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k1l_which kiddie did #WIKIPEDIA-EN ban now?00:08
bazhangsomeone who has leet typing skills00:09
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ubottudaftykins called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:39
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (raphus trolling spam)01:40
elkyi suppose we should get that personal info taken out of the logs...01:42
elkynhandler: you might want to keep an eye on the guy01:44
nhandlerelky: Ack. Thanks. I'm about to head out from $work, but I'll keep an eye on them01:45
elkyyou can probably also redirect to someone who's around but hiding too :P01:45
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (xin profanity)03:29
elkywhat the actual...03:31
jackbrownI want to report this guy http://i.imgur.com/2DkKznJ.jpg08:16
Flanneljackbrown: Thanks.08:18
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k1lhi jackbrown10:54
jackbrownhi k1l10:55
k1lhow can we help you?10:55
jackbrownI don't need any help I already reported a scammer if you scroll this channel k1l10:58
k1ljackbrown: ah ok. if that is sorted already please part this channel. (see /topic)10:58
jackbrownk1l:  part? you mean leave?  sorry english isn't my 1st languate10:59
jackbrownk1l: *language10:59
k1lyeah. its a team channel. but you are free to come back if there is another issue10:59
jackbrownok k1l thanks for helping!! have a good day10:59
k1lyou too10:59
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (A9777-Guest ban requested)12:22
k1land i just unmuted them after having a pm to make them read the guidelines12:23
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (awnix)12:39
k1li would like to see idoru now k-lining that spammer using different open proxies :/12:59
Unit193idoru is long gone, it'd be sigyn anyway.  And they block a boat load of 'em, but you know the thing about blacklists...13:03
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (please ban this fools' IP address)13:11
MyrttiI'm sure niko would appreciate your contribution to the code to make the open proxy detection better13:19
Myrttion Sigyn13:20
Myrttiwell not sigyn but anyway13:21
Myrttinot saying that the only way make things better is to code it, but staff is trying it's best and it's a gentle balance that needs to be struck between security and usability13:23
Unit193Myrtti: Right, and it's not like you can find every open proxy on the internet, or detect them.13:24
MyrttiUnit193: well, yes13:25
MyrttiI know it's very annoying he's using open proxies, but what you're seeing in #ubuntu is quite small in comparison to what it's like on #freenode - you can rest assured that the staff has every reason to make the proxy detection the best possible13:26
PriceyIf you have any details on how you know that host is an open proxy, popping them in my /msg would be awesome.13:34
PriceyLooks like it's just a mobile network.13:44
k1lhe used some mobile network ip on the first time. but he joined with several other ips after that he got banned13:51
k1llike this:
k1lthe leaseweb servers are used by some free vpn/proxy websites.13:52
PriceyUnderstood, but we could say that about any hosting provider really.13:59
PriceyIt might be a start if you could identify the vpn/proxy website?13:59
ikoniadidn't LJL have functionality in the floodboots that either parsed a proxy list, or polled the list for open proxies14:03
k1lyeah, i heared of some users beeing redirected to -unregged (?) and then had to answer a questions or such.   but i never experienced that14:08
ubottuEriC^^ called the ops in #ubuntu (prodix)14:44
phunyguyQuick ops triggers with no effort at catalyzing.  Fun.15:24
ubottuBluesKaj called the ops in #ubuntu (stupidcracker)17:33
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:34
zebepoluck spamming hate messagens19:43
lazybones_k, getting abuse from "poluck"19:43
lazybones_wastold to report here :)19:43
k1lhi. poluck is already banned from #ubuntu. please report in #freenode now since we cant do anymore and freenode staff needs to handle it now19:44
lazybones_I`m using Xchat, how do i set up to ignore him?19:45
k1l/ignore nickname19:45
lazybones_got him thanx, had to add his ip also??19:48
ilhamiwhy am I banned from #ubuntu-touch?22:03
k1lbecause you are a known malicious user and were malicious in that channel too.22:05
ilhamiNo I wasn't.22:05
ilhamiStop lying.22:05
ilhamiWhere is the founder of Ubuntu?22:05
k1lilhami: we are past that nonsense. you were given a lot of 2nd chances and every time you made trouble again.22:05
ilhami why the heck does ubuntu touch not allow apps running in the background beside Canonical's own apps?22:06
ilhamican you tell me this?22:06
ilhamiand will this change in the future?22:07
k1lno, this is not a technical support channel.22:07
ilhamiif you ban me from there, where am I going to ask? and when you lack developers, why do you think it's smart to exclude me from the community? that's sad.22:08
k1lilhami: dont blame others for your actions and behaviour. you have proven to be a malicious user in several different irc channels since 2013.22:09
ilhamido you even know what the word malicious mean?22:10
ilhamilet me in the #ubuntu-touch channel. I don't care about the other ones.22:11
k1lno. they got a mailing list. maybe you try it there as a new start.22:12
ilhamiisn't there a forum of some kind?22:12
k1lif  looking for the mailinglist is too much effort for your trolling, than i think this is a fair deal.22:14
ilhamiI hope you get some serious beating man... I hope bazhang beats you some day k1l :)22:14
ilhamiyou are the most oppressive OP on IRC ever22:15
k1lok, i think we are done here. please part this channel since the bans will not be removed.22:15
ilhamievil person.22:16
ilhamithere is a bug here btw22:18
ilhamicheck the word beautifully how it's aligned under the video lol22:18
ilhamiyou really need to sort out the thing with notifications.. That is so vital to a smartphone.22:20
valoriek1l: <322:25
Unit193Someone might want to look into that last #ubuntu ban.23:48
k1l*!*@gateway/shell/elitebnc/* ?23:49
rwwsecond time it's done that now23:49
Unit193Second time someone lost ident.23:49
rwwstupid shell host23:49
rwwtempted to ban *!~*@gateway/shell/elitebnc/*23:49
rww(someone explain why this is a bad idea or i'ma do it)23:52
Unit193"Because filling up the banlist!"? :P23:53
Unit193DO it!23:53
k1lbantracker is astonishingly small for elitebnc bans23:53
rww@comment 71351 bans elitebnc users when elitebnc's identd breaks. without this set, Drone` gets mad and bans without the ~ limitation, meaning they're still banned when the identd is fixed. if complaints from users, consider removal.23:56
ubottuComment added.23:56

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