jthanI'm out here.00:48
jthanUS-PA-User761: ^00:48
US-PA-User761I need a ubuntu cd or usb that will work for my mac... I created a usb and it didn't work. I used ReFind and it wouldn't install the ubuntu.04:29
jthanUS-PA-User761: Your Mac has a CD-Drive?04:40
jthanAlso, from what OS are you trying to create the USB?04:41
US-PA-User761Yes. Well, an external cd drive. I replaced the original and then that one pooped. So I use an external cd drive. Mavericks 10.9.505:35
jthanUS-PA-User761: Well, would you prefer a CD or a USB stick?05:41
jthanUS-PA-User761: Think you could handle these? http://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-bootable-ubuntu-usb-drive-for-mac-in-os-x--cms-2125305:44
US-PA-User761yeah i followed those to the T previously and to no avail.06:15
US-PA-User761a couple of time06:15
princedimondoh i just installed ubuntu on a macbook pro recently ...06:16
princedimondi forget where i found the tutorial though .. it installs a custom bootloader though in case u ever wanted to dual boot06:16
princedimondare u creating the usb stick on a mac?06:17
princedimondok i think thats where i did it let me see if i can find the tutorial i used... i think it was when 15.04 was released... but i dont think the version matters ..06:18
US-PA-User761ok, thanks06:18
princedimondnp... were u planning to dual boot or full replacement?06:19
princedimondok one ... second ... bare with me cause im at work also ..06:20
princedimondlol yeah06:20
princedimondi believe this is the exact tutorial i used http://www.howtogeek.com/187410/how-to-install-and-dual-boot-linux-on-a-mac/06:26
princedimondwhat error werer u getting on the install for ubuntu ? j/w06:27
princedimondalso here is another tutorial i found on the official ubuntu help pages06:30
princedimondhopefully those are helpful :)06:30
US-PA-User761lol thanks. w'ell see.06:30
US-PA-User761i didnt get an error message.06:31
US-PA-User761it would boot and allow me to select either mac osx or ubuntu plus recovery etc.06:31
princedimondwhat ahppened it just woldnt boot or refind wouldnt find the correct partition?06:31
US-PA-User761it just wouldnt boot06:32
US-PA-User761it would just stay black then turn off06:32
princedimondoh thats weird ...06:33
princedimondyeah the howtogeek post is the one i used, however i thought i shoudl provide a backup plan with official documentation :) or semi-official ha06:33
princedimondafter everything is up ... will need a wired connection to get wifi running (didnt run out of th e box for for me on a 2010 macbookpro)06:34
US-PA-User761lol semi-official06:35
US-PA-User761ok yeah i'll check that out and post back here later. thanks again. Later06:36
princedimondwell i believe that the help.ubuntu.com webpage is user submitted content not officialy endorsed by canonical but the community has yet to lead me down the wrong path lol06:36
princedimondnp... ill be up for another 4 hours or so lol06:36
US-PA-User761sheesh... the grind06:36
US-PA-User761take it easy06:37
princedimondwill do i love night shift actually so its no biggy :)06:37
US-PA-User761oh then youre fine06:37
US-PA-User761but me06:37
US-PA-User761its  hay time06:37
princedimondlol hay time ... XD06:42
jedijfprincedimond: ++11:40
jedijfjthan: ++ too11:41
jedijfbeen ages since i've seen support in here11:41
L3gacyHiya, jedijf11:59
L3gacyIt's SamuraiAlba :D11:59
jthanjedijf: Thanks. It's been ages since I've used Ubuntu but.. Still think it's a low-level entry point for a lot of people to Linux, so I think it's important to make sure it's accessible20:53
jthanand out of all the times /I/ got help here...20:53
jedijfjthan: way to go - you learned well, give back22:43

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