tsimonq2https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/InstallingLubuntu BADLY needs to be updated, I have seen it linked from several different websites, and something should be done about it.03:08
wxltsimonq2: is is still reda-only?03:08
tsimonq2it still cites amjjawad as contact!03:08
tsimonq2wxl: no but I'm digging and don't have time tonight03:08
tsimonq2plus, we have a docs team for a reason, they could probably do a better job then me :)03:09
wxltsimonq2: we have no one leading said team really :(03:09
tsimonq2wxl: well I'm not gonna step up, but something needs to be done!03:09
* phillw wxl I can edit https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/InstallingLubuntu03:10
tsimonq2"Please note that the final and the current release of Lubuntu is 11.10 which will be supported until April 2013. "03:10
tsimonq2thank you phillw03:10
wxlthx phillw03:10
tsimonq2(BTW some virtual machine programs have a BIOS, screenshots could just be taken, ;) )03:10
phillwwxl: I am actually very annoyed at the statement... https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-wiki-docs03:13
phillwbut, I'm  required elsewhere03:13
wxlphillw: i didn't mean to minimize your contribution, but  i know you're only filling in as needed03:14
* tsimonq2 will join the docs team once he gets better at writing :)03:16
phillwhi with 14.04.4 coming up - have a look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/727127/last-upgrade-crashes-network-manager-no-internet-connection-no-applet13:21
phillwwxl: this is a 'hot bug' and needs chasing ^^^13:24
wxlwhatcha want Unit193 ?14:18
wxloops wrong channel AS usual14:18

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