sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: does it need to baslically do something like "for every file in every directory, output this name with this server"? Or do you want some pretty clicky thing that lets you drag and drop files and directories and so on?00:00
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VelusUniverseSysi will find one lol i will create one where it would collect data from an mysql table, the table will have something like time, file, name, duration, extention and maybe some more that wont need to be on the play list. it just needs to grab info from the db and then create the list00:01
sarnoldI suspect there are many such tools already written :)00:02
VelusUniverseSysit would need to be like all files from x time for 24hours (i will also need to include a ads rotator aswell00:02
sarnoldif you want to create one don't let me deter you -- but if you just want the job done, I suspect it already exists00:02
VelusUniverseSysyeah but im struggling to find one lol i can do the collecting of the data but doing the play list is hard00:03
VelusUniverseSyssarnold, it seems to want to install postfix aswell lol i wonder why00:22
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: probably php pear::mail() or something like that00:23
VelusUniverseSyssarnold, it wants to install to much lol it wnated to intstall things like icecast (which is on another server) how would i get it to install ezstream wit certian other packages that are suggested lol00:24
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: you can also apt-get install the specific Suggested: packages by hand00:25
sarnoldthat means you don't need the --install-suggests -- which can really help cut down on how many packages get installed00:25
VelusUniverseSysit only suggested a few but when i done that it gave tones lol i think its because the few need so ,amy00:29
VelusUniverseSysbut i think i have found a way around the problem for the php system i just need to create a file with the extention .m3u and have it connect to the mysql grab the list and then have it put it in the file but it will be complex as i will need to incorparate a ad system too which will be harder lol00:33
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: consider looking at these things http://idjc.sourceforge.net/ http://www.rivendellaudio.org/00:37
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: http://aras.sourceforge.net/00:37
sarnoldI can't recall the name of the tool now, I once did some internet radio with something that plugged into jackd... but I can't find it again on http://jackaudio.org/applications/00:38
smoseri think the seed early is ok.00:39
VelusUniverseSysthats for audio though mins video00:41
smoserbut i would ask someone in ubuntu-release00:45
VelusUniverseSysi will be doing it my self now i know how to do it lol i will be able to get a lot more00:45
VelusUniverseSysgrrr i have a program thats slowing my pc down grrr00:58
VelusUniverseSysthis orogram is crap and anoying01:00
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VelusUniverseSyshey i went to oggcamp last yeah and there was a ubuntu stall on and they was playing big buck bunny, and i thought the guy at the stall looked a lot like the bunny lol01:09
VelusUniverseSyssarnold, i have it working now yay but i need to get the video.js to work lol01:38
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: nice01:39
VelusUniverseSysyeah if you look at the streaming channle its tiny lol01:39
VelusUniverseSyssarnold, do you know video.js by any chance?01:40
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: never heard of it01:40
VelusUniverseSysits working now i just had a / at the end01:40
VelusUniverseSyswell sort of working its just a green screen it did that before aswell i think i need to tweek it slightly01:41
VelusUniverseSyssarnold, do you know icecast at all ?01:48
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: not really, I haven't looked at it in a decade or so01:48
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k2gremlinHello all, setting up a site-to-site OpenVPN. Server side LAN clients can ping Client side LAN clients. However, Client site LAN cannot ping server side LAN. tcpdump on the Ovpn server shows icmp both direction on the ETH interface to the Server LAN.. but the TUN interface only shows inbound icmp. Thoughts?03:14
XinZhaohey all03:16
XinZhaoI am running ubuntu server in a vm03:17
sarnoldk2gremlin: how about tcpdump on the server-side machine that's being pinged? maybe it's set to respond to only certain pings, or drop pings, or drop icmp entirely?03:17
XinZhaooh wait nm03:17
k2gremlinsarnold, the server side client I am trying to reach is Windows Server 2012 with DC. Firewall turned off03:18
sarnoldk2gremlin: maybe try different protocols? traceroute? tcptraceroute?03:18
k2gremlinsarnold, well another symptom just popped up.. from the CLient Side LAN PC.. I can ping which is a Ubuntu Desktop VM on the Server LAN.03:19
k2gremlinsarnold, However, from the OpenVPN Client.. machine, I cannot ping that IP03:19
k2gremlinso freaking weird03:20
k2gremlinWhen I trace from my PC, it shows hops through the openvpn client to the openvpn server03:20
VelusUniverseSyssarnold, i got the ezstream working now lol03:25
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: nice :)03:25
VelusUniverseSysnow im just going to create some legall docs for the company lol this will be fun to do03:25
VelusUniverseSysif you want sarnold can check the stream out03:28
sarnoldvideo plays and everything03:30
VelusUniverseSysyeah thats on constant run till i work on the php script and the other bits and get the content i need03:30
k2gremlinVelusUniverseSys, That stream is nice.03:36
k2gremlinudp stream?03:36
VelusUniverseSysnope http stream i am using icecast2 and ezstreamer03:37
sarnoldimpressive that it survived as well as it did from turkey to west coast us :)03:37
VelusUniverseSysfrom turkey?03:38
sarnold.tk ?03:38
VelusUniverseSysthat only the domain its from manchester uk lol i will be getting a new domain eventually03:38
VelusUniverseSysand .tk is tiki ilands its free03:38
VelusUniverseSysi thiknk tiki islenads03:39
sarnoldsigh can't belieeve I screwed that up :)03:39
VelusUniverseSysits ok its easy03:39
sarnoldit's been years since i've talked with my turkish pal though..03:39
VelusUniverseSyssorry the tokelau territory of new zeland03:40
k2gremlinsarnold, Any chance you could look over my setup via Join.me or teamviewer?03:44
k2gremlinsarnold, this vpn connection is really kicking my butt03:44
sarnoldk2gremlin: sorry, i'm done thinking for the day, just a few email replies left and i'm off to hunt down some dinner..03:46
sarnoldk2gremlin: my generic debugging advice may help though: (a) read the logs on all the involved systems -- dmesg, syslog, openvpn, etc. tail -f on all of em..03:46
sarnoldk2gremlin: (b) test different layers: icmp, udp, tcp, both with IPs and DNS names .. try to find bits which work and bits which fail03:47
Xinhey guys, I have a smb share mounted from a windows box03:59
XinI added it to my fstab which looks likee...03:59
Xinbut there's no files in there when I open the folder04:01
Xinfolder permissions are 77704:01
Xinit was working when I was mounting under /media/04:01
sarnoldtry "mount /var/www/html/_google" and see if that fixes it04:01
Xinhmm ok04:02
VelusUniverseSysfinding a legal template is hard lol04:03
Xinyeah that did fix it04:03
Xinhow can I make it work correctly via fstab ?04:03
Xin@ sarnold04:05
sarnoldXin: try adding the 'auto' keyword to the option column -- see the fstab(5) manpage for details04:09
Xinok ill give that a go, thanks mate04:11
Xinhmm nah that didn't seem to work04:13
sarnold'auto' should cause it to be mounted at reboot; how did you test that it was working?04:15
Xinopened it, there was no files, ran the command you gave, opened it, there was files04:16
Xinadded auto as the first option in fstab line04:16
Xinno files04:16
sarnoldXin: to make sure, when you say "first option", you mean you changed "guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8" to "auto,guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8", right?04:21
Xinunless there's an invisible char in thereeeee....04:22
Xinbut there doesn't seem to be04:22
sarnoldXin: is there anything useful in /var/log/upstart/mountall*  ?04:23
Xinlets seeeee...04:26
Xinno logs in /upstart/04:28
sarnoldah, are you on a new enough release that it's using systemd instead?04:28
Xinvery latest, not sure though04:29
Xinthe folder for upstart does exist04:29
Xinbut yeah, empty04:30
Xinno systemd folder04:30
sarnoldit might be something journalctl for the mountall service..04:30
sarnoldyou could also try systemd's native mount units: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man5/systemd.mount.5.html04:31
Xinthis is all a bit foreign to me sorry, I generally only use ubuntu-server for basic lamp stacks04:32
XinI just use vm's though and my file storage is external as it's accessed by many servers04:33
sarnoldheh, and I haven't used a systemd system yet -- and I haven't used samba / cifs mounts in 15 years or so.04:33
Xinhaha, well its less confusing than "automagic" vmware file shares04:33
Xinwhich just add a layer of complexity04:34
VelusUniverseSyssarnold, you may be able to help me with this one, i have a virtual user email setup with postfix-mysql and wondered if i used an alieas as no-reply@.... to go to inbox webmaster@.... can i smtp into webmaster@.... and use no-reply@.... as the sending email? it would be done through php04:34
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: there's generally no checking at all of the From: headers on outgoing mails04:34
sarnoldXin: hehe yeah, I'd rather control that myself too04:35
VelusUniverseSysi hate my development pc its crashing again lol04:35
Xinis there just like a .sh script I can add that mount line to?04:36
Xinthats executed at startup by default04:36
VelusUniverseSysbut then i do have 5 ssh open god knows how many web pages open with 4 browsers lol and other things lol04:36
sarnoldXin: maybe /etc/rc.local ? does that exist on your system?04:37
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: I often have a dozen VMs, a dozen ssh sessions, and firefox open with 200+ tabs. That ought to work fine..04:37
VelusUniverseSysyeah but i have other things on like netbeans its on windows aswell i have at the bottom about 80 folders open 3 email clients 7 office docs notepad++ with loads of tabs this calander zoiper (vboip phone) skype, steam and more04:39
sarnoldnetbeans, is that a java IDE?04:39
sarnoldaha. "Good Luck". :)04:40
VelusUniverseSysits the best i have found that is good enough for more than one type of work04:40
Xinsarnold, there's a bunch of rc#.d/ folders04:40
sarnoldXin: anything with 'local' in the name? :) that'd be the place to put it if it exists..04:41
VelusUniverseSysoih yeah i also have firestorm open connected to secondlife04:41
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: to each their own of course but that's a likely reason why things are slow, hehe04:41
VelusUniverseSysyeah its that that is the slowest atm04:41
Xinsarnold, doesn't appear to be04:42
Xinthe numbering looks like it just ccontrols the batching order of commands04:42
sarnoldXin: hmm. well, you could also use @reboot in the crontab but .. that might rnu before networking is up, etc. really, if fstab doesn't work then I'd go with the systemd mounting unit thing.04:43
sarnoldalright, time to bail,good luck xin :) have fun VelusUniverseSys04:43
VelusUniverseSysi w3ill04:44
Xinlater :)04:44
XinI just checked man  fstab04:44
Xinthere's a noauto option04:44
Xinbut doesn't list auto04:44
Xinsuggesting that's the default04:45
Xinhow weird04:45
Xin@ sarnold fyi :)04:56
Xinthanks for the help04:56
Xinps; for above you need to use smbfs not cifs05:05
Xinurgh ok no that's not working eitherrrrrr05:07
Xinso, that fix doesnt work with cifs05:11
Xinand smbfs is no longer available as its superceded by cifs05:12
Xinill make a specific user to access as, but this is fairrly definitely a bug05:13
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System_Error_Meshi im having trouble with my ubuntu server install07:26
System_Error_Mesits stuck in a mdadm create user root not found loop07:26
System_Error_Mesit only loops that line and mdadm create group not found loop07:27
rbasaknacc: I'd do the seed update now, with one commit, assuming the AAs are OK with that. One commit because it's easier to make sense of things later, no strong reason.08:19
Razvahey! It's my first Ubuntu Cloud setup so excuse my dumb questions :)08:20
RazvaI'm setting up MAAS right now. Added the LAN NIC08:20
Razvabut I have no idea what I should set at the "Default Gateway IP" section08:21
Razvashould I set the Internet gateway? like...the external IP gateway?08:21
Razva(which I've used for the NET nic settings)08:21
System_Error_Mesubuntu server just doesnt seem to work with RAID08:22
System_Error_Mesi mean its a serverOS and i would really like to use the cloud features otherwise i'll have to switch back to openSUSE08:22
System_Error_Meswindows networking just doesnt work08:23
System_Error_MesThe internet gateway is your router08:23
RazvaSystem_Error_Mes talking with me? P)08:24
System_Error_Mesdoesnt seem like anyone is on now08:27
System_Error_MesRazva, regarding internet gateway08:29
System_Error_Mesunless your cluster access internet through your controller than the controller is your gateway08:30
Razvadarn, how the heck can I see all the nics?08:48
Razvaseems that my nics are "eno" not "eth"08:48
Razvabuuut I can see only eno108:49
Razvaand no, eno2 doesn't works :))08:49
Razvalogical name: eno108:49
Razvalogical name: enp0s2508:50
Razvaso the logical name for the second nic is...enp0s25?!08:50
hateballthe glory of systemd08:53
Razvaifup enp0s25?08:55
RazvaIgnoring unknown interface enp0s25?=enp0s25?08:55
System_Error_Mesuse the NIC that works first and then configure the rest08:57
Razvaisn't the network "auto-configured" when using MAAS?09:11
System_Error_MesFrom what i read about the manual is that you have your controller performing all the network duties including dhcp and such so auto configure should work if you did seperate your cluster network09:12
System_Error_MesIf you didnt seperate your cluster network from your main network than you're probably doing it wrong09:13
Razvait's the main cluster, connected directly to the net + vlan09:18
System_Error_Mesit looks right but is your controller connected directly to the net or behind some router?09:24
System_Error_Mesim going to try reinstall ubuntu, i changed some partitions but i dont think reinstalling would work09:26
System_Error_Mesduring the install it failed to detect the partitions on the hard drive raid arrays but had no trouble with the SSD raid09:26
Razvait's dirrectly contected to the net, into the same vlan as the server that I'm trying to PXE boot09:29
System_Error_Messo are you saying you've installed your controller and are trying to install the rest of the machines or are you currently installing your controller?09:36
System_Error_Mesbecause the other machines would boot of pxe from the controller in their own seperate network and not connected to the internet09:36
System_Error_Mesi would install the cluster but i still cant get ubuntu server working on my main server09:37
RazvaI've installed the controller + mass09:40
Razvaand now I'm trying to PXE boot the other machines from maas09:40
System_Error_Meswell it looks right so just make sure that the cluster network is entirely isolated while doing the install09:46
System_Error_Mesi would do a layer 1 segmentation to make sure but as long as layer 2 segmentation works on your switch as well09:47
System_Error_Mesalso in linux the first count is 009:49
System_Error_Messo pn0 is your first NIC and pn1 is your 2nd NIC09:49
System_Error_Mespn2 doesnt work because it doesnt exist unless you have a 3rd NIC09:51
John[Lisbeth]Reliable guide for updating a system with custom PPAs from 15.10 to 16.04?10:51
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Razvafolks, shouldn't MAAS auto-configure DHCP for the lan NIC...?11:19
RazvaI have two NICs, one connected to the net, one connected to a VLAN11:19
Razvaon setup I'm manually configuring the NET one, obviously.11:19
Razvabut the other one gets disabled, and stays disabled even after adding it on MAAS11:20
Razvaany hints...?11:20
John[Lisbeth]Razva, I am not sure if this is the same project, but there is also a #maas channel11:32
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jamespagerbasak, I got bored of having to pip install juju-deployer so I've bumped the latest version of that and jujuclient into xenial11:49
jamespagejust an fyi11:49
Razvaoh God this is SO frustrating :|11:56
Razvawhat I want is just to deploy a simple Ubuntu Cloud. the doc is so simple, but in reality it basically crashes at step 4. :|11:57
Razvacrashes = MAAS doesn't provides PXE via DHCP11:57
Razva(no, nobody is replying on #maas)11:57
jamespageRazva, hmm12:10
jamespagewhich doc are you referring to?12:10
Razvaand I swear to God that I don't see any Networks in the menu: http://i.imgur.com/wKDBvvX.png12:21
jamespageRazva, is your maas node wily or 14.04?12:24
jamespageRazva, and which step are you on?12:25
Razva3. Install MAAS12:25
RazvaGo to the “Networks” tab and for each of the networks auto-created, click “Edit network” to add the default gateway and DNS server details12:25
Razvajamespage here's the network result, from cli: http://pastebin.com/UwZbu65F12:26
rbasakjamespage: that's fine, thanks.12:26
jamespageRazva, anything in the networks tab at all?12:27
Razvajamespage http://i.imgur.com/wKDBvvX.png < can you see any Networks tab?12:30
Razvamaybe I'm too tired and cannot see it right in front of me...12:30
jamespageRazva, try subnets - this may be a doc bug12:31
jamespageroaksoax, I think step 3 of http://www.ubuntu.com/download/cloud/install-openstack-with-autopilot needs an update for the 1.9 release12:31
jamespageroaksoax, see backscroll ^^12:32
Razvajamespage http://i.imgur.com/op7705L.png < I cannot see any trace of Add Network or Edit Network12:33
jamespageRazva, click the subnet12:33
jamespageRazva, your hitting a bug on the documentation - apologies12:34
jamespageRazva, that said in the MAAS I have access to, I can't edit those settings from the subnet screen12:36
* jamespage keeps poking12:36
Razvajamespage ok, I'm on the Subnet page12:36
Razvanext...? I can see only the current IP class, but I cannot find a way to add a new one (192.168...)12:36
jamespageRazva, can you dump that as well pls?12:36
jamespageRazva, so you will only get a subnet for the network configuration of the MAAS server itself12:38
Razvaok and how can I add a new subnet?12:39
Razvaat Ubuntu setup I've added just the NET NIC, the other one didn't.12:39
RazvaI have two nics: one for NET ( and one for LAN (
RazvaI've configured NET, obviously, and now I'm looking for a way to add the LAN one in order to PXE boot from LAN12:40
jamespageRazva, ok - you need to add that as a managed interface as part of the cluster configuration12:41
jamespage'Clusters' tab - then click name of the cluster controller12:41
jamespageyou should see LAN as unmanaged - hover over, click the edit icon and configure that - I think that will create the subnet...12:42
jamespageLAN == interface configured for LAN12:43
Razvathe only interface I can see in the list is the one already existing12:43
Razvashould I manually add enp0s25?12:43
Razvaenp0s25: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UP mode DEFAULT group default qlen 100 < this would be the LAN NIC12:44
jamespageRazva, yes12:44
jamespageadd the interface12:44
RazvaDHCP and DNS, right?12:44
jamespageRazva, yup12:44
RazvaDefault Gateway IP < none, it's a LAN, right?12:45
jamespageRazva, well consider that this network will be use for provision and install - machine will need access to the ubuntu archives etc...12:45
jamespageso I would expect a gateway of some description12:45
pitastrudlcould someone recommend me a vps provider with a stable connection but very cheap price? a lowend vps. i just need it to host quassel irc and a znc instance12:45
Razvaweeeell...I cannot use the net gateway, it's in a totally different class...12:46
Razva[u' not in the network']12:46
jamespageRazva, sure - but you could configure the server on which MAAS is install to provide that gateway12:46
jamespageacting as a NAT router in effect12:46
jamespageMAAS won't do that for you - you'll have to do that yourself12:46
Razvaany tutorial (for dummies) for doing that?12:47
jamespageRazva, one sec12:47
jamespageRazva, concepts are here - https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/firewall.html12:49
jamespagelooking for a script I had todo this12:49
jamespageRazva, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15023804/12:49
jamespageRazva, will need some tweaks for your env12:50
jamespagebut dtrt12:50
jamespageRazva, I have to drop for today - hopefully roaksoax might appear - but this is a good channel to ask questions in about MAAS12:50
Razvahttp://i.imgur.com/IGdMwnI.png < post-NAT settings are ok?12:50
jamespagealso #juju12:50
jamespageRazva, if you're going to the NAT option, gateway and IP should be the same12:51
Razvaor I might add the IP as another nic:1 ?12:51
Razvathanks so much!12:51
Razvame pings roaksoax12:51
* Razva pings roaksoax again :)14:04
Razvaor...anybody who can help me setting up this darn server...14:05
ikoniaRazva: you'll do better if you just explain your problems14:11
ikoniarather than ask if people can fix it without knowing what you're asking14:12
KimseI'm having an issue with using autofs to mount shared home's via NFS inside a Linux container.14:13
Kimsewhen cd'ing to an automounted directory, it just freezes eternally. Until I stop the autofs service.14:13
KimseThe only error I see is: handle_packet_missing_indirect: token 47, name <username>, request pid 2543 from the automount program14:14
KimseThe containers are NATd14:14
KimseAnd I can mount the nfs share manually14:14
jamespageRazva, hello again14:15
KimseAnd i have modified the apparmor profile to allow mounting of NFS and do not see any errors regarding that14:15
jamespageRazva, once you have your private network setup and configured in MAAS, you'll need to power on and network boot the servers you want to use;the obviously need to be physically connected to the private network14:17
jamespageRazva, its also important that maas has network access to the ilo/drac/whatever BMC controller for the servers, otherwise it won't be able to control them later14:19
Razvajamespage so glad you are here. I'm basically plucking my hair here :))14:28
RazvaI've just asked roaksoax of I need to setup the LAN IP manually, before installing MAAS, or should I add it through the GUI after installing MAAS. his answer was yes.14:29
RazvaSO, I'm at the installation point again, with the ISO boot up14:29
jamespageI'm going to be in-and-out for the rest of the day so I may be a bit async14:30
jamespageRazva, reading around on MAAS might be useful - http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/14:30
RazvaI have two nics: eno1 (net) and enp0s25 (lan). I've setup enp0s25 (lan) with a static IP (, then run this: sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o eno1 -j MASQUERADE . Is this enough in order to have a NAT that will provide internet access to the lan IPs?14:57
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naccrbasak: ok, thanks!15:48
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Razvajamespage, roaksoax ...anybody? :(19:53
VelusUniverseSyssarnold, you about?21:25
Razvawhen using maas, any idea why the heck all the nodes are shutting down after booting from PXE?21:55
sarnoldRazva: iirc they're waiting to be turned on :)22:00
sarnoldhey VelusUniverseSys22:00
VelusUniverseSysim still having problems with ezstream and well thinking of swatting up on snowmix again but thats hard22:00
sarnolddid you have any luck writing that script to populate the m3u?22:02
Razvasarnold well great, but I cannot power it on...22:03
Razva1 node cannot be powered on. To proceed, update your selection.22:03
sarnoldRazva: eep. if there's nothing obvious in the logs, head into #maas, they'll be more familiar with it22:05
Razvanobody is there...22:05
sarnoldhmm; maybe try the mail list then?22:06
VelusUniverseSysstill working on that but if im having problems then why do that22:07
sarnoldbad timing though, the weekend's started for many, and three-day weekend for many..22:07
VelusUniverseSyssarnold, can i pm you please?23:28
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: sure23:36

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