Kiloshelloooo africa06:39
CraigZimhello Kilos and all07:39
Kiloshi chamomile09:03
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-africa09:03
chamomilehi Kilos, dropping in from #nairobilug09:04
KilosCraigZim send us some rain man09:04
Kilosyou are welcome to hang out here chamomile and get to knows the rest of the guys all over africa09:05
Kiloshave you joined us at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa09:05
Kiloshmm... zipper is also from kenya09:06
CraigZimhad 38mm last night09:13
josuebrunelhi guys09:38
Kiloshi josuebrunel welcome to ubuntu-africa09:38
josuebrunelthanks Kilos09:39
Kilosfeel free to invite any lug people you might know in all of africa09:39
josuebrunelok Kilos09:39
josuebrunelwhat are you guys up to ?09:40
Kilosso far we are connected from tunisia to capetown09:40
josuebrunelby the way, i'm from Congo09:41
josuebrunelnice to meet u guys09:41
josuebrunelnope, the smaller one :|09:41
josuebrunelbut it's same for me09:41
Kilosyou can join us at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa09:42
Kilosand once approved you can join the mailing list there as well09:42
Kiloshave you looked at our site?09:43
Kilossome of the lug guys dont like the channel being under the ub untu banner but thats where i started from09:43
josuebrunelyep i did09:43
Kilosall linux users welcome09:44
josuebrunelty Kilos. I've to admit that i'm way more of a debian guy :). As long as we all do good stuff it's alright ;)09:45
josuebrunelKilos: what is your job about ?09:45
Kilosim kinda retired and spend most of my time on ubuntu and ubuntu channels09:46
josuebruneloh i see.09:47
Kilosthis initiative was started from an idea at one of ubuntu-za meetings and took nearly a year to get to here09:47
Kilosi enjoy making friends all over africa09:50
Kilosand all these guys help each other with snags09:50
josuebrunelthat's cool. Hope to do my best as well09:52
Kilosi have contact with the drc as well but they scarce here09:54
josuebruneli see09:58
CraigZimjosuebrunel: so what do you do and where are you?09:59
josuebrunelI'm software engineer working for a company called Entr'ouvert (https://www.entrouvert.com/) and i'm based in France ( but from Congo)10:00
josuebrunelCraigZim: what about you ?10:01
josuebruneli make free software and it's mainly in python10:01
CraigZimjosuebrunel: engineering manager in textile company.10:01
josuebruneloh cool10:02
CraigZimtrying to learn both c++ and python10:02
josuebrunelah that's great. Don't hesitate to poke when it comes to python ( not the best but i might be helpful )10:03
Kilossome of the countries only speak french but we have other french speakers here that translate for us10:03
CraigZimwill do :)10:03
josuebrunelKilos: one more with me :p10:03
josuebrunelCraigZim: i'm trying  to learn golang. I've couple of projects in mind to help me go through the language10:04
CraigZimi will have to google that one10:04
Kiloselacheche nother new face here10:05
Kiloswe are winning10:05
josuebrunelCraigZim: it's language created at Google, which looks like a mix of C and Python10:06
Kilosegypt yesterday and congo today yay10:07
elachecheYaY :)10:10
josuebrunelhi elacheche10:10
elachecheHi josuebrunel10:10
josuebrunelelacheche: nice to meet you10:14
elachecheNice to meet you too josuebrunel welcome to #ubuntu-africa10:14
josuebrunelelacheche: ty10:14
Kiloselacheche is in tunisia josuebrunel10:15
josuebruneli've work with some great guys/ladies from Tunisia in my former companies10:18
philipballewhey everyone20:48

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