polllhey any1 know why following this tutorial on 15.10 renders ubuntu un-bootable? http://yarenty.blogspot.ca/2014/08/how-to-fix-macbook-pro-touchpad-on.html       I ran 'systemctl  restart lightdm' and I haven't been able to boot into ubuntu since. Im using refind and 15.10 on a Macbook pro. I'm definitely a noob, my bad if this turns out to be a ridiculous question. I eventually booted on a live USB stick, and removed the lines of cod04:08
pollle I added to that file (from the tutorial) (on the actual ubuntu, not my live usb's filesystem). Still no luck. I installed boot-repair on the liveusb, but only generated a report to pastebin as I wasn't sure if running it would be the best choice of action as of yet. the report is here (https://paste.ubuntu.com/15021793/). I should probably add that by unbootable i mean it hangs at a terminal screen with "fsck from util-linux 2.26.04:08
polll2" at the top. 2nd line is "/dev/sda5:clean, 460106/3112960 files, 3043774/12450560 blocks". At first it was hanging on something related to bluetooth. Now it hangs at Starting Light Display Manager... and deal with any system changes.signatures....". Again, if this is a ridiculous question, my apologies. I have very little experience with these types of problems.04:08
darkxstpolll, we dont use lightdm in ubuntu GNOME06:46
darkxstand there is no reason that would completely break your system (even after removing the file you added)06:47
polllRight, that was my mistake for entering it. But it still did something. If it helps I'm left hanging with this command "4.402071 Bluetooth: hci0: BCM: Read verbose config info failed (-16)s.signatures......."06:48
darkxstpolll, no I would think something else broke it, but just to make sure you could remove the mtrack package06:51
darkxstbluetooth error won't break your boot06:51
polllOkay, thank you. But if I cant boot into Ubuntu how can I remove the package?06:51
darkxstrecovery mode06:51
polllI can't seem to access recovery mode. I've tried holding shift and it's yielded no results.06:52
polllWould the Live USB help?06:52
darkxstyou just need to get the timing right, if you hit shift to early the bios probably eats it06:52
darkxstyou could probably do it with the live USB, but may need to set your root via kernel commandline06:53
darkxst(I'm not really sure what the live usb offers in way of repair modes otherwise, maybe it can be done easier than that)06:54
polllI'll give the timing another try. I figured it may be of some use to send over a picture so here's where I am at currently: https://imgur.com/LZeawb306:57
darkxstpolll, are you using Ubuntu GNOME? or just plain Ubuntu?06:59
darkxstand logs would be far more useful to screenshots ;)07:01
polllOh wow. I'm sorry, I may be in the wrong channel. I joined in a hurry and misread GNOME for GRUB. I have the default Ubuntu 15.10 desktop installation. So I'm assuming I'm not in Gnome.07:01
polllIs the pastebin of any help?07:01
darkxstXorg.0.log might07:03
darkxstor journalctl output07:03
polllI can access the file system with the Live USB. How would I go about acquiring this log?07:03
darkxstnot entirely sure if lightdm logs there or not though07:07
darkxstjournalctl needs to be run from a running system, so you could boot into a systemd shell, but again that requires grub and/or setting root= params07:09
darkxstNoskcaj, can you update your vte merge to latest 0.42.4-107:12
polllRight. I'm still not able to access the GRUB menu. But I found a lightdm logs folder. I've copied over those logs. There was a Xorg.0.log but it doesnt have much in it. I'll throw them on pastebin in a second07:19
polllhere;s xorg.0.log,  https://paste.ubuntu.com/15022800/07:21
pollllightdm.log https://paste.ubuntu.com/15022802/07:22
polllx-0.log (inside the lightdm folder) https://paste.ubuntu.com/15022804/07:23
darkxstpolll, Parse error on line 1 of section InputClass in file /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf07:24
darkxst"old" is not a valid keyword in this section.07:24
darkxstthats your problem07:24
polllI did go back and remove the lines of code I added to that file, though.07:25
darkxstit must still be there or you corrupted the file somehow07:25
polllOH WOW07:26
polllThere was a line missing a hashtag to comment it out...07:26
polllwell, this is embarrassing.07:26
darkxstpolll, and it would have been less embarrassing if you were in the right channel ;)07:28
polllVery true. Stress does wonderful things to people. Thank you so much for your time, patience, and help. I really appreciate it, as this must have been irritating.07:40
darkxstpolll, np07:41
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