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MooDoohello all06:19
dholbachgood morning08:16
popeydholbach: if you get a moment could you please review docviewer in the store?15:12
popey(so my weekly update will then be accurate, given I said I uploaded that this week)  😃15:13
popeythank you!15:21
knomepopey, did you check the theme (it has a sidebar and other improved stuff now)15:35
popeyknome: not since we last checked. will take a look15:36
knometa ta15:40
knomeanybody here who would like to test the wordpress theme with rtl languages?15:43
knome(it would be appreciated if you actually knew an rtl language too...)15:44
dholbachall right my friends - have a great weekend!17:23
davidcalleHave a great weekend all o/17:29
josepleia2: hey, you know if registering for a launchpad account requires email verification?22:49
pleia2jose: no idea22:50
joseI'll check with IS, otherwise it'd be something good to implement :) may help with the spam thingie.22:50
wxljose: ask in #launchpad. they'll know for sure.22:50
joseright, I had forgotten :P22:50
pleia2jose: it's complicated, there are a lot of stakeholders in how lp/sso work, so I'm leaving it in the hands of the experts to figure out22:51
wxlpaying stakeholders to boot22:51
pleia2they probably have ideas and know best how to move forward in a way that doesn't upset anyone :) (or only does a little)22:51

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