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tigeriteHi, is there some issue with Launchpad publishing packages today? Many of mine are spending a long time "awaiting publication" after building..20:41
cjwatsontigerite: Yes, there's a handful of very large and popular PPAs taking up all that system's outgoing bandwidth, which means it has very little bandwidth available for downloading packages to publish from Launchpad's core systems ...20:42
cjwatsontigerite: It's an anomalous event but it seems to be mostly legitimate traffic, so for the moment, we're just going to need to wait for it to calm down naturally20:43
cjwatsontigerite: The PPA publisher is running, just very slowly20:43
tigeriteNo worries, just was wondering as it's been fine until today, but that makes complete sense20:43
cjwatsonWe're looking at ways to make it a bit more resilient in case something like this happens again20:44
cjwatsonBut, well, Friday evening20:44
tigeriteYeah, it'll probably calm down over the weekend20:44
cjwatsonThings like this normally last less than a day20:45
cjwatson(cron cycles etc.)20:45
tigeriteBy the way is this a good place to ask for a quota increase if I should need it? I did leave a question on Launchpad but didn't hear back, and then chained PPAs instead, but I may after all need a small increase depending on how much space boost and virtualbox end up taking20:46
cjwatsontigerite: Leaving a question is normally the best way and we normally do handle those reasonably quickly; we must just have missed handling that one in time20:56
tigeriteNo problem, the space is fine at the minute, it's funny though how quickly 2Gb goes! I already had to trash two PPAs as the binaries got "stuck" :)20:58
cjwatsonWe're happy to issue quotas for what looks like reasonable use.20:59
cjwatsonEr, increase quotas.20:59
tigeriteThat's cool. I really don't want to trash this one, I've uploaded 50 packages (not all built at the mo) and more to come, making dependencies play nice is a challenge, certainly!21:01
tigeriteAnyway thanks for all the help and will keep checking to see if my packages get published this evening ;)21:11
tigeriteThe longest one's been 4 hours in the queue, heh!21:12
cjwatsonYeah, our last run took about five hours21:13
cjwatsonWe're looking at options21:13
tigeriteAt least it happened on a Friday..21:14
tigeriteAnd, packages are uploading fine now, which is a big improvement on earlier in the day :)21:16
cjwatsonPPA publishing issues should hopefully improve very shortly22:04

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