PeterHey! I need help with setting up Ubuntu16:27
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Guest13698After logging in it gives me an error16:27
OerHeks 16:28
_SpongeLeading on from lunch, how's the Loco doing in holland ?23:04
OerHeksalive & kicking23:06
_SpongeOerHeks:  How's the hackspace scene ?23:06
OerHeksThat, i don know though i live 10 miles from amsterdam23:07
_Spongefair enough. I'm travelling to the east of Holland this summer.23:07
_SpongeOerHeks: How can I help with ubuntu-nl Loco ? that is, What needs to be completed ?23:08
OerHeksI think there is a lot of work to do for 16.04, good manuals for systemD and such, but i am not in the docu team myself.23:09
OerHeksand a big releaseparty perhaps?23:09
_SpongeI shall be too late for that. Thinking of July, '16 :\23:10
OerHeksAnd where do you come from? maybe nice to do a meet & great, unofficially23:11
_SpongeOerHeks:  I'm from Shuttleworth country, but the clan is near Buitenkaag.23:15
OerHeksoh, dan kunnen we gewoon nederlands tiepen23:15
_SpongeIk ben niet Nederlands mezelf - maar mijn familie 'verhuisd' naar Nederland. Dus ik denk niet in het Nederlands te spreken.23:17
_Sponge#google translate23:17
OerHeksoh oke :-)23:18
OerHeksplans to visit Canonical in London too?23:18

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