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xubuntu19ihey guys. my installation has stopped at "retrieving file 39 of 39". Does it really take this long or is there a problem?02:00
xxxubuntuMay I ask sth?04:17
xxxubuntuI usally play with my old laptop04:18
xxxubuntupresario b380004:19
xxxubuntubut this axx hxxx needs forcepae04:19
xxxubuntuit also meens slooooow04:20
xxxubuntufor me reinstalling distros are often.04:20
xxxubuntuand I want to taste the surprising taste of xubuntu04:21
xxxubuntubut how?04:21
DrCoolhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE  is this what you need?04:23
xxxubuntuY, partly.04:24
xxxubuntuTHX. :/04:24
DrCoolglad it helped04:25
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Farley-Hello, in Xubuntu 16.04 :  the Gnome Disks, is missing a button, in the top-Left of the title Bar.08:00
Farley-Is there anyway to get that button back, or another way to access it's function?08:00
Farley-one of the things it does, is let you mount and image file  (*.img  or  *.iso)08:00
Farley-also, is there another way to mount an ISO ,  using a GUI?08:03
flocculantFarley-: which button do you think is missing?08:10
flocculantyou can right click on iso in thunar - has iso mount options there08:11
Farley-flocculant:  yes, but the right-click method is ReadOnly08:13
Farley-how do you change the right-click mount, to be writeable08:13
flocculantno idea - I don't actually use it08:13
Farley-the Top Left button, that usually says  "Attach Disk Image"   -- is miissing from GNOME Disks, in 16.04 xuubntu08:14
xubuntu72wHi, a questoin on X11 redirect08:18
xubuntu72wI have installation with Xubuntu LTS 14.04.3 and X11 redirect doesn't works. (DISPLAY variable is not set)08:19
xubuntu72wI have also instllations with Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS installed with same packages (same proceduer) and X11 redirect works. What about difference between Xubuntu and Ubuntu on X11 redirect08:20
flocculantFarley-: disks looks exactly the same as other flavours - if something is missing from it - at a guess it's been removed08:31
Farley-hey, i found the problem thanks08:31
Farley-fixed GNOME disks:   xfce4 settings > window manager > add the app-icon button08:32
Farley-but is there another GUI way , to create an *.img file?08:32
flocculantno idea I'm afraid08:33
Farley-flocculant:   he CLI way that i know of is:  fallocate -l 500M MyImage.img08:33
Farley-i want to create LUKS  file-container  .img08:33
flocculantright - not something I've needed - so no idea at all :)08:33
Farley-k, thx anyway bro08:34
xubuntu72wsolve!   add  X11UseLocalhost no in /etc/ssh/sshd_config08:51
TheKURUHi boys13:38
cnnxim getting errors at the start of the boot from the xubuntu install14:37
cnnxsr0 buffer errors14:37
cnnxsr0 should be my dvd drive?14:37
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