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mvocan anyone suggest a workaorund for https://code.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy/trunk-github ? it fails right now with: bzrlib.plugins.git.errors.UnknownCommitExtra: Unknown extra fields in <Commit ace271dbbf103122fd56f186c1e3fd0708b6a905>: ['gpgsig'].13:23
mvoI was wondering if a code-import from github->lp-git would work but it seems like I can not ask for such a code import directly13:24
cjwatsonmvo: We'd like to implement git-to-git mirrors, and there's some hope of getting it onto the schedule soon, but the only possible workaround right now is to mirror manually.14:22
mvocjwatson: hm, I guess I could remove the tag with the gpgsig also? would that help?14:23
cjwatsonmvo: I think that's a signed commit, not a signed tag.14:24
cjwatsonmvo: It has to be nowhere in the history of the branch you're trying to import, so it may not be sensibly possible for you to undo ...14:26
cjwatsonUnless it's like the most recent commit or something.14:26
mvocjwatson: its probably in between, but I will try to figure out which one. I was suspecting a signed tag because that is what I do when I release. I will try to find out if there is a signed commit somewhere14:28
mvocjwatson: thanks for your help, I will scratch my head a bit over this14:29
clivejohi guys, Launchpad seems to be taking an hour plus to publish, is there something wrong?14:30
wgrantJust investigating that.14:30
cjwatsonThe PPA publisher seems to be chugging along.14:31
wgrantVery slowly.14:31
wgrantI'm getting 100KB/s haetae to carob.14:31
cjwatson2016-02-12 14:31:35 DEBUG   Added /srv/launchpad.net/ppa-archive/ci-train-ppa-service/landing-000/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mir/mir-demos_0.19.2+16.04.20160212.1-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb from library14:32
cjwatson2016-02-12 14:31:48 DEBUG   Added /srv/launchpad.net/ppa-archive/ci-train-ppa-service/landing-000/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mir/mir-doc_0.19.2+16.04.20160212.1-0ubuntu1_all.deb from library14:32
sophomericI have some packages in pending publication status. How long does it typically take for this to complete?15:17
dobeytypically, not very long15:21
dobeycurrently, the publisher is running a bit slower than typical15:21
sophomericIt's been a little shy of an hour. I know I'm being impatient but I thought I'd ask.15:22
LaneyThere's some kind of network trouble going on which seems to be causing things to back up15:24
sophomericI'll just wait until Monday then since it's nearly the end of the day here. Thanks for the update.15:25
cjwatsonIt'll hopefully be sorted out soon15:26
clivejoany update on the publisher slowdown/stop?20:52
dobeyit's still slow20:55
dobeyincredibly slow20:56
Saviqis there +junk support for git in launchpad?21:22
cjwatsonSaviq: yes, but it's spelled +git21:22
cjwatsonSaviq: https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Git#Repository_URLs  see the bit about personal repositories21:23
Saviqcjwatson, thought ~saviq/+git/project would be the equivalent of ~saviq/project in bzr...21:23
cjwatsonSaviq: ~saviq/project doesn't mean anything in bzr in isolation, please clarify :)21:23
cjwatsonSaviq: in "~saviq/git/repository", the "repository" bit has no connection to any project name except by coincidence21:24
Saviqcjwatson, if I have a ~saviq/project/branch in bzr, wouldn't a corresponding branch in git be "branch" in ~saviq/+git/project?21:24
cjwatsonSaviq: a project repository would be "~saviq/project" (your default repository for that project; use that unless you have a reason not to) or "~saviq/project/+git/repository" (separate named repository; this is for special cases)21:25
Saviqcjwatson, ok, misunderstood "personal" in this case21:25
cjwatsonit's a little odd but we needed to do it this way for URL consistency with other parts of LP21:25
cjwatsonSaviq: I've added a mention of +junk to the help page, to assist people familiar with bzr21:26
cjwatsonmodulo wiki saving ever getting back to me21:26
Saviqcjwatson, can a git repository ever be ~saviq/project/foo?21:27
cjwatsonSaviq: no21:27
Saviqor ~saviq/project, or ~saviq/project/+git/foo21:28
cjwatsonit can be either of those last two21:28
Saviqso we got one more level of depth compared to +junk, works for me21:28
cjwatson~saviq/project/foo was dodgy URL design with bzr codehosting, it achieved brevity at the expense of permanently colonising an important swathe of namespace21:28
Saviqcjwatson, agreed21:29
cjwatsonwe couldn't use it because it would have been ambiguous21:29
cjwatsonor else the webapp URLs would have had to differ from the git.l.n URLs21:29
Saviqcjwatson, that clears it up, thanks!21:29
Saviqcjwatson, oh one more question, I was always more used to pull, as opposed to merge, requests with git, is that a design decision to keep them MPs, or just TODO?21:31
dobeythat just seems like nomenclature differenct to me21:32
cjwatsonSaviq: well - you can only pull if you've rebased first, which is a project decision21:32
cjwatsonSaviq: merging is still perfectly legit in git, and many projects do that21:33
Saviqcjwatson, sure, which is why I said "was more used to" :)21:33
cjwatsonSaviq: e.g. if you look at linux, most commits by Linus are merges :)(21:33
* Saviq always liked the flat history, but it's probably unwieldy in big projects21:34
Saviqor plain not useful - better to be able to drill down from a merge21:35
Saviqinstead of ploughing through all the commits on one level21:35
dobeyi prefer to call it "fake history" than flat history ;)21:35
Saviqbetter than "merge trunk" being half of that history ;P21:36
Saviqbut I guess one does not cause the other21:37
dobeyif merge trunk is happening too much, then that should signify there is something wrong with the development process, or the understanding of the developers about how branches work21:37
Saviqwell, s/trunk/prereq-branch/21:39
dobeysure. i think my statement works for either case. :)21:42
Saviqit's just we're touching the same areas of code a lot these days, and can't land often enough, meaning we get into conflict dance all the time21:43
dobeysure. not blaming you. just saying i think flattening commits is a non-solution to the process issues.21:48
cjwatsonPPA publishing issues should hopefully improve very shortly22:04
jose'ello! I was wondering, when creating a Launchpad account/ubuntu one id, does it require you to verify your email address?22:51
wgrantA Launchpad account does, an Ubuntu One account does not.22:57

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