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Daca_Hello, I am new to Lubuntu. So far works great and I would like to use it permanently. Can somebody tell me how to upgrade it when the present version 15.10 expires in June?08:03
hateballDaca_: The update-manager will tell you. otherwise in a terminal "sudo do-release-upgrade"08:05
Daca_Thank you so much!08:06
hateballDaca_: and since 16.04 is an LTS release, you have the option of sticking with it for 2 years08:06
hateballotherwise you'll need to update every 6-9 months08:06
Daca_Great, thank you so much. Just please to make sure I have understood, can I get upgrage with just typing the command you gave me: "sudo do-release-upgrade"?08:09
hateballDaca_: yes08:10
hateballDaca_: You can run it now as well, it will check if there is a new release available but tell you there isnt08:10
Daca_Fantastic. Thank you so much!08:10
cnnxdoes lubuntu have something like openoffice?14:27
cnnxto write documents and spreadsheets?14:27
wxlcnnx: abiword and ummm i forgot the spreadsheets thing XD i just install libreoffice.14:27
wxlcnnx: gnumeric is the spreadsheet.14:28
wxlcnnx: if you're trying to keep resources to a minimum, they're your best choice. otherwise, libreoffice!!14:28

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