rick_h__jcastro: you're right, needed a tom bihn back.01:23
rick_h__jcastro: and <3 fell to second page but had a good run on HN today01:24
jcastroyeah notbad obama01:26
rick_h__jcastro: ok traffic to your blog?01:27
jcastrolet me check01:28
jcastrorick_h__: ~3300 uniques01:30
rick_h__jcastro: nice, good stuff.01:32
jcastrorick_h__: let's talk more serious business01:42
jcastrolike say .... thinkpad laptops01:42
rick_h__jcastro: yea, say an x1?01:42
* jcastro nods01:42
rick_h__jcastro: k, you want the dock thingy too?01:42
jcastrothey make dock thingies for X1s?01:43
rick_h__jcastro: http://amzn.com/B00H4PID8A01:43
rick_h__jcastro: yea, I used that on my walking desk before I replaced it with a nuc01:43
rick_h__jcastro: but yea, let me know if/when and we'll swap up $ for compute power01:45
jcastroI don't think I need the dock, I just built a new workstation with 3 heads01:45
jcastrothis is mostly for travel01:45
jcastrowhat model/specs is it?01:46
rick_h__can you load https://ovp.lenovo.com/lenovo-ovp/public/showDetail!showPublicOrderDetail.action?orderNumber=4244185424&email=rharding@mitechie.com01:47
jcastrowhat screen is it?01:49
rick_h__jcastro: 14.0" WQHD (2560 x 1440)02:53
cmaloneyThinking about a System76 laptop for JoDee15:50
cmaloneySpecifically the Oryx16:17
rick_h__i wouln't17:16
rick_h__i don't yhink they'rr solod enough17:16
widoxrick_h__: not a fan of the X1s?21:06
rick_h__widox: no i love it, but downsized due to frequent travel21:23
widoxrick_h__: ah. go back to the 12.5" screen?22:10
rick_h___Went with a surface pro 322:31
rick_h___Yea about 12"22:31
gamerchick02you... bought a surface?23:15
rick_h___Yea nice little thing23:24
_stink_Scalia died, in case anyone didn't see.23:37
rick_h___Yea saw that. Will be interesting23:46

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