chesedomorning all04:39
Kilosmorning all05:00
Kilosi go water garden05:00
qwebirc54178I had the bios battery out since last night and put them in just now. I'm still getting the password for the bios settings06:14
Kiloshi qwebirc54178 06:15
Kiloslet me just catch up06:16
Kiloshave you got a windows cd or dvd06:17
Kilosand you are supposed to be iqbal06:17
Kilosqwebirc54178 did you leave the main battery out as well06:18
qwebirc20892No windows CD or DVD06:24
=== qwebirc20892 is now known as Iqbal
Kilosdont you know of anyone that can lend you one for ten mins06:24
Kilosi want to see if it will boot from it06:24
Kilosif so then we can ignore bios06:25
IqbalI will have to find out06:25
Kilosotherwise i can you links with bios over ride codes06:26
Kilosi gave yesterday06:27
Kilosbut if you set bios and then installed ubuntu chances are good it will boot from cd once the system is formatted with windows06:28
Kilosthen ill help you partition your drive so you save your /home partition for next time06:30
KilosIqbal you didnt say if the main battery was out same time as the cmos battery06:31
Kilosbatteries out should let bios forget passwords06:31
qwebirc38226Hi , called a friend who said that he has windows 7, will look for it06:33
qwebirc38226Will most probably get it tomorrow06:34
Kilosoh my06:37
Kilosif you dont mind waiting fine, otherwise we find a way around it06:38
inetprogood mornings 07:28
Kiloshi inetpro 07:28
inetprohello oom Kilos, hoe gaan dit?07:28
inetproanyone else have interweb issues to certain international sites like for example http://www.symantec.com/07:29
inetproMaaz: is http://www.symantec.com/ up?07:29
Maazinetpro: Yes, https://www.symantec.com/ is up07:29
MaNIworks for me07:29
MaNItry by ip
inetpro The requested URL "/", is invalid.07:30
MaNIahh right they do some crappy redirect stuff, nevermind07:31
Kilosgoed dankie en self inetpro , hi MaNI 07:38
Kilosworks here as well inetpro you lost more bits somewhere07:45
Kiloshaha use a decent browser07:46
Kiloslike opera07:46
* Kilos ducks07:46
dlPhreakMaaz: seen cal_py08:03
MaazdlPhreak: cal_py was last seen 4 days, 5 minutes and 31 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-02-07 23:57:59 PST], and has been offline on freenode since 2016-02-10 06:36:12 PST08:03
Kilosoh my08:25
Kilosso naughty08:25
Kilosohi superfly 08:25
Kilosall good there?08:26
superflyhi Kilos08:26
superflyyeah, just busy08:26
* anton_may likes the new libreoffice5.108:38
MaNIwhat are the main new attractions?08:39
anton_mayi'm still going through it, but calc has more feature's. You going have to dl and see08:42
anton_maydraw is ad08:44
anton_maydraw looks alot like ppt08:44
inetprosanibonani 17:22
Kiloshaha zipper , you a jellietot too18:28
inetprosorry Oom Kilos, kyk hoe ons al weer verloor hierso 18:50
Kiloswat verloor18:52
Kilosoh ja18:52
Kilosskoon vergeet van dit18:52
Kilosons kan wen lyk my19:06
inetproyep, nou raak dinge interessant 19:09
Private_Userwhat up people19:23
Private_Userhi Kilos, long time no chat19:23
Private_Userhows it going19:23
Kiloswell ty and you19:23
Private_Userall good19:23
Kilosnou ja19:34
Kilosnight all, sleep tight19:34
Private_Usergood night Kilos 19:35

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