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phillwyikes!!.. Well, back in 14.04 kernel time when I built a non-pae kernel it worked, but would not work under "LiveCD" install. I was told about 'aufs' and we did build successful kernel http://phillw.net/isos/non-pae/  is there a link for the 4.4 kernel ?00:36
apwphillw, link for what exactly?00:41
phillwapw: That link will build a kernel and stuff, but there was something to do with aufs that was needed. I'm really sorry that I have updated / changed my computer and I do not keep the inks on the wiki page. 00:44
apwphillw, sadly i don't think i know waht that means ..00:45
phillwapw: have a look at   http://aufs.sourceforge.net/00:47
phillwit has the list00:47
apwphillw, i don't understand what you are asking?  our 4.4 kernel has aufs applied00:49
phillwthe AUFS is required to have an ISO that can run from CD / DVD / USB00:49
phillwapw: that was the question!!!00:49
utlemminghey guys...I'm using the mainline 4.5 kernel (i915 is unstable on 4.2). I've noticed high load on the 4.4 and 4.5 kernels for my Intel Mobile processor. I just filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+bug/154479800:50
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1544798 in linux-meta (Ubuntu) "high load with 4.4 and 4.5 kernels for Intel Mobile processors" [Undecided,New]00:50
apwphillw, overlayfs is required for the iso00:50
apwphillw, but clearly whatver is needed is in our kernel else our iso's would not boot00:51
phillwapw: so, if I take the ubuntu 4.4 and knock it back to non-pae what does it need00:51
apwphillw, it needs PAE configuration turned off00:52
apwin the config00:52
phillwapw: the kernel would boot, I apologise as I'm going back to 3.13 which was 14,0400:52
utlemmingjust thought that I would let you guys know to get this on the radar for 16.0400:52
apwutlemming, well its filed againsts the wrong package, so a good job you did bring it up00:53
apware we sure this isn't the load being reported higher becuase the cpu is being clocked slower to save power that cking investigated though00:53
apwjsalisbury, ^ a bug for investigation perhaps, and moving to linux00:53
jsalisburyapw, ack, I'll take a look00:54
utlemmingapw: whoops, and thank you :)00:54
phillwapw: I have that part, it worked well, but the kernel so produced needed aufs - that part of the instructions I have lost over the last couple of years. I know that non-pae is not high on the list and I reckon I could still manage that, but the aufs for live CD boot I'm 2 years behind on.00:54
apwphillw, iso does not require aufs, it requires overlayfs, but both of those are in the ubuntu 4.4 kernel and enabled00:55
apwphillw, so i still do not know what you are asking me00:55
phillwapw: would you be so kind as to look over https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw/non-pae and either write a long list of where things have changed, or have an edit. It's not the biggest job. 00:58
phillwapw: I'll buy you coffee :D00:59
apwit looks close enough01:02
phillwapw: so, we do not need to add in aufs now.. it is in the main kernel? ... I'm starting to remember that it was actually a bug back then :)01:03
apwphillw, all of our kernel sources have the bits they need to make an ISO work, and it all enaled01:04
phillwapw: I owe you coffee.. please email me your ppal name to phillw@linuxpadawan.net 01:04
apwphillw, no need01:04
phillwapw: do we still turn off the CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO01:05
apwphillw, if you are building out of PPA yes, in PPA no01:05
phillwapw: Why does a local build produce such enormous packages? Our build includes CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO in order to produce linux-debug-image packages. We then manually strip the modules after build.01:06
apwit is about those being 5GB in size01:07
phillwmaybe a little large for a cd :)01:07
phillwhehe... thanks a lot. i will be honest, I was expecting "you want to do WHAT?!!", instead you have told me that I can at least have a 1st roll of the 4.4 kernel01:08
phillwapw: last big ask... what is the link for xenial 4.4 as opposed to  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+source/linux/3.13.0-8.27/+files/linux_3.13.0.orig.tar.gz ?01:10
apwphillw, you should work from the git repo, apply the config delta, then you can rebase it later01:11
phillwapw: that will make more sense to a padawan who wants to learn deeper kernel, But with others sniggering in other channel as I explain I do not understand. could you explain "you should work from the git repo, apply the config delta, then you can rebase it later" to some one who does not use git ?01:15
phillwwxl: and it appears that aufs is now enabled by default, instead of what melodie and my self had to do with the  3.13 kernel for 14,0401:18
apwphillw, git is a version control system, i am suggsting you get your source from our master git repo01:19
apwdo the configuration edit in that tree01:19
apwand then commit that, as that is then rebasable01:19
phillwapw: all I need to do is alter the " High Memory Support" from 64GB to 4 GB and then respin the kernel.01:21
apwsounds abut right01:21
phillwthe requirement for non-PAE kernel is growing smaller, but as lubuntu and other teams do support older kit.. I do make available such a kernel for community repsins.01:22
apwphillw, it woul dmake sense to do that via a PPA imo01:23
phillwapw: Well, I'd have to ask for help on that... it is an area well out of my known stuff..... But, I do have a guy who knows c, etc building debs etc and would like to get to understand kernel building a lot more.01:25
phillwIt is actually having him as a padawan that reminded me that I may may be due to make a new 4.4 kernel (at least ubuntu and kernel are back in sync)01:26
apwphillw, all you need to do is apply the delta change, and build a src package as normal (you do that already for other packages) and upload that to a ppa01:27
phillwokies, great!!01:28
ppisati_smb: it's me, for real!09:16
ppisati_ppisati: who are you? liar!09:17
smbppisati_, suffering from (net) split personalities09:19
cristian_cjsalisbury: hi13:16
lamontjsalisbury: 4.4.0-040400rc1-generic == FAIL18:19
lamontjsalisbury: holler when you have your first kernel in the bisect series for me?18:20
jsalisburylamont, I'll start the build now18:35
lamontjsalisbury: curious -- how long is your buildtime?18:40
jsalisburylamont, probably about 20 minutes18:41
* lamont as an appt that he will be leaving for in about 5 minutes, back in about 2 hours or so..18:41
jsalisburylamont, there will be about 10 of them to test, so I'll just keep posting links in the bug18:41
lamontwhich is to say, I'll test it when I get back...18:41
lamontjsalisbury: works for me18:41
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cristian_cjsalisbury: hi, again20:42
jsalisburycristian_c, hey20:44
cristian_cjsalisbury: I've read your question in launchpad20:48
cristian_cjsalisbury: sorry, I've never created a patch file20:54
jsalisburycristian_c, that's not a problem.  I can submit it, I wasn't sure if you discussed the fix with upstream or not.20:57
cristian_cjsalisbury: ok20:59
lamontjsalisbury: empty directory at your lin21:03
jsalisburylamont, ok, let me check21:03
jsalisburylamont, ok, they are there now.21:05
lamontjsalisbury: updating the bug: good kernel21:13
jsalisburylamont, great, I'll build the next one21:13
lamontbonus points if you put it somewhere I can rsync...21:14
lamontwill this next one be 4.3.0-040301?21:14
lamontor should I clear out the test each round?21:14
jsalisburylamont, the script used to build the kernels puts a date stamp in the name, and it could start with 4.4 as it bounces back and forth between good and bad kernels.21:16
* lamont clears out the cruft, just to be sure21:16
jsalisburylamont, The next kernel is building.  I just scp the .deb files to that public web server.  I can scp them anywhere you want, as long as I have access.21:26
lamontjsalisbury: mombin.c.c:~/lamont would be a fine target21:32
jsalisburylamont, is that accessable from the Canonical network?  I can't seem to get there21:37
* lamont is going over the vpn, but it should otherwise be reachable21:38
lamontalternatively, sftp to people.u.c21:38
lamontwhich doesn't help me..  so nm people.u.c21:39
jsalisburylamont, I can get to mombin, so I'll put them in your home directory21:40
lamont~/lamont, not ~lmaont21:40
lamontthat is, toss 'em where you can put them (write perms being such), and I'll pul from your home dir21:40
lamontwe have read access to each other's directories, but not write21:40
jsalisburylamont, ok, I'll just put em in my home dir21:41
jsalisburylamont, looks like my build server can't get to mombin or people, but my desktop can.  The next kernel is ready so I'll just scp it to kernel.ubuntu.com and see if I can figure out a way for you to rsync21:45
lamontjsalisbury: from the land of hahaha lamont, I have a login on kernel.u.c, beacuse of kernel-team21:46
lamontrather, kernel_devs21:46
lamontso definitely just throw it somehwere there21:46
jsalisburylamont, ok, next kernel is there.  I posted to the bug to, so I can keep track of where we are in the bisect and what kernels were good/bad21:47
lamontjsalisbury: good.  updated.21:52

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