jcastropleia2: hey so which part of the email integration doesn't work for you?01:01
pleia2jcastro: so, I mistakenly thought that all the settings were in the global settings, which offer very limited options for subscribing01:56
pleia2it has since been explained to me that if I go to a category I can click on the round thing which will give me a drop down to let me subscribe to just that topic01:57
pleia2err, category01:57
jcastrooh cool01:58
jcastroI didn't know that's how it worked01:58
pleia2well, I haven't gotten an emails yet, so I'm not even sure exactly01:59
pleia2notify might just be I get a little dot01:59
pleia2the global settings make me I think I still need to select "Send me an email for every new post (unless I mute the topic or category)" but that may actually be SEND ME ALL THE DISCOURSE01:59
jcastroI get emails from the main discourse instance, the upstream one02:00
jcastroso maybe it's a config issue with our instance02:00
pleia2I'll casually play with my settings over the next week or so to see if it'll do what I want02:00
pleia2may be moot of we get rid of it anyway, but now I'm curious02:00
pleia2anyway, time to stop computering for a bit02:01
_Spongeballoons etc May be a good idea to reach out to some of these tubers to sell the Convergence phone, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX0v-N1VLuc&feature=youtu.be&a21:06
_SpongeAnyone around this evening ?21:15
wxl_Sponge: what's up?21:17
_Spongewxl, Nothing, I'm just talking about getting a trial of the phones out to youtubers, in order to shift the product.21:18
wxldaker: well we need to change it to something because the version doesn't exist in the repos anymore21:20
_Spongesorry 'bout that - just needed some nosh.21:21
wxloops wrong channel jeez21:23
wxl_Sponge: you should have a particular person fill out a community donations request for one. it's not like there's a plentitude of phones to hand out. furthermore, there's none in the US!21:24
_Spongewxl, As head of a Lug, I could do it for them and reach out to Ytubers for reviews. | As far as the US, Wifi shall do.21:27
wxl_Sponge: that might work. you're welcome to fill out a community donations form. you're much more likely to have success if you are already an ubuntu contributor and/or involved in an ubuntu loco21:28
_SpongeOk, I'm a_bit restricted 'cos there's no ubuntu Loco in my country , but we're aiming to be an unVerified team soon.21:29
popeyActually we do send phones to youtubers :)21:29
popeyBut US based ones aren't a big target given you can't buy any decently US compatible phones right now21:30
wxl_Sponge: are you an ubuntu member? an ubuntu contributor?21:30
popeyand the community donation fund isn't really for "I want to make a video" type projects.21:30
popeyBest thing to do there is contact our PR people for a loaner21:30
wxlwell you could use the community donations fund to get a phone for development purposes (maybe) and then use it for other things21:31
_Spongewxl, Yes, I have a launchpad profile and I contribute to Launchpad regularly. Cheers popey .21:31
wxl_Sponge: what do you contribute to?21:31
_Spongewxl, I also contribute to reddit aswell, https://redd.it/45mjrp21:32
_Spongebut funding has found me foul, of late.21:32
* _Sponge still contributes as best he can.21:33
wxl_Sponge: i'm not sure that a community donations request is going to provide a lot of luck in that case. you can always try, but i think the PR idea is much more likely21:33
_Spongewxl, You are right. I shall put it on the next stickie.21:34
* _Sponge pulls his socks up.21:36
_Spongepopey, Thanks for that. Here's a community video for you. https://youtu.be/LToxpzWcMxc21:41
wxltsimonq2: that's really tight for me. i have a morning meeting.21:41
wxlargh wrong channel21:41
_SpongeNot sure if it's me but this webpage took 20 seconds to load. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings/Archive22:47

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