agunturumarcoceppi: Indeed that was the problem. Now it’s working.00:00
agunturuThanks for responding00:00
marcoceppiagunturu: cool, np - sorry it was a bit delayed00:00
stormmoreso I just noticed an oddity00:15
stormmoreI deployed the openstack-base bundle and it looks fine except for some reason I now have  41 machine requests00:15
marcoceppistormmore: that's a bit excessive00:38
marcoceppistormmore: it should only use 400:39
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firl_any openstackers on?07:24
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gnuoyhi firl_, whats up?08:09
firl_So every now and then one of my nodes goes down for some odd reason08:10
firl_this case it was a node with neutron-api08:10
firl_and a compute resource was on this08:10
firl_when rebooting of the physical machine completed, networking would not come up on this for the instances until I moved neutron-api to another juju host08:11
firl_( kept getting timeouts, no dhcp packets on the qrouter etc )08:11
firl_Is there a better way to fix the issue then moving neutron-api to and from another host? I have had to do this several times between different environments08:12
gnuoyWas there anything useful in the neutron-server log on the neutron-api host?08:13
gnuoyjamespage, can you remind what that bug was with tunnels not being recreated ?08:14
firl_I destroyed the neutron-api host, I will gather that next time if I see it.08:19
firl_Is there a way to force the recreation of the qrouter/qdhcp ip namespaces?08:20
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admcleod-regarding reactive, does @when_file_changed work in conjunction with say @when?10:22
apuimedojamespage: ping10:36
apuimedotrying to use lxd in xenial with zfs10:38
apuimedoI was following http://www.jorgecastro.org/2016/02/12/super-fast-local-workloads-with-juju/10:43
jamespageapuimedo, still here10:52
jamespageapuimedo, yeah you'r hitting the lxd 2.0 problem that I'm patching into my master branch built from source10:52
jamespagejcastro, are you deploying on 14.04 or 16.04?10:53
jamespageapuimedo, that might be the different - the way lxd takes config updates changes, and I think14.04 still has the older version10:53
jamespageapuimedo, still reviewing midonet - hope to get through today10:53
apuimedoI'm using 16.0410:53
jamespageI have a few fixes for tests - I'll give them back to you once I know they work10:53
apuimedoas the post was describing10:53
jamespageapuimedo, hmm10:54
jamespagejcastro, can you confirm that alls good and that your deployment is actually using zfs?10:54
apuimedojamespage: was your patch done to address this config issue?10:55
jamespageapuimedo, yes10:57
jamespageapuimedo,  I run with master + https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/4131.patch10:57
apuimedojamespage: can I haz amd64 binary package with the fix?10:57
neiljerramGood morning!11:57
neiljerramI wanted to ask about the current upstreams for nova-compute, nova-cloud-controller and neutron-api11:59
neiljerramIn other words, if I'm working on enhancements to those charms - as I am for Liberty support for Calico networking - against exactly what upstreams should I propose changes?12:00
jcastrojamespage: I am deploying 14.0413:33
jcastrojamespage: I noticed over the weekend though that controller can be really flaky, like if I fire one up and leave it works13:33
jcastrobut tearing it down and resetting it up over and over again eventually fails and I need to kill the container by hand, etc.13:34
jcastrojamespage: I also noticed that destroying just models messes up the controller, like I have to kill the entire controller every time.13:43
tvansteenburghdpb1: you around?13:53
jamespageapuimedo, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/midonet-agent/trunk/+merge/286059 and -agent is good to go14:03
apuimedothanks jamespage. I'll review them now14:15
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apuimedojamespage: one question about the lsb_release and get_os_codename14:31
apuimedodoesn't this change make it more difficult to test trusty and xenial codepaths once both are supported?14:33
apuimedowhat do you usually do for the openstack-charmers charms14:33
jamespageapuimedo, well we generally mock everything out - I'm running your tests on xenial - so they currently fail14:34
jamespageunit tests should be deterministic across underlying ubuntu release14:34
jamespageif you want to test xenial, have specific tests to cover that with appropriate mocking.14:34
apuimedojamespage: I'm actually running the tests on arch linux :P14:35
apuimedojamespage: the other thing is14:35
jamespageapuimedo, I try to avoid anything that relies on the host os14:36
apuimedoI guess that with the rmmod thing you are just checking if we are in a container14:36
apuimedoand refuse to do the action if we are, is that right?14:36
apuimedois that related to running on lxd?14:36
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apuimedojamespage: merged14:57
jamespageapuimedo, awesome14:57
apuimedojamespage: thanks for the suggestions14:57
josedoes anyone know where the office hours were streamed?. I can't find them on ubuntuonair15:14
rick_h__jose: yes, they were on the onair site. It's on the page here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSsoSZBAZ3Ivlbt_fxyjIkw15:16
joserick_h__: uh, ok. we have a channel for livestreams, but looks like you guys used another one. np though, thanks for the pointer!15:16
apuimedojcastro: any idea about the error I posted earlier following the steps on your blog?16:10
apuimedoin the bootstrap step16:11
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jcastrohmm, no idea on that one16:15
jcastrodid you perhaps launch some containers in the pool before setting up the config?16:16
apuimedonot even the one example in the post16:16
apuimedojcastro: clean xenial install too16:17
jcastrohmm, no idea on this one16:17
jcastrohave you posted to the list?16:17
apuimedojcastro: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15076104/16:18
jcastrothere are people more expert than me on the list16:18
apuimedono, noet yet16:18
apuimedoI wanted to see first with you if there was something I was missing16:18
jcastrothat looks the same as what I have16:18
joseapuimedo: what exactly is going on?16:19
apuimedoI don't have it as home pool though16:20
apuimedoI used "juju" as name16:20
joseok I just read the pastes, let's see...16:20
apuimedojose: I can't bootstrap juju on lxd16:20
apuimedo(with zfs backend)16:20
joseapuimedo: would you mind running `sudo lxc-ls --fancy`?16:20
apuimedojose: empty16:21
apuimedoubuntu@lxd:~$ sudo lxc-ls --fancy | pastebinit16:21
apuimedoYou are trying to send an empty document, exiting.16:21
joseso there's that image, error says 'image or container' is using the pool. would it be much to ask to delete that image and then retry bootstrapping?16:22
_Spongejose, ARe there any videos going up today ?16:23
jose_Sponge: sorry?16:23
_SpongeAre there any videos being published on Juju or UbuntuOnAir channels, today ?16:23
joseI... don't think so?16:24
joseit's a US holiday today as well16:24
joseand I don't think there's any announced broadcasts16:24
apuimedoI mean, yes16:26
apuimedowrong conversation16:26
apuimedojose:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/15076545/16:32
josewhat the...16:33
joseisn't juju supposed to download the image and create an instance and all of that?16:33
apuimedojose: jcastro had pulling the image as a step16:34
apuimedothat's why it was on the list16:34
joseI'm not too familiar with lxd deployments, I was trying to do some basic debugging. but apparently the error messages contradict themselves...16:35
marcoceppiapuimedo jose no you have to do lxd-images import first16:35
joseohai marcoceppi16:35
jamespageapuimedo, hmm - did something change in the key imported code? I'm getting timeouts on the key import right now16:36
jamespagetrying to figure out whether its environmental or else...16:37
apuimedojamespage: nope16:38
apuimedounless we are having problems with our servers16:38
* jamespage scratches his head...16:39
jamespageapuimedo, I think the interaction is with keyserver.ubuntu.com, but puppet is not exactly verbose about what timed out...16:39
apuimedomarcoceppi: jose: that's what I had done16:51
apuimedoto get the images16:51
apuimedoand it exploded anyway16:51
apuimedoI repeated the sync and then bootstrap again16:57
apuimedoand, for no particular reason, it worked16:57
apuimedoafter all the weekend crashing16:57
josewoot woot17:04
joseglad things are working now :)17:04
apuimedojose: it gives me a bad feeling when things are so undeterministic17:05
apuimedobut I guess it comes with the alpha state17:06
apuimedojamespage: how do you keep several environments in lxd without re-bootstrapping?17:06
jamespageapuimedo, create-model17:06
jamespagegnuoy, I need to switch lint -> pep8 in the tox configurations across the charms - ok if I do that as a trivial/17:08
apuimedojamespage: and then juju switch I guess17:08
apuimedook, done for the day17:08
apuimedothank you all ;-)17:08
bogdanteleagahello everybody17:23
bogdanteleagado charms need to be changed in any way for 2.0? I've got one charm I've been using for a while now for testing, but it doesn't even get downloaded to the machine17:24
bogdanteleagaI'm using lxd17:24
bogdanteleagalatest alpha+xenial17:24
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apuimedojamespage: marcoceppi: is it possible that there's no amulet in juju-devel?18:07
marcoceppiapuimedo: yes, amulet is only in ppa:juju/stable18:11
apuimedomarcoceppi: so I can't run amulet tests with juju 2.0?18:11
marcoceppiapuimedo: you can, you just need to also add ppa:juju/stable18:11
apuimedoI hope I won't get conflicts :P18:12
marcoceppiyou won't18:12
marcoceppiit's safe to combine devel and stable ppa. You'll get devel of juju but all the other packages18:12
apuimedomarcoceppi: I must be doing something lame http://paste.ubuntu.com/15079852/18:21
marcoceppiapuimedo: let me take a look18:22
marcoceppiapuimedo: it's not you, it' sme18:24
marcoceppiI've just uploaded it for xenial, it was only available on wily and older18:24
marcoceppiapuimedo: give it about 10 mins to show up18:24
apuimedothanks marcoceppi ;-)18:25
apuimedomarcoceppi: it's smee? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnh6ZDKOVOI18:25
stubmarcoceppi: I think I will move the reactive framework PostgreSQL charm to git://git.launchpad.net/postgresql-charm and stop taking merge proposals on the old branch.18:46
marcoceppistub: +118:46
marcoceppistub: I'd also probably just delete the branch as soon as charm push comes out18:46
stubmarcoceppi: Delete which branch? The lp:charms/trusty/postgresql one?18:48
marcoceppistub: yeah18:50
stubcharm push will be able to hold a copy of the built charm, but I'd like a git branch to hold a copy too (for sites that can't use the store). Is it a stupid idea to keep that in the same git repository as the main branch?18:51
stormmoremarcoceppi: yeah it is excessive but the bundle only shows 4 so I am not sure where the 41 phantom machines came from18:55
stormmorewell actually 31 forgetting about the 10 containers that I am using18:56
marcoceppiapuimedo: it's in xenial now18:59
apuimedothanks marcoceppi ;-)18:59
apuimedomarcoceppi: installed!18:59
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magicaltroutwriting a reactive charm without help, this is where I find out how much effect the alcohol had, or didn't.....19:37
stormmorewell sounds like you should be fine since that sentence was cohesive19:41
magicaltroutnot this evenings alcohol, that is only just beginning19:41
magicaltrouti'm wondering how much information i actually persisted in belgium :P19:41
bdxthedac: whats up20:15
bdxcharmers, openstack-charmers: I need to get some input on how haproxy configs are rendered to /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg by the openstack services20:20
bdxcharmers, openstack-charmers: for example, I see here -> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openstack-charmers/charms/trusty/neutron-api/trunk/view/head:/hooks/neutron_api_utils.py#L16520:22
bdxthat the haproxy context is generated by context.HAProxyContext20:23
bdxcharmers, openstack-charmers: but where in the codebase is the context written to /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg ?20:24
bdxfrom what I can tell, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openstack-charmers/charms/trusty/neutron-api/trunk/view/head:/hooks/neutron_api_utils.py#L32020:40
bdxtakes care of rendering the context into templates that are defined in the resource_map20:40
bdxcharmers, openstack-charmers: but how is the haproxy.cfg rendered for percona-cluster?20:48
schkovichhi guys22:40
schkovichi been trying to setup multi-users environment with no success :(22:41
schkovichim getting environment "fred-local" not found22:41
schkovichi diligently read documentation and followed Managing multi-user environments document :)22:42
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marcoceppischkovich: which version of juju?23:12
schkovichmarcoceppi: 1.25.3-trusty-amd6423:22
schkovichmarcoceppi: it's supported since 1.21? right?23:23
marcoceppischkovich: uh, I'm not sure23:23
schkovichmarcoceppi: managing multi-users environments is in 1.24 docs23:24
marcoceppithen, yes23:24
* magicaltrout wonders when the, lets run alpha and trunk builds in search of cool stuff, ethos will come back to haunt him :)23:24
marcoceppimagicaltrout: longer than you'd think but sooner than you'd want23:25
marcoceppischkovich: so, what steps are you taking?23:25
schkovichi followed docs, juju user add fred -o /tmp/fred-local.jenv and so on23:26
schkovichmarcoceppi: this document https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.25/juju-multiuser-environments23:27
marcoceppischkovich: let me install 1.25 and give it a whirl23:27
schkovichmarcoceppi: thanks a loooot! :)23:27
schkovichmarcoceppi: let me know if i can provide more information23:28
schkovichmarcoceppi: unfortunately there is nothing in logs :(23:28
schkovichmarcoceppi: i can confirm that user fred is added and enabled; however when i su as fred im getting environment not found;23:30
schkovichmarcoceppi: i can confirm that user fred is added and enabled; however when i su as fred im getting environment not found;23:30
marcoceppischkovich: I think you need to give the fred user something23:30
schkovichmarcoceppi: something like? a pint of bear? ;)23:32
marcoceppischkovich: hah, I think the admin needs a pint of beer - fred needs to know the environments endpoint though23:33
schkovichmarcoceppi: lol; he does; confirmed :)23:33
magicaltrouta pint of bear?! sounds gizzly....23:33
schkovichmarcoceppi: that is in jenv file23:34
schkovichmarcoceppi: variable addresses23:34
schkovichmarcoceppi: though that diverts from documentation23:35
marcoceppiI just got a 1.25 juju environment bootstrapped23:35
schkovichmarcoceppi: ok; im not going to bug you any more23:36
marcoceppischkovich: okay, I can confirm what you're seeing23:39
marcoceppilet me see if I can get this owrking23:39
marcoceppischkovich: interesting. It's not reading from the .jenv cache23:40
schkovichschkovich: it's not reading $FRED_HOME/.juju/environments ?23:43
schkovichmarcoceppi: perhaps some environment variables are needed?23:44
marcoceppischkovich: it expects ~/.juju/environemts/<env>.jenv23:44
marcoceppibut it's not even getting that far.23:44
schkovichmarcoceppi: exactly23:44
schkovichmarcoceppi: same problem is present in 1.24 i tried to set it up in early january but did not have time to dig into the problem23:46
marcoceppischkovich: yeah, going to try in 2.0-alpha223:49
marcoceppisee if that's any better23:49
schkovichmarcoceppi: i moved a step further: 2016-02-15 23:53:30 WARNING juju.api api.go:140 discarding API open error: invalid entity name or password23:54
marcoceppischkovich: it works really well in 2.0-alpha2 :\23:54
schkovichmarcoceppi: ha23:54
marcoceppischkovich: yeah, i got that as well after moving things like state-server and such to the jenv file23:55
schkovichmarcoceppi: yes that's what i did as well23:55
schkovichmarcoceppi: is 2.0-alpha2 stable and reliable? in production?23:55
marcoceppino and nope23:55
marcoceppiit's an alpha :\23:55
marcoceppiit'll be released in ~ April though23:56
marcoceppiand will be the recommended then23:56
schkovichmarcoceppi: will i have to change charms?23:56
marcoceppischkovich: no, charms written for 1.x are 2.0 compatabile23:57
schkovichmarcoceppi: nice23:57
marcoceppischkovich: 2.0 is becaues some of the apis and commands are changing23:57
schkovichmarcoceppi: :( i have staging environment running on virtual maas and production in rackspace23:58
schkovichmarcoceppi: anyway, thanks; shall i file a bug report?23:59
marcoceppischkovich: I would23:59
schkovichmarcoceppi: will 1.* be maintained after 2.* is out?23:59
marcoceppi1.25.X will for a bit23:59

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