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* _Sponge checks his watch. http://i.imgur.com/tqUNgSj.jpg09:08
_SpongeIt's Friday \o/ Yay !09:08
_SpongeMorning everyone.09:09
mcphail!yay | _Sponge09:10
ubot5`_Sponge: Glad you made it! :-)09:10
mcphailNice timepiece09:10
zzarrhello! where is the android lxc located in a preinstalled ubuntu-touch image?09:47
mardympt: hi! I guess I should also show the package name (in the form com.ubuntu/Mail) in the secondary text in this page, right? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OnlineAccounts?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=phone-accounts-account.png10:17
Smurphy_Sponge: *lol* Nice wrist Watch you got there ...10:18
mptmardy, hmm, I don’t know. If we did, we’d need to show it here too: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityPermissions#Permission_lists10:18
mptmardy, we should ask tvoss10:18
bshahsil2100: morning10:18
popeyNice keyboard too!10:19
SmurphyGuys - instead of Twitter - put Wahtsapp into the phone.10:19
popeyI'll get right on that.10:19
mardympt: I vote for adding it, because it's not uncommon for an app and scope to have the same display name (like: Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram)10:19
mardympt: this would let the user tell them apart (assuming that the icon is also the same)10:20
mptmardy, for a very geeky definition of “the user”, but yeah10:20
mardympt: well, it's something: otherwise there might be absolutely no hint to tell two apps apart10:21
sil2100bshah: morning :)10:22
sil2100bshah: any luck with 'teh branch'?10:22
bshahsil2100: so your final patch seems to work fine :)10:22
tvossmpt, what would be design's proposal to solve the issue that mardy mentions? glad for other suggestions10:23
sil2100Yay ;) Just hope that there were no other hidden issues with repacking the keyring10:23
bshahthough I can't test that image "works"10:23
bshahbecause shadeslayer don't have access to e5 for 2 week10:23
sil2100bshah: it seems it's been really long since we last used the 'keyring=' option anywhere, so this part of the code was a bit left for dead10:23
mpttvoss, I don’t know … I wish there was a better one, though10:24
tvossmpt, so display of the app id is not optimal, admittedly, but anything we can do has to be based on it10:25
mpttvoss, I wonder if we could use something like those auto-generated avatars on Web sites that are based on the commenter’s e-mail address10:27
tvossmpt, hmmm, interesting idea10:29
mptThey’re called identicons, apparently https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identicon10:29
tvossmpt, but we would have to educate the user what they actually mean, too10:29
tvossmpt, can you take that conversation back to design?10:31
tvossmpt, ideally, we would even surface the identicon in the store10:33
bshahsil2100: one feature request or minor bug that is hunting me.. so if I publish only one image in channel still it generates delta files and that is just time consuming10:35
bshahanyway to disable delta generation?10:35
sil2100bshah: hm, you mean you publish just one image in a channel (i.e. no other images were in that channel) it generates a delta still?10:55
sil2100bshah: a delta shouldn't be generated then, not if you didn't define a custom deltabase10:56
sil2100bshah: but anyway, it's possible to disable delta generation for a channel in overall, but then you get no deltas10:56
mardympt: meanwhile, would it be fine if I add the package line as we do in the trust store prompts?10:57
mptmardy, sure10:57
bshahsil2100: I've defined11:05
bshahversionbase = 111:05
bshahfullcount = 111:05
bshahstill it generatees delta.11:05
sil2100bshah: you don't want to have deltas at all in the channel?11:11
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matv1ogra_ question about that logitech K480. Do you actually use it for the bq tablet? Does it sit well in the holder? is it wide enough for that?11:46
jjardonHi, does ubuntu-touch have a special mechanism to store status/data of the phone in case power loss?11:49
ogra_matv1, i dont have a bq tablet (yet) .... i use it with my old N7 currently12:04
ogra_matv1, but i would expect the bq to fit ... perhaps popey knows12:04
ogra_i know there are such kbd's in the canonical office so i would expect *someone* to have tried that12:04
popeyI dont have a bq tablet12:05
matv1oh my12:06
popeyhappy to measure the k380 though12:06
ogra_popey, no, but you are at the office at times and could have seen one sitting in a k480 kbd :)12:06
ogra_matv1, why oh my ?12:06
popeyJMulholland oi oi, have you seen any Logitech (black and yellow) Bluetooth keyboards around? Fancy jamming a BQ M10 into it to see if it fits? :)12:06
ogra_the slot has a lot of wiggle room if i use the n712:07
matv1well ogra_ and popey not even having used a phisical bq tablet is not what i expected if you guys are releasing it in a month or something12:08
popeyPlenty of others have them12:08
popeyNot everyone needs one12:08
ogra_matv1, i dont work on the phone team since about a year now :)12:08
anpokyeah the ones that have one play remote controlled testers12:08
ogra_i'm a normal customer, like you :)12:09
anpokwhich is kind of nice.. delegating testing some one else .. you can focus on generatig ideas12:09
ogra_anpok, does that mean you casn call yourself an "architect" now ?12:09
ogra_(seems to be a fashionable thing :) )12:09
anpokyeah.. solution architect maybe12:10
matv1ogra_ popey ok cool :)12:12
victor_bqHi all!12:16
victor_bqsomeone to lend a hand with two customers?12:17
popeyvictor_bq: what's up?12:18
victor_bqwell I've got two customer experiencing this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/150808112:19
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1508081 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Fails to receive OTA updates" [High,In progress]12:19
popeyhave you seen comment #18 from Ken?12:20
victor_bqok, I'll give them those instructions12:21
victor_bqand if the problem remains? something else to do?12:21
popeyI wonder if opening the terminal and manually running "system-image-cli" will do it. barry or kenvandine may know...12:22
victor_bqwell enough for me =), if the problem persists I'll contact again12:22
victor_bqthanks popey!12:23
matv1popey victor bq if i may jump in. I distinctly remember ogra_ saying that to another person with the same problem, which resolved it then. about a week ago i think12:23
popeyhandy to know12:24
popeythanks matv112:24
victor_bqthanks =)12:24
matv1but i have no way to confirm as i do not know how to recreate the failing ota12:24
victor_bqWell, no problem I'll let you know in the bug if it worked for this 2 customers ;)12:25
matv1cool, i hope it does12:26
sil2100bshah: sorry, went to lunch - anyway, if you don't want to have deltas at all in a given channel, just add 'deltabase = ' to the channel config12:36
bshahoh okay12:37
sil2100bshah: this basically means that no deltas will be generated, only full images12:37
sil2100(it will generate a warning but work as intended)12:37
sil2100But yeah, OTA updates will be big then12:38
bshahwell plasma mobile is still under development so we don't have kind of OTA update etc12:44
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popeyogra_: what's the best low price ubuntu compatible arm device that I could use for building?13:46
popeyPreferably something that has sata port or some other decent size storage (i.e. not a phone)13:46
ogra_depends ... if you want to fiddle a little i'd go with a bananaPi ... that has SATA13:48
ogra_else rpi with snappy in a classic shell (that gets you a full apt env in the 16.04 images)13:48
popeyif I went rpi I'd probably just go for normal ubuntu images13:50
popeyactually, I have a bananapi!13:52
popeyi think13:52
popey\o/ i do13:53
popeyogra_: do we have a snappy image for the banana pi?13:56
ogra_not anymore, no13:56
ogra_we used to in 15.04 ... but that wouldnt help you much13:57
ogra_but i bet you will find some ubuntu image somewhere for it13:57
popeyactually 15.04 would help13:58
popeybecause I want to build stuff for 15.04 :)13:58
ogra_for snappy ?13:59
popeyoh, no13:59
popeyso probably best to go for tranditional deb based image13:59
ogra_there was a very early beta image http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bpi-m2-new-image-snappy-ubuntu-15-04-image-v4-0-release/436 ...14:00
ogra_if you cant find anything you at least could fish bootloader and kernel out of that one and just use the good old ubuntu-core tarball14:00
ogra_popey, in any case, SATA will get you fast file IO ... but for fast compilation you want a fast CPU and much RAM ... it matters what exactly you want to build14:03
ogra_(images and rootfses -> you want SATA .... compiling libreoffice for arm ... better go for something like a parallella board .... they have impressing compute power)14:04
popeynah, nothing that big14:05
popeysmall phone apps14:05
ogra_then an rpi would do i guess14:06
ogra_wont be super fast but you can have snappy as well as ubuntu mate images and easily flip the SDs around14:06
jgdxpete-woods, hey, specific vpn routes (not sure what they're called) are missing from your vpn editor? Are they supported by connectivity api?14:07
ogra_and i bet you could play around with distcc to cluster a few of them to have distributed compiling14:08
pete-woodsjgdx: I haven't implemented that part14:08
pete-woodsthis was already an absolutely massive piece of work14:08
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jgdxpete-woods, yeah, you did an amazing job14:16
jgdxpete-woods, what are you thoughts on that, though? Is it required for a first phase?14:17
pete-woodsjgdx: I don't think so14:17
jgdxpete-woods, okay, great.14:17
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V99which is the date of the OTA 9.5 launch?14:46
SmurphyNo idea :(14:48
OerHekssoon, and OTA 10 in the 1st week of march >> http://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-touch-ota-9-5-hotfix-on-its-way-to-fix-the-big-mir-issue-on-ubuntu-phones-500231.shtml14:49
Smurphy3 Critical, 7 High issues ...14:49
mhall119mariogrip: I did the flashing of android.img and boot.img you gave me yesterday, now I can't run u-d-f14:49
mhall1192016/02/12 09:48:36 error pushing: failed to copy '/home/mhall/.cache/ubuntuimages/ubuntu-touch/stable/FP2/version-2.tar.xz' to '/cache/recovery/': No such file or directory14:49
mhall1192016/02/12 09:48:36 error pushing: failed to copy '/home/mhall/.cache/ubuntuimages/ubuntu-touch/stable/FP2/version-2.tar.xz' to '/cache/recovery/': No such file or directory14:49
mhall119root@ubuntu-phablet:/# ls -lha /cache14:49
mhall119lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 14 Jan 14  1970 /cache -> /android/cache14:49
mhall119root@ubuntu-phablet:/# ls /android14:49
mhall119data  firmware  persist  system14:49
mariogripcannot use udf14:50
davmor2jgdx, pete-woods: on and off and working reliably is all that is required for phase one :)  Nice solid foundation then build the other stuff on top of that as you go :)14:50
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mhall119mariogrip: oh, I thought that flashing the android.img and boot.img would allow u-d-f to work14:53
mariogripmhall119: it's a problem with recovery14:53
mariogripI haven't looked at the problem yet, I will wait to we have wifi so we can update14:54
mariogripbut did you replace android.img?14:55
mariogripmhall119:  from recovery menu?14:55
mariogripmhall119: I can fix the udf if you want it14:58
jgdxdavmor2, :) Let's do it!15:05
jgdxdavmor2, pete's vpn editor works for you?15:05
davmor2jgdx: no idea never used it15:05
jgdxdavmor2, okay, it's here [1] if you wanna give it a go. [1] http://people.canonical.com/~pete/com.ubuntu.developer.pete-woods.vpn-editor_0.2.0_all.click15:06
davmor2jgdx: no time right now but I'll give it a go after15:08
mhall119mariogrip: yeah, I replaced the android system from the Ubuntu actions menu, using android.img15:47
mhall119getting u-d-f working would make it easier going forward15:47
mariogripmhall119: ok, I will start working on that when i'm done with some kernel changes15:48
mhall119mariogrip: awesome work, thanks :)15:48
mhall119mariogrip: also, should I be using stable, rc-proposed or devel-proposed channel?15:49
mhall119mariogrip: what are your thoughts on Maarten's email this morning? Are the binary blogs needed for this port going to be a problem?16:43
mariogripmhall119: I don't see the binary blobs as a problem (example mako and opo has blobs too), but it would make things easier, but that saying having a fully open source blobs would be awesome! (aka fully opensource phone) but I don't see qcom opensource there blobs.16:56
mhall119that's what I was thinking too, just wanted to check with you16:56
mhall119mariogrip: I've downloaded the rev 6 images from rc-proposed, can I push them to the phone manually and install them from the recovery menu?16:57
mariogripmhall119: I just got the new recovery ready16:58
mariogripnow udf should work16:58
mhall119fastboot flash recovery recovery.img?16:58
mariogripthen reboot to recovery do adb shell "mount /data && mount /cache"16:59
mariogripthen run udf16:59
mhall119mhall@mhall-thinkpad:~/Downloads/phablet-flash/fairphone$ sudo fastboot flash recovery recovery.img17:00
mhall119target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes17:00
mhall119sending 'recovery' (16416 KB)...17:00
mhall119OKAY [  0.636s]17:00
mhall119writing 'recovery'...17:00
mhall119FAILED (remote: size too large)17:00
mhall119finished. total time: 0.639s17:00
mariogripoh, letme fix that17:00
_Spongemariogrip: Did you get my eMail about allowing people to edit the ubport wiki ?17:04
mariogrip_Sponge: no, i did not, letme check17:05
_Spongemhall119: Can we get this to work on Touch ? https://play.google.com/music/gift?u=0#17:05
_Spongemariogrip: It'was to your gmail.17:06
mhall119_Sponge: Google Play Music?17:06
_Spongemhall119: yeps17:06
mariogrip_Sponge: oh, yeah I had to disable that from the wiki due to spam, I will be switching wiki soon17:07
_SpongeAlso #BadVoltage is Out. http://community.badvoltage.org/t/1x60-new-again/1072417:07
_Spongemariogrip: Wat wiki shall you be using, exactly ?17:07
mhall119_Sponge: maybe with https://github.com/simon-weber/gmusicapi ?17:07
mariogrip_Sponge: We was talking on moving it to wiki.ubuntu.com17:08
mariogripor jingo17:08
_Spongemariogrip: That'll never happen IMHO.17:08
_Spongejingo ?17:08
* _Sponge scans for jingo ..17:09
_Spongemhall119: Sorry for pinging you. | I just got excited: http://www.xda-developers.com/xda-external-link/gift-a-google-play-music-subscription-at-50-off/17:09
mariogripnode.js based and uses git17:10
_SpongeIt needs a_lot of work (jingo) .. but I'm impressed so far.17:11
mariogripwhat do you mean with "That'll never happen IMHO."? I was thinking of doing the switch pretty soon17:12
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_Spongemariogrip: Putting ubport on wiki.ubuntu.com has distinct limitations, but what would I know.17:13
mhall119what limitations are you concerned about?17:14
mariogripmhall119: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56653875/ubuntu/fp2/recovery.img17:14
_Spongemariogrip: The extensions that go with MediaWiki & Semantic MediaWiki make it perfect for the web (as it is). https://www.semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Semantic_MediaWiki17:15
mhall119mariogrip: ok, flashed and rebooting, now I should be able to use u-d-f?17:16
_Spongemhall119: Languages, Funding-Model for ubports, load-time, less-modules for mario to use in extensions for MediaWiki.17:17
mariogrip_Sponge: MediaWiki is php, baaha17:17
_Spongemariogrip: Do you need any help, with this ?17:17
mariogripmhall119: yes, but remember adb shell "mount data && mount /cache"17:18
_SpongeI'm at codeclub ion Saturday, if you'd like to do a jit.si ?17:18
mhall119mariogrip: from Ubuntu or from the recovery partition?17:18
mariogripmhall119: recovery17:19
mariogriprun udf from recovery17:19
mhall119ok, running it now17:19
* mhall119 notes that it says "Cyanogen Recovery" again, instead of "Ubports Recovery"17:19
mariogripmhall119: Yeah, i removed some images to make space,17:20
mhall119I see the little Android image, but it's not animated17:21
mariogripmhall119: yeah, i see i remove wrong res folder17:22
mhall119I see Ubuntu splash :)17:22
mhall119still no /etc/system-image/config.d though :(17:23
mhall119and there was very little time spent on the Android splash screen, so I'm not convinced that it applied the new images17:24
mariogripmhall119: can you reboot to recovery and do adb shell "cat /cache/system-image-upgrader.log"17:25
mhall119adb reboot recovery sent it back tothe android upgrading splash, which rebooted again (going into ubuntu I think)17:27
mhall119yeah, something went bad there, manually rebooting it into recovery17:28
mhall119hmmm, can't seem to get back into recovery, it just goes to the android upgrade screen then reboots17:29
mariogripmhall119: just reboot to bootloader, I has a typo (note to self: test before)17:30
mhall119heh, that's what I'm here for :)17:30
mhall119ok, back in the bootloader17:30
jamie12hey i am looking to get involved with ubuntu touch, I was working on firefox OS and they are now discontinuing it so i am looking for a new project to work on17:33
mhall119jamie12: porting, apps, or developing the OS itself?17:34
jamie12mhall119: i am looking to work on the OS itself17:34
mhall119any particular part?17:34
mhall119ah, I know just the guy for you, balloons ^^17:35
balloonsohh brillant ;-) What part of QA tickles your fancy?17:35
jamie12well mainly running or generating testcase and manual testing17:36
balloonsspecific to ubuntu touch, there's plenty of QA related work for the core apps, which are the community developed set of default apps for the ubuntu touch17:36
jamie12I have been working on QA for firefox OS for the last year anb a half17:36
balloonsDo you have a device?17:36
jamie12i was hoping there might be support for the device i have... but i cant seem to find if there is... i have a Z3C which is a high end device17:37
jamie12lol it currently has firefox OS on it17:37
mhall119victorp: ^^ do you know if there's any port of Ubuntu for the Z3C (that's a Sony, I think)17:38
jamie12yes sony Z3C17:38
ubot5`You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices17:39
popeythat page lists ports17:39
victorpmhall119, not that I know of17:43
jamie12looks like i might have to work on porting17:43
popeyThat would be awesome.17:43
popeySony devices are really pretty17:43
mhall119jamie12: what board does that one use?17:43
jamie12let me look17:44
ogra_because you can take them into the shower ?17:44
_SpongeIt's after 5.30 here - I'm for a beer - anyone else out on Valentines Weekend ?17:44
jamie12one sec need to go grab my device17:44
balloonsjamie12, if you are interested in trying to port, that might be a good first step; especially if you want to do manual QA work17:45
mhall119mariogrip: how's the upload coming?17:45
mariogripmhall119: I had to fix something again, something weird is going on17:46
balloonsdo you know python or qml perchance? you can write automated tests without a device17:46
jamie12balloons: i do know python, but not very well, also sadly automated is not by best suit17:47
jamie12mhall119: i just know its a qcom, hardware revison of aries17:48
balloonsahh no worries. We have a nice suite of manunal tests we maintain, but it's more desktop focused. In case you do want to try: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ContributingTestcases/Manual17:48
jamie12god i hate windows with a passion... one sec, im swapping to linux17:51
Jamie_1much better17:52
Jamie_1balloons: can you throw that link at me again?17:53
balloonsJamie_1, sure: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ContributingTestcases/Manual17:53
balloonsJamie_1, we hang out in #ubuntu-quality. The entire wiki is worth looking over if you want to get a background on what we do: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam17:53
Jamie_1will do, thanks balloons, right now im just working on getting a new project to work on since my project has reached EOL sadly17:54
mariogripmhall119: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56653875/ubuntu/fp2/recovery.img17:57
mariogripogra_: did you see my MP?17:57
mhall119mariogrip: flashed, reboot now?17:59
mhall119into recovery or ubuntu?17:59
mariogripreboot to recovery :)17:59
mhall119seeing the ubuntu upgrade splash screen now18:00
mariogripmhall119: hope it stays for more then 5 seconds now18:00
mhall119so far it is :)18:00
mariogripyey :D18:01
Jamie_1balloons: thanks im setting everything up now18:01
mhall119mariogrip: it's rebooting18:02
* mhall119 gets his hopesup18:02
mhall119hmmm, saw the ubuntu splash, then it shut off :/18:04
mhall119let me reboot again and keep the screen awake18:04
mhall119or should I reboot into recovery and try u-d-f again?18:05
mariogripmhall119: just try again18:05
mariogripto ubuntu18:06
PiffenGoop vevning. im New ro IRC any godo rooms to begin with?18:06
mhall119Ubuntu 15.04 (r6) \o/18:06
lotuspsychje!alis | Piffen18:07
ubot5`Piffen: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http18:07
Jamie_1balloons: should i just work on setting up desktop and running and writing desktop tests till i can get the port made?18:08
mhall119it does not like my USB cable anymore though, no data and not even getting power from it :/18:09
mhall119without adb or network, that's going to make things interesting18:09
balloonsJamie_1, you are free to do whatever interests you :-) Talk to flocculant for what tests are most needed at the moment; he can point you in the right direction. Though obviously any bug works: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests18:10
mariogripmhall119: no power? for adb enable developer mode18:10
mhall119mariogrip: yeah, I'm not sure why it wouldn't get power18:11
mhall119I don't get MTP either....somethings up with this cable I think18:11
Jamie_1 balloons: thanks, sorry about being annoying its gonna take me a little to get used to the way things run with ubuntu.18:11
balloonsJamie_1, no worries at all. I would recommend trying a few different things out, to see what you enjoy the most and where you excel.18:12
mariogripmhall119: I think I found the problem with the screen, it has a old video driver in the kernel (screen works perfectly on the opo)18:12
balloonsglad to have you contributing!18:12
mariogripmhall119: I have the same issue, it's not your cable18:13
Jamie_1balloons: whelp had to find something, Also i will be working on porting to the Z3C... i need to make use of the dam expensive thing anyways18:13
mhall119yeah, I just tried with my Nexus 4 and it works fine there18:13
mhall119it gets power when I use my A/C charging cable18:14
mariogripmhall119: it might be a problem with the power negotiation18:15
mhall119mariogrip: could you put the terminal app in the image so we at least have that?18:17
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mariogripmhall119: you could enable adb at boot18:18
mariogripmhall119: download all these files: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mariogrip/Ubuntu-touch/fp2/18:19
mariogripuse adb-install to install18:19
mariogripalso, you need to do this from recovery18:19
mariogripthere is a typo in adb-install, it's ubuntu.img not ubuntu.com18:20
_Spongemariogrip: Just a quickie, but if no-one has been able to log-on .. How (?) have you had 'loads of spam ?18:34
mariogrip_Sponge: I had to disable the log-in due to spam18:35
_Spongebut according to this https://wiki.ubports.com/w/Special:RecentChanges How have you had "spam" if no-one was able to log on ?18:36
_SpongeAlso It's only been a week.18:37
Zapp-Hi im trying to find a IRC client that are stand alone an not anweb app for uubuntu18:38
Zapp-Irssi on the phone?18:38
ogra_Zapp-, there is a kiwi irc client in the store18:39
ogra_(and yes, irssi works if you install it in a chroot in /home/phablet)18:39
Zapp-Running kiwi IRC now but it is not so configurable18:41
mhall119mariogrip: that fixed it, even power18:41
mhall119mariogrip: now, how can I get wifi working?18:41
ogra_sacrifice a chicken ...18:41
mariogripmhall119: first check nmcli d18:42
Zapp-Would be nice to have andchat from android converted to this os18:42
ogra_Zapp-, well, convergence will soon let you have xchat and such ...18:43
mariogripogra_: does the kiwi app have notifications?18:44
ogra_mariogrip, nope18:44
ogra_mariogrip, well, it does ... internally in javascript ... but indeed only if the app is focuesd18:44
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mariogripogra_:  ah, ok.18:45
ogra_mariogrip, i have a snappy ircproxy that i was planning to add notification support to and to integrate it with a client app fopr the phone ...18:46
ogra_but time is so shprt atm18:46
dobeyogra_: znc?18:46
dobeyah. i recall seeing mentions of znc already having push notification support for ubuntu18:47
ogra_well, feel free to snap it up  ;)18:47
mariogripogra_: that would be awesome18:48
popeyyes, make a snap, which is uninstallable on the phone :þ18:48
ogra_popey, why would you install the server bit on the phone ?18:48
dobeypopey: running an irc bouncer on your phone is probably not what you want anyway18:48
ogra_you need a remote server that sends the notifications18:48
popeywhy not? :)18:49
dobeybut znc is already packaged in ubuntu too18:49
dobeypopey: because you're not studio?18:49
ogra_popey, because it would be confined and lifecycled18:49
popeytrue :)18:49
ogra_if you do that you can also just stay with kiwi :)18:49
popeythe lifecycle policy really does shutdown novel ideas sometimes18:50
dobeydon't even get me started ;)18:50
popeyIt's incredibly frustrating18:50
ogra_but otoh we got ten times better batterylife than anyone else :)18:50
* _Sponge shrugs18:50
dobeyon one device maybe18:51
ogra_anyway, i doubt it will ever change18:51
ogra_unless you tie up tvoss and torture him til he agrees18:51
popeypmcgowan: any movement on the lifecycle issues we discussed some weeks back?18:51
xNearhmm, what is actually the best phone with ubuntu touch?18:53
dobeythe one you use18:53
ogra_depends on your usecase ...18:53
mariogriponeplus one ;)18:53
xNearnope, my phone is not supported. there is simple port but its not progressed since months (z1 compact)18:54
ogra_for photos there is nothing better than the MX4 .... also the display is awesome ...18:54
xNeardo any of us use ubuntu touch as main OS?18:54
xNearof you*18:54
ogra_but the aquaris 4.5 is definitely a lot faster than all the others18:54
mariogripI do, I use bq 4.518:54
dobeyxNear: i mean, if you have a phone running ubuntu, but you don't use it, then it's not going to be the "best" one :)18:54
popeyOnePlusOne is way faster than MX4 or bq e4.518:54
JanCxNear: do you mean for desktop or phone?18:54
popeyand Nexus 4 is faster than 4.518:55
ogra_popey, even than the 4.5 ? wow18:55
xNearphone of course ;)18:55
ogra_popey, all HW features working on the OPO ?18:55
* popey looks at mariogrip :)18:55
ogra_(bluettoth etc)18:55
popeybt isnt18:55
ogra_ah, sad18:55
popeyUI updates are silky compared to mx4 and bq18:55
sergiusenspopey, force thomas to use the phone as his main phone and the lifecycle restrictions will start to get fixed ;-)18:55
dobeyOPO is in similar situation to N5 in terms of hw support18:55
* mariogrip hides18:55
JanCI have an Aquaris 4.5 also18:55
popey:) mariogrip18:55
mariogrippopey: ubp-5.1 looks promising18:56
mariogripI also have oneplus x on my road map, (that has pretty much the same hardware as opo)18:58
popeyyeah, i love my opx18:58
popeywish we had more people who could help you18:59
* dobey just wants good hardware in a 4.3" phone18:59
ogra_just grow your hads :P18:59
mariogrippopey: Yeah18:59
mhall119mariogrip: nmcli d http://paste.ubuntu.com/15028152/19:03
mariogripmhall119: check if wcnss_service is running (pidof wcnss_service)19:04
dobeyogra_: i do find it disturbing that huge phones is even the trend in china/japan :-/19:04
mhall119mariogrip: nothing19:04
ogra_dobey, but there they use them as desktops :P19:04
mariogripmhall119: try to start it /system/bin/wcnss_service19:05
mhall119ran it, pidof still returns nothing19:06
dobeyogra_: not much room to work, doing that.19:07
mariogripmhall119: check if there is anything in dmesg or logcat (it seems to have crashed19:07
mhall119mariogrip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15028212/ is grepped from syslog for wcnss19:08
mariogripmhall119: here is the problem:  wcnss: Failed to locate wcnss.mdt19:09
mariogripmhall119: do ls /firmware/image/19:10
mariogripmhall119: I will start working on wifi after I get the display to behave19:16
mariogripmhall119: there is quite a work to enable wifi, so it probably easier to that i fix it in android19:17
mhall119mariogrip: there is no /firmware19:17
mariogripmhall119: i was afraid of that19:18
_Spongemariogrip: there are no MediaWiki users, either.19:18
mhall119mariogrip: I've gotta take my dogs to the vet, so leave me any instructions for what you want me to try and I'll do them when I get back19:18
mariogripmhall119: ack19:19
pmcgowanpopey, no progress but hadn't expected any until we cleared the releases19:24
pmcgowanogra_, hey are you using that k480 kbd? I just got one and wily wont pair it19:33
ogra_pmcgowan, works on my N719:40
ogra_make sure to only press the left pair button19:40
pmcgowanogra_, I got prompted for a pin code then it failed19:40
ogra_havent had any issues with it19:40
pmcgowanok will see what bluetoothctl says19:41
pmcgowanmight work on the tablet19:41
ogra_i havent tried it with a phone yet19:41
pmcgowanogra_, worked on freiza so all good19:43
ogra_hmm, something is wrong with the N719:43
ogra_comes up with bt off ... and turns itself off after a while19:44
pmcgowanogra_, bt got busted ther recently19:44
pmcgowanjohn-mcaleely, that fixed yet?19:44
ogra_not on todays image it seems :)19:44
ogra_pmcgowan, does the freiza fit into the slot ?19:45
pmcgowanit does!19:45
pmcgowanbt connection is spotty here too19:45
john-mcaleelypmcgowan, that's one for alecu & charles I believe19:48
john-mcaleelyie, they know, not me19:48
pmcgowanits losing connection19:48
charlesI'm looking at bug #1530807 right now and am working on the indicator component of that19:49
ubot5`bug 1530807 in indicator-bluetooth (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth cannot be activated on several devices" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153080719:49
pmcgowanfeels like bluez crashed19:49
charlesbut that doesn't mean I'm taking on all bluez bugs :-)19:49
pmcgowanits in a state where its not scanning at all19:49
pmcgowancharles, its like settings cant talk to the backend19:50
charlespmcgowan, I think there is something going on in systems-settings19:51
charlesthe part about discoverable / not discoverable in settings in bug 1530807 isn't coming from the indicator, it's coming from code in u-s-s that talks to bluez19:51
ubot5`bug 1530807 in indicator-bluetooth (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth cannot be activated on several devices" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153080719:51
charleswho's been doing u-s-s bugfixes?19:52
pmcgowancharles, this is what I am seeing19:52
pmcgowanI paired the keyboard and its working...19:52
tathhuwell, if m10 fits into k480.. i'm even more goign to buy it :P19:52
pmcgowanthen the device no longer sees it19:52
charleskenvandine, ^19:52
pmcgowanthen the device does see it19:52
pmcgowanbut no settings cannot talk to the backend19:53
pmcgowanI think the daemon may have restarted19:53
charlespmcgowan, I think you can use hciconfig to get a dump of bluez status from the command line19:53
dobeywell i can't seem to pair my mako to my PC right now either. it just says "failed" on the PC, and no magic PIN stuff ever happens on the phone19:54
charlespmcgowan, eg https://launchpadlibrarian.net/233590765/screenshot20160109_140631775.png19:54
kenvandinemy flo never sees devices to connect to19:55
kenvandinecharles, the toggle to turn on and off bluetooth comes from the indicator, but the discoverable thing is just dbus to bluez19:56
kenvandinei think19:56
charleskenvandine, I think that's correct19:56
kenvandineand that's all working fine on my other devices19:56
kenvandineflo is in bad shape though19:56
charleskenvandine, I think there are at least two bugs here, one regarding the indicator toggle and the other in system-settings regarding discoverable19:56
charlesI'm adding u-s-s to 153080719:57
charlesthough maybe it should be in a separate ticket...19:57
kenvandinecharles, no, i think they are the same bug19:57
kenvandinesomeone said if you enable bluetooth from the command line then it all works19:57
kenvandinethe problem is the toggle in the indicator isn't working19:58
* kenvandine isn't even sure how to do that from the cli :)19:58
pmcgowanI have bt enabled it simply wont connect the keyboard again19:58
charleskenvandine, I'm not sure how the indicator could be breaking the discoverable / not discoverable status in systems settings, the indicator doesn't have any of that logic?19:58
kenvandinecharles, i think we can toggle discoverable when bluetooth is disabled19:59
kenvandinewhich seem swrong19:59
kenvandineseems wrong19:59
pmcgowanFailed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed19:59
pmcgowanseems there are multiple problems here19:59
kenvandinecharles, so bluez can report it is discoverable, but other devices won't see it if bluetooth is disabled20:00
charleskenvandine, that's plausible20:00
kenvandinepmcgowan, maybe, but multiple problems only on some devices?20:00
kenvandinecharles, yeah, i think the bluez API lets us interact with it20:00
charlesI don't know if that's what's happening but it passes the sniff test anyway20:00
kenvandineeven though the device is actually blocked20:01
kenvandinesomeday i might understand bluez :)20:01
charleskenvandine, what is the bluetooth settings plugin getting from the indicator? just the on/off flag?20:01
charlesI'll see if I can't figure out what's going wrong in the indicator20:02
kenvandinecharles, and i think a restart of indicator-bluetooth makes it work again20:03
MujisiroHi all, is there anyone who successfully installed ubuntu touch on a lg g2?20:04
charleskenvandine, yeah I'm seeing the same thing, and I think someone in-ticket reported that as well20:04
charleskenvandine, it may be a startup timing issue, eg the indicator expecting bluez to be ready for business when the indicator starts20:05
kenvandineyeah, confirmed everything seems peachy after restarting indicator-bluetooth20:05
pmcgowankenvandine, Ithe bt panel just isnt initating scans20:07
alecucharles: sounds like what you suspected all along20:07
kenvandinepmcgowan, it is for me20:07
alecucharles: is there a way to steadily reproduce this?20:08
pmcgowankenvandine, it will scan with devices connected right?20:08
kenvandinebut on my flo only after restarting indicator-bluetooth20:08
charlespmcgowan, will it initiate scans after you restart indicator-bluetooth?20:08
kenvandinei just forgot all devices and let it find them again20:08
kenvandineand paired the mouse20:08
kenvandineall worked perfectly20:08
charlesalecu, I don't know how to reproduce it every time yet20:08
kenvandineafter restarting the indicator20:08
pmcgowancharles, how?20:08
charlespmcgowan, from phablet-shell, "restart indicator-bluetooth"20:08
pmcgowanUnknown job: indicator-bluetooth20:09
kenvandineno sudo20:09
pmcgowanI am in with adb shell then did su phablet ?20:10
pmcgowanphablet-shell doesnt work20:10
kenvandinesu - phablet20:10
pmcgowan-su: restart: command not found20:11
kenvandineinstall the terminal app :)20:11
kenvandinepmcgowan, it's an upstart session job20:12
pmcgowanoh ffff20:12
pmcgowanjust lost connection to the keyboard20:12
* pmcgowan hates bluetooth it has never worked20:13
dobeypmcgowan: what, you using a nexus 5 too now? :P20:17
pmcgowanI feel dobey's pain20:19
davmor2pmcgowan: pfff dobey uses it by choice don't fooled into empathising with him, he is just a glutton for punishment :)20:24
alecudavmor2: lol20:25
alecucharles: I think I managed to get my bq 4.5 into the broken state20:31
alecucharles: I first disable autostart of the bluetooth daemon:20:32
alecuecho "manual" | sudo tee /etc/init/bluetooth.override20:32
alecuthen I reboot20:32
alecuand after everything starts, I run "sudo start bluetooth"20:32
alecuafter that, the on/off switch in indicator and system settings seems to not match20:33
alecuand bluetooth keeps connected all the time, independent of what those switches show.20:33
alecuadded a comment about that to the bug.20:54
alecucharles: I agree that this looks like an initialization problem.20:54
k1lhttp://maruos.com/  seems like someone picked that ubuntu4android idea and made it debian4android21:37
popeyu4a was a somewhat different animal21:38
popeylots of integration between the two OSs21:39
popeywhich they may be able to do with maru, who knows21:39
dobeywell, lots of demo anyway. i don't think we had any practical integration work completed there, did we?21:39
popeythunderbird on desktop accessed android contacts for example21:40
k1lyes, i have seen nothing than nice photos so far. that why i said idea.21:40
popeyIt's good though, validates the idea that a computer in your pocket can be more than just a phone.21:40
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sarnoldk1l: would you consider unbanning *!*@unaffiliated/ilhami ? he's asked a question in #ubuntu-devel that's probably better suited here; thanks22:41
k1lsarnold: hi. i will no unban that user since he is an issue since 2013 and was banned several times and proven that he will be an issue again when given a 2nd chance.22:42
sarnoldk1l: thanks for the consideration and explanation :)22:42
k1lsarnold: i told him to use the mailinglist if he really needs support or got questions. but seems that effort is too much for him.22:42
sarnoldk1l: heh, I'm familiar with the trait :/22:43
TLFAnyone know how to restore thumbnails in Podbird?23:17
TLFI deleted the dir in .config so it would load. It worked, but I have no images now.23:18
ogra_k1l, it is "divergence" (two OSes on two displays on one device)23:19
ogra_they still have to deliver something first though ...23:20
k1lyeah. i have just seen "mockup" photos so far. but i still think there is a market for android+real desktop looking at the smartphone marketshare of android.23:22
ogra_LOL !23:24
ogra_    Android 5.1 (Lutscher)23:24
ogra_(sorry, only funny for germans i guess)23:24
k1lmuahahaa, thats a nice lost in translation23:25

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