Kilosmorning everyone06:30
superflyMorning Kilos 07:14
Kiloshi superfly 07:15
superflyJust finished breakfast. Drinking our coffee and then off to the shops. 07:19
Kilosand go safe07:20
inetprogood evening everyone 08:50
inetprooops... I mean morning 08:51
Kilosohi inetpro 08:51
Kilosinternet been slow last few days08:51
inetprowhy? 08:58
Kilosgood question09:01
Kilosi havent even tried to find out09:02
Kiloshad some busy days and head not happy today09:02
superflyKilos: tell your head to be happy, or else! 11:07
Kilosmaybe i should install ubuntu alongside kde so i can keep in touch12:03
inetproKilos: hoekom?12:47
inetprosuperfly: glad to see you survived the shopping spree12:49
Kiloshoekom wat inetpro 13:38
inetprohoekom ubuntu langs kde installeer?13:38
Kiloswe dan kan ek sien as ek iemand moet help13:39
Kilosweet jy dat ek nou net kde hier op lappie het13:39
Kilosek kannie als in cli doen soos julle nie13:40
inetprohmm... 13:41
Kilosarme iqbal het ek nog nie eers aan die gang gekry nie13:41
inetproKilos: remember, you have neither the power nor responsibility to fix it all13:43
Kilosthat doesnt mean i must stop trying13:45
Kilosif i could get it here i would fix it13:45
inetprovery kind of you oom Kilos14:04
Kilosnee man14:04
Kilosdont like to see peeps battling with ubuntu14:05
Kilosinetpro look how slow the web is16:45
KilosGet: 1 http://ubuntu.mirror.neology.co.za/ubuntu/ trusty-updates/main firefox amd64 44.0.2+build1-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 [42,0 MB]16:45
KilosFetched 42,0 MB in 2min 50s (247 kB/s) 16:45
Kilosthats sucks16:45
Kilosmaybe i gotta start revving telkom again16:46
Kiloshi tumbleweed where are you now? hope all well there16:46
inetproKilos: how big is the web?17:24
inetproyou can't say the web is slow17:25
Kilosmy connection to the internet is slow nitpicker17:26
inetprohaha :-)17:26
inetprofact is, it could be anywhere between you and neology17:27
inetprobut I guess the bottleneck is most likely right there by you17:27
Kilosya telkom using mtn tower17:27
inetprowhich would mean you'd experience a slowness for everything else17:28
Kiloswater runs out of taps at same speed17:28
inetproslowness is a very relative term17:29
Kiloswell its slow relative to what i expect17:30
Kiloslast time i complained i was download up to 8MB/s17:31
Kilosnow its crawling17:31
Kilosat least when you get through to the data guys at telkom they are quite clued up17:32
Kilosor used to be last time i complained17:33
Kilosoh yes17:34
Kilosis there a command i can use to see if this lappy is using ddr3 ran or ddr217:35
Kilosive tried lspci and lshw17:35
inetproKilos: sudo dmidecode -t memory17:38
Kilosty inetpro 17:39
Kilos4g ddr3 and its kinda slow17:40
Kilosmaybe its not using swap properly17:41
inetproKilos: btw, for saving a snapshot of your connectivity do the following17:42
inetpromkdir ~/speed17:42
inetproand then from time to time just run the following command:17:42
inetpromtr -nr -s0 | tee ~/speed/`date '+%Y%m%d%H%M'`.txt17:42
Kilosthats a long ugly command17:44
inetprojust do it and see17:44
inetproit's useful17:44
Kilosbut efficient im sure17:44
Kilossome serious packet loss17:46
inetprodid you see how it saved a file in the speed folder?17:47
Kiloswe did this some years back inetpro 17:47
inetprodid we do it the same way?17:48
Kiloswithout the saving17:48
Kilosthen we did something to improve it17:48
Kiloscan you remember what17:48
* inetpro can't remember17:48
Kilosaw thats lovely17:49
inetprobut if you remember this and do it regularly, you can refer to historic data and start comparing17:49
Kilosty for that17:49
Kilosi go save the command in speed folder too17:50
inetprothose packet losses will hurt you indeed17:50
inetproshould be 0%17:51
Kiloswe did something to improve things 17:51
Kilosmaybe saw where weak links were and bypassed them?17:52
inetpromy avg speed to is 40.317:53
Kiloswhere you see that17:54
inetproyours is 395.417:54
inetproAvg column17:54
Kilosoh you just using the last one?17:55
inetproyou should phone Telkom for sure17:55
Kilosis yours better17:55
inetproyour problem only starts at hop 517:55
* inetpro has no problem with speed17:56
inetprobut I use LTE17:56
Kilosis your average better17:56
Kilossmaller number is better?17:56
inetpromy avg speed to is 40.317:56
Kiloswhat is the 40.317:57
inetprothose are milliseconds17:57
inetproalso called latency IIRC17:57
Kilosbad when playing minetest17:58
inetprobut it's not a perfect science17:58
Kilosoh i tell you now17:58
inetpromany routers are typically programmed to give lower priority to ICMP packets so they aren't "wasting" processing power over "real" traffic17:59
inetproso you can even see packet losses on a perfect connection18:00
Kilossee pm18:00
Kilosill call the data guys when i remember18:10
Kilosatm im doing little that needs speed18:11
Kiloslooks like weed back in the states18:13
Kilosoh inetpro you cheated with ibid18:16
inetproKilos: why?18:17
Kilosthat isnt a proper install like with a .deb18:17
Kilosits rrunning in a 18:17
Kilosvirtual environment18:17
Kilosso ill keep hunting for a python oke to upgrade ibid18:18
Kilosmet a new one yesterday from the congo18:18
Kiloswill test his python skills18:18
Kilosoh inetpro 18:22
Kilossomewhere in mail links or a link in a sight i saw a package that can install any ubuntu package from any release to any other release18:23
Kilosbut i cant find it again18:24
Kilosand dont remember the name18:24
Kiloswould be great to install 14.04 network manage and dependencies into 12.0418:25
Kiloswhen you are bored you can search for it18:25
Kilosive googled me sick18:25
Kilosmight even have been someones tweet18:28
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:04
Kilossee ya tomorrow19:04
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