faganHey, I lost my Ubuntu member cloak from not being logged in can I get it back please :)14:34
k1l_can you link your launchpad site?14:35
k1l_ok. now we "only" need one ircc member to wake up to confirm and a staff member to set the cloak :)  just be patient14:37
fagank1l_: no problem, thanks :D14:37
Unit193Inserting some IRCC ping on Flannel, Pici, Tm_T, hggdh.14:38
hggdhstaff: can we please have a cloak ubumtu/member/fagan for fagan15:38
hggdh(if staff is available here; we wait a bit, then try on #freenode)15:38
Unit193christel is online, fwiw.15:39
Unit193And by that, I mean the nick.  It's actually 'uptime'15:39
hggdhwe will try. It is Saturday, after all, rest & all15:39
hggdhfagan: all set15:41
* hggdh now goes to the park with the kids15:44
faganthanks hggdh16:08

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