valorie!info libqapt2 xenial07:19
ubottuPackage libqapt2 does not exist in xenial07:19
valorie!info muon xenial07:19
ubottumuon (source: muon): package manager for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:5.4.3-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 252 kB, installed size 1359 kB07:19
sitterhurr durr10:46
sitteryofel, sgclark: FYI that is broken https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35940110:47
ubottuKDE bug 359401 in general "First time user/install of linux kubuntu, and dragon player won't work." [Grave,Resolved: downstream]10:47
BluesKajhowdy folks13:14
=== Sho__ is now known as Sho_
dokositter, Riddell, please could you forward one bug report to the kde bug tracker? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/extra-cmake-modules/+bug/154309314:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1543093 in ktnef (Ubuntu) "fails to build with No rule to make target '/usr/lib/libical.so'" [Undecided,New]14:49
dokoor fix it =)14:49
sitterdoko: is that with a rebuilt kcalcore?14:59
sitterthe absolute path of public required libraries is put into the link interface of our cmake targets14:59
sitter$ grep -r ical.so /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/cmake/KF5CalendarCore/ 15:00
sitter /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/cmake/KF5CalendarCore/KF5CalendarCoreTargets.cmake:  INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES "KF5::KDELibs4Support;/usr/lib/libical.so;/usr/lib/libicalss.so"15:00
dokositter, no, so not cmake, ... will rebuild it15:01
clivejositter: what does "STILL UNSTABLE" actually mean?16:22
sitterclivejo: that it was unstable in the build before as well16:23
sitteri.e. no-change16:23
clivejowhat is UNSTABLE then?16:24
sgclarkclivejo: I usually find those to be jobs that have missing optional deps, but you need to read the logs to find warnings etc.16:32
sgclarkunstable means something is not right but not broken beyond repair16:32
sgclarkand morning all16:32
sitterclivejo: the opposite of no-change. i.e. it wasn't unstable before :P16:32
clivejositter: you are so helpful :P16:33
clivejooh talking about being helpful Debian guys have made a discission!16:34
sitterclivejo: as far as kci builds go unstable usually means lintian warning16:34
clivejo+kde-spectacle (15.12.2-1~) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium16:34
sitteror generally speaking any sort of warning that is picked up by our rigging as such will cause the build to be marked unstable16:35
sittermissing qml dependencies also cause warnings for example16:35
clivejosgclark: should I merge that into kubuntu_xenial?16:36
clivejoand re-upload it16:36
sgclarkclivejo: seems like the right move to me. yofel has final call16:40
yofeldo it16:40
clivejoIll do it a bit later16:42
yofelI need a scripting API for quassel, then I could scare you by scripting stuff like that XD16:42
BluesKajI wish there we had more splash screen theme options , these unity colours are fugly , why do we have to put up with it16:42
* yofel goes back into hiding16:42
clivejoyofel: we need the brains behind it!16:42
yofelwell true16:42
clivejoa bot shouting "do it" would get me in a lot of trouble!16:42
clivejoyofel: will you be about later?16:43
yofeleven if I don't really have time to do much I can at least make decisions (and take the blame for it)16:43
yofelI will, but ping me if you need me16:43
clivejoI wanted help with those telepathy module things16:43
clivejowe so close to having apps completed!16:44
clivejojust need a final push16:44
yofeloh right, one thing about that: If debian and us have the same package name and only we have an epoch, then that package has to keep the epoch and needs manual changelog merging16:44
clivejoanyone noticed firefox going crazy with KCI ?19:23
clivejoyofel: should I delete spectacle - 15.12.1-1ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1 from the PPA?19:38
clivejoyofel: ok, deleted old package, merged with debian and commited to senile archive, uploaded to PPA and changed the entry in package-lists to display on QA19:50
clivejoyofel: can a package be merged with Debian at any time, or are there only certain windows we do it?  Id like the merge frameworks/kio master -> kubuntu_unstable as maxy has fixed the problem upstream19:55
yofelgo ahead, it's fine during any time when adding features is fine as well20:01
yofelor if the merge would just pull a bugfix20:01
clivejowasnt sure20:04
clivejoI kinda hacked it, but Maxy did it properly 20:04
clivejoGerman's are so efficient !20:05
clivejosgclark: would it be ok for me to upload some of applications you have marked as done?20:10
sgclarkupload where? what?20:11
clivejoapps to staging PPA20:11
clivejoyou said you uploaded to the wrong PPA?20:11
sgclarkdid I miss more?20:12
clivejothere are a few still at 15.12.020:12
sgclarkI can get them20:16
clivejojust trying to get more green on QA20:16
sgclarkahh I see, these were victim to my broken git-buildpackage-ppa. I will rebuild and upload.20:35
clivejoI can do it if you are busy20:35
sgclarkI can do it..20:35
clivejook :P I wont fight over it!20:36
soeei can test when they are ready :)20:37
clivejowow, you will wait til they are ready :P20:37
clivejofeeling better today?20:37
soeejust a bit :(20:38
clivejocold, man flu, tummy bug?20:39
soeei'm taking antibiotic so the biggest issue is if i shake my head it pains like hell20:41
clivejodont shake your head then :P20:41
soeeand i feel a bit dizzy :D20:41
soeebest cure is to be able to test new stuff like apps or frameworks :)20:42
clivejoyofel: have we a deadline this Thursday?20:51
yofelfeature freeze20:51
clivejowill we make it?20:52
yofelwhich means someone will have to file a bunch of FFE's20:52
clivejoyofel: can i just go ahead and try one of these ktp-* merges?20:58
clivejocan hardly mess it up much more :/20:58
clivejoor can I :/20:59
clivejoERROR: Couldn't find any revision to build. Verify the repository and branch configuration for this job.  What does that mean?21:03
clivejoIs that something I did, or KCI not playing properly with Debian git?21:05
clivejo!info ktp-text-ui wily21:21
ubottuPackage ktp-text-ui does not exist in wily21:21
clivejo!info kde-telepathy-text-ui wily21:22
ubottukde-telepathy-text-ui (source: ktp-text-ui): Telepathy text chat UI for the KDE Plasma Desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:15.08.2-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 586 kB, installed size 2434 kB21:22
clivejoyofel: why is there other folders and files with the debian folder?21:28
clivejoare they source files?21:28
clivejoI dont understand why they are in git21:29
yofeloh, that package uses gbp21:29
yofelnow what do we do with that...21:29
clivejoare you thinking? or did you really ask me?21:32
yofelin cycles21:32
yofeldo that: look over the packaging for stuff that you think are useful and apply that on our branch21:33
yofeland don't merge21:33
clivejoour branch is clean21:33
yofelthis is the vanilla gbp workflow which includes the upstream source in the branch21:33
yofelbut we don't use it21:33
clivejoIve done the merge21:33
yofelthen don't push that21:34
clivejocan I just delete all the folders and files bar the debian folder?21:34
yofelwell you can21:34
clivejook, so Ive deleted all files bar the debian folder and staged the 8 files I made changes to21:38
wxlhey everyone on top of testing 14.04.4?21:45
sgclarkno. 21:47
* clivejo is having a mental break down in git merge hell21:47
sgclarknot because we don' want to. just stack it on the 50 billion other things we don't have the resources to do.21:48
wxlummmm you want some help then sgclark or just not doing it no matter what?21:49
sgclarkmy laptop is taking 3 years to generate source packages. I think it is officially dying21:49
wxlin reality it's probably no big deal. users can install an earlier version and just upgrade21:49
sgclarkwxl: help is likely a better option. Though I am fairly certain we have no changes.21:49
wxlsgclark: k i'll get some of my folks on it. who's handling release management for you guys lately?21:50
sgclarkwe cannot even finish debian merges!!!21:50
wxloh GAWD21:50
* wxl hugs sgclark 21:50
sgclarkoh well we gave it a vaian try haha21:50
clivejoyofel: I think Im good to push now21:51
sgclarkwxl: yofel is our release manager21:51
clivejowill I give it a shot?21:51
yofelwxl: when't the deadline again? 21:51
wxlsgclark: yofel: i'm sure you don't want to hear this, but you know we're doing back to back releases of 14.04.4 and 16.04 beta 1. so next week is beta 1. you in?21:51
wxlyofel: thurs as usual21:52
clivejoyofel: The diff - http://paste.ubuntu.com/15085890/ 21:52
yofelthen no21:52
wxlyofel: for both 14.04.4 (this week) and 16.04 beta 1 (next week?) -- both thursdays btw21:53
yofelwe need to get like 300 packages uploaded before a beta makes sense21:53
wxlyofel: also i can round up some testing for you.21:53
wxlfwiw i'm not trying to put the heat on, but want to help in any way i can21:54
yofelwhat's the changes for .4 again? HWE or just bugfixes?21:54
wxlyeah, just the usual crap really21:54
wxlwhatever bugfixes there inevitably are aren't gamechangers21:54
sgclarkwxl: we are short on packagers, not testing. not sure any help can be possible at this stage21:54
yofelnah, then lets skip .4, not worth spending our little time on21:55
yofelbut thanks for the reminder21:55
wxlno problem :)21:55
wxlyofel: you want to get back to me on beta 1 or make a decision now?21:55
clivejoyofel: would wxl be able to help with the installer?21:55
ScottKWould it make sense just to sync Kf5?  I don't know that there's any strong reason why Kubuntu needs a diff.21:55
yofelwxl: I'll get back to you21:56
sgclarkScottK: I want to sync 95% of everything!!! 21:56
yofelfor the NEW stuff I was actually thinking about that21:56
wxlyofel: k great. thanks!21:56
yofelfor the rest, does someone remember if there was diff we need?21:56
* wxl skitters off..21:57
ScottKFor Kf5 I think it particularly makes sense. since there's no artwork/branding/etc.21:57
yofelI'm pretty sure we can sync for 16.10, for 16.04 I'm not sure..21:57
ScottKSince 16.04 is going to be the base for Neon, seems like a decent idea not to start out way behind, but that's just me.21:57
yofelwe will have to update it one way or another21:58
sgclarkneon? no offense but does that have to do with us?21:58
yofelsomeone just has to look through stuff and check if there's any break/replaces etc. we need21:58
yofelsgclark: they're based on us21:59
sgclarkyeah well rather than helping, they referring to us as poor maintainers. so pft21:59
yofelso we should at the very least care about it as much as debian cares about us22:00
clivejo"they referring to us as poor maintainers. so pft" when, where?!?22:04
sgclarkclivejo: I am dropping it. carry on.22:05
clivejosgclark: ok22:07
clivejosgclark: did you upload kopete?22:08
sgclarkyeah sorry seem my laptop wifi is crap, got it plugged and uploading now.. again. sorry.22:08
clivejoah I see it22:09
clivejouploaded 33seconds ago22:09
clivejohow come with ktp-text-ui we have an epoch and Debian dont?22:13
clivejoyofel sgclark: ktp-text-ui is building but is looking for optional  * Qt5TextToSpeech, anyone know what package provides that?22:19
yofelno, I believe that's not packaged22:19
sgclarkyofel: clivejo is a qt modyle that not even released22:20
clivejoah, so safe to ignore?22:20
yofelso much for depending on released stuff..22:20
sgclarkI went through that with CI , there are aware that no one has it available..22:21
* clivejo does a little dance22:21
sgclarkthey are*22:21
clivejoarrrrr Im confused22:37
clivejoif Debian released 15.12.1-2 and we have an epoch then our version should be 4:15.12.1-0ubuntu1 ?22:38
clivejoor is it 4:15.12.1-2ubuntu1 ?22:39
sgclarkI would guess second as epoch does not change that they have uploaded 2 times22:39
sgclarkyofel ^ ?22:40
clivejodo epochs not override everything else?22:41
clivejosgclark: kget, kgpg, khangman, kio-extras, kiriki all marked on Trello as done, but still appearing as 15.12.0 on QA, have you uploaded them?22:44
sgclarkgosh patience my  friend. I am working on them.22:45
clivejoIm nearly as soee huh?22:45
clivejoas impatient 22:46
clivejoyippee, kio-extras and kiriki are green22:49
clivejoin ktp-kded-module it seems that debian have changed the name23:05
clivejowe should do the same and drop our epoch?23:05
clivejovalorie: where are our daisy chains?23:14
* clivejo feels unloved23:15
* valorie wraps a daisy chain around clivejo's head23:26
valoriei'm gonna brave the cold, damp air and go plant a couple pots of droopy bulbs23:27
yofelclivejo: yes23:29
clivejoyofel: LP is rejecting my upload of ktp-kded-integration-module23:40
yofelwell, missing epoch23:42
clivejodebian changed the name to ktp-kded-integration-module instead of ktp-kded-module so I dropped it23:42
yofelyou'll have to add it back23:43
yofelthe binary already had the epoch and was called the same23:43
yofelor wait23:44
yofelah yes23:44
yofel kde-telepathy-integration-module | 4:15.08.2-0ubuntu1 | xenial/universe         | amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, powerpc, ppc64el, s390x23:44
clivejoit was renamed but epoch wasnt dropped :(23:45
clivejoyofel: would you look at marble?23:51
yofelafter sleep, that thing's scary23:52
clivejomy head hurts!23:52
clivejothink Ill call it a day23:53

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