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zzarrhello anpok08:32
zzarranpok, here are the ump libs http://malideveloper.arm.com/resources/drivers/open-source-mali-gpus-ump-user-space-drivers-source-code-2/08:33
zzarr(or lib/code)08:34
zzarranpok, are there sufficient code to write a Mir driver?08:36
zzarranpok, other whys it looks like it's possible to use the android driver (I think that the kernel driver may be the same for both X and Android drivers, if I haven't misunderstood )08:38
anpokyes kernel side is the same, I did look into UMP User Space Drivers r4p0-00rel111:32
anpokand there was no mentioning on how to get egl/glesv2 to render to an ump handle11:32
anpokzzar: that would be the problem to be solves11:32
anpokthe other stuff is helpful.. as it tells you how to transfer handles been processes which is an important piece11:33
anpokthey might have an extension to setup egl with that.. i dont now.. an alternative native window handle.. maybe11:33
zzarranpok, as I'm still new to GPU drivers, I think that the android driver is the easiest way for me12:42
zzarranpok, is there a tutorial how to install and configure the android lxc?12:43
alan_gkgunn: I'm going through the bugs targeting 0.20 and came across bug 1528384 - what is the latest status of that? Is it fixed in 0,19,2?12:44
ubot5`bug 1528384 in Unity System Compositor "unity-system-compositor crashed with std::runtime_error in mir::compositor::CompositingFunctor::wait_until_started() from usc::MirScreen::set_screen_power_mode (mir_power_mode_on)" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152838412:44
anpokzzarr: look for ubunte touch porting guide.. and ask in #ubuntu-touch .. e.g. people like ogra_  or morph or ...12:44
* kgunn checks12:44
zzarrI have asked in #ubuntu-touch12:45
ogra_well, rather ondra and morphis :) ... i'm not very familiar with the GPU driver setup on the android side12:47
zzarrokey ogra_, well, I'll read the text on the internet before asking12:48
zzarrif I get stuck I'll ask12:48
kgunnalan_g: ah yeah, that landed...the reporting....and AlbertA_ has branches up for 19.2 for that nasty bug12:49
kgunnalan_g: so we're going on the hope that there's not a seperate subtle bug lurking there12:49
kgunnfor the case of 0.20 you can consider it ok12:50
* alan_g wonders how to convince LP it was committed in 0.19.212:51
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alan_galf_: You have a USC release in the pipe? (I was about create a "no-change" release for Mir-0.20.0, but does this impact?)17:10
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alan_ggreyback__: Saviq - in doing a Mir release do I need to do anything for qtmir-gles? (Saviq left a note that one of the steps isn't needed, but there are other I suspect it applies to.)17:52
greyback__alan_g: usually, if you're not incrementing the qtmir version number, just proposing an empty MP against lp:qtmir/gles , and adding to train, is enough17:53
Saviqalan_g, nothing in changelog needed, but you should bump the dep in debian/control17:53
Saviqalan_g, basically, anything you change in debian/ for the non-gles MP, should be changed in the -gles one17:54
Saviqit's no longer necessary to mangle debian/changelog or debian/watch17:54
alan_gOK, so as (in this case) I've just an empty MP for qtmir that covers it.17:55
alan_gOr, I need an empty one for lp:qtmir/gles too?17:56
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