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cmaloneyrick_h___: http://www.thinkworldshop.com.cn/pm/51077.html?twsrm212:14
cmaloneyhttps://www.massdrop.com/buy/tex-yoda <- Looks like it might be something like this keyboard.12:16
cmaloneyBlame popey.12:21
rick_h__yea, saw him posting that12:50
cmaloneyrick_h__: I think you've rubbed off on me14:31
cmaloneyI'm using tmux like a tiling window manager when developing14:31
cmaloneyStll holding out on windowed desktop environments, but every time I fire up tmux and go full screen I think "dammit"14:31
rick_h__yea, at some point you realize it just starts to make sense14:33
cmaloneyFor me it's more of a focus thing14:34
cmaloneyso I don't have to hunt and peck for things14:34
mrgoodcattmux basically is my window manager during the work day14:35
cmaloneymrgoodcat: ++14:37

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