tjaaltonmeh, installing nvidia kinda blacklists nouveau but not exactly09:13
tjaaltonnouveau still gets loaded here09:16
tjaaltonnvidia-352_hybrid.conf is not included in the initrd09:20
tjaaltonwhere's tseliot.. :)09:20
tjaaltonwith that fixed, hybrid on current xenial is totally busted, yes09:24
tjaaltontseliot: hi, so nvidia hybrid is broken here too with stock xenial09:57
tjaaltonnow the question is, what changed since wily, where I assume it worked09:58
tjaaltonxserver didn't09:58
tseliotor maybe some options are default now?09:59
tjaaltonhave you tried xenial?10:00
tseliotsince that's common, I need to debug this myself here10:00
tseliotyes but I haven't tried the PPA10:00
tjaaltonno this is stock xenial10:00
tjaaltondoesn't need the ppa to trigger10:01
tjaaltonalso, first boot after installing the driver nouveau blacklist wasn't effective10:01
tjaaltonenabled it via the additinal drivers thing10:01
tjaaltonand it didn't have the restart button10:05
tjaaltonafter the driver was installed10:05
tseliotok, I'll try stock xenial again then10:07
tseliotI always use apt-get to install nvidia BTW10:08
tjaaltondunno what users use10:08
tjaaltonbut this is available, and I remember seeing crasher bugs where the system hadn't been restarted but just logged out and back in10:09
tseliotit should be the same though10:09
tseliotI'm not sure about the restart notification10:09
tjaaltonvivid seems fine, but prime-switch segfaults10:14
tjaaltonwhen run as user10:14
tjaaltonas root it complains "/etc/modprobe.d is not a file"10:16
tjaaltonand "no alternatives for x86_64-linux-gnu_gfxcore_conf"10:16
tjaaltonupgrading this to wily then10:17
tseliotthose two are just warnings10:26
tjaaltonbut why?-)10:27
tseliotthe latter is expected, as only fglrx has that alternative10:27
tseliotthe former is just for debugging10:28
tseliotprime-switch requires root privileges10:28
tseliotalso the version of gpu-manager in vivid is old10:28
tjaaltonwhich one should a noob user run?10:28
tseliotswitching between profiles is done through nvidia-settings10:29
tseliotwith a nice UI10:29
tseliotassuming the driver works correctly10:29
tseliotlet me update my xenial installation10:32
tseliotBTW if nouveau wasn't blacklisted, either the alternative was not set or the initramfs hadn't been updated yet10:32
tjaaltonwell driver installation didn't run update-initramfs then10:34
tseliotthe package should have (in the postinst)10:35
tseliotmamarley: "The NVIDIA Linux OpenGL driver added support for GLVND with the release of the 361.16 beta driver. During the beta test phase, it was discovered that several applications relied on behaviors or attributes of the NVIDIA OpenGL driver that fall outside of the Linux OpenGL ABI [2]. As the GLVND-based libGL.so.1 library does not share these behaviors or attributes with the NVIDIA OpenGL driver, this resulted in incorrect behavior from applications 10:39
tseliot"Please contact the vendors of any applications that are not compatible with GLVND to ensure that their applications be updated for compatibility with GLVND."10:40
tjaaltonhar har10:41
tseliotmamarley: "We have heard back from NVIDIA. They have confirmed this is a driver bug impacting the libglvnd-enabled driver (nobody but Archlinux at the moment). The driver bug will be fixed in a future release. For now, they recommend setting __GLVND_DISALLOW_PATCHING=1 as a workaround, although also setting __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=0 will work (although potentially more perf impact)." https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Dota-2/issues/75610:46
tseliot(that's in Steam, I suppose)10:47
soeemamarley: will you be able to rebuild the package to make it work ?11:46
soeeor do we have to wait for next release ?11:46
mamarleysoee: NVIDIA confirmed it is a bug in the driver.  There is a workaround, however, which is to launch the application with the __GLVND_DISALLOW_PATCHING=1 environment variable set.11:47
soeemamarley: how can i set his variable ?11:56
mamarleysoee: It might work to do "export __GLVND_DISALLOW_PATCHING=1" in a terminal window before launching Steam from that terminal window.  Like I said, I don't have Steam, so I can't test it.12:11

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