valoriehello markwalt05:26
markwaltWhat's new?05:29
valorielinuxfest nw is coming up05:41
valoriewrote to the list about it recently05:41
markwaltHrm.  I don't seem to have anything in my email with "linuxfest" in it.  I must not be signed up on that list.  Can you point me to it?05:42
markwaltThanks, I signed up05:51
valorieyou can see the sparse previous posts in the archives05:52
markwaltYeah, I was just reading February's archive05:54
markwaltPidgin does *not* make the best IRC client.05:57
=== mark_walt is now known as markwalt
markwaltPidgin was clunky and weird.  X-chat seems more like my style.06:02
valoriewell, I'm a KDE user, and my favorite is Konversation06:28
valorienever liked xchat06:28
valorienot pidgin either06:28
markwaltxchat seems okay, I'm still getting used to it.06:31
markwaltI haven't been on IRC in over 15 years.  And back when I was regularly using it, I used mIRC or PIRCH, on Windows.  xchat reminds me a bit of mIRC, I guess.06:32
valoriemirc was my favorite on Win, yes06:33
valorieI absolutely love konvi though06:33
markwaltI'm running XCFE.  Konversation is probably usable in XFCE.  I might try it.06:34
valoriecertainly, you can use any application in the archives06:39
valoriexubuntu is great06:39
markwaltI like Xubuntu a lot06:39
valoriewe should all be happy with our tools, IMO06:41
valorieI say this sometimes: it's software, not religion06:41
markwaltTell that to Reddit06:43
valorieI pretty much stay off there06:45
valoriewomen are not treated will there, in general06:45
markwaltI've noticed that.  The place is pretty anti-feminist, which is weird, because it's also fairly liberal.  I guess it's mostly liberal jerks.06:46
valorieno idea, but critiquing feminism is one thing06:47
valorietrolling women is another entirely06:47

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