arosalesdid the gui log in issue get resolved that we say in the office hours00:21
* arosales is running into that too00:21
marcoceppiarosales: it's a known issue00:31
marcoceppiarosales: I think GUI will have it fixed in next release00:31
arosalesmarcoceppi: ack, any known workaround?00:34
marcoceppiarosales: suffer00:35
arosalesmarcoceppi: I am suffering00:48
arosaleswith no gui action :-)00:48
marcoceppiarosales: you could downgrade to alpha100:49
* arosales guesses this is a symtom of a 2.0 alpha depoy00:49
marcoceppibut I'm sure the GUI team will have an updated Juju gui release soon00:49
arosalesmarcoceppi: thanks for the info00:49
arosalesand downgrade, never00:49
rick_h__arosales: marcoceppi I know they were hacking on the new API for 2.0 in the sprint this week01:05
arosalesrick_h__: good to know01:25
bdx_thedac, charmers, openstack-charmers: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/percona-cluster/+bug/154534222:40
mupBug #1545342: Need haproxy-client-timeout, haproxy-server-timeout config params <percona-cluster (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1545342>22:40
marcoceppibdx_: thanks for the report22:43
bdx_marcoceppi: can you help me get some heat on that? I'm trying to stand a deploy up using percona-cluster, and that is the last thing stopping me ...22:44
marcoceppibdx_: it's saturday so I'll flag the openstack charmers on Monday22:45
bdx_sweet, thanks!22:45
bdx_have a nice weekend22:45

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