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ahoneybunahayzen, I took out "tools:" and it worked but it was very oddly placed00:24
ahoneybunI'm still getting the wrong tab name though00:28
ahoneybunin the SDK it works fine but on the phone it shows the next tab name instead of the current one00:29
kazordsomeone (like appdevs) : how to enable translation in c++ scope ?00:31
ahoneybunmhall119, around?00:50
ahoneybunhow do I use head.actions to load a qml file?01:12
RPiAwesomenessI'm working on a Javascript scope, but I think I've run into a bug with retrieving settings01:28
RPiAwesomenessDoes anyone know if they can help me, or if not, where I can report this?01:28
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RPiAwesomenessDo any appdevs know how I would retrieve a number setting value in a Javascript scope?02:16
RPiAwesomenessI've had no luck so far02:16
RPiAwesomenessNever mind, I figured it out02:20
RPiAwesomenessHad to call the .get_double() function02:20
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ilhamihey guys.22:34
ilhamiwhen will Ubuntu allow non-canonical apps to run in the background?22:35

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