces in .face21:50
clivejothats crazy21:51
clivejonearly 1Gb of them!21:52
valoriethis is how they keep the crapware on phones, I would guess21:55
clivejoI installed a custom ROM21:56
clivejobut that really should have been deleted after a factory reset21:56
clivejoits amazing how much data can be recovered from a phone you think is wiped21:57
soeehi valorie, sorry for late response - my health is so bad today :/ i spent whole day i bed22:33
soeevalorie: could you review wiki page with clivejo profile ?22:33
valorieoh gosh, get well soon soee22:33
valorieI'll look at it again, sure22:33
soeethank you22:34
valoriewhen you are going for membership?22:34
valoriesoon I hope?22:34
soeeclivejo: ^22:34
clivejosoee: I asked you to testify!22:34
soeei did, bt i trust valorie more than me when it comes to English :D22:35
clivejoI mean write a statement at the bottom22:35
clivejosaying how great you think I am :P22:35
valoriesoee: you just login to the wiki, and then edit the page22:36
clivejooh BTW valorie your signature is wrong22:36
clivejoneeds to be  @SIG@22:36
valoriewrite what you want, sign it with @SIG@ and then preview before saving22:36
soeeahh.. i'll do it tomorrow i'm going to get some sleep now :(22:36
valorieyeah, I couldn't remember how to do that22:37
* clivejo gives soee a dirty look22:37
soeecu tomorrow22:37
clivejosoee: you got man flu?22:37
valoriefixed it22:45
valorieI'll add the @SIG@ bit to our membership page, since it does not come up when searching for it with google (I did try)22:45
clivejovalorie: would you fix LP please??22:50
valoriewgrant: any progress on relieving poor LP's constipation problem?22:50
* valorie is willing to contribute Ex-Lax22:51
clivejoI wanted to do some work on apps 15.12.122:51
valorieclivejo: I assume you can continue to package, even though there is a delay in publishing?22:54
clivejonot really, I like to make sure they a building properly22:55
wgrantvalorie, clivejo: Sorry, was asleep. It should be catching up now. A collection of very popular and large package upadtes had millions of machines DoSing it.22:56
wgrantLet me see how close to caught up it is.22:56
wgrantI hate libreoffice.22:57
valorieI would, but it helped move me from Win > Lin back in the day when it was Oo.o22:57
clivejostupid boot loops23:06

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