dbainbriI have been attempting to build a maas install that does not rely on access to the internet to function, thus i need to store the boot images locally. i did a wget -r from the maas.ubutnu.com releases to copy down the files structure and put that on my maas server's apache html area, so that i can access it from the web and have updated the boot-sources accordingly. unfortunately MAAS is not seeing these images. I did see a streams 00:36
stormmoreanyone used interface names like eth0:0 in the MAAS UI before?04:49
stormmoreor does anyone know how to clear the MAAS db back to install state?05:25
haasnThe Wake-on-lan doesn't specify the host interface to use so etherwake just defaults to eth0, which causes problems for me: It should have been eth1 (the identifier of the management network interface). Would it be possible to make the logic a bit smarter here, in that it could figure out automatically which subnet to send out the WOL packet on? It would definitely be doable13:38
haasn(Or just send them on all, which is the easier and more robust solution :p)13:38
haasnI guess I'll just hard-code the interface in the ether_wake.template13:40
roaksoaxhaasn: wake on lan will be deprecated on 2.015:55
haasnroaksoax: Meh17:18
haasnroaksoax: Will there at least be a “none” option then?17:18
stormmoreOh that is a shame to hear, wake on lan might be the only option for some people :-/20:34
stormmoreanyone know if there is a link to a public roadmap for MAAS?20:41
haasnIf the template system continues to exist then I suppose you could just continue to have the template in your config folder, mind20:48
Razvaany idea why all the servers that I connect to MAAS got shut down, and I have no option to start them...?21:37
haasnCan I edit the scripts that MAAS runs (via cloud-init) to set up SSH keys etc.?21:43

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