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dokomeh, just molds built. anything else fails on powerpc00:00
naccslangasek: ok, i think i updated all the debdiffs00:12
naccslangasek: also posted a v3 of my sequence00:13
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sarnoldslangasek,cyphermox, 1544809 is currently filed against 'linux' but grub or grub2 may be more appropriate02:22
cyphermoxack reassigning to grub2... I'll look tomorrow02:33
sarnoldthanks cyphermox :)02:33
happyaronbdmurray: the open-gram upload is for LP: #136176402:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1361764 in open-gram (Ubuntu Trusty) "Update sunpinyin-data to >=20130220" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136176402:55
PovAddictwho do I contact regarding blatant misuse of the ubuntu logo?04:01
sarnoldthat's not even close to right ;)04:02
PovAddictthey have absolutely nothing to do with software, they found something that looked nice and slapped it there04:02
PovAddictthey even put it on all photos they upload, so it's not just a matter of changing the twitter profile picture04:04
slangasekI think there's a contact address for Canonical Legal you can use to report this04:04
slangasekthough fwiw, trademark law in most countries limits trademarks by field of endeavor; so /because/ it's not for software, it probably doesn't infringe Canonical's trademark04:05
slangasekPovAddict: http://www.ubuntu.com/legal/terms-and-policies/contact-us04:05
slangasekok that's meant to be requests to use the trademark instead of requests to enforce the trademark, but I think it'll get to the right people ;)04:06
PovAddictcould still be a copyright violation if they didn't draw the logo from scratch04:07
tumbleweedlooks like they've been misusing it for a few years (based on the vintage of that ubuntu logo)04:08
PovAddicttumbleweed: or what their random logo search found happened to be old?04:08
tumbleweedyeah, or that04:09
PovAddict"Are you making the request on behalf of a company?" "No" and then the company website and street are required fields, wonderful04:10
slangasekPovAddict: how would it be a copyright infringement when the logos are under a free license?04:10
PovAddictwhat license lets them get away without even attribution?04:11
slangasekyes, perhaps there's an attribution problem04:11
sarnoldI'll mail the lawyers, i can't find them on irc (go figure..)04:11
PovAddictjust sent the form04:12
sarnoldah, thanks PovAddict, then i'll skip the email :)04:12
kirklanddoko: thanks for the heads up;  I think (hope?) I just uploaded the right fix04:27
pittiGood morning06:18
ginggsdoko:  well done! getdp failed because petsc hasn't built yet, which others did you try with -Og ? pochu add some info to the bug, could be a PPC970FX vs POWER7/8 thing06:30
highvoltage9/win 2706:31
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dholbachgood morning08:16
slangaseknacc: sorry, I've just now had a chance to look at your guide.  what's not clear to me in this is what the sequence points are.  I don't want to be building one package at a time, waiting for completion before starting on the next; I want to be able to throw these packages out there in parallel as much as possible.  Do you have this kind of information available?08:23
dokoginggs, <doko> meh, just molds built. anything else fails on powerpc08:55
dokoliggghts built on a porter box08:56
ginggsdoko: anything special about that porterbox?  BTW i did try petsc 3.6.3 but not change.  I  did get petsc 3.6.2 to build by patching the tests to only run on one process (but that's defeating the point of MPI)09:09
dokoginggs, it's a POWER7+ machine, running qemu09:11
ginggsI did find this issue upstream that sounded vaguely similar https://github.com/open-mpi/ompi/issues/87409:13
ginggsendianness, -np 1 works, -np 2 fails - but apparently those patches have been included (and i can't even find those files)09:13
dokothe test cases really should be turned on in the openmpi package itself09:16
ginggsdoko: i think they are09:17
ginggsat least it says so in the changelog for 1.10.2-609:18
dokoginggs, hmm, the files in the patch don't exist :-/09:21
opnyhello, I would like to run xenial armhf on qemu. Do you think is feasible?09:26
dokokirkland, I hope you saw the build failure yourself this time ;p09:29
ginggsdoko: btw should https://launchpadlibrarian.net/237705769/vtk6_6.2.0+dfsg1-7ubuntu1_6.2.0+dfsg1-7ubuntu2.diff.gz go to debian?09:37
dokoginggs, wouldn't hurt, I assume09:42
ginggsok, i'll forward it, gladk's going to include our other delta as well09:44
dokopitti, http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/u/unity-scope-click/xenial/amd64/   looks like a valid test results is superseded by an invalid one ...10:00
dokosil2100, ^^^10:00
sil2100doko: yeah, I actually re-ran those in the morning, I see 2 of them still fail10:01
dokohmm, looks like some autopkg test results are not picked up since midnight10:06
Laneydoko: what's the actual problem?10:07
dokosil2100, no wonder if the tests are run with the wrong versions... I'm wondering where pitti even gets this version from10:07
LaneyTests try to minimise their use of proposed10:07
Laneythe order of things on autopkgtest.u.c doesn't really matter, britney doesn't just take the latest10:08
rbasakcaribou: o/10:10
caribourbasak: o/10:10
caribourbasak: so I rebuilt a new repo starting from the original merged version10:11
rbasakSo for when Ubuntu pull in a new upstream, I'm breaking down the logical commit as follows. For each Ubuntu upload, there will be one commit that pulls in the new upstream, but no changes in debian/*, and subsequent commits only change debian/*10:11
rbasakThen one commit per logical change, which is generally one per changelog entry but a little subjective.10:11
rbasakThat should be it.10:12
rbasakBefore I get there the reconstruct stage additionally has one commit for all of debian/changelog changes per upload, and potentially another commit for update-maintaner/ubuntu-meta.10:12
rbasakSorry, that's really the reconstruct.10:12
rbasakThe logical then drops the upstream changes, changelog and ubuntu-meta.10:13
rbasakSo you end up with logical only changing things in debian/* that are logical parts of the Ubuntu delta, so excluding upstream changes and meta-changes in debian/changelog, update-maintainer, etc.10:13
dokoLaney, well, for a transition, this assumption is wrong10:15
rbasakcaribou: here's a summary I wrote yesterday, but haven't finalised yet: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15023270/10:16
dokoLaney, http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/u/unity-scope-click/xenial/i386/  shows a successful test, which is overridden by a bad one10:16
Laneyit is not overridden10:16
Laneyyou need to look on excuses10:16
dokoLaney, I did, libjsoncpp still lists these as fail10:19
pittidoko: WDYM with "invalid version"? 0.1.1+16.04.20160210-0ubuntu1 is -proposed10:23
LaneyI think I retried those with the new -scope-click now10:23
rbasakcaribou: minor updates in http://paste.ubuntu.com/15023288/ - I clarified logical/<version> wrt. your new upstream case.10:23
Laneypitti: It's a transition but retried with the non rebuilt -scope-click I think10:24
caribourbasak: looking10:24
pittiLaney: ah, that again -- they don't have versioned Depends:, thus they need the old "rerun with both triggers" trick again?10:24
Laneywell they have Depends on the old and new versioned packages10:24
caribourbasak: so basically, when a new upstream is merged in as an ubuntu delta (my 0.98-7 case), you would lump all of the 'upstream' changes in one commit & the debian specific things in other logical commits ?10:28
rbasakcaribou: right. And then for the "logical", I drop the commit containing all of the upstream changes.10:28
caribourbasak: ah ok, got it. I'll rebuid my git repo according to this (mostly done) & will resubmit10:29
rbasakSince when later rebasing, the upstream changes will be present anyway, since we'll always be rebasing onto a newer upstream.10:29
rbasakcaribou: OK. Thanks!10:29
Saviqpitti, hey, got two Qs about silo 51 excuses; 1: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/xenial/landing-051/excuses.html (just updated a few minutes ago) says "in progress" for a lot of items, but running.html shows none of them... 2: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/vivid/landing-051/excuses.html has ♻ for qtmir-gles that tell sil2100 that it has no tests, so can't re-run ¿?10:30
pittiSaviq: hm, I had to kill ppc64el runs this morning as the lcoud was broken again10:40
pittihttps://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-xenial-ci-train-ppa-service-landing-051?format=plain does have a qtmir result from this morning, though10:40
pittiSaviq: for 2. indeed http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/q/qtmir-gles/ does not yet have any results for vivid10:43
pittiSaviq: we currently check that to determine whether a package name is valid and has tests, to fend off invalid retries10:44
pitti(we need to be rather strict there as this quickly becomes a resource DoS)10:44
pittiSaviq: can you please file a bug report about that, with a summary of that (against auto-package-testing)10:44
Saviqpitti, ok, thanks10:44
pittiI need to think about how we can allow that without openign the floodgates10:44
pittiSaviq: I'll retry the tests in the meantime10:45
Saviqpitti, thank you10:45
pittidoes anyone else than robru have access to the production CI train?10:45
pittiwould be much easier to rm pending.json for that xenial silo than crafting the retry commands by hand10:46
MirvI don't think sil2100 has either the access10:46
MirvI don't at least10:46
Saviqpitti, I could toggle the lander ack there, that (I *think*) would retry the whole suite?10:47
pittivivid retried10:48
Saviqpitti, bug #154491710:50
ubottubug 1544917 in Auto Package Testing "Retry says "does not have any test results" on reported Regressions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154491710:50
pittiSaviq: thanks, updated10:52
pittirobru (CC: Saviq): Can you please remove pending.json for this silo? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/xenial/landing-051/excuses.html10:54
pittito get the tests re-ran?10:54
robrupitti: nope you need webops10:54
pitti(scalingstack glitch this morning, sorry)10:54
robrupitti: would be like /tmp/britney_data/landing-051-xenial/autopkgtests/pending.json or so10:56
pittirobru: what does "webops" translate to?10:58
robrupitti: talk to the vanguard in #webops10:58
Saviqpitti, re: qtmir-gles - it has tests since October, and somehow britney has decided that it was a regression, so ¿?11:02
pittiSaviq: within the silo, yes, but apparently it never ran in Ubuntu in vivid?11:03
pittiSaviq: xenial-051 sohuld now retry the missing tests on the next run11:03
Saviqpitti, hmm right, that makes sense11:04
LocutusOfBorgginggs, I syncd scalapack and blacs-mpi from Debian11:11
LocutusOfBorgmapreri fixed all the delta there11:12
ginggsLocutusOfBorg: thanks11:12
LocutusOfBorgjust a little change has been left out (adding fort to the linker flags), because he is pretty sure the fix has been in another package (pkg-config wasn't giving all the flags)11:12
LocutusOfBorgso that delta has been removed11:12
LocutusOfBorgdon't remember where, but in a package I remember I syncd yesterday11:14
LocutusOfBorglet me know if I broke anything, and I'll bother mapreri to fix it :)11:19
LocutusOfBorgactually I think powerpc is the most important problem11:20
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cariboudoko: remember the reason why clamav was 'forced' to use LLVM 3.5 ?11:47
dokocaribou, because it needs porting?11:50
cariboudoko: yeah, I get clamav build failures with 3.7 & 3.811:50
dokocaribou, yes, the server team told me that they will port it11:53
dokorbasak, ^^^11:53
cariboudoko: hmm, that means me11:53
dokocaribou, forwarding you email11:53
cariboudoko: thanks11:54
dokocaribou, you might ask ScottK; he once cared about clamav11:59
LocutusOfBorgcaribou, according to debian logs it should build fine with 3.612:14
caribouLocutusOfBorg: yes, that's what they build with12:16
rbasakdoko: when did we say that? Or did you just ask us to port it?12:26
dokorbasak, see email12:28
ScottKcaribou: Every single llvm update seems to need a new patch for clamav.12:30
ScottKrbasak: If you are going to port it, you also really want to update to 0.99 first.12:31
ScottKPlease send us (Debian) the patch if you come up with something.12:31
pittiMirv: vivid is ok now (except for the unity8 NBS), xenial re-ran and now just has one regression12:34
ricotzhello developers12:35
ricotzdoko, hi, please don't forget aptitude12:35
caribouScottK: porting would be part of the 0.99 merge12:40
caribouScottK: right now, it doesn't like the fact that I'm using 3.8 (testing for 3.7)12:40
caribouScottK: configure complaining12:41
ScottKI'm sure it doesn't.  The only reason it works with 3.6 is a Debian patch.12:41
ScottKI'm sure it'll need additional something for newer.12:41
caribouScottK: ok, I'll look at what was done on the debian side12:42
dokoricotz, would like to wait until apt gets in12:43
ScottKSpecifically debian/patches/add-LLVM-3.6-support.patch12:43
Mirvpitti: you mean Saviq?12:43
pittiMirv: yes, I do, sorry :)12:43
Mirvnp :)12:43
ScottKcaribou: You can discuss what needs doing on pkg-clamav-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org.12:43
* ScottK isn't the right person to answer any details.12:43
caribouScottK: ok, thanks12:43
cjwatsonpitti: could you add an "easy click/0.4.43+16.04.20160203-0ubuntu2 python-click/6.2-2ubuntu1" hint for me?  it's not going to work yet because of reverse dependencies, but those two will eventually need to go in together12:44
ricotzdoko, alright12:44
cjwatsonpitti: (renaming python3-click -> python3-click-package and also python{,3}-click-cli -> python{,3}-click)12:44
MirvSaviq: rerunning the one remaining failed at http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running.shtml#pkg-qtmir12:45
SaviqMirv, thanks!12:45
SaviqMirv, we should be rid of these soon, hopefully12:46
Saviq(flaky ones I mean)12:46
pitticjwatson: committed (without knowing what I'm doing :) )12:47
cjwatsonheh, thanks12:48
rbasakdoko: thanks12:56
dokorbasak, also saw that the merged ntp is dep-wait13:00
rbasakdoko: I emailed ubuntu-devel about that. I guess we'll MIR pps-tools.13:01
rbasakcaribou: can I suggest that you merge and build against llvm 3.6 for now, since that's the easiest path? Then we'll at least be further forward.13:05
caribourbasak: that was my idea13:05
rbasakIf we can fix in a later upload to use a newer llvm then we can do that separately, but that realistically sounds unlikely to me to happen before FF.13:06
rbasakdoko: ^13:06
caribouScottK: the only delta left with debian then would be an override for armhf tests13:06
caribouScottK: would that be accepted in Debian ?13:06
seb128doko, slangasek, would foundation like to subscribe to fonttools bugs (bug #1538173)? graphite2 is depwaiting on it and you probably know better about fonts than us13:28
ubottubug 1538173 in fonttools (Ubuntu) "[MIR] fonttools" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153817313:28
cyphermoxgood morning!13:40
seb128hey cyphermox, happy friday!13:41
cyphermoxhey, you too13:41
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ginggsdoko: are the powerpc openmpi builds working now?14:36
cjwatsonginggs: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aces3/3.0.8-5build2/+build/8974836 managed to pass, which is a good sign I guess14:39
dokoginggs, cjwatson yes, this one and molds. the others still stuck, however there seems to be a bit more output14:44
dokoseb128, isn't font stuff desktopish? ;)14:44
seb128doko, I don't think so ;-)14:45
seb128you have fonts on command lines as well :p14:45
Mirvmterry: LP chat is slow, would you want for me to consider another team for the foma or create a new team?14:49
ginggsdoko, cjwatson: weird, aces3 is one that failed on the debian buildds.  aster, getdp and slepc all depend on petsc, so if we can shoehorn petsc in, it would be good14:50
mterryMirv, creating a new team seems like a hassle, is there another good team fit?  It just seemed odd to have a team responsible that was really just you  :)14:51
Mirvmterry: I responded to the bug now once though, explaining how the team was the best fit of the existing teams I could think of - that is, it has at least two other active Ubuntu (technical) contributors that care about the package or the functionality it provides14:52
ginggsthis should make petsc build https://launchpadlibrarian.net/237387369/petsc_3.6.2.dfsg1-3_3.6.2.dfsg1-3ubuntu1~ppa1.diff.gz (it skips the 2 process test)14:52
ginggsalthough the changelog entry is rubbish, i think we've established it isn't about ram14:53
mterryMirv, oh didn't read bug comment14:54
mterryMirv, that's fine then.  I just wanted to raise the point.  If you like that team, it's good enough for me14:55
Mirvmterry: ok then. thank you for raising it, it's always good to ask.14:55
dokoginggs, disable the tests on powerpc ;p14:56
ginggsdoko: this version worked on a porterbox, shall i just upload it and see what happens?14:57
dokoginggs, how does it differ?14:58
ginggserr look at the diff? what do you mean?14:59
dokocjwatson, thanks for fixing the click mess =)15:00
cjwatsondoko: Rather belatedly :)15:01
cjwatsonI think it's mostly out of the way now but will probably require an adjustment to the p-m hint.15:01
dokopitti, python-numpy/pynfft is red, but the test is green15:15
ginggsdoko: just to be clear, shall i upload petsc with the 2 process test disable? it is ready to go15:16
dokoginggs, but just disable it on powerpc. I fear at some point we'll have to remove the powerpc builds again15:17
dokopitti, looks like adt doesn't understand "Test-Command" on it's own? see python-pywcs15:20
ginggsdoko: i can't think of an easy way to selectively apply a patch by arch.  i did post a link to the diff if you scroll up a bit.  this version i have tested on a porterbox, any big changes and i'd need to start from scratch15:22
dokoginggs, repaste?15:24
ginggsdoko: [17:01:01] <ginggs> this should make petsc build https://launchpadlibrarian.net/237387369/petsc_3.6.2.dfsg1-3_3.6.2.dfsg1-3ubuntu1~ppa1.diff.gz (it skips the 2 process test)15:24
pittidoko: pynfft> I'll try to re-run proposed nfft against proposed numpy15:30
dokoginggs, is it really limited ram?15:31
GunnarHjmapreri: Hi Mattia, any thoughts on my latest comment on bug #1510198?15:32
ubottubug 1510198 in libreoffice-dictionaries (Ubuntu) "Rebase/Reimplement Ubuntu changes upon Debian (possibly upstream them)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151019815:32
ginggsdoko: no no, i explained earlier the changelog entry is rubbish, it is fixed in the version ready to upload (along with removal of ~ppa from the version)15:32
dokoginggs, then go ahead15:34
ginggsdoko: roger roger15:34
pittidoko: adt does understand Test-Command:; but as the log says, python-pywcs does't have any tests in xenial-release15:36
pittithat's indeed a nasty case which britney can't detect by herself, re-running15:37
caribourbasak: I can't push my new clamav git repo to the previous one, the tags will collide15:42
caribourbasak: want me to delete the previous one & recreate ?15:42
bdmurrayhappyaron: I figured out what bug it fixes my point was the upload was generated incorrectly, probably not on Ubuntu, so there is not a Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed field in it. Subsequently, the SRU report won't link to the bug, tools won't comment on it and the LP janitor won't close it.15:46
naccslangasek: let me rewrite it in a better form for you!15:47
naccslangasek: i apologize, i'll break it up by where the sync points are15:48
rbasakcaribou: feel free to force push the tags. I would just do that.15:49
rbasakcaribou: it only matters to those following the tags, and that's just us right now.15:49
rbasakOr if you like append .v2 onto the collided tags or something.15:49
naccslangasek: cjwatson: infinity: for the purposes of php5 -> php7, are you ok if i send a merge proposal to demote/promote appropriately in the seeds now (as opposed to once the bootstrap and side builds are done) (with an eventual bug to altogether remove php5* from the archive?)15:49
caribourbasak: want me to push it to a new branch ? or just force overwrite everything ?15:50
rbasakcaribou: you can force overwrite everything if that's easiest.15:50
caribourbasak: since I restarted from scratch15:50
naccrbasak: can you (i should have emailed, sorry!) put up git trees for numactl and logwatch (so i can send the former's merge request and eventually logwatch's)?15:50
rbasakcaribou: or just push to a new "repo". Anything you want :)15:50
caribourbasak: fine15:50
naccslangasek: also, i probably will need to update all the debdiffs to have the latest pkg-php-tools and php-pear versioned deps (to force the php7 versions)15:52
rbasaknacc: sorry, I'll do that now.15:52
naccrbasak: no need to apologize!15:52
rbasaknacc: I've done numactl, I think. Please could you check that my tags and branches match our current expectations? I've also documented what I think is our current status in https://github.com/basak/ubuntu-git-tools/blob/master/SPECIFICATION15:58
rbasakI haven't imported the Ubuntu branches. I could, but I think it'd be easier if you did that. It won't matter that we won't have an official import/... tag for our process I think.15:59
naccrbasak: looks right to me16:05
caribourbasak: I pushed a new merge-v2 branch & updated the tags towards it16:10
rbasakArgh, I just screwed it up.16:11
rbasakWill fix in a moment.16:11
rbasaknacc: numactl fixed, and I've pushed logwatch. I can't delete the master branch (as it's HEAD, and there's no protocol way for me to change that), but pretend it doesn't exist.16:23
rbasaknacc: apart from that I updated logwatch to fit our workflow for merge number 2 - you should be able to rebase the old logical delta as expected.16:23
dokopitti, openmpi/esys-particle: again, the version from testing is tested, not the fixed one in proposed. what's the rationale for testing with the release pocket first?16:26
dokoopenmpi/liggghts the same16:26
dokoopenmpi/lammps the same16:27
dokoI assume, just retrying won't help here16:28
dokosil2100, please could you chase https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libgee/+bug/1502094  we really should that get fixed before the release. now having two versions ...16:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1502094 in unity-scope-home (Ubuntu) "libgee-0.8-dev should be used, libgee-dev will be removed from the archive" [Undecided,New]16:35
* rbasak figured out out to delete master16:37
dokosil2100, also https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-video/+bug/154507816:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1545078 in unity-lens-video (Ubuntu) "unity-lens-video fails to build from source (using deprecated vala)" [Critical,Confirmed]16:58
rharperit is considered bad form to leave an ADT test program (shell) with execution tracing on?  when/if the test fails the log with the trace would be most useful to avoid having to run it again to debug the failure17:01
rharperjderose: thanks!  Nice write up17:04
sil2100doko: hmmm, thanks, let me pick that up17:04
dokosil2100, attaching patches17:04
jderoserharper: my pleasure, thanks again for the help!17:04
rbasakrharper: I think it's good to leave it on. Similarly we try to do builds with (reasonable) verbosity on.17:05
rbasakrharper: you may need "allow-stderr" defined on the test though. I don't remember if "set -x" writes to stdout or stderr.17:05
rharperrbasak ok;  I do have that17:05
rbasak(IMHO, allow-stderr should have been the default)17:06
rharperone more todo on strongswan; dropping lfcgi and clearsilver-dev17:06
rharperoh, another question17:06
rharpera few of the plugins extend /usr/lib/ipsec/charon binary's required access to files and capabilities that aren't in the default apparmor profile17:07
rbasakWe've hit this sort of thing before. It seems to be acceptable to add stuff to the default apparmor profile even if it isn't used by default.17:07
rharperthe plugin that does this isn't installed by default;  how best to append these additional requests in the apparmor profile for only when the plugin is installed17:07
rharperrbasak: ok17:07
rharperone other thought was the include a #include libstronswan-plugin17:08
rbasak(it might be worth leaving a comment or two explaining the use though)17:08
rharperrbasak: right, in the changelog as well as the profile17:08
rbasakThat might work too. I've done it the former way. I'd ask the security team for their thoughts on the latter way.17:08
rharperok, I'll likely follow the former with comments in the profile; they may suggest the alternative then17:09
tyhicksI wouldn't add a new libstrongswan-plugin abstraction if the default strongswan profile is going to be the one and only consumer of that abstraction17:09
tyhicksjust document that the group of added rules are for certain plugins17:10
rbasakThanks tyhicks!17:10
tyhicksno problem17:10
rharpertyhicks: thanks!17:11
rbasaklamont: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2016-February/016214.html17:13
cjwatsonpitti,infinity: Could you apply http://paste.ubuntu.com/15027019/ to my hint file?  Won't quite work yet but hopefully will soon17:15
infinitycjwatson: Sure.17:26
ginggsdoko, cjwatson: petsc, slepc and aster built successfully, now retrying getdp17:32
dokoginggs, you have to wait until it's published17:32
ginggsdoko, itchy trigger finger :)17:33
cjwatsoninfinity: thanks17:36
infinitycjwatson: I assume this is the "rename click, so we don't have to keep renaming click" transition?17:36
cjwatsonYay, that worked.17:36
infinitycjwatson: If so, thanks!17:36
cjwatsoninfinity: Yup17:36
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ginggshow can i tell when something is really published?  I must be looking in the wrong place on launchpad.  Also, why don't things fail with dep-wait any more?18:01
cjwatsonginggs: rmadison is the safest check; LP itself can only tell you when something is committed at the start of a publisher run, not when it hits disk18:02
cjwatsonginggs: and things do dep-wait, but there have always been exceptions that are hard to analyse correctly.  do you have an example?18:02
ginggscjwatson: thanks - well i'm looking at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/getdp/2.7.0-0ubuntu218:03
naccrbasak: ok, thanks!18:04
ginggspowerpc shows the red failed build icon18:04
ginggsi seem to recall a yellow icon for dep-wait, or am i just confused?18:05
cjwatsonginggs: right, that's a case where we can't dep-wait; libslepc3.6.1-dev is available on powerpc but uninstallable, and as far as LP knows that could be resolved in any of various ways18:05
cjwatsonginggs: you get a dep-wait if the build-dep is just outright missing18:06
ginggsah ok, that explains it18:06
lamontrbasak: yeah yeah18:19
naccslangasek: how do i do the versioned dep for php-pear? the old binary package (built from src:php5) had versions like 56.11+dfsg-1ubuntu3. The new package (built from src:php-pear) has versions like 1.10.1. Should I do an exact match (meaning only in the 1.10.1 family? >= won't work, because i think the older package will match, if I understand it right?18:20
lamontrbasak: amusingly, that's what I'm working on right now18:21
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lamontnacc: I suspect that the new version is actually 1:1.10.1, since the archive would reject it if it had a binary package of a higher version in the archive...  (without looking at the details myself)18:29
nacclamont: ah! that's what i was missing. so they bumped, the epoch, basically?18:30
nacclamont: and the old package had an implicit 0: epoch?18:30
lamontif not specified, it's (effectively) 0:.  and the UI hides it most everywhere18:31
nacclamont: does that mean i can specify my build-dep as 'php-pear (>= 1:)' ?18:31
lamontgenerally, one would want >= 1:1.10.1 or such18:31
nacci guess that's true, the first officially released version18:32
nacclamont: thanks!18:32
lamontapt-cache policy php-pear <-- shows epoch, and there are other ways to see18:32
lamontheh.  starting with dpkg -l :(18:32
bdmurraykenvandine: Will you have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~vorlon/lxc-android-config/apport-job-cleanup/+merge/285016?18:35
kenvandinebdmurray, i have that in a silo18:40
kenvandinehaven't had a chance to test it though18:40
kenvandinebdmurray, but i should have it ready for qa early next week18:41
bdmurraykenvandine: okay, thanks!18:41
kenvandinebdmurray, thx for nagging me :)18:41
kenvandinei don't pay much attention to lxc-android-config, not sure if anyone is these days18:42
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Pharaoh_Atemnacc: have you been updating the etherpad on the php stuff that's succeeded/failed?18:56
Pharaoh_AtemI don't see anything there18:56
naccPharaoh_Atem: no, i need to go and do that18:57
naccthe bug has been where i've been trying to document18:58
slangasekseb128: ummmm. I'm maintainer of freetype because it was a library that needed attention, I know almost nothing about fonts ;)19:13
slangaseknacc: MP for the seeds> fine to have that in advance.  php-pear versioned deps> the 1: at the front of that version number shown in the changelog is called an epoch, it matters for versioned comparisons and is a reset button on the version numbering.  So you want >= 1:1.10.1 for your versioned dep19:15
naccslangasek: great, thanks!19:15
naccslangasek: i put out a debdiff for pkg-php-tools, if that looked right to you, i'll update the other debdiffs to version php-pear and pkg-php-tools correclty19:16
naccand i apologize for that, nuance i missed in working with just my PPA19:16
slangaseknacc: pkg-php-tools is already uploaded; I didn't think any further changes were needed on that one? it's already dep-wait in xenial-proposed19:17
naccslangasek: ah ok, you're right, sorry ...19:18
naccslangasek: but if i do the versioning right, then, they will all just dep-wait in -proposed until php-pear gets fixed?19:18
nacc"they" => the other packages19:18
slangaseknacc: yes19:18
naccslangasek: can i ask you to review the seed merge for the php migration?19:20
slangaseknacc: juggling a couple of other critical things at the moment; if you drop me the URL to the MP I'll pick it up19:22
naccslangasek: sure, i can also ask smoser or someone else, but figured you'd have the most context right now19:22
naccslangasek: https://code.launchpad.net/~nacc/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.xenial/+merge/28593119:23
smosernacc, i just loaded that page and it says conflicts all over it19:24
smoseri assume that is not intended19:25
naccsmoser: hrm!19:25
naccno not intended at all!19:25
nacclet me look at what i did wrong19:25
naccsmoser: argh! lp automatically chose to use platform.xenial again! fixing up19:26
naccsmoser: slangasek: https://code.launchpad.net/~nacc/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.xenial/+merge/28593219:27
naccsorry again!19:27
smoserwell, that one looks better19:30
smoserit looks generally sane to me. i'd really rather hvae slangasek do it, although its jsut about as straight forward as could be. s/5//19:30
naccsmoser: right, and i think the result (if i understand it right) is that both php-defaults and php7.0* will be in main ... but not sure how that all works (it's all still in the realm of 'magic' to me)19:31
lamontwhen did we change it so that non-root can reboot the box with simply 'reboot'21:10
naccslangasek: ok, updated instructions posted at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/+bug/1522422/+attachment/4570466/+files/php7-archive-admins.howtov421:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1522422 in php5 (Ubuntu) "Update to php 7.0" [Wishlist,Triaged]21:14
naccslangasek: i'll work on updating the debdiffs to version the deps now21:14
naccslangasek: hrm, should i be submitting debdiffs even for the "rebuild" packages? since they will only rebuild properly if we use the version of pkg-php-tools and php-pear that support php7?21:16
infinitylamont: I think physical console users have been able to do that for quite a while.21:19
lamontI guess I've always thrown an sudo in front of it...21:24
slangaseklamont, infinity: that would have to be when we switched to systemd, because the upstart implementation didn't hook into policykit etc21:30
rharpernon-root on systemd says permission denied to /dev/initctl21:30
rharperwhen attempting reboot21:30
rharperssh login; but doubt that local console will give access to /dev/initctl ;  which is a link to/run/systemd/initctl/fifo; which is prw------- 1 root root 0 Feb 12 21:29 /run/systemd/initctl/fifo;21:31
cjwatsonI think that's only if it can't contact systemd using dbus21:31
cjwatsonon a local console, I'd expect dbus to be available21:31
* rharper doesnt' really want to try on his laptop 21:32
rharperbut I'm terribly interested21:32
cjwatson/dev/initctl is definitely fallback code in systemd21:32
rharperit tries others21:32
rharperfirst, Interactive authentication, logind, and then reboot.target; which all require interactive authentication;21:33
infinityAnyhow, it makes sense as a console policy, given we let people reboot from the display manager and the desktop sessions.21:33
lamontslangasek: ah!21:33
infinityThough I think we also block users from rebooting if *other* users are also logged in.21:33
lamontthis was a window on the desktop21:33
naccinfinity: i think i need to transfer my discussions of the php5 -> php7 migration from slangasek to you or another admin :)21:46
infinitynacc: Indeed, slangasek is about to be attacked by babies.21:46
naccinfinity: :) i'm working on updating my debdiffs to version depend on the right pkg-php-tools package (which is already in dep-wait in proposed)21:47
tewardcjwatson: can I pick your brain on sbuild, for a minute, in case you know the answer to my question?  I'm happy to go to an offtopic channel or PM to ask if you'd prefer, as it's not 100% an Ubuntu-related question22:18
naccinfinity: so i have a couple of questions i posed to slangasek earlier, that i'd like to ask you if you don't mind?22:20
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ilhamihey guys.22:29
ilhamiwhen will Ubuntu allow non-canonical apps to run in the background?22:36
sarnoldilhami: try #ubuntu-touch22:37
ilhamisarnold, I can't.22:38
sarnoldilhami: why not?22:38
infinitynacc: Sorry, a bit in and out right now.23:05
infinitynacc: If you're around later, perhaps.  Or tomorrow?  Or Monday?23:05
naccinfinity: sure, i'll do my best. it's a holiday here on monday, but i might be able to check in at least a bit23:10
naccinfinity: i've done my best to update the instructions at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/+bug/1522422/+attachment/4570466/+files/php7-archive-admins.howtov423:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1522422 in php5 (Ubuntu) "Update to php 7.0" [Wishlist,Triaged]23:11
naccwhich should get the b-d loops closed off in a side build (with sequence points)23:11
mapreriGunnarHj: my thoughts are that most of the requests are reasonable.  I'll consider them better once the last upload of a couple of days ago get out of NEW (due to new dictionary=>new binary).23:30
mapreriI'd really love if Sweetshark (=> Björn, current owner of that bug) would comment on #1510198 :\23:31
mapreriginggs: btw, if you have something to say about stuff I do in debian and then get synced here feel free to nag me ;) (though I'm not connected on freenode as often as on OFTC, I have my bouncer here too :P)23:32
GunnarHjmapreri: Sounds great. I think that some of the proposed changes in debian/control are important to allow for a pure sync, while others are 'negotiable'. I'm not an expert on the exact meaning of those fields.23:40
GunnarHjYeah, a comment from Sweetshark would be great. OTOH I can't think of a reason why he would keep hesitating.23:40

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