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EllsworthI installed Xubuntu on a USB, whenever I boot it just brings me to BusyBox. Any suggestions?02:57
branauEllsworth: How did you install it?02:58
Ellsworthput a cd with xubuntu in my pc, along with a 128gb flash, did the standard setup'03:02
branauEllsworth: Did you set up the live USB?03:04
EllsworthNot sure I'm understanding your question.03:06
EllsworthI went through the install process, and chose the USB drive as the installation target03:06
branauAh, you installed Xubuntu to the USB drive? You didn't just use the live iso?03:07
Ellsworthbranau: hmm, indeed03:08
Ellsworthbranau: can I get persistence on the live version?03:08
branauEllsworth: Yeah, you can set up the live image to store data03:09
Ellsworthbranau: Alrighty, I'll try using the live version.03:09
branauEllsworth Which OS are you using to set up your USB?03:12
branauCool, I'd use the startup disk creator then, it's pretty simple to use and you can set aside the storage space for persistent file storage03:13
total_How do I revert a change in lightdm if it doesn't load?04:31
cihhanhi all! i am trying to install xfce to my ubuntu server -- i installed by apt-get install xfce4; however it doesnt auto start and i have to write startxfce4 everytime.05:33
cihhanis there a way to make it run at automatically at boot time?05:33
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xubuntu383Hello, how can i close this window? i am installing xubuntu.10:03
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Chofiso I my xubuntu 15.10 installer crashed for an unspecified reason10:20
Chofis/I my/my10:20
Chofiand now the reinstallation process is taking forever because of this saving installed packages process10:21
Chofiis there a way I can safely abort this saving installed packages process, format the partially installed xubuntu partition and do a fresh install, which is what I wanted in the first place ?10:21
Chofiit finished saving installed packages and began copying files10:29
Chofioh great10:31
Chofiinstaller crashed again10:31
Chofigo figure what went wrong10:32
flocculantyou sure it's crashed - or just too slow for you?10:36
flocculantyou sure that the download was good ? cd or usb?10:36
Chofiwell it said "the installer crashed" so I guess it crashed10:36
Chofiim on a live usb10:37
Chofii'm trying for the third time and now it somehow looks better10:37
flocculantwhat's on the PC currently? You say 'abort and start again'10:37
flocculantis it crashing at the same point?10:38
Chofioh god10:38
Chofiinstaller crashed10:38
Chofiwhile "checking for packages to install"10:38
flocculantdid you check the download before you put it on the cd?10:38
Chofino, I did not10:38
ChofiI may try on a different USB drive10:38
flocculantI'd make sure the download is good first - what are you doing this from? linux or windows machine?10:39
Chofilet's try again10:40
Chofithank you flocculant10:40
flocculantChofi: actually - did you grab the iso with a torrent - if you did then no need to check it - should be fine10:41
knobAnybody has a problem with Dropbox's icon?   A la : http://askubuntu.com/questions/732967/dropbox-icon-is-not-working-xubuntu-14-04-lts-6415:45
knobI am running into that same problem... yet the posts there are less than a day old.  Still no solution15:45
xubuntu71wHey there! How can I get new NOTIFICATION STYLES for Xubuntu 15.10? Thanks in advance :)16:14
cihhanhi all! i have installed xfce4 on my ubuntu server and then x11vnc. i am able to connect to my machine; however the gui user is root and lock-screen (leaves the screen blank and unlocked by mouse move without passwd) & switch user doesnt work (does not exist)19:35
cihhanany ideas?19:35
branaucihhan: What exactly is the issue? That the root account is accessible via GUI without a password?19:39
cihhanbranau: yeah, that s the main problem :(19:40
branauIs it only unlocked without a password or can you connect and login without a password?19:41
cihhanright now, using my vnc password i login directly as root -- no other passwords or login screen19:42
cihhanbranau: any suggestions?19:47
branaucihhan: http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/faq.html#faq-users-opt19:48
branauTake a look at that19:48
cihhanbranau: wow, how did i miss that. let me check and try. thanks a lot :)19:49
branauNo worries, but it says that it could be a potential security issue to allow multiple users, so I'd take a look at it pretty carefully to make sure that you set it up right19:49
branaucihhan: As for the password not being required on unlocking the session, that should be configurable from the settings within the GUI19:52
cihhanbranau: thanks a lot, i will check it right after the user login issue. thank you very much19:56
branauSure thing!19:57
branauLet me know if you run into any more troubles!19:57
heoyeaanyone know where the "Disk Image Mounter" mounts to?19:59
flocculantheoyea: here it mounts to /dev/loop1p1 on /media/wolf/Xubuntu20:02
flocculantuse it and type mount in a terminal to show you what you have mounted20:03
heoyeaflocculant: oh these are archive://paths20:04
heoyeaso im not sure where is mounted at20:04
heoyeai try looking in ~/.gvfs20:05
heoyeabut nothing there20:05
jfaustheoyea: my gvfs mounts are here: /run/user/$(id -u)/gvfs20:24
heoyeajfaust: Thank you sir =)20:27
jfaustheoyea: no problem20:29
cihhanbranau: unfortunately, x11vnc users parameter didnt solve the issue somehow..20:50
cihhanand im running x11vnc as 'ubuntu' user, instead of 'root'20:51
branaucihhan: The users parameter didn't allow to change users once you connected?20:53
cihhanunfortunately it directly started as root again, instead of user ubuntu20:54
branauWhich command are you using to start the connection?20:57
cihhanbranau: you mean the x11vnc?21:17
branaucihhan: yep21:17
cihhanbranau: /usr/bin/x11vnc -xkb -noxrecord -noxfixes -noxdamage -users ubuntu -display :0 -rfbauth /etc/x11vnc.pass  -forever -bg -rfbport 590021:18
cihhanbranau: and i m running it as ubuntu, not root21:20
branauI think you need to prepend ubuntu with a +, so that part should read -users +ubuntu21:20
cihhanbranau: actually i tried that one too but let me try again21:20
branaucihhan: let me know how that goes21:21
cihhanbranau: the same, i still login as root (and it directly logins without any passwd asked)21:22
cihhanbranau: initiall i had ubuntu server and i install xfce4 xfce4-goodies xvfb x11vnc lightdm  on it21:28
cihhanbranau: i dont know if that would help21:29
branaucihhan: how do you have it configured on the server? Have you taken a look at the Arch Linux wiki for x11vnc? Theyve got some good info in there21:31
branauSee here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/x11vnc21:32
cihhani have actually. in fact i checked a couple of tutorials and all are very similar (mostly the same)21:32
branauSo what command did you run on your server to start the VNC server?21:33
cihhanbranau: /usr/bin/x11vnc -xkb -noxrecord -noxfixes -noxdamage -users ubuntu -display :0 -rfbauth /etc/x11vnc.pass  -forever -bg -rfbport 590021:34
branaucihhan which client are you using? Is it storing your password for you? Or can you login from various machines with no password?21:37
cihhanbranau: im using gtkvncviewer and it has username and password and i use ubuntu as the username21:38
branau_cihhan I'd post on the Ubuntu forums if I were you. I'm away from my computer so I can't test things out ATM but ping me the link to your post and I'll spin up am EC2 instance to test it when I'm in front of my comp again, provided you can't find a solution before then21:45
cihhanthanks a lot branau_, i really appreaciate that21:45
branau_Sure thing!21:45
cihhanbranau_, at last.... Based on the configurations I used, it was supposed to use lightdm-gtk-greeter -- however it seems that it wasnt installed at all...21:53
branau_cihhan: that fixed it then huh? Interesting. Glad you got it working though!21:54
cihhanbranau_" yeah that fixed the problem. it seems that it wasnt a part of the lightdm21:58
branau_cihhan: interesting, seems like it should be a dependency but I'm sure there's a reason for it not being there22:39
cihhanbranau_, most prob.. but nobody was mentioning about it -- or i didnt see it22:40
branau_cihhan: it may be worth filing it as a bug report. If it is a bug, it'll get fixed. If not, then they'd at least be able to explain it22:41
cihhanbranau_, you are right. where to fill it?22:42
branau_cihhan launchpad would be my best bet, let me see where the package is maintained22:43
branau_cihhan: https://bugs.launchpad.net/lightdm22:44
branau_I'd report it there22:44
cihhanbranau_, thanks a lot, i will fill a report now22:45
branau_Sure thing, glad everything worked out!22:46
xubuntu534Can anyone see this?23:54

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