slickymasterI'll start to feed it, with time00:00
knomegood good00:00
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jfaustI've been testing 16.10 on a desktop and the power manager plugin shows a battery with (0:00, 0%) instead of the plug icon.  Has anyone else seen this?  Couldn't find anything similar on the xfce bugzilla.03:19
jfaust16.04 :)03:21
pleia2jfaust: I recommend running: `ubuntu-bug xfce4-battery-plugin` to submit it to launchpad, part of the submission process will search to see if there are similar bugs, and the tool collects system information so the devs know a bit more about your setup and can try to replicate03:30
pleia2I am not familiar with this bug off the top of my head, but the xubuntu bug tracker might know :D03:30
jfaustpleia2: thanks!  I'll try 'ubuntu-bug'.  couldn't find any similar bugs in launchpad either.  haven't submitted a bug to launchpad before.  I'm just getting started with testing03:35
pleia2jfaust: launchpad is where the devs need the information in order to work through issues, so you should definitely make an account if you want to help us with testing :)03:37
pleia2and thanks! we defintely need more folks testing and reporting bugs03:38
jfaustpleia2:  happy to help!  i did setup a launchpad account and joined the testing group.  started doing some test cases, but it looks like all of the mandatory tests are completed.  doing exploratory testing now03:39
pleia2jfaust: which iso are you testing? the daily images don't have any mandatory tests run yet03:40
pleia2today's 64-bit: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/351/builds/112263/testcases03:41
bluesabrejfaust: it sounds like you have the Xubuntu daily packages PPA installed, that sounds like xfce4-power-manager 1.5.x03:43
pleia2bluesabre: ah, good catch :)03:43
jfaustpleia2:  i downloaded the iso on saturday the 6th, but i ran dist-upgrade today.  i did add the xubuntu-dev ppa after a fresh install03:44
jfaustbluesabre: i'm not sure how to check the xfce4-power-manager version #03:45
bluesabrejfaust: you can check the version number with this command03:46
bluesabrexfce4-power-manager --version03:46
bluesabreand if you want to create or change the setting for the power manager panel label, you can use03:47
bluesabrexfconf-query -c xfce4-power-manager -p /xfce4-power-manager/show-panel-label -s 0 --create03:47
bluesabrexfconf-query -c xfce4-power-manager -p /xfce4-power-manager/show-panel-label -s 003:48
bluesabrethe value set at the end can be 0, 1, 2, or 303:48
jfaustbluesabre:  thanks!  i'm running 1.5.2  i will try changing the power manager label03:49
bluesabrejfaust: np03:49
bluesabreheading to bed now, night all03:50
bluesabre(ochosi, would be good to set the default panel label value to 0, I might provide a patch for that before you release 1.6.0)03:50
jfaustpleia2:  when I run 'ubuntu-bug xfce4-battery-plugin' I get a 'no packages found matching..' message03:56
pleia2jfaust: yeah, as bluesabre mentioned you probably want to do: ubuntu-bug xfce4-power-manager03:57
jfaustpleia2: ok, I tried that and got a different message: The problem could not be reported: This is not an official Ubuntu package...04:00
jfaustpleia2: also having trouble with bluesabre's suggestion to change the label. I'm reading about xfconf now :)04:04
jfaustpleia2: ok, I got the (0:00, 0%) label to disappear with bluesabre's suggestion.  I only had to add the type, -t int, to the create command.  it looks like the default is 3 and changing it to 0 hides the label.  however, the icon is still a battery instead of the plug.  I'll keep looking into 'ubuntu-bug'.  thanks a lot for talking with me about it! 04:12
pleia2oh yes, using the PPA, I don't remember if you can use the ubuntu-bug too when reporting against those, but I don't have the instructions offhand :\04:13
jfaustpleia2:  that makes sense.  I purged the ppa, reverted to xfce4-power-manager 1.4.4 and the behavior is as expected: plug icon with no (0:00, 0%) label.  I'll go back to the PPA for testing and keep looking for how to report bugs.  thanks again for all of your help!  I'm unplugging for the night.04:21
pleia2jfaust: thanks for testing, have a good night :)04:22
jfaustpleia2:  you too, thanks!04:22
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flocculantpleia2: http://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/qa-bugs.html has ppa reporting in it09:11
flocculantknome: so re the media manager articles - where do you want people to send them? write them to? 09:37
flocculantslickymaster: when yo expecting to get the slideshow done? 10:26
slickymasterWorklate March10:27
slickymasterWorkthe slideshow is always one of the last things to deal with, flocculant 10:28
flocculantI know that - just was asking 10:28
slickymasterWorkare you thinking in going ahead and starting to work on it?10:28
flocculantso - it needs to not be late march ... 10:29
flocculantmid-march at the latest, final beta is 21/22 March10:29
slickymasterWorkdon't see any issue with that10:30
flocculantand no - not thinking about working on it :)10:30
slickymasterWorkcan't blame me for trying ;)10:30
flocculantha ha 10:30
flocculanthappy to help when it comes 10:30
flocculantno idea what we want it to say for 3 years tbh 10:31
* slickymasterWork knows that :)10:31
slickymasterWorkthe former, not the later 10:31
flocculantbluesabre: bug 153320010:40
ubottubug 1533200 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Black background at first login" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153320010:40
flocculantbackground on first boot isn't black indeed, but it is blue and isn't the default wallpaper till one has logged in/out10:41
bluesabreflocculant: yes, that's because its the plymouth background11:11
bluesabreflocculant: I don't think we have a plymoth dev background11:12
flocculantbluesabre: ok - cool - just making sure :)11:18
bluesabreflocculant: cool :)11:19
knomeflocculant, for now, add yourself to the list; once the list is ready (and suggestions are sent to improve the questions, if any), i'll be in touch again11:41
flocculantknome: okey doke11:50
knomebut of course you can prepare to answer the questions in the list ;)11:51
flocculantnot really sure what to do currently - clementine works - just not out the box - pulse and it are still broken :p11:51
flocculantknome: and yea understood :)11:52
dkesseluh-oh... systemd upgrade problems on my way to 16.04..... "leaving package unconfigured" is probably not what i want.....11:52
dkesselsame for "init" - well, who needs that one :D11:54
dkesselthis is going to be an interesting reboot after that11:54
flocculantupgrade in 16.04 or going from something to 16.04?11:54
dkesselfrom 15.1011:57
flocculantbug 1527574 perhaps11:58
ubottubug 1527574 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "upgrading ufw, libc-bin, initramfs-tools, systemd, and others: triggers looping, abandoned" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152757411:58
dkesselmaybe. yet i also had some ppas active...11:59
flocculantso did that bug 12:01
Unit193d-r-u disables them.12:01
dkesselyeah but does it purge them?12:02
dkesselwell... lets see how it turns out12:03
flocculantknome: this the sort of thing you're wanting? "How do you listen to music? Sometimes quietly, sometimes annoyingly loud :)" 12:10
knomethe subitems should help you figure out12:10
knomeoh gosh i DO need to write a dokuwiki plugin12:11
Unit193Sometimes Skrillex, really loud, going down the highway at 77MPH.12:11
flocculantha ha ha 12:15
flocculantknome: started - have a comment almost immediately now I have :p12:22
flocculantwe should have the 'what you use' first 12:22
flocculantotherwise it's read some stuff, read some more, then 'oh this one uses this application' 12:22
knomei did think about that...12:23
knomebut then i wondered if it would actually be more helpful to start with the "how"12:24
knomeif we start with the app name, does anybody read below that? :P12:24
flocculantpossibly 12:25
flocculantor perhaps put app name in title 12:27
dkesselflocculant: bug 1544954 - funny enough everything seems normal after reboot... apart from a dozen apport popups :)12:34
ubottubug 1544954 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "update from wily to xenial fails, lots of package installation errors" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154495412:34
flocculantha ha 12:36
knomethere are a few things i don't like about dokuwiki, but i'll let them be for now...12:36
flocculantknome: ok - done that when you want it12:37
knomeflocculant, ok, thanks :)12:38
knomeflocculant, actually, push it to the website as a draft article12:38
knomebecause that's where it'll end up anyway12:38
flocculantoh okey doke12:38
knomethat way we can get the formatting consistent too etc.12:39
flocculantknome: ok I did that - completely unformatted though, didnt know what you wanted it too look like so left it bare12:53
knomeflocculant, sure, that's completely fine :)12:55
slickymasterWorkdone the media manager item, knome 14:42
flocculantcop out ... 15:12
knomejjfrv8, did you get a confirmation mail about your wiki registration, or are you still waiting for one?15:47
knomejjfrv8, if latter, ping me and i'll PM you a new password so you can actually access stuff15:47
jjfrv8knome, yes, I got the email and was able to log in and add my entry.15:52
knomethanks :)15:53
jjfrv8thank you :)15:53
pleia2flocculant: I should have known :) thanks16:37
flocculantpleia2: :)16:59
knomethis is SOOOO much better17:50
knomecompared to http://wiki.xubuntu.org/team/sandbox?do=index, that is17:54
knomemaybe it would be nice to add some css for it, but the structure is now good imo17:55
knomealso, should probably figure out if i can override the current default sitemap completely17:56
knomebluesabre, a question, would you consider pithos a cloud media player?20:30
knomei mean, does it manage local collection?20:30
bluesabreknome: it is a cloud media player23:12
bluesabrethere are no local files23:12
bluesabreI think I mentioned that before, and you said put it up there anyway ;)23:12
bluesabreor I misinterpreted23:12
knomei just didn't focus so well23:15
knomebut good that it's there, let's group it with the rest who say they only use cloud stuff23:15
bluesabreknome: cool23:27
bluesabretesting some others to see what I would recommend23:27
bluesabreso there is something to contribute from me :)23:27
knomehehe, good good23:27
knomethen maybe we can do an "other options" article after all23:27

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