wxldaker: do you find it a poor idea to include loco-council as part of ltp-devs?18:10
wxldaker, i just merged PabloRubianes' fix to trunk. i assume i should not mest with production?20:19
wxltsimonq2: where's the bug report?20:32
PabloRubianeswxl, thanks20:34
PabloRubianesthe other merge needs to get into production, the one ordering the teams20:34
wxlPabloRubianes: to be clear, link me?20:35
tsimonq2wxl: do you require a bug report? it's an extremely trivial fix20:35
PabloRubianesit's already merged to truck20:35
wxlPabloRubianes: do you know if it's ok to just merge to production??? i guess technically you can do it too but i can take care of it :)20:36
wxltsimonq2: no bug report required, but it wil help20:36
PabloRubianeswxl, I think we need to have a meeting to maybe coordinate the efforts in the loco portal20:37
tsimonq2wxl: well you know what is being merged, there's a diff20:37
wxlPabloRubianes: i think that would be wise. want to arrange?20:37
wxltsimonq2: it's a question of record keeping and such20:37
tsimonq2I would like to attend that as well20:37
PabloRubianeswxl, yes20:38
tsimonq2wxl: ahh okay, if I have to, :D20:38
PabloRubianestsimonq2, want to be in? :)20:38
tsimonq2yeah PabloRubianes 20:38
tsimonq2so can we pick a time that I can attend instead of right in the middle of the day?20:38
tsimonq2and Hangout or IRC?20:38
PabloRubianesIRC would be better for me on weekdays20:39
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: unless you want to do a Hangout on the weekend....20:39
tsimonq2that would work for me20:39
PabloRubianesit could be next weekend? so we think improvements and review the bugs this week?20:40
PabloRubianesto know the situation20:40
wxlPabloRubianes: the important thing, i think, is getting daker involved20:40
PabloRubianeswxl,  yes he is busy but having hi, as guide would be great20:41
* tsimonq2 would be able to do it next weekend20:41
PabloRubianestsimonq2, where are you from?20:41
* PabloRubianes hate timezones :P20:41
wxlhi daker20:41
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: Wisconsin20:41
tsimonq2daker: we are looking to have a meeting about the LoCo portal, want it?20:42
tsimonq2what times would work for you, daker?20:42
tsimonq2daker: we were thinking about a Hangout next weekend20:42
wxlor irc. i prefer irc, frankly20:43
dakertsimonq2: i can't, only irc, voip stuff is blocked here20:44
tsimonq2daker: alright, makes sense20:44
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: if you facilitate, can I tackle agenda?20:44
tsimonq2and we need times :)20:45
tsimonq2I'll create a Doodle poll or whatever20:45
PabloRubianesdoodle is ok for me20:47
tsimonq2wxl, PabloRubianes, daker: Here is the Doodle poll, times in UTC: http://doodle.com/poll/zivzc4dwzxqgyq3y20:56
tsimonq2lol okay I should adjust this20:56
tsimonq2that's just insane20:56
tsimonq2one minute20:57
tsimonq2how about this, wxl, PabloRubianes, daker, when are you available usually each day?21:04
PabloRubianesthat doodle is kind of late for me21:04
wxltsimonq2: weeekdays ~10:30-5:30 pacific21:04
tsimonq2okay, PabloRubianes?21:04
PabloRubianesnext weekend I would be available arround this time and weekdays 9am to 6pm UTC -321:05
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: what about weekdays?21:06
wxlhe did say weekdays tsimonq2 21:06
PabloRubianesweekdays 9am to 6pm UTC -321:06
tsimonq2ahh okay sorry21:07
tsimonq2what about daker?21:07
tsimonq2wxl: https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/loco-team-portal/trivialfix/+merge/28598121:08
tsimonq2added a bug :P21:08
dakerfrom 9pm UTC/GMT21:18
dakerusually available during the day21:19
tsimonq2daker: from that point until what point?21:20
dakertsimonq2 wxl PabloRubianes FYI we can't change deps/version just like that21:20
PabloRubianesdaker, I just comment that21:20
PabloRubianesthe django version was a problem we didnt fixed yet21:21
PabloRubianesI recall there are specific versions to this21:21
dakertsimonq2: from 11am to 7pm UTC/GMT21:21
tsimonq2okay, thanks daker 21:21
wxldaker: well, the current version of the dep is uninstallable in any supported ubuntu version21:27
dakerwxl: you don't need to install postgres on the dev environement21:31
wxldaker: not even for a live version?21:31
tsimonq2yes you do!21:31
PabloRubianeswxl, also the django version is unsupported by the django project21:34
dakerwxl: IS takes care of that21:34
dakerPabloRubianes: i have started migrating to 1.4 but hadnt the time to finish/test21:35
PabloRubianesdaker, 1.4 is also already unsoported21:35
dakerPabloRubianes: ouch :/21:35
PabloRubianesdaker at the moment21:36
PabloRubianesonly 1.8.9 or 1.9.2 are supported21:36
dakerPabloRubianes: so i think we need to migrate to the next LTS21:37
tsimonq2wxl: looking through times, 6 PM UTC works for everyone except you, would it be reasonable to start at 6 PM UTC or should it be 6:30 PM?21:40
tsimonq2that's 10AM your time21:40
wxltsimonq2: that's really tight for me. i have a morning meeting.21:41
tsimonq2wxl: every day?21:41
PabloRubianesdaker +121:42
tsimonq2wxl: would 10:30 work?21:42
wxltsimonq2: it's tight. all i can is probably.21:42
dakerPabloRubianes: but we need to ask IS first21:42
PabloRubianesdaker, sure21:43
tsimonq2well the other time that might work is 9 PM UTC, but daker says he is unavailable...21:43
PabloRubianesbut is quite a security problem having this sooooo unupdated21:43
PabloRubianes6:30UTC works for me21:43
dakertsimonq2: i can try 9pm UTC21:44
PabloRubianes8pm UTC?21:44
tsimonq2alright then, I'll get a Doodle poll set up21:45
PabloRubianesor 7?21:45
wxl8 or 7 utc would be great for me21:45
tsimonq2but it would have to be on a Wednesday21:46
* tsimonq2 has school :D21:46
PabloRubianeswed is great for me21:47
PabloRubianes7 or 821:47
tsimonq2well we have to hear from daker, because he is unavailable at that time21:47
wxlwed works for me21:47
dakeri can't be 100% because i leave the office at 7pm21:47
dakeri'll use the phone to chat then21:47
wxlwe should do 821:48
PabloRubianesdaker 7pm utc?21:48
tsimonq2wxl: I can't do 821:48
dakerPabloRubianes: yes21:48
wxl7:30? :)21:48
tsimonq2just...here http://doodle.com/poll/43622g84wsxr9iie21:48
tsimonq2wxl: yeah you can join in halfway :D21:49
tsimonq2it can be an hour long thing!21:49
tsimonq2wxl: http://doodle.com/poll/43622g84wsxr9iie21:50
wxlif we intend to have this at #ubuntu-meeting, did we check if it's available?21:51
tsimonq2wxl: I'll check the Fridge calendar quick21:52
tsimonq2it seems goof21:53
tsimonq2wxl: is there anyone we can contact to confirm?21:54
wxlno if it's good it's good21:54
wxlwe might want to put it on the fridge jic tho21:54
tsimonq2alright, I'll make a quick blog post21:55
wxli mean on the calendar21:55
wxli mean you can make a blog post if you want21:55
tsimonq2well I'll hold up quick21:55
tsimonq2yeah, how?21:55
tsimonq2oic nvm21:56
wxlrtfm tsimonq2 :)21:56
tsimonq2ic wxl! :P21:56
tsimonq2so I think we can decide on Wednesday, February 24 from 9 to 10 UTC?21:57
tsimonq2wxl, PabloRubianes, daker: ^21:57
PabloRubianeswhy cant be feb 17?21:58
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: I think we need time to plan21:58
tsimonq2wxl: where should I put the agenda?22:00
tsimonq2wxl: what wiki page?22:05
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: so if you facilitate, can I handle the agenda?22:08
PabloRubianesI just thought about go throw the bugs to see what is more important to change22:09
PabloRubianesand ideas to improve the site22:09
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: well that wikk go on the agenda22:12
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: then I'll leave open some time for community members to throw out ideas22:12
PabloRubianeswe need to email the loco contacts for that22:13
PabloRubianesI can email them tomorrow22:13
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: well no, during the meeting22:14
tsimonq2and I can do that today :D22:14
tsimonq2I just need something to give them, an agenda22:14
PabloRubianesI say ask them for ideas22:15
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: well yeah but we need something to build off of, bugs that need digging through, release cycles, stuff like that, a skeleton, so they can just then throw stuff on22:16
tsimonq2Pwaht wiki page do you suggest I throw this on?22:17
tsimonq2* PabloRubianes: what wiki page do you suggest I throw this on?22:18
tsimonq2nvm I got it22:18
PabloRubianesthere's already a wiki for this?22:20
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: I'm making one22:21
tsimonq2well for meetings, I created https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamPortal/Meetings22:21
tsimonq2it just shows https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamPortal/Meetings/*22:21
tsimonq2I'll throw something on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamPortal/Meetings/2016022422:21
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: you speak Spanish, correct?22:31
PabloRubianessi hablo :P22:31
PabloRubianesIm From uruguay22:31
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: when I send out the email, do you think a Spanish translation is needed? either that or a small statement saying that Spanish speakers are welcome...22:32
tsimonq2what do you think?22:32
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: which one? :D22:34
PabloRubianesspanish speaking people usually tend to feel left behind by the community22:35
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: which is why I want to offer translation :D22:35
tsimonq2I'll say something in my email22:35
PabloRubianesi imagine that Portuguese and italian or others should feel the same22:36
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: well I'll put something in the email saying that if you feel like translating this statement into your own native language and someone from your LoCo can attend to translate into English, then go ahead22:37
tsimonq2becase we can22:37
tsimonq2*can't leave them out22:37
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: do you lead a LoCo?22:39
PabloRubianesIm in the Uruguayan LoCo Council and on the Ubuntu LoCo Council22:40
PabloRubianeswith wxl22:40
tsimonq2oh cool22:40
tsimonq2I lead the Wisconsin USA LoCo22:40
PabloRubianeswe need to make loco leaders not to feel alone22:42
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: elaborate on that a bit22:44
PabloRubianesmuch leaders tend to be alone and end up burn out and leave22:45
tsimonq2PabloRubianes: yeah I agree22:46
PabloRubianesis something to work on22:50
PabloRubianesI got to go, talk to you later tsimonq2 22:50
tsimonq2o/ PabloRubianes 22:52

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