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talhaanybody there?02:16
MylonWhat's up?02:17
talhaHey. I'm looking for help with some virtualisation problems in Kubuntu 14.04 with Vmware. Would you be able to help?02:19
MylonProbably not.  But... Are you virtualizing Kubuntu 14.04 or are you virtualizing something else inside of Kubuntu 14.04?02:20
talhaVirtualising kubuntu02:21
MylonAnd what problems are you having?02:21
talhaThe vmware tools has become corrupted somehow and will no longer let me resize, copy paste etc.02:21
MylonOh, that sounds like a problem with VMWare.02:22
talhaIt's not VMWare. It's kubuntu. I tried with another virtual machine it works fine02:22
MylonAt one point VMware wouldn't launch because I had misplaced my virtual machines folder during a backup/restore.02:22
talhaI had a problem with grub and at one point I updated it and after that the vmware tools stopped working02:23
MylonI'm familiar with vmware tools and what they do, just not familiar with them inside of a Kubuntu machine.02:25
MylonBut now that you mention it, I should make a Kubuntu VM just so I can fuck with the next "You're computer is infected with a virus" phone scammer.02:25
talhayou still get those?02:26
talhaAnd why does this google captcha not work in chrome??02:27
talhaGreat, now i'm blocked from creating an account for spamming.. thanks captch02:30
MylonI dunno, so long as you don't do like 2 captcha in an hour you just click a box and it works.02:44
MylonNo solving silly illegibile lettering.02:44
MylonHow do I change audio output device?  I have a bluetooth speaker03:17
MylonIt's connected03:18
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MylonI tried this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/398030/change-default-sound-device/50213303:55
MylonBut it doesn't seem to launch after installing.03:56
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FritigernMylon: Of course that does not work for you. That post is about HDMI, you have bluetooth. So, go to the bluetooth config and add it.04:06
MylonWell it's added in bluetooth.04:07
MylonBut it's not playing through it because it thinks it's a headset or somethign.04:07
FritigernSee if you have pavucontrol installed, if not, install it. Using that you may be able to enable your BT speakers as output04:12
MylonBleh, so much stuff needs to be part of the default Kubuntu install.04:18
MylonI'd rather a 12 gig install that has these options available than a 2 gig install that doesn't.04:18
MylonOkay... Tried to install pavucontrol via Discover and it said insufficient permissions?04:19
MylonOh, there's the password prompt.04:21
MylonWas hiding.04:21
FritigernLinux 101: If you want to install something, you need to enter your password. if you don;t, then you will have insuffi cient perms04:22
MylonAlright, got it playing via Bluetooth.04:23
MylonThanks, Fritigern.04:23
MylonNow I guess the next task is to find a decent music discovery service that doesn't stream shitty 128kbps audio.04:51
FritigernI am fond of Jamendo, but that may not meet your needs, although I don;t know what quality they offer04:57
FritigernAnd then of course you could alwyas tune into some online radio station, for which I would recommend Iceasty at http://dir.xiph.org04:58
MylonYoutube is half-way decent at finding music I like, except for the poor quality part.05:03
FritigernWhat kind of muzzik do you like?05:03
MylonLately been on a retro video game music kick.05:05
MylonAmarok looks like black magic.05:40
MylonTells me how often I've heard the music, last time I heard it, lets me rate it....05:41
ron____i want to use softwares like SAS inm my sytem so which version of ubuntu should i use09:54
valorieI don't know what SAS is10:05
valorieubottu doesn't know either, sorry10:05
ubottuvalorie: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:05
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BluesKajHiyas all11:46
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jubo2y0 piippöl14:29
jubo2Thanks for the awesome OS14:30
jubo2Now the bad part..14:30
Smurphythere is no bad part.14:30
SmurphyIt always sits on front of the keyboard :)14:30
jubo2My machine does not wake up from sleep properly whenever it is not connected to the dock14:30
SmurphyI never send mine to sleep. Not required (Only got low power hardware).14:31
jubo2Yeah but being a laptop it'd be really nice14:31
SmurphyBut - what do you call "properly" ?14:31
SmurphyWhat GPU is in your laptop ?14:31
jubo2Smurphy: It is maybe related to this bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/141829514:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1418295 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Black screen after resuming from suspend" [Low,Expired]14:31
jubo2At least the symptoms sound just about the same14:32
jubo2I didn't find any agree fix in that article14:32
jubo2Smurphy: Is Intel integrated GPU that comes with 1st gen i514:33
juboxiHello from another machine!14:33
Smurphyjuboxi: Weird. usually the Intel GPU's are the best supported. using a 5th Gen i7 here on my Dell Laptop.14:34
SmurphyAnd I have no such issues.14:35
jubo2Bourgeoisie chip :D :D14:35
BluesKajhjeh, only an i3 here and, no probs at all as described above14:38
BluesKajon my laptop that is14:38
Smurphyjubo2: How did you configure the graphics on your system? Defaults ?14:39
jubo2Smurphy: yes. autodetect settings.14:41
Smurphynothing in: dmesg output ?14:41
SmurphyYou manage to go down to the console when that happens ? <Ctrl>-<Alt>-F114:41
jubo2Smurphy: haven't checked. Is fried tomato, eggs and bacon momemnt here now14:41
jubo2Smurphy: iirc yes the textual consoles work14:42
SmurphyYeah - I understand that. That's good :D14:42
SmurphyCould you check the next time that happens -> go to the console, and issue a "dmesg" call (Kernel ring buffer). To see if the kernel tells us something that has happened.14:42
jubo2ok. in a little while14:43
jubo2ok. I disconnect here and see what dmesg says in tty14:49
juboxiSmurphy: ok looking at dmesg now14:50
juboxikactivity manage and klauncher segfault14:51
juboxiall else looks good14:51
juboxiit detactches the SCSI DVD-Ram station and the USB ports in the docking station14:52
juboxithose exist only on the docking station14:52
juboxiI also see an exception14:52
juboxiin red14:52
juboxiSError it concludes14:53
juboxiI put the laptop to sleep and wake it up again14:53
juboxinow I get login screen with alt-ctrl-F714:53
juboxibut it leads back to the login screen14:54
juboxinow I see a bunch of segfaultsin dmesg14:56
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Smurphylol. yeah - weird sometimes.15:24
aboudreaultDoes anyone know why some applications don't show in the systray? (not hidden)15:39
BluesKajaboudreault, it's a bug, sometimes they return on a reboot, sometimes not15:40
aboudreault:/ already rebooted and remove-add the widget15:44
aboudreaultDo you know if it is fixed upstream?15:45
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ubottumario_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:57
fewchaHi, I am trying to update my Kubuntu, but am getting this error everytime -> https://paste.kde.org/poecxxgfg/pybaat   Can someone please help? Thanks20:19
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ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is a currently-supported !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120420:35
rodolfojcjfewcha: try opening Muon update manager GUI and go to More > Software Sources and in the Other Software tab, temporary uncheck the extras.ubuntu.com entry20:38
rodolfojcjand then run apt-get update again20:38
rodolfojcjalgo, maybe you can ignore that error for a while and try to upgrade the packages not coming from extras.ubuntu.com by running apt-get upgrade command and seeing if there are upgrades available20:39
fewcharodolfojcj: okay, trying it, thanks20:42
rodolfojcjyou're welcome20:42
rodolfojcjfewcha: which Kubuntu version are you using? Are you trying to upgrade the current one or do you want to go to a more recent version?20:43
fewcharodolfojcj: kubuntu 15 , and I am just trying to upgrade the current one20:45
darksimHow can I stop Kubuntu from launching ALL games as fullscreen, spread across all available monitors instead of just using a single monitor?21:16
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MylonBlargh.  My bluetooth speaker no longer seem to be connected after the computer was put in sleep.21:46
MylonAnd bluetooth connect button didn't work the first 5 times but it worked the sixth... Go figure.21:47
hulkcatI have an ubuntu 15.10 and Kubuntu 14.04, in different partitions in one computer22:14
hulkcatMy problem is this, I can connect to the internet via ZTE Modem, it works by GPRS, from ubuntu 15.10, but I can't connect to the internet via kubuntu 14.0422:15
hulkcatPlease help me :)22:15

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