cjwatsonteward: I don't feel it necessary for people to ask before /msging me, but I'm also about to go to bed, so how about I answer when I'm next around00:12
tewardcjwatson: sounds good, though I think I solved the issue for now01:54
happyaronbdmurray: I see, it was generated on a debian box06:35
happyaronbdmurray: should I re-upload it?06:35
bdmurrayhappyaron: please06:55
happyaronwill do06:55
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ioanmhi, a few legal question about rolling IoanOS a ubuntu based distro09:38
ioanmis it okay if I keep the ubuntu dash logo?09:38
ioanmand replace Ubuntu Desktop with IoanOS Desktop, and change the default unity theme to Numix?09:39
ioanmand add my PPA09:39
ioanmwhat do I type in lsb-release?10:17
alkisgHi, I'm trying to enable popularity contest in xenial, and the ***server***-side python script dies with:11:19
alkisg File "/srv/popcon.ubuntu.com/www/popcon-submit.cgi", line 30, in <module>11:19
alkisg    mkdirs(hashDir,0755)11:19
alkisgNameError: name 'hashDir' is not defined11:19
alkisgIf I try sending the data to debian instead, it succeeds11:19
alkisg...where would I report a server-side error?11:19
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Unit193shadeslayer: Can you sync libmygpo-qt from Debian?  Causing clementine to get stuck in depwait.18:14
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