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nucc1there's no #offtopic for this channel, so i guess it's ok to fire away.09:04
nucc1im wondering, do i just send an angry letter to Amazon for not giving me notice in advance before billing my card for the Prime Membership renewal?09:04
nucc1i thought this was supposed to be against the law or something09:04
nucc1i only found out about the bill on my credit card statement.09:05
foobarryby letter you mean email right?09:25
foobarryyou probably agreed in the small print when you seigned up for the trial09:26
foobarryjust email them and ask for the refund and cancellation09:26
nucc1foobarry: yea, i mean email. i don't want to cancel the service, to be honest, just that the unexpected bill screwed up my plans.09:53
nucc1and i would like them to change09:53
nucc1btw, it wasn't a free trial that got extended, it was the second year renewal10:08
nucc1need to shutdown and disconnect my chassis fan :p. i think it's time to invest in a fanless build :/10:08
foobarrypeople getting excited about maru project10:15
foobarrydidnt realise my phone has no hdmi capability when i bought it :(10:16
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:19
gebbionehi folks, X sometimes restarts on its own10:38
gebbionei assume some processes like tracker miner etc are eating too much ram10:38
gebbionebut how can i know for sure10:39
gebbioneis there a log to see why the session restarted? everytime i loose all i am doing10:39
brobostigon /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?10:40
gebbionecant see anything meaningful there :/10:46
MooDoomorning all13:04
MooDooblimey, afternoon i should say :)13:06
foobarryjust completed donkey kong returns on the wii14:03
foobarrynow i can get on with the rest of my life14:03
penguin42hmm, is there anything to be careful of when buying an 14-b22 converter?18:18
directhexdoes anyone want to buy a powerline kit from me?20:08

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