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waters33637Question: Webmin has problems with ubuntu .. as i just found out ... does ispconfig or ebox work better .. or do they have the same problem with ubuntu?04:39
VelusUniverseSysfrom personal experiance ispconfig is built towards deb based unix never heard of ebox05:20
VelusUniverseSysand waters33637 reading on the ebox (or what i can see is it) it seems to support ubuntu as in the front page its on about ubuntu05:26
cihhanhi all! i am trying to install xfce4 to my ubuntu server -- i installed by apt-get install xfce4; however it doesnt auto start and i have to write startxfce4 everytime. is there a way to make it run at automatically at boot time?05:36
John[Lisbeth]I'm looking for some thorough online materials about dist-upgrade08:58
John[Lisbeth]preparing for my first one from 15.10 to 16.0408:58
SeveasJohn[Lisbeth]: don't use dist-upgrade for that.09:07
Seveasdo-release-upgrade is what you want09:07
John[Lisbeth]Does do-release-upgrade only go one way, and how does it determine which version to install?09:50
lordievaderGood afternoon.12:04
k2gremlinlordievader, Morning :P12:51
lordievaderHey k2gremlin12:53
k2gremlinlordievader, So what's on your agenda today?12:54
lordievaderNot much, finishing some assignment.12:54
k2gremlinlordievader, I need to finish my bio paper :/12:54
k2gremlinand figure out why my openvpn traffic is retarded.12:55
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if_gaga0hello all ! i have 15.10 and xen-4.5 kernel, that kernel have bug, and i will patched they. My question is: how i can get ubuntu xen4.5 kernel sources? How-to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel for kernel source without xen 4.5 patches13:14
RoyKif_gaga0: my question is: Why do you use xen when kvm does it far better?13:52
if_gaga0RoyK: because, i'm need PV mode13:53
RoyKwhat is that?13:54
RoyKkvm has paravirt all the way13:54
if_gaga0yep, paravirt13:54
RoyKeven amazon has kicked out xen13:55
RoyKwhat sort of guests are you running?13:56
waters33637VelusUniverseSys: Thanks ...13:56
if_gaga0"KVM does not support paravirtualization for CPU"13:57
RoyKwhat sort of guests are you running?13:57
RoyKdo you need cpu paravirt?13:57
RoyKmost of us just need that for I/O13:58
if_gaga0yep, i'm have 90% of linux vm13:58
RoyKthen kvm will be fine13:58
RoyKon windows too13:58
RoyKimho xen is a pita13:58
if_gaga0may be14:00
RoyKI stopped using xen som 4-5 years ago14:01
if_gaga0RoyK: Overall, Xen and KVM were performing well compared to the host's performance. Xen tended to have the most wins while KVM generally came in right behind and the two were very competitive with one another, either are great solutions for Linux virtualization depending upon your specific needs (c) http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu-1510-virt&num=514:05
RoyKif_gaga0: the bonus with kvm is that you don't need to care about reserving memory to the machines, and no need for a specific kernel, and it's widely supported14:06
if_gaga0can you clarify about "memory reserving" ?14:07
if_gaga0for dom0?14:09
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RoyKif_gaga0: iirc xen reserves memory for domU and only lets the dom0 use the rest - kvm is dynamic on this14:25
RoyKif_gaga0: I don't see a single reason of using xen these days14:25
if_gaga0RoyK: thnx for notion14:52
John[Lisbeth]Does do-release-upgrade only go one way, and how does it determine which version to install?15:06
patdk-lapit installs the next version15:09
patdk-lapthat is all it does15:09
RoyKJohn[Lisbeth]: it installs the next version - if you're on LTS, it installs the next LTS version - see /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades - if it says "lts" it will only upgrade to lts releases - if it says "normal" it'll upgrade to whatever's the next thing15:36
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kauli_hello, I would like to run dynamips on ubuntu server and I would like to read cisco image when I write dynamips -H 7000 it is open it and bulid date and get hypervisor TCP control startec port 7000 but nothing happen after that or try to read configration file ??16:16
kauli_hello, I would like to run dynamips on ubuntu server and I would like to read cisco image when I write dynamips -H 7000 it is open it and bulid date and get hypervisor TCP control startec port 7000 but nothing happen after that or try to read configration file ??16:25
John[Lisbeth]Would you say it is safe to upgrade a system to 16.04 at this point, or would you wait until april?17:44
John[Lisbeth]It's not mission critical17:44
tewardi would not, John[Lisbeth]17:45
tewardJohn[Lisbeth]: stick with teh LTS, or 15.10 if you need newer software.17:45
tewardi would wait for 16.04 release first17:45
John[Lisbeth]Alright, thanks for the heads up.17:45
tucemiuxanyone knows if there is a GUI app that will allow you to remotely administer virtual machines stored on kvm ?18:44
Slingtucemiux: http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Management_Tools19:02
VelusUniverseSyshow od i upgrade again without reinstalling /19:40
SlingVelusUniverseSys: upgrade what to what?19:45
VelusUniverseSys15.04 to 15.1019:48
VelusUniverseSysim asuming to do an update from 15 - 16 would mean a whole wipe and resintall?19:50
Slingnot really, you never have to 'wipe'19:51
Slingthis isn't windows ;)19:51
VelusUniverseSyslol yeah but would be hard on a vps system lol19:54
Slinghow so?19:54
VelusUniverseSyswell how would i be able to upgrade from 15 - 16 without any disks and in comandline only19:55
VelusUniverseSysall i can say is thank god for tywo screens at work and home lol i can watch the upgrade and code at the same time19:58
SlingVelusUniverseSys: yes, with do-release-upgrade, over the internet20:03
Slingit will update the repository and fetch all needed packages20:03
VelusUniverseSyseven from 15 - 1620:05
Sling16 just means it's one of the releases in 201620:06
VelusUniverseSysthats cool thought you couldnt but yeah when will 16 be relased20:06
Slingalways in april and october20:06
Slinghence the 04 and 1020:06
VelusUniverseSysok cool20:06
Sling16.04 = april 201620:06
VelusUniverseSyswould 16 be lts?20:06
VelusUniverseSysand would 16 have php7?20:06
VelusUniverseSysgood i wonder when centos will get php7 lol they still on php5.5 now20:07
Slingprobably (unless there is a confirmation somewhere I didn't see yet)20:07
maswanPackage: php20:07
maswanDepends: php7.020:07
maswanI'm on 16 for my laptop20:08
SlingVelusUniverseSys: well 5.5 isn't *that* old20:08
Slingthere was no php620:08
VelusUniverseSysyeah i know but they are behind on stuff most things these days are on php5.6 and there is a bit you cant do on php 5.5 that you can on 5.620:08
VelusUniverseSysi cant wait to see how my apps run on php 7? see if they break or not lol20:09
maswanI know people still working on migrating off centos5, it is starting to get really painful for thme now20:10
VelusUniverseSysyeah i used to love it it was good but its so behind i didnt know this till a while back then i found fedora yeah thats good and nearly up to date but it goes out of date quick so now im on ubutu now20:11
VelusUniverseSysand thinking of creating my own os for me to use20:12
VelusUniverseSyswell two really one for me and one for a group of people to use lol20:12
Razvaany idea why all the servers that I connect to MAAS got shut down, and I have no option to start them...?21:37
VelusUniverseSyssarnold, it looks like im going with nginx and rtmp which will hopefully be better23:11
compdocubuntu server doesnt have a subsys directory. What happens when I install a program that specifies /var/run/subsys? does it just get ignored?23:41
RoyKcompdoc: iirc /var/run is /run, which is tmpfs, so that program needs to create the subsys dir to be able to use it, or you'll need to hack it into somewhere in systemd or somewhere23:46

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